7th Heaven: Ruthie Comes Of Age (MF,Mf-mast,inc,spank,voy)
by JeffPaw2001

Ruthie walked up to her bedroom after coming from home from school. Dressed
in her tight jeans and dark maroon shirt and her large bone colour belt.
Putting down her bag she went over to her full-length mirror. She liked the
way she looked, she knew she was pretty; she noticed how the guys from her
school stared at her body lately. Turning on her stereo she pressed play on
her favourite CD, it immediately started to make her move. She let the music
make her body move, a bit of bootie dancing, she thought as she moved her
ass around, moving around the room, she was glad she now had the room to
herself, it had only taken her all of her 14 years to get one. Letting her
hands move up and down her body to heighten the affect of her dance. She
moved up and down and moved around her bedroom more. Ruthie had learnt this
dance from her friends and was glad that no one could see her; she wanted to
try this dance on a guy from school to see what affect it would have.

* * *

Eric Camden walked into his house after finishing work for the day. As he
slipped into the kitchen he saw the note from his wife. "Gone to help Lucy
with the baby, maybe will be gone all night, love you." He then heard the
sound of music coming from upstairs, 'I better go upstairs and see what
Ruthie wants for dinner,' thought Eric.

* * *

The more she danced the sexier her moves became. Ruthie was in her own little
world, thinking of a particular someone from school, imagining he was on her
bed watching her move.

Eric moved the last six feet to Ruthie's room and noticed the door was open.
Moving to the doorway he stared in. There was his youngest daughter, a child
he thought when he looked at; she is no longer a child. Her back was to him
and she was dancing around, but not like her dances of old, this was more
modern, more erotic. This was the first time that he had thought of Ruthie
not as his little girl but as more then that, the sight of her shaking her
bootie, caused a reaction his in his pants that was frightening as well as
wrong. He couldn't take his eyes off her body, it was then that she turned
around and was dancing still but he then saw a wicked smile come across her

Ruthie kept going and started to swing around as she danced. As she turned
around out of the corner of her eye she noticed a shadow at the door and as
she continued to dance she noticed it was her daddy. Ruthie didn't stop
dancing but she looked at her daddy in the eye and gave him a knowing smile.

Eric was dumbstruck he turned and walked off; he mind was awash with thoughts
of what he just watched. He was confused that what he had seen had made his
cock hard in his pants. Since the latest heart surgery some 12 months ago it
had only been a little blue pill that helped him achieve a hard on to make
love to his wife, and that wasn't all too often.

Ruthie looked at her dad and as she watched him turn she looked down and
noticed the movement out the front of his pants. 'Oh my god, what did I just
do, I made him hard,' Ruthie thought. She smiled to herself, 'Wow, if I can
do that to dad, imagine what I can do to other guys," Ruthie thought.

* * *

Eric went into his room and took off his pants and started to jerk off. 'Why
waste it?' thought Eric as he stroked his cock, he wished his wife was here
but she wasn't, so this was good anyway. Eric kept thinking back to Ruthie
and what he had seen, especially her ass, wow it was sexy he thought.

* * *

Ruthie kept thinking about her Daddy, but thought well I better get ready for
dinner; maybe that's why he came to my door. Grabbing her towel she walked
down the hallway to the bathroom. Closing the door, she looked at herself in
the mirror. Moving from side to side to look at her self. She preferred the
mirror in her bedroom because its full length mirror. Ruthie started to
undress, firstly her brown top and then the belt. Moving her hands down to
the zipper on her jeans, she started to pull them down. When just in her bra
and panties she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she couldn't get over
the change in her body. Six months ago she only had little bumps and now they
were at least medium size bumps. Ruthie had gone from training bra to a real
bra in the space of a couple of months and was now fitting into a 32b bra.

Ruthie liked the way bra's made her breasts look in clothes but preferred
not to wear them at all. Ruthie lowered her hand down to her breast and
pulled it out of the hold of her bra and rubbed her nipple. The coldness of
the bathroom and the touch of her fingers on her nipples soon had her nipples
erect. Ruth walked over to the shower and turned on the hot water and then
the cold until she got the temperature she wanted. Unclasping the bra and now
pulling down her panties she moved to the water. Stepping in she let the
water cascade down her body. Grabbing her soap she began to lather her body,
at first it was to cleanse herself but occasionally when she touch her
breast, or upper leg she felt a tingle.

* * *

Eric was jacking his cock hard when he heard footsteps out near his door; he
looked at his spy hole in his bedroom door and noticed Ruthie walking towards
the bathroom. His cock was ruling his head and he walked out his door and
headed towards the bathroom. He heard the shower running and he pictured her
naked. Eric tried the door and it opened. Steam from the shower went out the
door and he peaked in. His eyes scanned the room until he came upon her body.
He looked at the side of her body, her breasts were spectacular, and her butt
was sublime. Eric started to stoke his cock as hard as he used to do when he
was a teenager.

* * *

Ruth moved the soap and her hand down between her legs, she started to
clean herself but soon had dropped the soap and her fingers were no longer
cleaning, but teasing. Ruthie moaned at she rubbed her clit, she was thinking
of her daddy, and what he would do if he were here.

* * *

Eric couldn't believe that Ruthie was touching herself, and this excited
him even more. Eric looked down at his cock and when looking down noticed
Ruthie's panties and bra. Eric bent down and picked them up. He brought the
panties up to his nose and smelled at his younger daughter's scent. He used
the cups of her bra to wrap around his cock and started to jerk off with it.
Eric thoughts he betters get out of there, and quickly went back to his

Ruthie moaned a little and then stepped out of the shower. Grabbing the towel
she wrapped it around her head and then a towel around her body. Bending down
to get her clothes so she could put them in the washing bin, she noticed
everything was their except her bra and panties. She tried to think what she
had done with them and she remembered dropping them in here. Ruthie noticed
the door was slightly open, I remember closing that. It was then that she
thought, 'Did daddy come in and spy on me and then take my stuff.' Ruthie
didn't think, she just acted and she quickly went out of the bathroom and
went straight to her parents' bedroom. Not knocking she went straight in.

"Did you come into the bathroom when I was taking a shower and take my
stuff?" she shouted as she opened the door. The sight in front of her shocked
her for a second. Lying on the bed was her father who had a hard on, well a
BIG hard on and was jerking his cock, but he was jerking off with her bra and
was sniffing what looked to be her panties.

Eric cried out in shame and shock as he heard then saw Ruthie come through
the door. But the one thing he didn't do was stop jerking his cock. "I'm so
sorry Ruthie, I know this is wrong, but since the surgery I don't get hard
without pills, and this time I got hard because of you and not a pill."

Ruthie heard what her dad said and then said, "You mean I caused that, does
it hurt when it gets big like that?"

"I am ashamed to say 'yes'," Eric replied.

"Don't be ashamed daddy, it's ok, it kind of dirty but it makes me kind of
feel, special, beautiful," replied Ruthie.

"You are beautiful Ruthie," replied Eric

"Thank you Daddy, would it help if I," said Ruthie. Just then Ruthie stepped
forward and dropped the towel. Leaving her naked except for the towel on her

"Oh baby, you're so sexy," replied Eric.

As she watched her dad jerking off and looking at her body, Ruthie couldn't
keep her eyes of his cock. Ruthie had never seen one for real, of course with
her friends she had seen them in magazines but never close up like this.
Ruthie hand went down between her legs and started to please herself. "Daddy,
are guys cocks always that big, always look so good," Ruthie asked.

"Not always baby, they come in all shapes and sizes, do you like daddy's
cock?" replied Eric.

"Umm Yeh, it's wonderful daddy," replied Ruthie.

Ruthie walked over to her Dad and sat on the side of the bed next to her dad.
"Can I help you daddy, can I touch it", Ruthie said quietly. Without waiting
for her dad Ruthie reached across and put her hand on her daddy's cock. Eric
put his hand on her hand and showed her what pressure to apply. Ruthie was
shocked at how they felt, how hot they feel. But she loved it, it didn't
matter to her it was her daddy's cock, it was a cock and that's all that

"Oh god Ruthie that feels so good," said Eric, as he watched his younger
daughter jerk his cock.

Ruthie looked at the pleasure on her dads face, and then looked down at his
cock. Even though she had heard things about cocks and what you did with
them, it was different when it was right in front of you. She couldn't
believe the urges her brain was telling her to do, which was making her
pussy a lot wetter then it had ever been. Ruthie looked down one more time
and moved her head down and his cock head into her mouth. Ruthie started
licking at the head of her daddy's cock and trying to take more in her mouth.

Eric had his eyes closed giving into the sensation of his daughters soft hand
jerking on his cock. It felt so good; Eric couldn't remember the last time
his wife had done this for him. Then Eric felt a wonderful wet sensation,
opening his eyes he saw Ruthie licking his cock and taking it into her mouth.
"Ruthie, oh god, you shouldn't do this, it's wrong," moaned Eric.

Eric didn't know what to do, he had never had this before, his wife had never
done this for him and he knew he should stop Ruthie but the sensation was
just too overwhelming. Eric was also close to orgasm after having been
jerking his cock for last ten minutes. "Oh baby, I'm cuming," moaned Eric.

Ruthie loved the taste of her first cock, 'mmm this is what everyone's been
talking about, I can understand why,' thought Ruthie. Ruthie then felt her
daddy's cock expands a little which surprised her and she heard her daddy
saying something but didn't quiet hear. Then Ruthie felt something shoot out
of her daddies cock, it kept on coming out as well as she tried her best to
take it all in her mouth. When no more came out Ruthie took her mouth of it
and looked at her daddy. "What was that daddy?" asked Ruthie.

"My cum baby, you swallowed your daddy's cum, you're a good girl for doing
that for daddy, I've never had that before," said Eric.

"It was yummy daddy. Do you have any more?" enquired Ruthie.

"There is more in there but daddy needs to be hard again, and since the
surgery this has been first time I've been hard without medication," said

"So if I can get you hard again, I can have more," asked Ruthie excitedly.

"Yes baby," said Eric.

Ruthie started to think of ways of getting her daddy hard, but because she
was not experienced she just say there for a minute. Ruthie then thought
since he got hard from me dancing maybe I should do that. Ruthie leapt off
the bed and went over to her daddy's radio and tuned into to a dance radio
station. Ruthie started moving around and watching her daddy's cock for
movement. After a couple of minutes of dancing except for a little movement
it was still soft. Ruthie moved back to the bed. "Daddy do you mind if I
play with myself, I really need to cum, maybe that will help you," asked

"Yes Ruthie, I want you too," replied Eric.

Ruthie moved over to the bed and laid down, and the put a pillow under her
head. "You can touch me if you want daddy, I think I would like that," said
Ruthie as she moved her hands down between her legs.

Ruthie started to rub her clit backward and forward and every now and again
would insert a finger or two inside her pussy. Ruthie looked at her dad's
body, which wasn't too bad for a guy his age, but in particular his cock that
wasn't hard at moment but she now new how big it got. The more she would rub
the more she would moan. It certainly was weird to do this in front of her
daddy but it was more exciting too.

Eric was excited, watching his hot daughter playing with her body. He reached
out and started to play with her breasts. Rubbing her nipples that were
semi-erect it didn't take long for them to become fully erect. Eric head
followed his hand and soon his mouth was around her nipple. He had always
fantasized about his daughters' breasts, not just Ruthie but Mary and Lucy.

Ruthie loved the feeling of someone else other then herself touching her
breasts and in particular her nipples. It made her start to rub herself
harder and with more fingers inside. During her moans she started talking
to her dad. "Oh Daddy, that's feel so good, I'm getting so wet", said

Ruthie could feel the beginning of her orgasm and it seemed to be more
intense then when she had them alone. "Oh daddy, I'm cuming, oh daddy, this
feels so good, I want to, I need to, daddy fuck me", moaned Ruthie as an
orgasm overtook her body.

Eric who noticed Ruthie orgasm coming, moved back and watched his youngest
daughter have a massive orgasm. It was when he heard her say she wanted to
fuck that suddenly he felt his cock rising again.

Ruthie who opened her eyes as she felt the orgasm subsiding. She looked over
at her daddy. She was disappointed that she couldn't get him hard; she wanted
to see that cock again. Ruthie moved and looked down at his cock, "Wow daddy
I did it again," said Ruthie.

"Yes you did baby, you did very well," replied Eric.

"Is it because I said you can fuck me," asked Ruthie.

"I think so baby," replied Eric.

"How do we do it Daddy, I've never done it before," asked Ruthie.

"Lay down baby, and spread those legs for me so daddy can get between them,"
said Eric as he moved on the bed.

Ruthie rushed to the middle of the bed and turned around and spread her legs.
Eric moved between her legs and his cock rubbed up against Ruthie slit. Eric
put the full weight of his body on it and Ruthie was surprised how good it
felt. "This is going to hurt Ruthie, but your body will get used to it," said

"That's ok Daddy, I am a virgin but I tore my own hymen with a vibrator that
Mary gave me, but your so much bigger then it," said Ruthie.

"I want you to put my cock inside you baby, just grab it", said Eric.

Ruthie moves her hand down between her legs and grabs hold of her daddies
hard cock. Moving her hand she opens her pussy lips and looks at her daddy.
"Push it in daddy, push it in," pleaded Ruthie.

Eric started to push the large head of his cock between the wet pussy lips
of his daughter Ruthie.

Ruthie could feel the head of his cock entering her pussy for the first time.
"Oh my god daddy that feels so good, push more in please", moaned Ruthie.

Eric couldn't believe how good it felt inside his daughter, she was so wet
but oh so tight. Eric started to thrust more and more of his cock inside her.
"Oh baby, you feel so good," said Eric as he thrust more in.

Ruthie was in heaven, she had thought how good a vibrator was but it was
nothing compared to a real live cock. Every time Ruthie would feel him move
further into her she would moan with delight. Ruthie then felt the rest of
her daddies slide in. "Oh daddy, you got it all inside me," moaned Ruthie.
"Daddy, kiss me, but like I was your girlfriend," asked Ruthie excitedly.

Eric moved down and brought his lips to Ruthie's lips, at first the kiss was
tentative. Ruthie who had been experimenting a bit with kissing with her
girlfriends and some guys wanted to get more passionate. Ruthie moved her
tongue into her dad's mouth. Eric was surprised and excited by this and moved
his tongue to meet Ruthie's. In a small break from kissing Ruthie whispered
to her dad "I'm ready daddy, it doesn't hurt any more you can move it now."

Eric started to move his cock back and when nearly out thrust forward, Ruthie
let out a moan of satisfaction as her dad started fucking her. Eric then felt
Ruthie put her legs around his back, and when he thrust Ruthie would push him
further in with her legs. Ruthie couldn't believe she had waited to do this,
this was magical, this was awesome, and this was fucking. Ruthie's breathing
was heavy and her moaning was a constant. "Oh Daddy this feels so good, I can
feel your big cock inside me, it feels great, oh daddy fuck me, fuck me
harder," moaned Ruthie.

Eric instead of fucking Ruthie liked he fucked his wife, started to fuck her
rougher, more like he wanted to fuck but was never game to try. In and out
quick fuck thrusts, hearing her grunt as she took her daddy all the way in.
Ruthie couldn't believe the feelings she was having, every nerve in her body
was alive, and every sensation was making that sensation in her pussy grow
more and more. "Oh god daddy, I'm so close, I'm about to cum daddy, fuck me,
fuck your slut, make me yours," moaned Ruthie.

Eric started to shift his angle so he would rub against her clit as he
thrust. Ruthie started thrusting her hips forward as he would thrust in. Eric
started fucking her harder. "That's it, yes daddy, oh yes daddy, harder. I
think I'm cuming daddy, oh daddy it feels so good," moaned Ruthie.

Every sensational in her body suddenly exploded in her pussy; she started
shooting her own juices against the invading cock. Eric wanted to cum so
much, and Ruthie's pussy was squeezing his cock like it had never been
squeezed before. Ruthie kept on moaning and moaning like she had never
moaned before.

As her orgasm subsided she looked up at her daddy who was straining at the
energy it took not to cum. Eric started to pull his cock out of his girl.
Ruthie looked at her daddy with disappointment. "Daddy I want more, put it
back in", pleaded Ruthie.

"Baby we haven't finished, I'm just changing positions," replied Eric.

"Positions daddy, is there more then what we just did?" asked Ruthie.

"Yes baby, many more," replied Eric. Eric grabbed Ruthie and turned her
around onto her knees. "I want you to stay in this position baby," said

Ruthie moved her hand up between her legs and started rubbing her clit as
she felt her daddy's hand on her ass. "That's it daddy touch me, I'm yours,"
said Ruthie excitedly.

Eric moved his hand back and slapped her, not too hard but not light either.
When hand landed back on her ass he would explore it more and then slap
again. At first this was annoying to Ruthie, she just wanted his cock back
inside her, but the pain of the slaps was making her kind of enjoy it as
well. "Oh Daddy, I've been a bad girl and need to be punished," said Ruthie.

Eric who was doing this to get over the urge of cuming before fucking Ruthie
again was getting off on this, of course he had Ruthie over his knee before
but never as erotic as this. Eric moved his cock to her pussy lips again and
with one long thrust had his cock fully inside her. Ruthie moaned at the
invasion of her pussy. Eric moved his hands to her hips and started to thrust
hard and deep into Ruthie. Ruthie started moving back onto his cock as his
thrust. Eric moved his hands up her body and started to feel Ruthie's
breasts. Caressing and pinching her nipples, made him feel more sexual and he
moved back and started fucking her harder. Eric knew he wouldn't last too
long because of how tight her pussy was and the erotic ness of the situation.

Eric started moving and thrusting differently to vary the sensation that she
would be having. Eric grabbed her by the shoulders and brought Ruthie back up
so her back was against his front. He turned her head and started to kiss her
passionately. Ruthie had never felt such like a girl in her life, she now
knew the magic of her body, and how she could use it. But the one thing she
had been thinking about since her daddy had thrust into her was cum. Ruthie
knew was her daddy's cum could do, it could make her pregnant, but it wasn't
that thought that was flooding her mind. It was the need to make him cum, to
give him that ultimate pleasure. As she felt him thrust into her she
concentrated on his cock and used her muscles inside her to grip him.

Eric was so close, and so he grabbed her hips and with one almighty thrust
deep into her and his cock exploded inside her. Eric kept exploding inside
her; finally after 4 large spurts of his cum, he relaxed.

Ruthie who was close herself started rubbing her clit as she felt a warm
sensation starting to fill her inside. She relaxed at that moment as she had
made her daddy cum, and that relaxation with her constant rubbing of her clit
made her orgasm for a third and final time for that night.

Eric left his cock inside her until he could feel his cock getting soft and
pulled out. Ruthie felt him moving out of her and she quickly turned around
and grabbed her daddy's cock and started to suck it to make sure she had all
of his cum. She loved the mixture of her own juices mixed in with his cum.
When she licked all his cum and her juices she went back and laid on his
chest as she curled into his body.

The phone began to ring and without thinking Ruthie picked up the phone.

"Hello, can I help you," said Ruthie. Ruthie listened to the other person.
"Ok mum, see you in the morning, I will kiss daddy for you," replied Ruthie
as she put down the phone.

Ruthie leaned over and started to kiss her dad passionately. "That was from
mum, she is staying at Lucy's tonight. Oh and daddy where are those blue

The End


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