The following is a work of fiction based on characters in a fictional
television show. No inference should be made to any person alive or dead.

7th Heaven: Ruthie Leaves Home And Takes A Job (Mf,MMf,oral,cons)
by Hawk Jat ([email protected])

In the dressing room of Pussycats Lounge Ruthie Camden slid on her four inch
platforms. They were uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, and the only thing
the 16 year old didn't like about stripping. Ruthie liked everything else
about the job. She actually liked being groped by strangers, having her
naughty bits being sucked on by customers, and the money they paid her.

Ruthie had graduated early from high school, but wanted to do college
completely on her terms. That's why she had left her family and turned her
back on their very religious ways. Ruthie had secretly worked two nights at
Pussycats, making enough to rent her own apartment-using the same false I.D.
she had used to get the job as a stripper.

She had left her family a detailed note about the need to find her own way
and had called them every few days, having to hang up when they tried to talk
her into coming home. She hadn't regretted a single second of her new life.
There had been the unusual comeons and weird requests from a few customers,
but Ruthie kept her mind focused on the larger prize-her bank account.

Ruthie capitalized on her youth and good looks to the maximum extent. She
averaged a take home of a thousand dollars per night-restricting herself to
three nights a week to keep from getting burnt out. She made sure to be very
generous on her tip outs and tipped her fellow strippers in order to make it
difficult to hate her.

Ruthie looked at herself in the mirror. Ruthie would be starting her shift
in a red velvet bikini. It hugged her 34B/C cup tits nicely and showcased
her teen hips nicely. She double checked her makeup, then walked out to the
bar where she bought a soft drink. Two songs later, she was onstage. Ruthie
always picked a fast song for her first song as no one would tip her when
her top was on anyway. Ruthie twirled, shook her moneymakers, and had a
good time onstage. As the second, slower, song started, Ruthie slipped off
her top.

Several men came up to the stage to tip her and get her personal attention.
Three men asked her for personal dances and Ruthie decided to pass up the
younger men for the older fatter guy. As soon as she was off stage, she went
over to the older guy. She asked him about his job. He said he was an office
coordinator. Ruthie pretended to be affectionate running her hands over him,
but at the same time she was checking him for a wire. She also squeezed his
hands and found them to be soft. Either he was a real office manager, or the
best vice cop there ever was. Ruthie asked him if he wanted to go to the VIP

When Ruthie led him into the small VIP room, she slipped off her platforms,
seated her customer, then took off her top. Hooking her thumbs in the
waistband of her bottoms, she playfully smiled at her customer as pretended
to want to take the bottoms off. "Would you like to take them off?" she
asked. The customer immediately reached out. Hooking his index fingers in her
waistband, he slid the bottoms down until she stepped out of them.

Now completely naked, she crawled into her customer's lap, placing her firm
breasts just inches from his mouth. She leaned in her right niplle, allowing
him to suck her nipple. Ruthie felt warmth in her pussy and moisture as she
began to get turned on. She changed nipples, moaning softly as she ran her
fingers through the man's hair. Ruthie stood in the man's lap placing her
bald pussy in front of his face. She thrust forward placing her pussy in
contact with his lips. Predictably, he began slurping her pussy, giving her
shivers of pleasure. She felt the muscles in her stomach begin to contract
in orgasm. Breathing hard, she nearly lost control and her balance as the
orgasm hit. Gripping the top of his head, she pushed her hips away from his
lips and climbed off his lap.

Stepping down, she sat in a chair facing him. Spreading her legs, she hung
them over the sides of the chair allowing her customer an unimpeded view of
her spread wide pussy. Smiling, she played with her clit, then dipped a
finger in her pussy. "Would you like another lap dance, or would you like to
do more?" she asked.

"Can we fuck?" he replied.

"How much will you pay me?" she asked as she continued digging fingers in her

The customer, knowing the going rate, offered two hundred. She took the
money, stuffing it in her purse, then handed him a condom. She watched him
wrap his rascal, then beckoned him forward with the finger she had been
dipping in her pussy. He lined up his dick, then eased into her tight little
pussy. Ruthie let out an "Oooooh", then moaned softly as he began fucking
her. It didn't take long for the excited man to shoot his load into the

Ruthie and her customer took a moment to catch their breath, then he stood up
and took off the rubber. Ruthie pointed towards a small garbage can next to
her chair. His condom would be the first of many today.

* * *

Police Sergeant Joe Esterhaus knocked on the door of the Camden residence.
Joe was pleased when the Reverend Camden answered the door.

"We found Ruthie" Joe said.

Reverend Camden smiled, "That's good news, where at?"

"She's working a strip joint in the valley".

The smile disappeared, "Will you go with me?"

"I'll be out of my jurisdiction, there's very little I can do".

"Your presence will be enough".

An hour later the two men walked into the Pussycats Lounge. Ruthie was
onstage finishing her two song set. She saw her father walk in with his
friend. The sight caused her smile to drop from her face. Before the song
finished, Ruthie gathered her top and purse and walked over to the table
where her father sat. Still topless, she sat down across from her father.

"Ruthie, will you put your top on?" her father asked.

"No" came the quick reply.

"I've come to bring you home."

"I'm not coming home."

"You can't work here."

"Yes I can."

"You're not old enough to work here."

"Yes I am."

"Ruthie, I can get the owner of this place in big trouble."

"I wouldn't do that dad. If I had to talk to the Police, I'd tell them about
the pictures you took of me."

"What pictures?"

"I don't know what you did with them, but I'm sure channel 11 would like the
exclusive story about the Reverend's daughter and the X-rated pictures her
father took of her."

"Ruthie, I..."

"Just leave me dad. When I'm ready, I'll come home. I'll call you on Friday."

With that, Ruthie stood up and took the hand of a nearby customer. As they
walked off to the VIP room, Ruthie placed one of her new customer's hands on
her ass. Turning to smile and wink at her father she let him know that she
wasn't to be taken lightly.

Minutes later Ruthie had one dick in mouth and another in her pussy. She had
caught a customer on his way out of the VIP room and had offered both men a
fuck on the house. After the man in her mouth had his dick good and wet she
repositioned herself so that one customer had his dick in her ass and the
other in her pussy. Ruthie was stretched like she had never been stretched.
There was pain, but it was a pleasurable pain. Ruthie was cooing, enjoying
every second of being double stuffed.

Both men were pounding her, then she felt the man on top of her stiffen, then
she felt his dick spasm in her pussy as he filled his rubber with cum. As he
backed off of her, Ruthie climbed off the man in her ass. She took the rubber
off of him and began to service his dick with her lips, tongue, and cheeks. A
moment later he shot his cum in messy spurts all over her face. As she wiped
her face off with a tissue, she thanked the men for the fuck. One of them
asked for another fuck, but she told him he would have to pay.

Minutes later, Ruthie was in the dressing room cleaning off the cum that had
landed in her hair. Glancing at her purse, she knew she had over six hundred
dollars and another four hours for her shift. Her father's visit had cost her
money, but she would make it up.


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