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7th Heaven: Mary's Job Part 3 - Annie Joins In (MMmFFf,inc,oral,anal,nc-cons)

Annie walked into the house and left the shopping bags on the kitchen table.
She knew that her children and husband were in the house but no one was in
the kitchen or the living room. She thought they were upstairs and run up to
see them. She heard noises from Mary's and Lucy's room. She wanted to knock
on the door but something told her not to. She opened the door slowly and
took a peek.

She felt her heart stop and her eyes open wide from what she saw. Her two
older daughters, Mary and Lucy were there. Her husband and her two sons where
there also. But it was that they ware doing that shocked her! First they were
all naked! Second they had sex!

Mary was on her back with her legs on her father's shoulders. He was fucking
her soaking wet pussy with his balls slapping her ass. Above Mary's face was
Lucy's big breasts and Mary was sucking her nipples! Lucy was on all-fours.
Her older brother, Matt, was fucking her ass while her younger brother,
Simon, was fucking her face!

At the same time all three men had their hands all over the soft full breasts
of the two girls. Matt was the first to see Annie. He pulled out of Lucy's
ass and warned his father, who also pulled out of Mary. Lucy and Mary groaned
in discomfort as their holes were no longer filled with something hard. But
it was at the moment the two men had reached their points of no return and
their cocks squirted hot sticky jism on Lucy's back and Mary's belly.

Annie ran to the bathroom and vomited. Eric followed and tried to relax her.
She yelled at him and she yelled louder when Mary walked in not even trying
to hide her naked body.

Annie: You pervert! They are your daughters! What the hell are you doing to

Eric: Annie listen to me!

Mary: Mom! Listen.

Annie was still in shock when Mary told her all about her job as a whore and
how many times she had sex with her father and her siblings. Annie vomited
again and washed out her mouth.

Annie: That's it! I am calling the police!

Mary: No mom, you don't!

Mary moved fast slamming her mother against the wall and laughed.

Mary: Who's going to believe you? Its your word against ours!

Annie: I don't care

Mary: Listen mom, stop resisting and join us! That's the best thing you can

Annie: Never!

Annie turned her head away but Mary was stronger and placed her lips on her
mother's. Then Eric came closer and took hold of Annie's wrist. They pulled
the fighting Annie into the room where the others waited.

Mary left her mother to her father and went to her sister. She licked Matt's
sperm from her back and smiled at her mother.

Eric: That's soo tasty! You don't know what you are missing!

Annie: That's sick! You are all crazy!

At the same time Simon, who never stopped fucking Lucy's face, came and his
sister swallowed all. Then Lucy smiled at Annie, too.

Lucy: Yes, mom, sperm is tasty!

Annie: Sinners! Whores!

Annie cursed at them and fights harder to get away forcing Eric to ask Matt
to help him. The two men kept Annie down as Lucy and Mary kissed each other
sharing the taste of the sperm of their siblings!

Then Mary walked over to her mother. Held by Eric and Matt she couldn't do
anything. Mary took her blouse in her hands and pulled, ripping all the
buttons away. Then she reached for the cups of the bra and pulled them down
freeing the supple breast of her mother. Simon walked behind his mother and
undid her skirt, that fell to the floor. Annie tried to scream, but Eric
placed a hand in her mouth stopping her.

Eric: Relax dear, let Mary a chance to prove her theory!

Mary lowered her head and sucked at her mother's right nipple followed
shortly by Lucy who sucked the left one. Meanwhile Simon kneeled behind his
mother and pulled her panties down to her ankles. Then he parted her ass
cheeks and shoved his tongue into her ass. Annie closed her eyes and moaned.

Eric smiled at Mary because they had Annie were they wanted her. He let Annie
go and nodded to Matt to do the same. Annie was free now. She reached for
Mary's hair and pulled her up. She kissed her passionately, and then she
pressed her back to her breast.

Annie: Suck my nipples bitch!

Mary was happy to obey. Eric smiled at his wife and kissed her.

Eric: I am so happy that we can be a whole family!

Annie: Well, I am one and you are many. I had to submit.

Mary and Lucy pulled back and Matt pushed his mother to her knees. Then he
shoved his cock in her throat and Annie stared to suck on him.

Simon pulled his tongue out of her ass and shoved his cock in. In just few
minutes Annie had completely changed. From vomiting and thoughts to call the
police to fuck me more fuck me harder!

Eric fells to the bed laughing. Lucy took the chance and impaled herself on
his cock riding him hard. Mary sat on his face receiving a very skilled
licking and few fingers in her ass. Mary and Lucy kissed and fondled each
others breasts.

Annie pulled Matt's cock out of her mouth and sucked his balls. Simon pulled
her back and now she was seating at him with his cock in her ass! She planted
her feet on the floor as Matt kneeled between her legs and shoved his cock in
her spread wide pussy. The two sons started to fuck their mother and all
three moaned and screamed from pleasure.

Mary stood up and walked to her closet. She took something out. A strap-on
dildo! She attached it around her waist and walked to her mother. Annie
looked at her daughter in the eyes for a moment and then she started to
suck the big plastic cock. Mary smiled and started to face fuck her mother
and kissed her older brother who played with her tits. Simon slid his hand
between her legs and shoved two fingers in her ass and Mary shivered from

Matt pulled out of his mother's pussy and asked Mary to take his place.

Matt: Mary would you please?

Mary: It would be my pleasure!

Mary pulled her dildo out of her mother's mouth, walked around and kneeled
between Annie's legs as her brother did before. Mother and daughter looked
each other in the eyes and then Mary shoved her dildo in her mother's pussy!
The two women kissed and that was too much for Simon who came filling his
mother's bowels with hot sperm.

Matt walked over to the bed and shoved his cock in Lucy's ass pounding her

Mary and Annie embraced each other and rolled over. Simon's cock slid out of
his mother's ass with a loud pop. Annie was now riding her daughter's plastic
dildo and Mary was fondling her breasts.

Matt and Lucy rolled over too. Lucy planted her feet on the bed and moved
up and down Matt's cock. Eric's cock slid out of her pussy. Simon kneeled
between her legs, he sucked and licked her clit and pussy making Lucy moan

Eric kneeled behind his wife and shoved his cock in her gaping asshole! Annie
groaned loud.

Annie: God is that gooood!

Mary: I knew you was going to like it mom!

Annie lowered her head and kissed Mary, then she turned her head back and
kissed her husband. Then Eric stretched his neck and kissed Mary.

The Camden family was whole again.



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