This story is told from the perspective of Matt which is why he or Mary's
name is never mentioned.Lucy joins them shortly into the story and the 3-way
fun begins.

7th Heaven: Me, You And Lucy (M/FF,inc)
Written by Vert-man ([email protected])

"Yeah sis," I say as you stroke my cock.

"You want me to suck it for you?" you ask.

"Yes, suck it good and hard, please!"

You stroke it fast as you began to lick the head. Then there's a knock at the
door, you look up at me with a smile. I smile back a little confused. And you
say, "I think you'll like my little surprise."

"Don't move an inch," I say as I open the door wearing nothing but a hard on.
It's Lucy my younger sister.

As she walks in, your eyes meet hers and you both smile. I'm a little
confused still but never the less now I'm very horny. I help Lucy slip her
duster of, revealing that she's only wearing white sockz and sneakers.

You stand up and walk over to greet her. I move behind you, hugging you and
rubbing my hands all over your sexy body and gently grinding my cock into
your firm little ass. I cup your titties in my hands from behind, and say to
Lucy, "Don't you love your sister's beautiful titties?"

"Oh god yeah, I wanna suck on those nipples for a little while," you smile at
Lucy as I hold your titties in place, Lucy leans close and starts to softly
suck on one of your nipples. You moan and you lay your head back into my

Lucy suckz your nipple harder while she runs her hands up and down your sexy
body. Then she switches nipples and suckz the other one hard. As her hands
replace mine and she plays with your tits, my hands move down to your pussy
and begins to rub your clit softly. Lucy really startz to suck on your
nipples hard, as you moan louder, as I rub your clit faster and faster.

"Oh god guys, yes, make me cum so good," you moan.

I slide a finger into your pussy and start pounding it in and out, making
sure to rub your clit everytime, as Lucy keeps suckin your nipples harder,
switching back and forth from one to the other.

"Uh huh, yeh hear it comes guys," you moan out loud, "Suck my hard little
nipples, oh damn fuck my pussy!"

You tense up as you began to cum on my hand, I fuck your pussy even harder,
and rub your clit faster, as you jerk from the pleasure. I push my finger as
far into my pussy and fuck it harder as you jerk a little in my arms. You
orgasm peaks and you let out a loud moan.

Finally as you cum down from your orgasm you say, "You guys sure know how to
get me off"

I pull my fingers out of your tight pussy and Lucy takes my hand and suckz
your cum off.

"MMMM taste's like candy," she moans, "You want some?" she ask you.

You shake you head yes, and before I know it your lips meet and you two start
frenching. I break it up after a minute or so and I pull you down on to the
couch beside me. Lucy kneels in front of you and pushes your legs apart and
says, "You want me to eat your sweet pussy, for a while,sis?"

You smile at Lucy and say, "MMMM please make me cum again and again."

Lucy wastes no time as she licks up your pussy slit and slides her tongue
inside and startz fuckin it in and out I move down on the floor behind Lucy
and start to rub my cock up and down her pussy.

"Oh god" is all you can say as Lucy keeps tongue fuckin your pussy I slide my
head into Lucy's pussy, as she moans. Then I began to fuck her hard and fast,
as she moans. She startz fuckin your pussy faster, suckin harder at the lips.

I waste no time on Lucy as I pump her harder, pounding her tight little
teenage pussy, just the way she likes it. She moans out loud into your pussy
and she fuckz her tongue between your lips.

I can feel her play with her clit, so I fuck her little pussy harder and
reach down to move her hand away and replace it with my own. I fuck her pussy
a lil harder and rub my hand over her clit fast.

"Oh god, I'm cummin again!" you almost scream out.

I pump Lucy's pussy as fast as I can and rub my hand over her clit, as she
begans to shake from the pleasure.

"Here it comes little sis, drink my cum, suck it all out of my pussy," you
moan as you tense up again and Lucy's tongue is a blur, while it pistons in
and out of your pussy.

You wrap your legs around Lucy head and arch your back and begin to jerk
again as you scream out and cum hard.

"OH GOD YES, FEELS SO FUCKIN GOOD!!!" you scream out.

Lucy is next as she jerks and moans into your pussy, she cums all over my
cock and balls and my hand as it rubs her clit. She keeps lickin your pussy
to get all the cum off.

"Oh god yes Lucy baby, here it comes!" I say as Lucy's pussy milkes my cock
for all it's worth. I feel my cum start to rise fast.

"MMMMM yeh get all the tasty cum off my little pussy," you moan as Lucy keeps
lickin your pussy. She finds your clit and begans to suck it hard. My orgasm
rips thru me like a train as I try hard to keep up the pace and I began to
shoot off like a rocket inside Lucy's pussy, shot after shot as she moans
into your pussy.

"OH GOD SHE'S SUCKIN IT SO HARD!!!" you scream out as I cum in Lucy's pussy,
which makes her suck your clit harder.

I finally finishin cummin, and pull out of Lucy with a loud poppin sound and
move up beside of you, as you moan from the effects of Lucy's expert clit
suckin. I rub my cum covered cock across your pretty little lips. You open
your eyes and smile.

"Wanna help me clean up here?" I say as you waste no time in takin my cock
in your hand and lickin the cum off of it.

"MMMM taste so good," you moan.

You then lick it up and down, even stoppin to suck it off my balls.

"Oh god baby," I moan as you suck one ball then suck the other.

"I'll have to come back to those later," you moan, "Oh god girl that feels so

Lucy startz to suck your clit harder than before and startz to fuck you with
two fingers. You lick back up my cock and suck the head into your mouth as I
moan louder. You pump it to get the rest of the cum out

"Oh god, jerk all the cum out baby, jerk it all out now," I moan as you suck
my cock harder and moan out loud.

"OH fuck Lucy you are so good, I'm gonna cum again, that feels so fuckin
good, your a lot fuckin better then Ruthie at this!"

You wrap your legs around Lucy's head and she fuckz your pussy faster with
two fingers and suckz your clit as hard as she can.

"Oh god I'm cummin," you moan and tense up as I move down to your tits and
start to suck on your one of your nipples.

You shake and arch your back,and scream out as you cum. Running your hands
thru Lucy's hair as you peak.

"Oh fuck, you are so good at eaten pussy," you tell Lucy thru a moan ass she
licks your cum up for a third time. After she finishes she rises up and you
two began to kiss, tasting your cum on her lips makes you even hornier.

"MMMM your lips taste so good, I bet your pussy tastes even better," you tell

"Only one way to find out you know," Lucy smiles.

"Hold on first I get to fuck that tight pussy," I say as I rub my handdown
over your tummy and thru your pussy.

"Well baby," you smile sexily, "I was sorta hopin you could fuck me in the
ass too."

"Well if that's what you want," I say.

You stand as Lucy takes your place on the couch and lays down. You move to
her pussy and lift your butt up at the perfect angle. I rub my hands over
your smooth beautiful ass and rub my cock against your little hole.

"MMMM I think this is gonna be so much fun," you coo as you look back at me.

I slide my head into your pussy and you moan as you lower your head and start
to lick at Lucy's pussy which is still dripping with my cum.

"Yeh lick all his gooey cum off baby," Lucy moans.

I start to pump into your pussy, feelin it start to milk my cock already.
Your tongue slips inside Lucy's pussy as she moans along with me.

"God your pussy feels so good, it feels so hot and tight," I moan.

"Oh fuck my pussy with your big hard cock, it feels so good," you say to me.

I start fuckin your pussy faster as you fuck Lucy's pussy with your tongue.

"Oh baby," Lucy moans.

I hold you by the hips and fuck you, as my balls pound your clit everytime I
pump into your tight little pussy. Lucy begans to moan louder as your tongue
is a flutter over her pussy. And you began to concentrate on her clit, by
suckin it at it gently.

I fuck your pussy faster and harder, as you moan and suck on Lucy's clit a
lil harder. She runs her hands thru your hair and trys not to scream as she
begins to cum. Her legs shake and her whole body tenses up.

"I'm cummin!" she finally says as she peaks.

"OH GOD, FUCK MY PUSSY WITH THAT WONDERFUL COCK!!!" you scream as you lift
your head from Lucy's pussy.

"Please don't stop, I'm gonna cum so hard," you moan louder. You pussy clamps
down on my cock so hard I can barely move as your cum begins to flow and you
jerk and tense up.

You scream out at the top of you lungs as you orgasm peaks and jerk a little
harder and your pussy milks my cock as hard as it can.

"Oh fuck that was so intense," you say as I pump in and out of your pussy
slower, "That was so intense."

"Your pussy taste so good Lucy I can't stop," you say as you start suckin her
clit again.

"MMMM sis yeh," Lucy moans.

"I need more of your cock, but this time I want it in my tight little ass,"
you tell me.

"Oh yes sis that sounds so good!" I say.

To be continued... Ruthie comes to visit...


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