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Here's a little back-story to get you caught up on what is going on. Eric and
Annie Camden had decided, due to Eric's continuing health problems, to go get
their daughter, Ruthie, from Scotland. They had decided they would surprise
their daughter in her dorm. We will join them as they wait in her room
awaiting her return.

7th Heaven: Ruthie's Violation (Mf,ncon)
by Skibbiez ([email protected])

"Oh Eric," Annie said as she rummaged through her teenage daughter, Ruthie's
pictures, "What if she gets mad that we're here, and she don't want to go
home?" Annie asked looking over at her aging husband with a concerned look.

"Don't worry Annie," Eric said, "She is our daughter and she will

The two Camdens continued to talk about their situation until Ruthie finally
arrived. The door flung open and Ruthie immediately walked in throwing her
books down on her bed. She stopped dead in her tracks upon laying eyes on her

"Mom," she said astonished, "Dad. What are you guys doing here?" She said
wrapping her petite arms around her mother.

"Ruthie," Eric said softly, "We need to talk." He continued placing his large
hand on her shoulder.

"What?" Ruthie said concerned, "You guys are okay right?" She followed.

"Of course we're okay," Annie said looking into her daughter's big brown
eyes, "It's just." She paused.

"It's just we want you to come back home with us." Eric finished.

"What!?" Ruthie shot out as she looked over at her dad. "No! You can't make
me leave," she continued, "I have friends here, and school, and I don't want
to leave!" She argued.

"Please Ruthie, don't argue on this one." Annie said placing her hand on
Ruthie's cheek.

"Yeah, you're going with us." Eric said in a firm voice.

"No! I'm not!" She said as her eyes began to tear up.

"Ruthie," Annie began.

"No mom! I'm sixteen now and I feel I'm old enough to make my own decisions,
and I'm staying!" Ruthie bolted out at her mom.

Annie just walked over to Eric and the two of them stared back at their young
daughter. "Ruth Ann Camden! You will NOT talk to your mother like that again,
and you will be coming home with us!" Eric barked, "Your mother and I will be
across the street at that restaurant, you have one hour to gather your things
and say your goodbyes!" He said as he wrapped his arm around his wife, "If
you are not there we will come find you and you will leave what you don't
have on you behind!" He continued as the two of them exited the room.

"This is so unfair!" Ruthie said to herself as she threw herself down on her
large bed. She cried for the next ten minutes before gathering herself. She
knew that they had control over her, because they were the ones paying her
tuition to the school. Finally, she gathered what little she had and threw it
in a suitcase, and said goodbye to her room. Eric and Annie sat across the
street in a small deli sipping on cups of coffee as they awaited their
daughter once again.

As the hour approached they saw her walking from across the street. Annie
stood from her seat and greeted her once again with a hug. This time however
it wasn't returned. "Ready?" She asked softly.

"No! I don't understand why you're forcing me to go." Ruthie said looking at
her parents still with tear-filled eyes.

"We'll explain it on the plane, let's go." Eric said before waving a taxi.

"Mom, I love it here!!" Ruthie said trying to plea with her mother.

"Ruthie your dad's heart is causing some problems again and we both think it
would be better if you were home to spend time with him." Annie said in a
compassionate voice.

"But he's fine!" Ruthie replied, "He made the long trip over here didn't
he, you guys can stay a week or so... I'll spend time with him here!" She
continued. Annie was astonished at the audacity her daughter had to say
such things about her own father.

"Let's go girls, taxis here!" Eric said as he waited next to the open door
of the cab.

They entered the taxi and no words were said all the way to the airport.
They arrived and Eric grabbed Ruthie's bags. "Here's your ticket sweetie,"
Eric said handing his youngest daughter a plane ticket.

"I'm not getting on that plane!" She stated in a dominate voice.

"You will get on this plane or I will drag your spoiled ass onto that plane!"
Eric said in an angered voice. The tone in Eric's voice caught Ruthie off
guard as she had never heard her reverend dad curse before. The family
continued walking through the airport to their gate. Upon approaching the
gate Ruthie decided to try one last plea.

"I'll tell them I have a bomb and I'm going to blow up the plane." Ruthie
said in a snobby voice.

Eric stopped dead in his tracks. "You tell them you have a bomb!" He yelled
out catching the attention of many passer-bys. "I don't care anymore!!! One
way or another you are coming back home, either with me or with the
police!!!" He again shouted out.

Annie pulled her distraught husband back from their daughter and pleaded with
him to calm down. "Eric, calm down!" She said, "Go get yourself a drink and
I'll talk to Ruthie." She said softly. Eric smacked his hand right in front
of Ruthie's face as he walked away. Annie put her arm around her daughter and
led her over to a chair. Meanwhile, Eric walked over to a concession stand
where he was confronted by airport security.

"We couldn't help overhear your conversation. Is everything okay?" The guard
asked genuinely.

"Yeah," Eric laughed. "Teenage daughters," he continued.

"We can't have her joking about bombs and blowing up planes." The guard said.

"I know, it's just she don't want to leave and I'm 'forcing' her to go home."
Eric replied. Suddenly he got an idea. "Hey," He said looking back at his
family. "Could you possibly do me a favor?" He said reaching in his wallet.

"What do you have in mind?" The guard responded interested as he noticed Eric
was sifting through his money.

"Could you have a few of your buddies take her in the back and kind of put
the 'fear of God' into her?" He said smiling as he pulled out $100.

"What do you mean?" The guard said acting unsure of what Eric was asking.

"You know, just take her in an office and scare her a little bit," Eric said
handing over the cash, "Our plane doesn't board for another three hours." He

The guard looked back at Ruthie and smiled. "I can do that, sir," He said
shaking Eric's hand before retreating to the other direction. Eric finished
up getting his beverage and rejoined his family.

"Look dad," Ruthie began, "I'm sorry." She said in a soft voice as she looked
up at him.

"Its okay sweetie," Eric replied sipping his coffee, "I'm sorry too."

He continued. The three of them continued talking for a while longer before
the guard and two others walked up behind the group. The guard that Eric made
the arrangement with placed his large hand on Ruthie's shoulder. "What the
heck!" Ruthie said as she quickly stood up and faced the large man.

"What's the problem?" Annie asked concerned.

"No big deal, probably," the guard responded "We just overheard this young
lady talking about having a bomb and threatening to blow up the plane and we
wanted to discuss it with her." He said.

Ruthie laughed, "I was just joking officer." She said in a fearless voice.

"Well that's probably true, but we still need to take you in the back and ask
you a few questions." He continued as he walked around the chairs until he
was standing in front of her.

"Eric," Annie said looking over at her husband.

Eric just looked down with a powerless look on his face. "She'll be fine."
He said.

"Come with me miss," the guard said as he grabbed underneath her small arm
and began leading her away from her family.

"Mom!" Ruthie said looking back at her distressed mother.

Annie just stood speechless. One of the other guards grabbed her bag and
followed behind as the guard led Ruthie into what appeared to be an
interrogation room. He gently forced her to one side of the table as he
and his boys stood on the other.

"Look officer!" Ruthie began her defense, "I just didn't want to board the
plane so I said that without thinking!" She said in a panic.

The three men just stood there without saying a word. He began checking out
the young girl. She was wearing her school uniform which consisted of a white
polyester button up shirt that was tucked in to a grey and red plaid skirt.
His eyes started roaming up her exposed athletic legs. He let them roam up
her tan torso until they reached her checkered skirt. Continuing up her firm
body he reached her perfect round breasts that were trying to protrude out of
the button top. Her long brown hair was lying motionless on each side of her
face as if to frame her beauty. She was a very beautiful sight to behold.

"What's your name miss?" He asked.

"Ruthie Camden, I don't have a bomb!" She said.

"You don't care if Pherson here goes through your bag here do you?" He asked
pointing over to one of his colleagues. Ruthie shook her head and one of the
men unzipped the suitcase and poured all her belongings out on the table.

Pherson sifted through her clothes grabbing a pair of pink lace panties. He
handed them to his boss as he continued to rummage. "Nice," he said smiling
as he stretched out the lace. Ruthie buried her head in her hands.

"You can see there is no bomb in there," She said as she lifted her head

"That's true, but I want to be extra sure you're not hiding anything." He
said, "But Todd here is still going to pat you down and make sure you're not
hiding anything." He said motioning to his other cohort to make his way to
the young girl.

"You can't be serious!" Ruthie exclaimed. "Where would I hide it?" She
continued as she threw up her arms.

Todd made his way behind her and gripped her wrists in his large hands.
"Keep these up here please." He said pulling her arms back up above her head.
He then led his large masculine hands down her petite arms causing thousands
of tiny goose bumps to form on her. He slid his hands down reaching her
shoulders giving them a slight squeeze as he continued down. Sliding his
hands down her sides the tips of his fingers grazed against the side of her
breasts causing her to scoot up a bit. He stopped as his hands rested on her
hips, "Please stand still ma'am." He said before starting down the sides of
her hips. He continued sliding his hands down until his dry hands reached her
silky smooth legs. He led his hands all the way down and then began the trip
back up, only this time his hands maneuvered to the inside of her legs.
Ruthie began to get nervous as he continued journeying up not stopping once
he intruded her skirt.

"Excuse me!" She said reaching back gripping his wrists preventing any
further intrusion.

Todd took his hands out from under her skirt and looked over at the man in
charge. "Ruthie please, this will all be over quicker and we can all get
back to our lives if you just let us do our job!" He said in a stern voice.

"Oh my." Ruthie began to talk, but the man interrupted her.

"Todd, continue to the search please." He instructed.

Todd began where he left off, only this time his hands stayed on the outside
of her skirt. He allowed his hands to roam over her ass giving the two
luscious ass cheeks a gentle squeeze before moving up. As he reached the
small of her back once again, he slid his hands around her to her tight
abdominal region. He had his arms wrapped around the petite girl as he began
sliding them up. Ruthie knew where his hands where heading and frantically
began trying to pry herself from his grip.

"Ruthie!" The guard said in a stern voice. "If you do not cooperate we will
have to lock you up!" He said walking in front of the young girl. Tears
formed in her eyes and Todd led his hands up until inevitably he cupped her
small 'B' cup breasts in his hand. Ruthie tried once again to break free,
but to no avail.

Finally, Todd released the young girl much to her pleasure. "Alright,
Pheason. Todd, you two can go now." The man said opening the door for his
assistants. "Alright Gordon, holler at us if you need any more help." Pheason
said as the two exited the room.

Gordon continued staring over at the young Ruthie Camden. "I'm sorry Ruthie,
but I can't help but shake the feeling you are hiding something from me!" He
said walking over to the young girl.

"You already had your partner molest me," she said wiping the tears from her
eyes, "What more can I do to prove to you?" She said crossing her arms.

He took a strand of her brown lockes in between his index and middle finger.
"I'm going to have to perform a strip search." He said twirling the hair in
between his fingers.

The words hit Ruthie like a giant wave. She pulled her hair from his fingers,
"What!" She said standing firm.

"That's the only way I'll be sure!" He said in a confident voice. "That is,
unless you want to spend the night in jail." He continued as he gripped the
top button of her shirt and gave it a slight twist unhitching the clasp.

Ruthie knew she had no alternative. "Fine, but I am telling you I have
nothing!" She said again as he undid another button.

"We'll see soon enough." He continued unbuttoning her shirt until the last
button was unclasped. He gripped each side of the thin material and pulled
it off of her exposing a white lace bra containing her two gorgeous mounds
of flesh. A hint of her small round nipples was visible through the thin
layer of her bra. Ruthie could feel his eyes roaming over her young teenage
body. She closed her eyes and just imagined being somewhere else. She felt
his fingers once again on her bare skin as he attempted to unclasp the
button on her skirt. She opened her eyes when she felt the tugging on the
zipper, and then he proceeded to yank the skirt down her small athletic
legs. As the skirt dropped to the floor, he wrapped his hands around her
ankles forcing her out of the skirt. He stood back up and admired his beauty.

"Can I go now?" She pleaded.

Gordon just roamed his eyes over every inch of her. There she stood in front
of him in nothing more than a pair of white thong panties and a white lace
bra. She was definitely a beauty to behold.

"This is going to have to go," he said as he ran his fingers underneath the
strap of her bra.

"I can't do that!" She said crossing her arms once again in front of her.

"Ruthie you know your alternatives, now what's it going to be?" He asked
looking at her with a sympathetic look on her face.

She knew what he was doing, but she also knew what authority he had. She
lowered her head as a sign of defeat, and Gordon reached behind her gripping
the clasp of her bra and with a swift twist the bra was undone. He slowly
slid it off her and she was finally exposed. Her breasts were perfectly round
mounds of flesh with dime shaped nipples fully erect in the center. It took
every ounce of restrain he had not to take her right then. He placed his
hands on her sides, causing her to jump back a bit, and he slid them down
until he reached the tiny strings on her hips. Gripping the two strings in
each of his hands he continued sliding his hands down her legs. Every passing
inch caused more goose bumps to form on her thin body. He forced her to step
out of her panties and once again he slowly began standing up pausing briefly
to take in the sight of her neatly shaven pussy. She had a small runway that
led directly to her tiny pink slit. Ruthie tried to cover her most private
parts as best she could, but when you're fully nude there's not much you can

After gazing at her gorgeous nude body Gordon progressed to her backside
sliding his fingers across her hips as he made his way around. His eyes
immediately focused on her beautiful tight ass while both his hands rested
on her hips. After just a few moments of admiring her, he slowly began
forcing her forward towards the table.

"What are you doing?" She cried out trying to resist.

Gordon didn't say a word he continued leading her towards the table while one
of his hands slipped back around to her stomach and rested just below her
exposed breasts. With the hand he had on her lower back he forced her down on
the cool metal table. His hand slid up in the process and was no cupping one
of her perfect round tits. He gently squeezed the small mound while pinching
her erect nipple in between her fingers as his bulging cock tried to thrust
its way out of his denim jeans into her ass crack while he was forced up
against her. "Don't move!" He commanded this time in a less sympathetic
voice. Fear took over Ruthie as she lay motionless on the table.

Moments passed like hours and finally he removed his body from hers. Ruthie
remained leaning over the table as Gordon prepared himself. The sound of a
zipper startled Ruthie as she arose from her position and turned to face him.
What she saw was Gordon standing in front of her in only his shirt. His pants
and underwear were curled up around his ankles. Ruthie was shocked. She had
never seen a man's cock before and now she had an 8 inch monster staring her
in the face.

"Please!" She pleaded with tears rolling down her rosy red cheeks. "You can't
do this!" Again she pleaded as she attempted to back up, but was already
against the table. "I'm only sixteen, and I'm still a virgin!" She cried out
as he placed his hands underneath her arms.

"Don't worry about that sweetie, I'll be easy!" He said hoisting her up on
the table. He positioned her how he wanted her before stepping the rest of
the way out of his jeans. Ruthie sat long ways on the cold table and stared
back at the terrifying site that was before her.

Gordon climbed up on the table and straddled her legs. His cock now fully
erect oozing of pre-cum would occasionally rub against her leg. Ruthie tried
to back up, but he wouldn't allow it. Finally, he took his hand and forced
her to where she was laying flat on the table. He leaned down giving a few
pecks on her tender breasts. Ruthie could not believe what was happening.
While he continued to kiss on her small breasts, she continued trying to
break free occasionally pleading with him that she couldn't do this. Finally,
he lifted himself back up and stared down at the beautiful young girl. He
slid his hands over her breasts once more gently squeezing as he leaned
forward allowing the head of his cock to rub against her moist pussy.

Ruthie looked up into his eyes with her large tear-filled brown eyes,
"Please, sir, I can't do this!" She cried out.

Gordon couldn't stop now. He was too far gone as he slowly inserted his cock
into her tight slit.

Ruthie let out a loud screech as his cock entered. She couldn't believe that
it was actually happening. He removed his cock just a bit before prying it
further inside. The feeling was incredible. Her tight virgin pussy wrapped
around his raging hard cock. He continued to probe deeper inside before
retreating only to burrow further into her virgin hole. Ruthie continued to
scream with every thrust Gordon would stick in her. He allowed his hands to
furiously rip at her beautiful breasts and occasionally pinching her fully
erect nipples. The thrusts became harder and faster as he leaned down and
placed his dry mouth onto her full luscious lips. His tongue was quickly
moving back and forth on the outside of her red lips trying to find some
sort of entrance into the forbidden area. Finally, as he gave a fierce
thrust into her clit she opened her mouth allowing his tongue entrance. He
entangled it inside with hers and the two shared a long passionate kiss
while he continued to probe into her v irginous flower.

Moments later he released the kiss and leaned back up. Still pounding his
cock inside her he looked down at the young girl. She was enjoying it now as
much as he was. She was running one of her hands through her long brown hair,
and her other hand was pinching and twisting at her small breasts. He smiled
as he leaned back down giving her yet another kiss. After a few more minutes
he began to slow the thrusts until he finally stopped and pulled his cock out
of her. Ruthie lay still on the table while Gordon roamed his hands over her
entire body before sliding off of her. She slowly sat up as his hands
journeyed up her legs till they reached her pussy. He jammed two of his
fingers into her prized hole and began probing them in and out for a few
moments before removing them and guiding them up her gorgeous body aiming
for her mouth. He made her open her mouth and suck her own juices from his
finger. He smiled as he removed his fingers from her.

"Get up" he commanded as he stepped back and pulled his pants back up.

Ruthie obliged and stood again in front of him once again. He placed the
backside of his fingers on her stomach and began to slowly walk around her.
Once behind the frightened young girl he pulled her tightly into his body.
He led his hands once again up her body cupping her breasts into his hand.
He gently squeezed the small mound, "If anyone finds out about this you and
the rest of your little family out there will be thrown in prison for a
long, long time!" He said before giving her a soft peck on her neck. "Are
we clear?" He asked again squeezing her small breast.

Ruthie just shook her head as she once again began to cry. He released his
young victim, "Now get dressed and be on your way," he said tossing her
clothes to her, "Your plane will be boarding soon!" He continued.

Ruthie watched as he knelt down and picked up a pair of her panties from the
ground, "I need a souvenir," he said as he exited the room. Ruthie continued
dressing herself. She gathered the rest of her belongings and exited.

She met up with her mom and dad back at the boarding gate. Annie ran up to
her wrapping her arms around her weeping daughter. "Is everything okay?" She
asked pulling her daughter in tight.

"Yea..." Ruthie said pausing as she remembered what Gordon said. "I never
want to come back here again!" She said as she once again took a seat to wait
on her plane.

The End!

Once again this was a work of fiction. I do not intend on making any money
from this story, because well... It's not worth anything so why would someone
buy it. Anyway, the names and places noted in this fiction are completely
made up. Any resemblance to a real life character, either alive or dead, is
completely coincidental. I have made up this entire story with the help of a
special request. I hope everyone enjoyed it and I would love to hear some
feedback on it. So send me an email at [email protected] with any comments
you have good or bad!!!


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