7th Heaven: Mrs. Camden's Visit (mF,MF,inter,voy,mc)
by Wilcox

It was a late Saturday morning when Bobby Drake awoke with the house to
himself. His mother and father had left early for a day long shopping trip.
Bobby prepared himself breakfast and thought about what he wanted to do.
As he sat there he began thinking over the past few days. He'd discovered
something utterly fascinating about himself. He possessed some interesting
abilities that added a completely new dimension to his young life.

He could project his thoughts to others and they would follow his
instructions, whatever they were. The best part was that he could make them
forget whatever it was he had them do. It had begun when he'd thought how
sexy his neighbor, Mrs. Billings looked when she was talking with his mom
in the kitchen. Bobby had thought how nice she'd look in a bikini sunbathing
in her back yard, which was right under his bedroom window. He'd excused
himself then an as he left the kitchen he heard Mrs. Billings tell his mother
that she had to go back to her house.

He went up to his room and was check out a new site on his computer when he
heard the Billing's back down open and close. He went to see what was
happening next door and Bobby couldn't believe his eyes as he saw Mrs.
Billings come out into her yard in a tiny thong bikini just as he had wanted
her to. She walk towards his house and threw down a blanket onto the grass
right under his window. As she streached out he began to rub his stiffening
dick as he thought, "I wish she'd spread her legs so I can see her pussy."

To his amazement Mrs. Billings spread her legs. "Wow," Bobby said to himself
as he thought next that he wanted her to rub her firm breasts.

Mrs. Billings had the oddest desire to touch her own breast and as she was
considering this feeling she discovered her hands had moved to her chest and
were kneading her breasts. She was surprised that it felt good. Just as she
was surprised that she wanted to rush home and put on her tiny bikini to
sunbath under Bobby Drake's bedroom window. It was something she would not
normally do but today it was something she had to do and she had no idea why.

Bobby watched Mrs. Billings lying back playing with her boobs. He also had
a perfect view of her pussy. After watching her for a few minutes, Bobby
thought, "Rub your pussy Mrs. Billings."

Mrs. Billings's hand slowly moved down her body and landed on the small
triangular patch of material that covereded her pussy. As her hand hit the
mark her body jerked.

Bobby continued to send his thoughts, "Keep rubbing Mrs. Billings. Make your
pussy feel good!"

Mrs. Billings did not know what was happening but she did feel a pressure
building up deep within her. It was a pressure she had not felt for a very
long time.

"Oh God," she moaned as she began to wiggle back and forth on the blanket.
She rocking back and forth as her hand massaged her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" she said moving closer to an orgasm. She did not understand why
she was feeling this way but she was consumed with desire. She could think of
nothing but the sensation of her fingers on her clit. Then Bobby heard her
moan, "Oh God I'm Cumming." His neighbor groaned a bit more and then lay
still for a few moments. Looking confused she got up and went into the house.

"Did I cause that," Bobby asked himself. He tried a few suggestions to his
parents when they got home and to his amazement they did as he instructed
without a second thought. He'd made the suggestion that they would think that
it was their idea to do what he wanted and they both responded accordingly.
He even suggested that his mother walk back to her bedroom naked after her
shower and to forget that he was watching her. He went to bed that night
thinking about his mother's body and the possibilities of his new found

He was thinking about what he could try next when he was brought back to
reality as someone began knocking on the front door.

Bobby walked to the door wondering who would be visiting them. They seldom
had any visitors. When he opened the door he was greeted by Mrs. Annie
Camden, the wife of the minister of the Church the Drake's attended.

"Hello Bobby," Mrs. Camden said as she stood on the porch. Mrs. Camden was in
her early 40's but still looked really good. She was blond and fit and trim.
Bobby could not help but notice her full breasts but quickly raised his gaze
to her eyes.

"I was hoping to catch your mother regarding our upcoming women's retreat,"
she said.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Camden but Mom and Dad went shopping for the day." Bobby

"That's okay; I'll catch her later."

As Mrs. Camden began to walk back to her car Bobby had an idea. He projected
the thought, "Mrs. Camden you will do whatever I say. You will not question
anything I ask. Do you understand?"

Mrs. Camden suddenly stopped and said, "Yes. I understand."

"Come in the house."

She walked in and stood by the couch.

"Undress and then sit Down!" he told her.

Mrs. Camden calmly removed all of her clothes, sat down and looked at him
with a calm content expression.

Her tits were magnificent. Large and firm yet soft and pliable too. The mound
were flawless with creamy white skin. Her nipples were pink and very hard.
She was a female in her prime. She sat straight beside him and her chest
stuck out proudly. Her face was blank as Bobby pinched and pulled her nipples
and Annie groaned. She was excited and hot as he kneaded her tits.

Bobby sat there a minute considering what he wanted to do. Then he wondered
aloud, "Do you like to rub your pussy, Mrs. Camden?"

"Oh yes I love to do that," she said matter of factly.

"Ok, rub your pussy right now."

Mrs. Camden had quickly moved her hand between her legs and she sighed as her
hand touched her clit. She slowly began to manipulate her clit and her hips
began to move as she rubbed herself.

This time Bobby was beyond himself. "Do you like to suck dicks, Mrs. Camden?"

Her pussy was wet and her clit was on fire. Her tits swelled as he massaged
them. Her head was cloudy and it was hard to think as she said, "Oh I love to
suck the Reverend's cock."

Bobby pulled his dick out and said, "I want you to suck my dick!"

She fell to her knees between his open legs. With glassy eyes, she stared at
him. She wrapped a fist around his manhood and started pumping it up and down
the wrist thick shaft. His cock was very big and wide. He watched excitedly
as Mrs. Camden moved her head toward his dick. She continued to moan softly
and rub herself as she licked the head of Bobby's dick and then her lips
formed an O shape as she sunk her head into his lap.

She bobbed up and down on his thick rod in a steady pattern. Bobby watched as
the sexy blonde minister's wife sucked his big cock. Her eyes were locked on
his as she slurped and licked his manhood. Her cheeks hollowed and inflated
as she serviced him. Her neck craned and weaved as tongued his cock. She
licked around the spongy head and along the shaft. A small tremor swept over
her as her clit sent bolts of energy through her body. She moaned and sucked
him faster. She licked and rubbed his balls over her face. Bobby was beside
himself as he received the first blow job of his young life.

Her pussy was wet and her clit was on fire. Her tits swelled as he massaged
them. Her head was cloudy and she was dizzy. It was hard to think. Then Bobby
took his cock out of her mouth. Her face was a mask of lust and need. He put
his cock between her full thrusting tits and closed the big globes around it.
Annie held her tits together so her could fuck them. She moved them up and
down along his cock. She trembled with pleasure. He was tit-fucking her and
she loved it.

Bobby was ready to cum as the minister's wife tit-fucked his cock. Annie
squirmed around on the floor as she bounced her tits on his cock. Her tongue
licked the head every time it appeared from between her ample cleavage. His
balls clenched and Bobby grunted. Suddenly, his cock exploded and hot cum
spewed out and landed on her face and tits. Annie shook violently as she came

His cum had set off her own orgasm. She opened her mouth and caught more of
his sperm, which she eagerly swallowed. His discharge was delicious and she
wanted every drop he had. Her face was coated with cum and her tits were
white with the creamy stuff. Annie massaged the seed into her tits. She
sobbed with joy as she lapped up his cum. Wad after wad was scooped up and
swallowed. Her cunt was drenched and she moaned as she ate his cum.

Bobby was erect again in seconds. Annie knelt in front of him and just
trembled. He had her get on the couch on her hands and knees. He slipped in
behind her and parted her legs. Her head was up and she stared ahead of her
in a trance. Bobby spread her cunt lips and placed his cock at the entrance
of her sopping pussy. He lunged forward and sank his thick cock for the
first time into the depths of a tight pussy. Annie squealed with delight as
he penetrated her. It felt so good as her tight cunt clamped down on his big
cock and squeezed it like a vice. The pressure was incredible. She bucked
her hips back at him to impale herself on his invading rod.

Pussy juice covered his cock and leaked from her cunt as they fucked. Bobby
pounded into her with hard rapid thrusts as he rid himself of his virginity.
He plunged into her cunt with steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as
his balls slapped against her ass. His assault was merciless as he ravaged
the wife of his straight laced minister. He held her by her waist as he
slammed home repeatedly.

Annie experienced her first climax and she came like a storm. Her back arched
and her head tossed about as she fiendishly rammed her ass back at him. She
shoved her hips back to meet his. She twisted and gyrated in circles on his
drilling cock. Bobby hammered her wildly, setting off multiple orgams in the
hot little housewife and mother. Sweat covered her body as she worked her
cunt on his cock. She came over and over. She yelled and screamed as she
climaxed endlessly. Bobby tensed and then groaned. His cock spewed cum into
her hungry cunt. Wads of hot white cream shit into her voracious cunt. And
this set Annie off on more orgasms as her pussy milked him for every drop of

Annie collapsed in exhaustion as Bobby backed out of her. Her arms were weak
and her head rested on the couch, supported by her tits. She twitched and
jerked in the aftermath of her orgasms. As Annie slumped down exhausted Bobby
thought of what else he wanted to do with the minister's wife. Just then
Bobby glanced out through the window and he noticed his neighbor Sam Johnson
walking by. A nasty thought crept into his head and he concentrated on
calling Sam to come to the front door. This test of his powers was answered
by the knock of the huge black man.

"Come in," he called to the man and in he walked, all 6'-6" of him. He was
an imposing figure of solid black muscle and he responded to Bobby's mental
instruction by removing all of his clothes so that he stood there totally
naked with his massive cock hanging halfway to his knees.

The players for his next sex game were now in his living room totally naked.
Bobby was beside himself as he thought of all the things he could have the
minister's pretty blonde wife and the huge black man do to amuse him.

"Mrs. Camden, Sam is here to visit," he said. "Get on your knees and welcome
him with your mouth by sucking his big black cock." He watched excitedly as
the minister's pretty wife dropped to her knees and took the huge black dick
into her hands. "Do you like to suck black dicks too, Mrs. Camden?" he asked.

She nodded her head as she licked and slurped away on the massive black cock
and Bobby was amazed as he watched the man's dick grow to enormous size. She
open her mouth wide, took the head in and wrapped her sweet lips around the
man's thick rod. The contrast of her soft red lips streached wide as the coal
black horsecock was incredible to Bobby. "Do you like the way Mrs. Camden's
sucks your cock Sam," he asked the big man.

"Oh yes," Sam moaned as Annie began to deep throat his huge shaft.

After several minutes Sam groaned and Bobby could see that he was cumming
straight down Mrs. Camden's throat. She was gulping and slurping to beat the
band and swallowed every drop before Bobby told her to stop and lay on her
back on the carpet. Sam was still hard as a rock and he followed Bobby's
intruction to lift Mrs. Camden's long sexy legs over his wide muscular
shoulders and ram his big black dick into the pretty minister's wife.

Bobby sat on the couch jerking his dick as he watched Sam fuck Annie. "Do
you like that Mrs. Camden?" he asked as she took in Sam's foot long black
monster. "Do you like that big black cock inside you?"

"OHH YESSSS," she moaned. Her cunt lips stretched to the max and a strong
adreneline rush ripped through her veins as the intense feeling of her cunt
stretching over Sam's thick black cock was making her weak. She started
trembling as his black manhood peaked her inner most carnal desires. Annie's
cunt worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous size as the enormous cock
passed her husbands depth with more than half of it still to enter her.

"Do you like that white pussy Sam?" he asked the hard pumping man.

"Oh Yes, she got the tightest little pussy I've fucked in a long time," Sam
exclaimed. Her cunt felt so sweet to him as it gripped his big cock tightly
and started to adjust to his enormous size.

As he powerfully thrusted, he gained a few inches at a time until he was
repeated burying every long thick inch he had into her glove tight passage.
Annie screamed in delight as he piledrove her pussy with his thick black
cock. The intense feeling of being fucked by such a large cock made her have
one orgasm after another as he pounded her hard and deep for another twenty
minutes before letting her legs down.

Bobby sat back stroking his hard on as he marveled at the stamina of the big
black man. He'd been fucking Mrs. Camden for what seemed like forever and had
brought her to numerous orgasms but he showed no sign of slowing down. Her
white legs her locked behind Sam's hard pumping ass and she clung to him as
she milked the man's huge dick with her loudly squishing cunt.

Then what Bobby had been waiting for finally happened as Sam groaned, "Oh
baby, you're so sweet, oh .......gonna cum ........gotta cum!" With that,
Sam slammed his throbbing black horsecock to the hilt. "Urrrggggg ..." came
the guttural sound from Sam, as his long black dick shot it's thick potent

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Annie moaned, unable to stop her tauntly streached
pussy from milking the long thick black horsecock as it spewed his load deep
into her hungry cunt. Wads of hot white cream shot into her voracious cunt.
And this set Annie off on more orgasms. She fucked him like a whore instead
of a minister's faithful wife as her pussy milked him for every drop of

When he emptied the last of his load into her pussy Bobby could see that he
was still hard and ready for action. "Sam, how would you like to fuck Mrs.
Camden's tight little asshole next?" he asked.

"OH yes," was the instant reply.

Sam rolled her over and lifted her sexy little ass up high. Her full ripe
tits shook and flopped about wildly under her as Sam parted Annie's ass. She
rolled her sexy ass in front of him and begged him for it as he laid his long
thick horsecock in the crack of her georgeous ass and slowly slid it through
her full sexy buns, bringing it back to full erection as it slid over her
sweet little asshole.

"Mrs. Camden," Bobby said, "you want to feel Sam's cock in your tight little
asshole now, don't you. Tell him you want him to fuck you up the ass.

"Yes.. please...," she said incoherently, unable to resist anything Bobby
suggested. "Fuck my ass, I want you to fuck me up the ass Sam."

He placed his cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her tight little asshole
and caved in her rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he
forced it in deep past her overmatched spincter, streaching her tight anal
passage taunt around his big black footlong horsecock. She unconciously
clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles soon relaxed and permitted him
to enter.

Her rectum was forcibly stretched open. Sam shoved forward and buried his
whole cock into her tightly clenching asshole, all 12 long thick inches to
the hilt. Her eyes widened as his huge cock plowed into her ass. Deeper and
deeper it went, and Sam groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick
black penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks.

He paused as Bobby suggested that Sam wait for Mrs. Camden to adjust to the
massive rod up her butt. She nodded when Bobby told her that she loved taking
a big black cock up the ass and incredibly to her, the pain changed in nature
and his cock felt incredibly good in her anus.

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. Sam gasped,
running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized the
pretty minister's blonde wife. His cock slid in and out of her anus easily
now and she rolled her hips and pushed back acting like a total slut and
revelling in it.

Bobby loved how her tight little white body looked as the huge black man
hammered away at her undulating ass. Sam's massive black horsecock glistened
with her flowing juices as Bobby watched her tight little asshole take it
hard and deep. He needed relieve himself then and he had Sam lift Mrs. Camden
and turn her so that her face was in Bobby's lap.

"You want to suck my cock while Sam fucks you up the ass, Don't you Mrs.
Camden?" he asked the moaning minister's wife. "Oh yes," she replied in an
out of breath voice as she engulfed Bobby's erection and began to suck him
off once again. Bobby smiled in satisfaction at the proof of his powers as
he looked down at the pretty minister's wife as she took on two cocks like
a pro.

On and on Sam pumped her as she moaned around Bobby's throbbing dick, rocking
to and fro under him like a bitch in deep rut, whimpering loudly. Her body
rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing
as he moaned thickly, his strong black hands now on her milky white hips,
pulling her glove tight anus up and down the length of his cock as Bobby's
dick filled her hungrily sucking mouth.

He reamed out her rectum hard and deep for a good half an hour after Bobby
had cum again. Mrs. Camden's head rested on Bobby's thigh when Sam erupted
once again and he dumped a huge load of sperm into her quivering anal
passage. He then fell back off of her, his big dick pulling out of her tiny
ass with a loud plop.

Mrs. Camden rolled down and lay back on the carpet with her legs spread and
her pink wet pussy and gapping open asshole exposed for all to see.

"Did you like that Mrs. Camden?" Bobby asked.

"Yes very much," Mrs. Camden replied in an out of breath moan.

"Okay, I want you to remember what a fantastic time you had. I want you to
remember your pussy and asshole felt great. However, I want you to forget
Sam and everything else that happened today. We simply had a very nice chat.
As you drive away I want you to think about black cock. You will become
very excited by this thought. You will tell your husband that you need help
tending to your duties since he's always away ministering to his flock. You
will have him ask Sam to help you and you will feel an overpowering need
for Sam's big black cock. You will take him into your husband's bed and fuck
him whenever you can from now on. Do you understand?""

Mrs. Camden simply nodded in agreement.

"Now go in the bathroom and clean up and you may leave."

"Ok Sam get dressed and you may leave also," Bobby told the big man. "You
won't remember what happened here today. Just go upon your business and do
what ever you were on your way to do. You will accept the minister's request
to help his wife and will fuck Mrs. Camden's brains out as part of your new

Bobby watched from the couch as Sam left and Mrs. Camden went in the bathroom
to clean herself up and compose herself. She then walked back through the
house and out the door. As she got into her car she thought to herself, "That
Bobby is such a nice boy." Then she drove off. As she pulled out on the
highway she passed Sam and suddenly thought, "I bet his big black cock would
feel really good inside of me."

Annie was very upset by this thought and could not believe how wet her pussy
had suddenly become at the thought. It took great effort to keep her hand
from moving down and rubbing her pussy to the thought of Sam's big dick.
Annie did manage to drive home but that night the Reverend got one of the
best blowjobs he had ever had after agreeing to ask Sam to help his wife.


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