Seventh Heaven: Lucy's Voyages
by The Midnight Writer ([email protected])

Chapter 7: Mary Watches (m/f,inc)

They were both unaware that they were being watched the entire time by Mary.
She had came home early after her date was being a complete and total dick.
He had tried to get her to fuck him and she said no. But the asshole wouldn't
get a clue. He keep pressuring her, until she hit him closed fist in his
crotch. He doubled over and was gasping for air. She got out and started to
walk home. She was afraid that he would follow her and maybe rape her, but
all she heard was after she was about 15 feet from the car was him calling
he a bitch and sped off in his car.

She got home just a little after 11. Locked the door, cleaned the mess Luc
left in the kitchen from what ever she had. Went upstairs and checked on
Simon and Ruthie to see if they were asleep. When she looked in she saw
Simon and Ruthie coddled up against each other. She figured that Ruthie had
a bad dream and Simon when down to her bunk to comfort her. But she didn't
notice that they were naked and had they clothes piled by the end of the bed.
She went to her room and saw that Lucy wasn't in her bed. Which she found
strange, she new Lucy was always in bed before 11. So she went to go to
Matt's room to see if he knew were Lucy is and if he knew were she had gone
if she wasn't here.

She was just about to knock on the jam when she looked in and saw Matt on his
bed. He was on his back, and naked. With what seemed a cute blonde hair girl
blowing him. Now she knew that he was dating a blonde hair girl, he met at
school. But he had the gull to bring her here with Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie in
the house and giving him a blow job. She was fuming, 'If mom and dad found
this out. He would be in so much trouble' she said to herself. She was just
about to enter and yell at them, when she noticed the girl blowing him was
Lucy. 'Oh my God, that's Lucy!! Lucy is blowing her brother!!' Mary couldn't
believe her eyes. Her little sister was blowing her older brother, and he
seems to be enjoying it.

"So are you ready for the main course?" Lucy said.

'Main course? What does she mean by that?'

"Luc, I love you and everything and you give great head. But I still don't
think we should fuck each other. What if mom and dad came home?" Matt said.

'Mom and dad would haul your ass to jail for raping your sister.'

"They won't. You know they stay out all night on 'date night'" Lucy said.

"OK what about Mary?"

"She won't, she isn't going to be home until way after midnight."

"What about Simon and Ruthie."

"Like I said before, they're asleep."

'Thank God!'

"So we are perfectly safe," Lucy said.

"You sure?"

'I don't think so Lucy.'

"Yes, now fuck me brother. I want to feel your long hot dick in my virgin

'Is that our Lucy saying that? She would blush even if she heard the word

She saw Lucy straddle her brother and lower herself on to his dick. Which
was the first time Mary had notice it during this little conversation Luc
and Matt where having. She couldn't believe that Matt was so huge, any more
than she could believe that she was fucking Matt.

Soon Lucy and Matt where at full swing. Lucy riding Matt's long dick like a
pogo stick, and grunting and moaning the entire time. Matt thrusting his hips
in rhythm with her downward strokes. Mary was so caught up in this she didn't
notice that she had place her hand down her pants and was massaging her pussy
during the act of passion between her brother and sister.

After a short while Lucy and Matt came together and quietly Mary came with
them. Lucy removed Matt's dick from her pussy and laid beside Matt. Mary
removed her hand and lightly licked her cum off her fingers. And went quietly
back down the attic steps, into her room and got ready for bed. Once she was
in bed, she decided to talk about this over with Luc, and see how long this
between her and Matt had been going on.


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