7th Heaven: One Stormy Night (bg,inc)
by The Carnal Quill

It seemed that the storm had reserved its most fearsome power to throw at
the Camden residence this night. In one darkened upstairs bedroom, two small
figures huddled under the blankets of their bunk beds. For the two youngest
children in the house, sleep was impossible. Young imaginations ran wild with
an assortment of childish horrors as the swirling winds caused tree limbs to
cast dancing shadows onto the walls of their bedroom. Rain relentlessly
pelted their window, adding a sinister cadence to the melancholy wailing of
the winds.

A flash of lightning lit the room brightly for an instant, giving vivid
detail to the claw-like images along the walls. A few seconds later, a loud
crash of thunder caused the children to jump with fright. In the lower bunk,
the smallest of the two sat bolt upright with a startled scream that was
quickly drowned by the thunder's rolling reverberations.

Ruthie was six years old and this was the worst storm she had ever
experienced in her whole life, she was sure of that. Her only comfort
during this long night had been that her big brother Simon lay in the
bunk right above hers and she knew with a child's impenetrable certainty
that he wouldn't let anything hurt her. But she was still scared, tired
and frustrated at not being able to just sleep through it all.

Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes and she began to sob. She felt ashamed
of herself for breaking down, but she had been brave all night and everything
had just built up inside her until she couldn't hold it in anymore. Then she
realized how good it felt to let it all out, so she buried her face in her
hands and began to cry.

In the bunk above her, a blonde head emerged from beneath a crumpled mound
of blankets. Simon, at 12, had been through a few more storms than had his
little sister. Still, he'd been unnerved by this particular storm as well.
His own fears had suddenly been overwhelmed by a fierce protectiveness when
he heard his sister scream in terror during the last thunderclap. As the
bed began to shake with her sobbing, he knew his services as a big brother
were required.

Leaning over the outer edge of his bed, he looked down to see his sister
sitting up with her face in her hands. He could tell that she was trying to
muffle her sobs so they wouldn't disturb him, and his heart melted at the

"Ruthie?" Simon asked, "Ruthie, are you OK?"

Sob, sob, sniffle. "Y-yeah." Sniffle.

"You know I won't let anything hurt you, don't you?" Simon asked to reassure

"Y-yeah." Sniffle. Her tear-filled dark eyes looked up to meet his gentle
emerald ones. "I-I'm s-sorry if I w-woke y-you up."

Simon gave her a rye grin in the dim light. "Believe me, I was already


Suddenly, a long flash of lightening eerily illuminated the room again. The
children looked at each other, dreading what they knew would follow.

The next crash of thunder made the former one seem like a short whisper. Both
children jerked with fright in spite of having prepared themselves for the
noise. Simon, in his precarious position, nearly fell off of his bunk.

Ruthie's face crumbled, and she began to cry again. Simon was trembling, too,
but he drew strength from his feeling of big-brotherly responsibility. He
knew it was up to him to calm his terrified little sister.

Throwing off his blankets, he climbed down the short ladder and sat on the
lower bunk next to his sister. He took her into his arms and held her as she
cried. As he held her wet face against his chest and caressed her shaking
little back and shoulders, he was surprised by how nice and warm her little
body felt as it pressed against his own. When he leaned down to kiss her head
through its mop of dark curls and smelled the scent of her shampoo. He began
to gently rock her back and forth like his mom had done for him when he was
a child.

When Ruthie had cried herself out, she looked into his eyes through her
tears. "Simon, would you stay down here and sleep in my bed with me?" She
asked plaintively.

Simon was a little taken aback, and thoughts of what his friends would
think if they found out flashed through his mind. But the feel of his little
sister's warm body pressed snugly against his was somehow comforting to him,
too. He also felt that it was his duty as a big brother to do all that he
possibly could to care for Ruthie.

"OK. No problem, Ruthie. And I promise that nobody's going to hear about this
from me, OK?"

Ruthie gave him a smile. "Thanks, Simon. And they sure won't hear it from me,

Simon felt a great deal of relief, so he pulled her close to him and gave her
a big hug. "OK, then, let's get some sleep."

The two children lay down next to each other in Ruthie's nice warm bed and
pulled the covers over themselves. Hugging each other tightly, they closed
their eyes and were soon asleep.

The wind howled, the rain pounded down, and thunder crashed in the sky. But
the two youngest Camden children, feeling safe and comforted in each other's
arms, were oblivious to it all.

* * *

Ruthie drifted toward wakefulness. The house was quiet now. She smiled with
the knowledge that the storm had given up trying to tear down her house and
had moved on. She was feeling a warm glow throughout her entire body and felt
very content, wrapped snuggly in her sleeping brother's arms. She pulled him
more tightly against her as she felt her affection for him well up inside her

As she snuggled closer, though, she felt a strange sensation begin between
her tiny legs and shoot through the rest of her little body. It felt awesome,
like a little spark had lit in her cunny and sent a jolt of warmth through
the rest of her. Like when she rubbed herself between her legs, only better.
Then she noticed that something warm and throbbing was pressing along the
crack of her pussy. She wiggled her hips a little, and was rewarded by
another spark and glow of pleasure. Wow, this was neat! She could feel her
little button getting all hard and tingly.

She began a continuous grinding motion with her hips, sending a steady stream
of pleasure through her excited little body. Dimly, she realized that her
nightie had bunched up around her waist to expose her naked, hairless little
cunny. That's what had caused her to come into such delicious contact with
whatever she was rubbing against herself. She couldn't quite figure out what
this mysterious new toy could be. She knew it must be part of Simon, but she
couldn't imagine what it could be. After treating herself to a few more
wonderful jolts of pleasure, she decided to investigate.

She was still locked in Simon's embrace, and could tell by his breathing that
he was still asleep. She wondered if he had felt what she had been doing, and
if it had felt as good to him. She guessed not, since he probably would have
woken up if it did. He was a very sound sleeper, though.

She freed an arm from around his body and leaned back a little so that she
could reach down and examine her new friend.

She drew in her breath when she felt a hard little rod about four inches long
and about as thick around as a nickel. It was velvety soft along the surface,
but rock-hard underneath. As her fingers traveled along it to the tip she
felt a spongy, mushroom shape there. Simon moaned softly in his sleep when
she gently squished it between her fingers, and the little rod jerked a
couple of times in response.

When she was satisfied she hadn't awakened the older boy, she felt along the
mysterious wand in the other direction until she felt it disappear into the
fly of his pajamas. Emboldened by her growing curiosity and by Simon's
continued slumber, she reached inside to continue her carnal exploration. The
soft warm stalk ended at his smooth, hairless abdomen. She gently grazed her
little fingers over his creamy young skin until they came across a cool,
squishy sac. It was loose and wrinkly, but very, very soft. Softer than
velvet. Inside, she could feel two small, egg-shaped things about an inch
long and half as wide. She smiled and rolled them around gently until Simon
moaned again. The little girl felt absolutely no hair at all. Her brother was
completely smooth and bald between his legs, just like her.

Now Ruthie knew what the instrument of her pleasure had been - Simon's dick.
And the sack underneath was his balls. She hadn't been born yesterday, after
all. She wished she could get a good look at this mysterious device, but was
afraid to take the covers off. Simon was sleeping like a rock, but he might
get cold. Besides, she'd caught glimpses of it when she'd peeked at him while
he was changing his clothes. It had always been soft and little as it jiggled
around in the open air. She never knew that it could get hard like this, and
wondered why it did. She grew a little worried at the sudden realization that
maybe there was something wrong with it. She hoped not. Maybe it was kind of
like when her little button got all hard and tingly when she was rubbing it
against Simon's dick a little while ago.

She was eager to feel it between her legs again, so after she'd felt all
there was to feel down there, she again wrapped her arm around him and pulled
her pelvis against him. She sighed softly when the hard rod was again pressed
tightly against her tiny cunny, making her tingle all over.

Ruthie closed her eyes and began to rub her bald, warm cunny along his hard
little penis. She felt her little button swell even harder and poke out of
her cunny lips. It scraped along the soft underside of his rod, sending a
huge jolt of pleasure through her. Heat flooded through her little body, and
she gasped, hardly believing that the pleasure she had first felt could have
become even better. A lot better! She began to concentrate on making sure her
little button was in full contact the whole way up and down his dick. Even
his cool little balls felt wonderful when her little button scraped across
them. Her breathing became fast and ragged as she pleasured herself with more
and more energy against her sleeping big brother.

Suddenly, she felt moisture appear between her cunny lips. She knew it was
that gooey stuff that came out when she rubbed her button. A moment later,
she heard squishy sounds from the creamy moisture applying itself to Simon's
rod as she ran her cunny along it. She sighed softly as the juice lubricated
their skin, making the rubbing feel better and better. She continued to
grind her hips against him, lost in pleasures she had never known were even

Simon sighed and his little hips began to push back against hers. At first
Ruthie thought that he'd awoken and was pushing her away, but he just hugged
her more tightly and started to move his pelvis in sync with hers.

The pleasure flooding Simon's brain from the sexual contact worked its way
into his subconscious. The murky, vague images that inhabited the dream world
of his young boy-mind coalesced into the naked young body of Lisa Cummings,
the cute little girl who had three classes with him and whom he'd been
secretly admiring since the beginning of seventh grade.

Simon dreamed that he and Lisa were suddenly in bed together, naked. Her
smooth young body was pulled tightly against his own, and he could feel his
excited young cock rubbing against the smooth wet slit of her vagina. He
tried to kiss her, but she had somehow grown a whole head shorter than he.
He contented himself by hugging her even more tightly and concentrating on
the pleasure she was giving him between his legs. He felt Lisa's hips grind
against his, their excited sex organs rubbing against each other. Then their
bodies would move apart briefly, only to bring themselves crashing together
again with increasing ecstasy. His boner began to burn deliciously as it was
constantly thrust between her warm wet crevice and his soft hairless abdomen.

"Ngh... nnk... nnk... nnngggk!" Ruthie began to grunt as she and her brother
began to hump against each other with increasing force. She had to keep her
mouth tightly shut to avoid waking the whole house with screams of delight.

Simon dreamed that he grabbed Lisa's strangely toothpick-thin leg and swung
it over his body so that she could rest it on him while it spread her puffy,
wet little pussy for his throbbing, boyish rod. He smiled as he felt her
feminine crack gape open against his throbbing little prong. He could now
feel the exquisitely soft folds of skin inside, and a hard little button
just above them. He rammed his sweet boy-cock against them, skimming over
them on a cushion of her sweet juices. They were now able to hump against
each other even more forcefully, and their hairless groins smacked against
each other with lewd squishing noises that seemed to excite their young
bodies even more.

He could feel the burning head of his little cock delving between the slick
lips of his lover's surprisingly tiny slit, scraping her swollen little
button as it pounded its way toward her plump little vulva and flat tummy.
Then his pale stalk would follow along until his tight, hairless young balls
smacked against the wet base of her pussy, themselves becoming ever more
slick and wet. When this happened, he could feel his sensitive cock head
become tightly ensconced between their bald abdomens, its little slit flaring
open with excitement. They would hold their bodies tightly together for just
a tiny, wonderful moment, and then pull back for another delicious thrust.
Over and over they did this, until their little bodies had grown sweaty with
exertion and excitement.

Ruthie's little body was becoming tense and stiff with her ecstasy until she
could no longer move it against her brother's. She could only lay still and
let him do all the work.

"Mnh... Mnh... Mnh..." Ruthie grunted as she felt her brother's delightful
little penis thrust against her. She felt tight as a bowstring and was
wondering how much more of this she could take when suddenly her little body
began to shake and shudder with the most intense and pleasurable sensations
it had ever felt. All of its pent-up tension began to flow out of her through
her swollen, wet little cunny in wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure.

"Unh, unh, unh, unh, oh, oh, unh, oh, ohh, ohhh, ohhhh." The little girl
moaned as she felt her hot cunny spasm and pour forth its precious juices.
Over and over again, her sweet pussy clamped down on itself to force more
of its seeping girl-juice onto Simon's straining young cock. Finally, she
felt her body begin to relax, only to become tense again as her crotch
remained in contact with Simon's tireless little pricklet. Again she melted
into a mind-blowing childish climax. No sooner was that over, than her
brother's ever-quickening thrusts made her tense up again even harder than
before. She quickly climaxed again, harder than ever. She had to clench her
teeth to keep from waking everyone in the house.

The burning in Simon's puffy little dick head had become almost unbearably
pleasurable, and he thought he felt a strange warmth rising along the short,
four-inch length of his cock. He could feel his little lover spasming wildly
against him, breaking his rhythm. Instinctively, he rolled her over onto her
back and began to slide his throbbing young boner harder into her very wet
and sloppy little slit. At first he thought he could continue this wonderful
act forever, but now he was beginning to feel like he needed to pee really,
really badly.

Simon was panting harshly into his dream lover's curly hair. He felt
exhausted, but couldn't stop. He just felt an ever-stronger urge to thrust
faster, even if it killed him.

Simon's little cock was now thrusting so quickly and so wildly that it began
to poke and slide in all directions against his sister's slippery groin. Now,
more times than not, it missed her groove and slid across it at and angle.
It didn't diminish Simon's somnolent pleasure, though. By now she was so
slippery that it felt great no matter where it slid.

Simon dreamily felt like he was going to pee any second, but somehow he
didn't care. He was feeling just too good to stop. Just as Simon was feeling
that he could hold it in no longer, his little cocklet somehow found the
virgin entrance to Ruthie's steaming little vagina. They were both so
slippery that Simon's swollen glans slipped right inside and drove itself in
until her immature hymen, about an inch inside, stopped it.

"Aaaiiieee!" Ruthie yelped in pain and pleasure as Simon's cock head lodged
against her hymen. Since she was in the middle of yet another girlish orgasm,
she felt more pleasure than pain at the contact. In fact, the pleasure she
was suddenly feeling from him being inside her caused her climax to double
in intensity.

Simon's body had become as tense as his sister's had been a moment before she
had crashed into her current orgasm. His legs and arms trembled with effort
and exhaustion, and his cute little face grimaced with the onset of an
explosive boygasm. Then Simon felt his cock suddenly lodge in a nice, tight
place as his sister arched her back beneath him and squealed. Unable to hold
back the pressure inside of him, he his smooth young body relaxed and let go.

"Ungh, ungh, unh, unh, uh, uh, uh, unhhhhhh." Simon grunted as he felt his
little cock head nearly catch on fire with its ecstatic heat. He felt his
prick spasm. Then it spasmed again... and again. With relief, he realized
he wasn't peeing. He only felt a series of strange little tickles flowing
through his prick between the spasms. The pleasure was absolutely incredible.
He couldn't believe anything could feel so good.

Inside Ruthie's convulsing little pussy, her hymen stretched inward as
Simon's little cock head pressed against it. Suddenly, little droplets of a
clear, watery fluid began to squirt from the gaping slit at the end. They
coated the tender tissue and seeped through the porous membrane to join with
the girl-juices already there. A tremendous final spasm from Ruthie sent all
that sweet young boy- and girl-juice squishing past Simon's little pricklet
to wet his tightly clenched, churning little ball sac.

When Simon was finally finished with his boyishly exuberant climax, a
wonderful, warm glow filled him. His little penis began to soften and
tingle warmly as it slipped out of her tight, virgin love tunnel with a
juicy squish.

Ruthie soon joined her brother in a deep, satisfied sleep.


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