Seventh Heaven: Out Of Town
By [email protected]

Lucy Camden walked through the halls of her school with a perkyness that was
unusual even for her. She would have the house all to herself this weekend
and she was happier than she had ever been before. Her parents were going off
to some resort for the weekend, they told her they wanted to take a break
from the kids for a couple of days. Everyone else was going to stay over
friends houses except for her and her sister Mary. They were going to just
stay home and relax.

All day Lucy waited for the bell to ring so she could get home and begin her
"self" weekend. When it finally did she went running out of the building to
find Mary waiting in the parking lot for her. They got in the car and began
the drive home. When they arrived they ran up to their room to change into
more relaxing clothes. Lucy watched as Mary took off her shirt to reveal her
huge breasts. Lucy felt a little bit attracted to Mary. She had been having
fantasies about her recently. Mary was so good looking that she just
coulden't resist. Lucy took off her sweater and her tight jeans. All she was
wearing now were a bra concealing her small perky tits and a pair of little
pink panties that accentuated her tight ass. Mary was now wearing absolutly
nothing. She was bent over in her closet trying to find something to wear.

Lucy took off her panties and bra and kneeled down by her bed. She reached
under her mattress and pulled out her vibrator. She layed down on her bed and
began to fuck herself with the vibrator while tracing small circles around
her nipples with her other hand. The whole time she kept her gaze locked on
Mary's naked body. She let out a little moan uncontrollably which caused Mary
to turn around.

"Lucy what are you doing?" She screamed, getting a little aroused at the
sight of her 15 year old sister masterbating in front of her. Her body was
screaming for relief.

"I'm just fucking myself," Lucy responded, "don't you ever do it?"

"I've fucked myself before but not in front of other people."

"This is the first time i've ever done it but its really fun. You should try
it." Lucy said, never removing her eyes from her sister's body.

"I've never been one for self gratification." Mary said. "I need to actually
expiriance the sex, not just fantasize about it."

"Well we are going to be alone all weekend." Lucy said between gasps of
pleasure. She was still working the vibrator in and out of herself and was
getting close to orgasm.

By this time Mary was so turned on that she needed to join in on the action.

"Hey Lucy, why don't you shut off that thing for a little while. I think we
could both use a cold shower." Mary said seductivly.

Lucy immediatly shut the vibrator off and followed Mary to the bathroom. Mary
shut the door, turned off the lights, and lit some candles. She turned on the
shower then turned to Lucy.

"This is how you really expiriance pleasure." Mary said.

The two girls got into the shower. The cold water hit Lucy's young tits and
they immediatly got hard. She instictevly began to rub them.

"Here, let me do that for you." Mary said as she began to rub Lucy's tits.
Her hands felt great against Lucy's areola. Lucy was in a state of total
ecstacy. The two girls kissed. It was a deeply passionate kiss unlike either
of them had ever felt. As their tongues mingled and pressed against each
other, the girls hands moved down each others bodies. Mary's fingers rubbed
Lucy's clit, sending waves of pleasure more immense than any she had ever
felt. Lucy decided to one-up her. She broke the kiss and licked all the way
down Mary's body finally arriving at her sweet snatch. She had a small patch
of hair growing that was shaved perfectly. Lucy stuck out her tongue and
slowly licked her sister's clit. Mary let out a scream as the pleasure shot
through her. Lucy inserted a finger in Mary's pussy and finger fucked her as
she continued licking. Soon Mary was screaming at the top of her lungs with
extreme pleasure.

"Oh god Lucy please don't stop," She screamed.

Mary's orgasm was incredible. It rocked her whole body and made her tremble.
It seemed to go on forever. When it was finally over, Lucy looked up at Mary
and smiled. The two kissed again and then Mary repeated what Lucy had done.
Lucy screamed and moaned and shook as she came. Both girls dryed off and went
back into their bedroom. It was late by now and they just held each other and
fell asleep in a tight embrace.

The next morning Lucy was feeling a little wild. She always woke up a few
hours before her sister so she had time to prepare for some fun. She searched
the whole house until she found some rope. She snuck back into her bedroom
and very quietly and gently tied Mary to the bed. She then found some black
lace underwear and waited.

Mary woke up slowly. It took her a minute to realize that she was tied down.
She immediatly started to panic. Just before she screamed a hand covered her
mouth she saw Lucy looming over her. "Shhh. Just let me show you a good
time." Lucy said.

She removed her hand from Mary's mouth and stood up on the bed. Lucy turned
on some sexy music using the remote to the cd player. She began to do a sexy
striptease to the music. Mary felt herself getting very aroused watching her
sister strip for her. Lucy unbuttoned her bra and played with her tits for a
little while. She then ditched the panties, which weren't covering much
anyway and got off the bed. She reached through her dresser and came out with
a strap on dildo. Mary wondered where Lucy got all this stuff from.

"Now i'm gonna fuck you with my big cock." Lucy said.

Lucy got on top of Mary in the missionary position and inserted the head of
the big rubber dick in her pussy. It wasn't lubricated so Lucy had to push a
little, but Mary was really wet so it wasn't too bad. Lucy began to imitate
the fucking motion so many of her boyfriends had done to her. She pumped the
hard dildo in and out of Mary's tight cunt. Mary twisted and squirmed a
little bit as Lucys fucking became harder and faster. Lucy felt a surge of
power run through her as she watched her sister powerless underneath her. The
feeling of power soon turned to a feeling of intense pleasure. Both girls
screamed in unison as they came. It was a feeling like no other they had ever
felt. Lucy collapsed on top of Mary after riding out her orgasm. The girls
fell asleep with the dildo still inside Mary's pussy.



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