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Seventh Heaven: Mary's Job (MF, MMmF,inc,oral,anal)
by CRTS ([email protected])

Chapter 1

Mary was desperate. Her friends were in jail for drugs and she had lost her
job. She had to pay for her sport car and the worst her own parents wanted
money for letting her sleep on her own house! Mary had knocked many doors but
nobody had interest for an extra waitress.

Now she was on a bad neighborhood. She remembered her father telling her to
never go there. But Mary wasn't a little girl anymore. Soon she found out why
her father told her that. The neighborhood was full with strip bars and the
men looked lustfully on her young body. She saw many signs "Girls wanted" but
she didn't find the courage to go in. She turned around and run home.

The next morning she goes to the kitchen. Her parents, brothers and sisters
were eating breakfast. She looked around.

Mary: Hey! We're mine?

Eric: You know the rules! No money, no food!

Mary ran out of the house slamming the door behind her. She walked around for
a while until the hunger took over her. She searched her pocket and found
nothing. She was broke! Then she saw the shield "Girls wanted".

Mary (thought): How bad could that be?

She walked in.

Chapter 2

It was a dark place and the smoke from the cigarettes created a kind of fog
that helped the visitors keep their faces hide while they watched the naked
flesh of the dancing girls. No one noticed her. Why should they? She was

She stopped a waitress and asked her were the boss was. The waitress looked
at her from top to bottom and smiled. Then she nodded showing her a dark
corner. When Mary reached there a big muscular man stand in front of her.

Guy: What do you want?

Mary: Are you the boss?

Guy: No but you have to go through me! What do you want?

Mary: I want to work here.

Guy: How old are you?

Mary: Eighteen!

He opened a door that Mary hadn't seen until now and stepped aside. Mary
walked in a small corridor and then she opened another door in his end. She
was in a bright office. Behind a big desk was a man, at his forties, tall
with dark hair. The boss!

Mary: I want to work here!

Boss: Are you sure?

Mary: ...Yes...

Boss: Not so happy huh?

Mary: ...

Boss: Is not as bad as you think! I take care of my girls!

With her body? She would be a hit for his bar!

Mary: That's good.

She found some of her self-confidence again and looking directly in his eyes

Boss: But first you have to become on of my girls!

Mary: What...?

Mary felt her knees weakening.

Boss: Take of your clothes!

As he lit up a big cigar.

Mary: Here? Now?

Mary wanted to run but the thought at the money stopped her.

Boss: I am one! Out there are dozens! They pay and they want to see

As he inhaled the thick smoke.

Mary nodded silently and started to remove her clothes. First her sweatshirt,
then the t-shirt she ware underneath and then her cargo pants. She stands in
front of him trembling.

Boss: Not bad, not bad. Your bra too girl!

He stands now heaving a full view of her.

Mary: No!

She shook her head and crossing her hands trying to cover her breasts.

Boss: Listen, do what I say or leave! I don't have the time for this!

He was now beside her and he was using the smoke to make her dizzy. Mary
reached behind her and unclasped her bra and then let it fall to the floor.
The boss whistled.

Boss: Very nice! They are not sagging at all!

He touched her left breasts and weighted in his palm.

Mary: I am only nineteen!

Mary was somehow turned on by the touch of a stranger on her soft flesh.

Boss: Believe me I've seen worst! Dance now!

He pressed a button in the remote in his hand and a slow music filled the
room. Mary started to move her body in rhythm and tried to do some moves she
saw by the girls outside. The boss smiled and nodded positively. Then he
stopped the music.

Boss: Not bad, you are new here so you will get les money then the others,
but everything the guests put on your waistband goes to you. And with that
body of yours! Come with me!

He walked to the door. Mary followed him in another room. There where many
women there. Some were dressing up for their performance and some came back,
naked. Some were friendly and great Mary but some, especially the older, over
twenty, turned their looks away showing her they didn't like her.

The boss guided her in a closet and told her that it was hers, for her
personal things. Then he gave her a school uniform from another, much bigger,

Boss: Here! Wear this and go out!

The boos held out the clothes for her. Mary dropped her stuff in her closet
and locked up. She wore a small silver thong and white cotton pants over it,
a silver bra too and a sport bra above it. Then the blue skirt, she was a lot
shorter then the real school skirts and a white shirt short white shocks and
black shiny shoes. She took her long blond hair and does a ponytail, and then
she looked at him.

Mary: How do I look?

Mary did a pirouette. The boss took a good look at her and whistles.

Boss: Delicious! I think you just solve your financial problem! Now, get out
and show them what they want to see!

He pointed to the hallway guiding to the stage. Mary walked out to the room
to a long hallway guiding to the stage. She could hear the music and the
cheers of the men watching the other girls dancing. Shortly before a curtain
she stopped and moved her hips to the rhythm of the music took a deep breath
and walked out!

The bright lights almost blind her and the smoke didn't let her see any of
the faces around her platform. There was a steel bare going out from the
floor and up to the roof. Mary catches the bar and swings around it. Then
she wrapped one of her legs around the bare and moved up and down. The cheers
almost deafening her but the first dollars thrown to her make a big smile
appear to her face!

One by one her clothes fly away until she was only in the silver bra and
thong. Mary took a deep breath. There was no way out she unclasped her bra
and throw it away! Her full breasts came to view and the people go crazy,
Mary could see the jealous look of the other girls and smiled. The waistband
of her thong was full with dollar bills and she kept dancing provocatively
for a half hour giving an excellent show. Sometimes around the bare sometimes
in the floor.

Spreading her legs, pressing her breasts together and licking her nipples,
bending over presenting her barely covered asshole, licking the bare. Then
through the smoke she saw the boss. He makes her a signal that it was enough.
Mary thanked the people and disappeared backstage.

She was very happy she had a bunch of money and was jumping up and down like
a little girl. The boss couldn't but notice how her breasts jumped up and
down too, or the erection he had. Mary jumped on him and wrapped her hands
around his neck kissing his chick.

Mary: Thank you! That's better then any job I had until now!

The boss pushed her carefully away.

Boss: Listen Mary. Don't do that again!

Mary: What?

Boss: Hugging me! I am the boss here!

Mary: Okay, I just was so happy!

Boss: Okay! Now, this was your first night. You can go home now, think and
come back tomorrow. If you want.

Mary: Are you kidding me? I WILL come! What else could I do to get so much

They walked back to the room where her closet was when Mary noticed another
door. "DO NOT ENTER" was written with big letters.

Mary: What's there?

Boss: That's where the big girls play!

Mary: And that means?

Boss: Trust me; you don't want to go there.

Mary: If there is more money I will! What could be? Whores?

The boss didn't answer. Mary looked at him.

Mary: Oh my god! There are real whores!

Boss: If you tell anybody.

Mary: Do they make more money? I want to do it too!

Boss: You are crazy!

Mary: You see how much money I brought you as a stripper, think how many you
will make if a do the whore!

Boss: Ok, but you have to be trained!

Mary: What ever you say!

Chapter 3

He guided her in a room directly beside his office. There where only a bed
and two chairs inside. He took off his clothes and sat on one chair.

Boss: Come over here! Sit on my lap!

Mary did what he told. He started to fondle her full breasts and sucked her
nipples. She groans loudly. His hands caressed her long legs and fondled her
ass cheeks.

After few minutes Mary noticed his huge erection and touched him carefully.
This time it was he who groaned.

Boss: Mmmm! Yes! Let your instincts guide you!

Mary stroked him and saw his pre-cum coming out. She left his lap and kneeled
in front of him. She had heard about oral sex but she didn't actually have
any experience she didn't ever have seen someone doing this!

Carefully she touched his cock head with her tongue and tasted him. He
groaned and pushed his hips upwards. Mary knew she had done something right
and started to lick his whole length. He murmured something she didn't
understood. She looked him in the eyes with a big question mark on her eyes.

Boss: I said use your lips! Suck me with those pretty lips of yours!

Mary nodded and goes down again. This time she opened her mouth and took his
cock head in her mouth. She wrapped her lips tight around his shaft and
sucked. He bucked upwards trying to shove more of his cock into her warm wet
mouth. Mary let few more inches inside here mouth and then pulled back and
looked at him. His eyes were closed and he breathed heavily.

She moved down and back again. Faster and faster taking more and more in to
her mouth until she felt her nose on his pubic hair. She had his whole length
in her mouth! The boss looked at her. He hasn't seen such a natural talent in
his whole live! He wanted to see if she would swallow so he let himself go.

Mary felt his cock throbbing inside her mouth and wondered if she had done
something wrong. Then she felt something hot spurting in to her mouth. It was
somehow salty and she likes it. She stared to swallow and his groans became
louder and louder. Soon her mouth was full and some escaped from the corners
running down her chin. She kept on sucking until he stopped her.

Boss: Its okay! I am spent now, you swallowed it all!

Mary: Did I do it right?

Boss: Right? That was professional work baby! Are you sure it was your first

She answered nodding yes and turning in many shades of red. The boss was
impressed with her. She just stripped in front of a big crowd and gave her
first blowjob and she still could be shy. He stood up.

Boss: Sorry girl, I have a date and I don't want to be late. But don't worry
I send few guys so you could train you sucking still even further. Oh! Only
sucking! Your cherry is my job! Got it?

He was already dressed. Mary nodded and he walked out. She sat on the chair
and waited. Five minutes later three guys entered the room. She had seen them
in the bar, they worked there. They took their clothes off and surround her.
Mary licked her lips and started practice!

Chapter 4

Matt and Simon walked in following their father. They couldn't believe that
their own father, Eric Camden a reverent, brought them here. A strip club!

Matt: Dad, if mom finds out!

Eric: Mom knows!

Matt and Simon: WHAT?

Eric: Yes! We talked and we decided.

Eric told them looking for a free table.

Matt: Wait! Decided, what?

Eric: It's time for you to lose your virginity!

Matt and Simon: What?

Eric: No 'What?'! If you don't want there's the exit!

Simon opened his mouth to say something but Matt stopped him.

Matt: Sure we want! Are you going to pay, right?

Eric: Yes.

Matt: No hook?

Eric: No hook!

They looked around, only few tables were free. They choose one in the near
of a blonde dancer. She had long blond hair and a beautiful body. Slim waist
round firm butt and long legs.

Eric: That's very promising boys. Like her?

Simon: Yyeess.

Matt: I'll wait to see the other side, too, dad.

The dancer let her hands slide up and down her body and swings her hips. She
bends her knees stretching her ass to them without turning around. Matt and
Simon could clearly see her barely covered asshole and her outer pussy lips!
Eric smiled as he saw the hypnotized look at his boys faces.

Then the dancer stands up and reached behind her. She unclasped her bra and
pulled it off. She swings it above her head and let it fall. It falls in
Matt's head that loosed his coolness and took a deep breath enjoining the
aroma of it. Then he started to cheer!

Matt: Turn around baby! Let us see your boobs!

Simon: Yea, turn around!

Then the dancer turned around and all three Camden men looked hypnotized at
her full round breasts who giggled from the move. All three with huge bulges
in their pants. Eric started to wonder if Annie would ever forgive him for
taking advantage from the occasion to fuck the whore too.

As she stopped her hair had covered her face fallen down and they all froze.
The three Camden men and the dancer. It was Mary! She saw her father and
brothers looking at her and realized she was naked! She tried to cover her
self and run away followed by boos from the other people.

Eric, Matt and Simon fell speechless in their seats. They couldn't believe
what they just saw. Mary? Mary a stripper? And why they still had those
stupid erections?

As Mary run away she almost rammed her boss. He snapped her and stopped her.
He looked at her face and laughed.

Boss: I know this expression! Family or friends?

Mary: Family!

Boss: Its okay! They always found out! Almost all the girls had that

Mary: No! You don't understand! My father is a reverend!

Boss: WOW! Listen girl, you must be strong. You must fight back!

Mary: What? How?

Boss: Go back there and do your job! After all what a reverend does in a
strip bar?

Mary shivered just in the thought to go out there again. He took her chin in
his hands and lifted her head looking directly in to her eyes.

Boss: If you are so afraid, how are you going to face them back home? You
must fight them here! You have no choice!

Mary thought for few moments. She knew the boss was right. She was the one
who run away like she was doing something wrong. She had to go back and see
what would happen. If they stay they could say anything, if they run away
would gave her the advantage. She looked back at her boss.

Mary: Okay! I'll do it!

Boss: That's my girl!

He watched her walked back to the stage and he couldn't but admire the swing
of her sexy ass.

The cheer of the other people around them brought the Camden men back to
reality. They looked up and saw that Mary was back on the small platform
dancing. No, she didn't just dance she danced for them making sure they got
a good view of her body. She kept her eyes on them making sure they were
looking at her and she was hotter then ever. She squeezed her breast
together, licking her nipples with her long tongue. She completely ignored
the other people around even if they put ten dollar bills on her rubber band
around her right tight and the waist band of her thong. She moved closer to
them and spread her legs.

Eric stared at her. He knew his daughter had caused many troubles in the past
but this! This was over the edge. She wasn't his daughter anymore! He shoved
his hand in his pocket and pulled some dollars out. He gave some to his sons
and then he reached out and put some on Mary's waist band! She looked at him
and smiled seductively. He smiled back. Matt and Simon looked completely
confused at their father. He looked back.

Eric: What? I brought you here to fuck some whore, right? We are going to
fuck a whore!

Matt: Dad! It's Mary we are talking about! Our sister. Your daughter.

Eric: I used to have a daughter with that name but not anymore!

Matt was shocked. Then he felt someone pushing him and turned around ready
to hit someone. It was Simon. He was trying to reach Mary's waist band! Matt
sighed and let him through. Then he reached out and placed some dollars to
her waistband too!

After ten minutes Mary's show was over. Her waistband and her rubber band
were full with dollars. Mostly from her father and brothers!

She disappeared backstage while Eric Camden called one waitress and arranged
a private room for him and his sons. He made clear that he wanted only one
dancer, the one that was just danced in front of them. The waitress nodded
and asked them to follow her. The three Camden men followed her presenting
huge bulges on their pants. They brains were out long time ago. Only their
penises worked and guided them now.

They entered a room with a table, sofa, chairs and a big bed. Soft music
filled the air. Eric sat in one chair and Simon in another. Matt walked
around, controlled the bed and then sat at the sofa. Then a second door
opened and Mary entered the room. She was dressed, it was show time again.
She started to move on the rhythm and unbutton her blouse when Eric stopped

Eric: We don't have time for this! We want to fuck!

She took of the rest of her clothes very quickly and sank on her knees in
front of his chair. She unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. She wasn't
long enough a pro but she never had seen a cock like her fathers. It was
huge! Twelve or thirteen inches long! Mary felt her mouth watering. She looks
at his eyes. He placed his hand on the back of her head and pressed her down.
She opened her fully lips and let it slide inside her hot wet mouth. Eric
groaned and his two sons twisted on their seats. They hoped they turn would
come soon and undressed. Mary saw that while she was eagerly sucking her
father. They also had huge cocks!

Mary (thought): It must be in the family. Now I know why my mom married him,
and why she gave birth on seven children!

Matt and Simon stand up and walked towards them. They surrounded Mary and
started to fondle her body. Matt probed her heavy breasts and Simon caressed
her firm ass!

Eric: Slap her! Slap her!

His sons looked at him. They didn't know what he wanted.

Eric: Take your cocks and slapped her face!

They obeyed and started to slap Mary's cheeks.

She opened her eyes and look at her father. He nodded and Mary let his cock
slid out of her mouth. She turns to Matt's side and starts to suck his cock!
He moans and throws his head back. He always dreamed that some of his
girlfriends would do something like that but it never happened. Never until
now, with his sister!

Eric fondled her breasts and pinched her erect nipples.

Eric: You are like your mother bitch! Hot and ready!

Mary moaned around Matt's cock and moved her head faster. Suddenly she let
him go and turned to the other side to Simon. Her younger brother was so
erect and so inexperienced that as soon as Mary's lips touched his cock head
he started to come! He shot his load all over her pretty face and in to her
open mouth! She swallowed it down smiling at him! Then she wrapped her lips
around his shaft and sucked him dry.

Eric: Yes Simon! That's what bitches like her need! Shoot your sperm at her
face son!

Mary sucked her father and Matt until they came too shooting their sperm all
over her pretty face. They all panted for air but Mary most of all.

Eric: Come on princess!

He pulled her hand and guided her to the bed.

Eric: Lay back! I promised my sons to make them men tonight!

Mary laid back and pulled her legs up and far apart as possible.

Simon who had shot his load first was hard again. Eric tapped his shoulder.

Eric: Go on son! Its time to become a man!

Simon climbed in the bed positioning himself in his sisters entrance. Mary
took his cock in her hand and guided him in her wet entrance. He slid his
cock head up and down her slit teasing him and her self too before placing
him slowly in her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him
slowly closer.

Simon trembled and groaned. His instinct told him to push and he pushed his
cock in his sister's pussy. Both groaned loud. Mary pulled his head down to
hers and they kissed for the first time. He started to pump in to her shoving
his cock deeper and deeper inside her. Eric and Matt climbed also to the bed
taking position to the sides of her head. Mary started to lick and suck
alternate from her brother's cock to her father's. For Simon all that was too
much. He groaned one more time, arched his back shoving his cock deeper then
ever before and shot his load deep in his sister's pussy! Mary let the two
cocks and moaned loudly.

Mary: Ohhhh baby! I am cumming too! Shoot your hot sperm in me brother!

She had a powerful orgasm too and she shakes the whole bed!

He rolled away from her and Eric and Matt got closer to Mary.

Eric: Now baby we are going to go all the way!

Eric sucked her nipple while Matt sucked the other one.

Mary: What do you mean?

Eric: Have you ever been triple teamed?

Mary: No, but I am eager to try!

She pushed her father away and he fall to the bed. Mary climed on him and sat
impaling her self on his erect cock. They both groan from the tight fit. Eric
wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her closer squeezing her full
breasts on his chest. Father and daughter kissed intimately. Matt kneeled
behind his sister and slowly shoved his cock in her ass. Mary groaned again
and turned her head back kissing him, too. Father and son started to pump
her increasing their speed with every thrust. Mary enjoyed every stroke
responding with loud groans on every of them.

Suddenly she felt something wet on her face. She opened her eyes and saw the
eyes of her younger brother. Eric and Matt stopped thrusting and Mary found
the chance to kiss her younger brother too.

Eric: Suck him hard!

She was eager to do it, in few moments Matthew was hard again. Matt and Eric
started to pump her again and Mary found herself been triple teamed for the
first time in her life.

The three Camden men started to pump their cocks inside the young Camden
woman. The air was filled with their groans and even the muffled cries of
Mary could be heard. The three men looked each other arranging their rhythm.
Mary noticed that and she knew what they wanted to cum simultaneously on
her! She felt her orgasm building inside her. Then the men started to cum!

She felt her father shooting in her womb, her older brother shooting in her
bowls and her younger brother shooting in her thoat. Then she came too making
the whole bed shake!

The men pulled their half limp cocks out of her and fallen on the bed
breathless. As they lay there Mary started to lick them clean surprising
them. In no time they got hard again and shoot their loads on her face!

Eric: That's my daughter!

Mary cuddled between them.

Mary: I love you guys!

Eric, Matt and Simon: We love you too Mary!

The men dressed and leaved.

The boss entered the room and looked at the naked Mary.

Boss: Everything clear with your family?

Mary: Yes! Do you thing I could bring my sister here?

Boss (smiling): Yes why not!?

* * *

Eric and his sons entered their house. They saw Annie and froze. Eric sent
the boys upstairs. He embraced his wife and cried. Annie looked at him.

Annie: What's wrong?

Eric: I was week.

She stroked his cheek.

Annie: Its ok honey I understend.

Eric: You do?

Annie: Yes I do, you are just a man after all!

Suddenly the kichen door opened and Mary endered the house. She and her
father looked each other.

Eric: Hi Mary, how was the job tonight?

Mary: Great! Thanks for asking dad.

Mary ran upstairs.

Annie looked at her husband.

Annie: You know Eric, Mary is very happy since she got this job.

Eric: Yes she is, it was very good for her to find that job!

Eric hugged her. Annie smiled. Everything was all right at her house again.


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