Author's disclaimer: The following story has a sexual subject to it. It deals
with Sex between minor, and if your are not aloud to view such material.
Please refrain from reading.

Author's Note: This story is based on the character in the TV show 7th Heaven
on the Warner Brothers Network. This is also my first attempt at such of a
story. Just bear with me for I am not the worlds greatest writer. I welcome
on any and all comments on this story and the up and coming series.

7th Heaven: Lucy's Voyages Part 9 (bg,bfg,inc,voy)
by Midnight Writer

It had been a few days since Mary talked to Lucy. Lucy said she wasn't going
to fuck Matt anymore, but she doubted that was going to happen. Once again
Luc was made to baby-sit since everyone had something else to do. Mom helping
a friend pack, Dad working late, Matt studying at the library and Mary had a

As soon as Mary was out the door, Lucy found Simon and Ruthie gone. She was
sure she was going to find them in Ruthie's room fucking each other like
there is no tomorrow. She quietly walked up the stairs. She didn't want them
to know that she was coming. Specially since she told them not to run off and
fuck. But she should have known better. Once she got to Ruthie's bedroom
door, she heard the recognized sound of sex. Simon and Ruthie were grunting
like pigs. Cautiously she looked inside and saw something that completely
surprised her.

Simon was fucking Ruthie up the ass and she was loving it. Now she knows she
never taught them that. Simon and Ruthie went at it for a few more minutes
before she saw Simon lean his head back and moan. White streams of cum
dribble out of Ruthie's ass. Simon pulled out and went down on his knees and
slowly began to lick Ruthie's crack. Licking the cum right out of her ass.
This sorta disgust her but also made her excited.

She moved closer to the door and slowly opened it.

"Simon!" she yelled as soon as the door was open.

Both Simon and Ruthie jump, with Simon falling on to his back. His cum
drooling out of his mouth.

"Luc, I though you where still downstairs," Simon said wiping the cum off his

"And I though I told you this afternoon, after everyone leaves. Don't come up
here and fuck."

"I know, but Ruthie wanted to. And when she gets that look on her face. You
just cant say no."

Lucy moved closer to them both. Ruthie was sitting on the rug near Simon. Her
young body glisten with sweat and a little puddle of cum was forming under

"Simon. May I ask? Where did you learn to do anal sex?"

"In one of Matt's porno mags."

Just the though of Matt made Lucy cream herself. She couldn't believe how
good it was having Matt's hot long dick shoved into her.

"Speaking about Matt. Do you remember what I said to you Simon?"

"Yeah, you said you had asked Matt something. And after that you and I would
do something."

"Yup, I have asked Matt and he said yes. So now Simon, we can do something."


"I'm going to let you fuck me."

Simon couldn't believe his ears, but he believed his dick. It was standing
straight up.

"You mean it?"


Lucy slowly started walking over to Simon. While she was doing this she
started to remove her clothes in a strip tease type fashion. In a few minutes
she was just dressed in her bra and underwear. Simon started to get up, but
Lucy just pushed him back to the floor again. She got down on her knees and
gave Simon a small kiss on the mouth. She started moving down his neck,
kissing ever so slightly. Down to his chests, kissing, sucking and lightly
biting his nipples. Simon let out a low groan. Down to his belly, licking his
belly button. Down to the small soft patch of blonde hairs that covered his

Once she got to his dick she started to lick up and down the shaft on but
size, finally coming down to his balls. Carefully putting them in her mouth
and sucking them. Simon let out a little louder groan. She looked up and saw
Simon's eyes were closed enjoying what Lucy was doing to him. She looked over
to Ruthie and saw her little sister sliding 3 finger into her sweet smelling
snatch. Lucy took Simon's balls out of her mouth and again started licking
his dick on the underside. Once at the head she started giving Simon the best
blow job he would ever get.

Slowly sucking and moving her tongue around Simon's dick in her mouth and
playing with his balls. Ever squeeze she gave them Simon gave out a louder
groan. Finally after a few minutes Lucy felt Simon's dick lurch, and flow
after hot flow of cum spilled into her mouth And once again she swallowed
ever drop. She took Simon's dick out of her mouth and gave Simon a kiss.
Simon french kissed her and sucking what ever remains of his cum that were
in her mouth. Lucy had notice while kissing Simon that his dick had got
soft. She placed her hand over it and started to stroke him. Within minutes
he was hard again.

She told Simon to lie down. She got on her knees and position herself over
Simon's swelling dick. Ever so slowly she lowered herself to him. When he
entered her, she couldn't believe this was Simon. He seemed bigger than Matt.
Soon Lucy and Simon were going at it. Lucy riding Simon like a wild bull,
Simon thrusting his hips like very powerful jackhammer. He was tearing that
shit up.

Simon was about to cum when Lucy told him to hold it. He asked why, she said
she'll show him. She pulled herself off him and went to the bed. Looking over
her shoulder seeing Simon jerking off to keep himself hard. When she got to
the bed, she bend forward over it and told Simon to fuck her in the ass.
Simon quickly rushed over and inserted his dick into Lucy virgin ass. She
gave out a soft grunt. Simon waited for her to get use of him in her ass then
started fucking her, with more enthusiasm than he had with Ruthie. Lucy once
again looked at Ruthie. Ruthie was so turned on, she basically had her fist
up in her. Between breath She told Ruthie to come over here and lay down.

Ruthie came over and laid in front of Lucy. Lucy told her to spread her leg.
When she did Lucy started eating Ruthie out. Soon all three were at it,
alternating between Simon fucking Lucy and Ruthie. Lucy giving Simon head
while Ruthie ate her out or vice versa. Just about an hour before everyone
was due home. Lucy told them to stop and go wash up. When they ran off to the
bathroom, Lucy went into her room. She couldn't believe how sore she was,
from larger than it seemed dick in her pussy and ass. She would be sore for a
few days. If anyone would ask, she would just tell them it's her time of the
month. She put them to bed and decided to go herself. She heard Mary come in
but didn't say anything, she was just too worn out from baby-sitting.

To Be Continued


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