Author's disclaimer: The following story has a sexual subject to it. It deals
with Sex between minor, and if your are not aloud to view such material.
Please refrain from reading.

Author's Note: This story is based on the character in the TV show 7th Heaven
on the Warner Brothers Network. This is also my first attempt at such of a
story. Just bear with me for I am not the worlds greatest writer. I welcome
on any and all comments on this story and the up and coming series.

7th Heaven: Lucy's Voyages Part 8 (no sex)
by The Midnight Writer

Mary crept into her room, and started getting ready for bed. She pulled her
jeans off and threw them into the corner next to her bed. Took off her
T-shirt and did the same with it as the jeans. Slowly she walked over to the
full length mirror and gazed at her underwear clad body. Looking into the
mirror, she saw that her breast have gotten a little bigger since this past
summer, which she liked. She was sure if she just cut her hair differently
the guys would swoop down at her like vultures on a dead animal. She wasn't
really worried, the guys were after her no matter what. She was pretty, she
was athletic. Nice round and firm tits, firm ass. A killer smile and
personality to match. She could handle her own, in sports and in other
things. So why was she worried about her hair? She wasn't worried about
Lucy, at least outside of this present predicament she was in. Lucy did have
a few boyfriends, but nothing for her to worry about. They were mostly jerks
or just to get into her pants. But it seems someone has already done that.
And Matt of all people!

She removed her bra, taking one last look at her breast before slipping on
her night T-shirt. She crawled into bed and try not to think about what had
just happen between Luc and Matt. All sorts of things where going though her
head. Did he rape her, did she do it willing, how long had it been going on?
Was Lucy the only one Matt was fucking? Could he be fucking Ruthie and or
Simon? Did mom and dad know? If not, what shall she do? Would she tell them,
or confront Matt? Maybe she should talk to Luc.

She was just about to fall asleep when she heard the bedroom door close
softly. Hearing Luc, quietly move across the floor and removing her clothes
and putting on her nightgown, and finally getting into bed. She waited a few
minutes before she decided to say anything.

"Luc, you awake,"

"barely. Why?"

"I want to talk to you."

"Can't it wait until morning?"

"No, Luc, we have to talk now."

Lucy rolls over and looks at Mary.

"OK, what's so important that it can't wait until morning?"

"It's about you and Matt."

"What about us?"

If Mary could've seen in the dark, she would have seen Lucy face become

"How long have you and Matt been having sex?"

"Who said we were?"

"Luc, I saw you tonight."

"What do you mean, you saw me? Were you spying on me again?"

"No. When I came home and saw that you weren't in here or downstairs. I went
to Matt's room to asked if had seen you. And that's when I saw you and Matt
having sex. Luc, did he rape you?"

"NO! Matt did not rape me."

"Did he threaten you in anyway? If so, we got to tell Mom and Dad. Maybe they
can get him help."

"He didn't threaten me either. I did it willing."

"You telling me, you went up to Matt and said 'Matt, fuck me'?"

"No. I went to ask him a question about boys. And it just happened," Lucy

"What do you mean it just happened?"

"Well, I told him about my date with Jimmy last week. He was mad at what
Jimmy tried to do."

"That Jimmy tired to make you have oral sex with him."

"Yeah, well he told me I got to be careful. And then he told me I was
beautiful. I thanked him. And gave him a hug. When I pulled back. I looked
into his eyes and I saw something."


"I cant really explain it. What ever it was, made me kiss him. Next thing I
knew I was giving him oral sex, then we ended up having sex."

"Don't you feel guilty about having sex with your brother?"

"Not, really. I know that the Bible says it's wrong. But we did it out of
love and not lust."

"But Lucy, you can't go around fucking your brother. What if you two where
caught by Mom and Dad, of even worst by Simon or Ruthie. How would you
explain it to either of them?"

"I would think of something. But don't worry Mary. We won't have sex any
more. I'm sure it was just a one time thing."

"Are you sure that what Matt thinks?

"I'm pretty sure. Mary you got to promise not to tell anyone."

"I promise, but if I find out that you and Matt are still having sex I will
tell Mom and Dad."

"I promise that I won't have sex with Matt anymore."

"Good. Night, Luc."

"Night, Mary."

Both girls rolled over and fell asleep. Mary was asleep in a few minutes,
but Lucy didn't fall asleep until way in the early morning. She was trying
to figure out how to keep Mary's silence, and still fuck Matt and as she
promised earlier to Simon, him too. She would either have to bring Mary
into her little circle. Or bribe her somehow.

To Be Continued


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