This is an adult story. Do not reed if you are underage or offended by
explicit language. I don't own any of those characters.

7th Heaven: Mary's Job Part 2 - Lucy Gets A Job, Too! (MMmFf,inc,oral,anal)

Lucy opened the door and entered the room she was sharing with her big sister
Mary and froze. Her sister was lying on her bed and was counting money. What
made Lucy freeze was the fact that her sister was dressed only in a small
black thong! Lucy could see her naked back and her firm round ass cheeks and
as Mary turned around to greet her smiling Lucy closed her eyes. But not
before taking a glimpse of her sisters round fleshy globes with the erect
nipples on top of them!

Mary: Lucy! You can open your eyes!

Lucy: Are you dressed?

Mary: No! But do I have something that scared you?

Lucy: Mary! You are naked!

Mary: You saw me naked before! And what about the school showers? Never seen
your classmates naked?

Lucy: Yes but...

Mary: No buts! Open your eyes!

Lucy: ...

Mary: Open them!

Lucy opened her eyes and ran to her bed grabbing a magazine and started
reading it. Then she remembered that Mary had a bunch of money in her hands.

Lucy: Where did you get that?

Mary: It's in the family! All Camden women have large breasts!

Lucy turned red.

Lucy: I mean the money.

Mary: Ohh... from my work!

Lucy: Wow! So much! I thought you ware a waitress!

Mary: I WAS!

Lucy: And what are you now?

Mary: None of your business!

Lucy: Then hide it and don't wave it in front of my face!

Mary: Ok!

Mary stood up and went to her closet. She opened a small box and put the
money inside. Then she locked the box and put it back. Then she hooked the
key together with the heart shaped amulet she wore around her neck.

Lucy: Aren't you going to dress?

Mary: Why? I have few hours before work.

Lucy: What's wrong with you, Mary? You never acted like this before!

Mary: Nothing is wrong, Lucy. Its just that I am not going to be a good
daughter anymore!

Lucy: Jesus! I think you are going crazy.

Someone knocked on the door and Mary called him in. Lucy watched with a wide
open mouth. How could her sister call someone into the room while she was
still naked? Eric walked in and Lucy grinned. She was sure that her father
would kick Mary's ass for walking around naked!

Eric: Hi Lucy! Mary! Matt called and he had something to take care, so I am
going to drive you to work.

Mary: Ok dad! I will be ready on time!

Lucy jumped up.

Lucy: Dad! Aren't you going to punish her? She is naked and let people in the

Eric: Lucy! I am her father! As long that she not inviting strangers its okay
with me!

Lucy: Okay!?! What's wrong with you people?

Eric: Nothing, Lucy. But your sister is an individual. I can't force her to
do something she didn't want!

Lucy looked her sister, who was slightly smiling, and the serious expression
on her father's face. She placed her hands on the edge of her sweat shirt and
pulled it off over her head she unclasped her bra and threw it away!

Lucy: I am an individual too! How do you like this dad?

Eric: Relax, Lucy! You are a grown person; you make your own decisions.

Mary: Hey, Lucy!

Lucy turned to her sister and saw something coming towards her. It was Mary's
thong! It hit her on her face. That pissed her off! She stepped down from her
bed and let her skirt fall down then she slid her white cotton panties down
her legs and threw them away. Mary step in front of Lucy and smiled.

Mary: I never thought you'd have the guts to do it! I am impressed little

Lucy: I can do whatever you can do!

Mary: Oh yeah? Do this!

Mary bent forward and with her hands she parted her ass cheeks presenting her
holes to her father!

Lucy: Big deal!

Lucy did the same. Eric felt his cock ready to explode. If he was alone with
Mary he wouldn't hesitate and he would have fucked her. But with Lucy there
he had to wait. Wait and see.

Suddenly the door opened and Matt and Simon walked in.

Matt: Mary I finished earlier than I thought I would...what's going on here?

Eric: Mary and Lucy trying to prove who is the most daring!

Eric closed the door behind his sons.

Lucy screamed and tried to cover her nudity. Mary didn't.

Simon pointed at Mary with his hand.

Simon: I think we have a winner!

Lucy: WHAT!?!

Lucy looked at Mary, who was still exposed to the three Camden men. Lucy
threw the blanket back on the bed and resumed her bent over position. Eric
looked at Simon.

Eric: I think you are wrong, son, we have a tie!

Mary jumps on him!

Mary: What? I was the first one naked, I bent over first and, I never got
scared and tried to hide like Lucy!

Simon: Dad, I thing Mary is right!

Now it was Lucy's time to jump on him.

Lucy: You always supported her! You always have been against me!

Simon: I am not against you! You are just a bad looser!

Mary stepped between them.

Mary: Listen sis. What if YOU dare ME to do something? If I don't and you do,
you win.

Lucy: Ok, but what?

Mary: Hey! It's your turn! Or you want to step back, Lucy?

Lucy: No way! I am better then you, Mary! Ok I got it!

Lucy walked to her brothers and her father and kissed them on their cheeks.
Mary laughed.

Mary: That's it? We kissed them everyday on the cheek!

Lucy said something like "bitch!" And walked to the men again. This time she
kissed them on the lips! Then stepped back and with a big grin in her face
looked at Mary.

Lucy: Now do you dare big sis?

Mary: Piece of cake!

Mary walked to the men and kissed them, too! Lucy starts to feel anger.

Mary: Now, Lucy, lets see.

Lucy: Whatever, I am ready!

Mary turned to the men and kissed them again. Only this time it was French
style! Lucy could clearly see their tongues wrestling in their mouths! Mary
withdraw and looked at her with a devilish grin on her face. Lucy walked to
the men. First it was Simon, who was the youngest, and he felt mechanical,
but as she got Matt's experienced tongue in her mouth she felt her nipples
getting hard! And when she French kissed her father the feeling of the
forbidden made her all wet!

She jumped back with a bright red look over her face. She lowered her head a
little and noticed the huge bulges in their pants. She knew it was forbidden,
but secretly she wanted to see the cock of her brothers and her father and at
the same time beat Mary! Yeah! Beating Mary was worth to go over the limits!

Lucy: Mary, I dare you to take their cocks out and stroke them!

Mary: What?

Lucy: Are you afraid? Are you backing off?

Eric coughed a little.

Eric: Girls, I think this is getting a little out of hand!

Matt: Dad, is right Lucy.

Lucy: Shut up, Matt! I am not stopping until I win! She will back off or you
as the "jury" give the victory on me.

Matt: Lucy, what if this goes too far? I am your big brother.

Lucy: I want THIS victory! One time I want to beat her!

Eric interrupted them again.

Eric: I think we have no choice boys. We are responsible for this
"competition", too. But I have to remind you all that no matter what happens
it stays in this room!

His sons and daughters nodded positive.

Mary walked to them.

Mary: Then I have to prove to my little sister that I have no fear.

She kneeled in front of them and unzipped their pants. She pulled their rock
hard cocks out and stroked them alternate from one to the other but always
having two at the same time. She turned at Lucy.

Mary: Is that enough stroking? Lucy, do you hear me?

Lucy looked hypnotized at the big cocks of the Camden men and wondered how
they would feel in her. Not in her hands, but in her pussy! She shook her

Lucy: What?

Mary: I said is this enough stroking?

Lucy: Yeah, it's enough. I guess it's my turn now.

She kneeled and took Simon's and Matt's cocks in her hands. She felt the soft
skin and the pulsating veins she saw the engorged head and the first sights
of pre-cum. She stroked them a little and then she wrapped her hand around
her father's cock. Lucy had seen cocks but never had one in her hand and was
turned on as she felt how hard and soft at the same time they were. She felt
a hand stopping her for stroking Matt's cock. She looked and saw it was Mary.
But Lucy continued to stroke her father with the other hand.

Mary: Ok, Lucy! Want to play big girl? Let's play!

Lucy: What do you mean, Mary?

Mary didn't say anything. She slid her tongue out of her mouth and in one
move she licked Simon's cock from head to the base and back again! Lucy was
hit by lighting. Mary licked Simon's cock again and waited. Lucy looked at
her father waiting for a sign from him. He smiled and nodded to her. Lucy
hesitated a little and then she licked her father's cock! She had never lost
eye contact with Mary and when she saw her wrapping her lips around Simon's
cock she wrapped hers on her father's! Mary was sucking and stroking Simon's
cock while Lucy was doing the same on her father! Simultaneously the two
girls were stroking Matt! Eric placed his hands on Lucy's hair and kept her
where he wanted her to be.

Eric: Oh god, Lucy! I am going to cum!

Simon: I am cuming too dad!

The two Camden girls received huge amounts of sperm in their mouths. Mary was
experienced enough to swallow all but Lucy choked and coughed spiting her
father's semen all over his crotch, and her neck and breasts! Mary jump up

Mary: I win! I win!

Lucy: Shit! I didn't expect that! It's not fair!

Matt: Listen, Mary, I think Lucy deserves a second chance! After all I am
here too!

Matt was the only one who didn't come yet.

Lucy: Yeah, Mary, if I swallow Matt, let's say we will be square again!

Mary thought for a minute and then nodded okay. Lucy got to her knees again
and was ready to suck Matt when Mary stopped her.

Mary: First we have to clean dad's sperm so we can see if you spilled
anything this time!

Lucy: I have a towel.

Lucy stopped talking as Mary placed her hands on the sides of her head and
started to lick her dad's sperm from her face! When Mary started to lick
Lucy's breasts Lucy closed her eyes and moaned. The Camden men looked at each
other and smiled. They got Lucy over the line!

Mary stopped and pushed Lucy to Matt.

Mary: Now sis! Suck! And don't forget to swallow!

Lucy started to suck Matt's cock. This time she was prepared and she didn't
choke. She swallowed every drop and smiled as she saw that Mary wasn't happy
with her success.

Lucy: See, big sis, I am as good as you are! No! I am better! I swallowed
Matt and part of dad's cum! You swallowed only Simon! I WON!

Mary started to laugh. Lucy freaked out.

Lucy: Why are you laughing? I WON!

Mary: No little sis. I WON! You want to know why? Remember the money?

Lucy: Yes.

Mary: I work as a strip dancer and whore!

Lucy: WHAT?

Mary: And I had sex with Simon, Matt AND Dad! They fucked my pussy my mouth
AND my ass! More then one time! So you see LITTLE sis I WON!

Lucy: Mary! I don't believe that! Dad, tell me that isn't true!

Mary: I am sorry, Lucy, it is true!

Lucy: No! I will not let her beat me! I will do everything!

The Camden men started to talk with each other planning what Lucy had to do
to get the win. Then Eric got the "idea".

Eric: Listen, Lucy. You are virgin right?

Lucy: Right.

Eric: Well if you take all three of us at the same time then you got a pat.

Lucy: A pat? Not a win?

Eric: No! Mary had a head start! You can't beat her.

Lucy thought for a moment. There was nothing she could do. Actually she had
forgotten that they were a family. If she couldn't beat Mary she would at
least prove she was just as good too! Not to mention that all this action and
Mary's story about her fucking with her family had make her horny as hell!

Lucy: Okay! How do we do it?

Eric laid on Lucy's bed.

Eric: Come here have a seat!

Lucy: Will it hurt?

Eric: Only for a moment then you will enjoy it!

Mary jumps in and helped Lucy to straddle their father. Lucy lowered her
pussy over her father's cock and Mary aimed the head at her sister's hot
wet entrance. She stopped for a moment as the head stretched her over.
Mary placed her hands on her shoulders and before Lucy could say anything
she pushed her down all the way! Lucy screamed but Matt was faster and
muffled her scream with his hand on her mouth.

The pain started to subdue but she felt something differed. Not in her pussy
in her ass! She looked over her shoulder and saw Mary licking her puctered
anus! Instantly the pain was gone and pleasure flooded her body. It was both
the cock in her pussy and the tongue in her ass. And most important the
knowledge of doing something so forbidden! Mary pulled back and slapped her
ass cheeks.

Mary: Ready for you, Matt!

Matt: Thank you, sis!

Matt placed his cock head at Lucy's back entrance and waited until Mary took
a position were her could look Lucy directly in the eyes. Then he pushed
forward ripping her ass apart! Lucy bit her lip. She didn't wanted Mary the
satisfaction of screaming. Mary took Lucy's head in her hands and whispered
at her ear.

Mary: Scream! It's not a same.

Then she sealed Lucy's lips with hers and Lucy screamed at her sister's
mouth. When she stopped Mary kept kissing her. Lucy broke the kiss. She
looked around. Her siblings and her father.

Lucy: You planed all this! Didn't you?

Mary: Yes sis! After fucking me they got appetite for you too. Are you mad?

Lucy smiled leaned her head down and sucked Mary's nipples. She wasn't mad!
Simon pulled Lucy from the hair and shoved his cock in her mouth!

Simon: I think you need this Lucy! Just to get even with Mary!

Lucy: Mmm...

It was the only thing that came out of Lucy's mouth. Mary watched her father
and her sibling fucking her younger sister and rubbed her pussy. Her boss
would be happy to have one more, young, whore in his brothel.


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