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7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 1 (no sex)
by Pred

They were still watching her...

Mary Camden looked over to the trio of girls sprawled over the bottom bench
of the bleachers. They had to be in college. She didn't recognize any of
them. * Maybe they know Matt... * she thought to herself. * That has to
be it. I mean why would they be looking at me...? * She shrugged off the
creepy feeling their eyes were giving her and turned back to the team of
little girls she was coaching. * Pee-Wee Basketball, * she mused to herself.
* Why the hell did I volunteer for this again? *

"Hey, pay attention!" Ruthie snapped at her oldest sister. She hurled a hard
chest pass in Mary's face, and the high school's star forward had to react

"Don't ever do that again!" Mary slammed the ball down with a sky-high
bounce. "You could hurt someone like that."

"So?" Ruthie Camden challenged. "You weren't paying attention."

"Sit down, Camden," Mary barked at her little sister. "You're out.
Danielle," she waved at one of the elementary school girls sitting on the
side of the court waiting to play. "You're in for Ruthie."

"You can't do that," Ruthie stamped her foot. "I'm gonna tell mom and dad."

"Listen, Ruthie," Mary knelt down now and talked directly to her little
sister. "I am not your sister here. Mom and Dad don't have anything to do
with this. I'm your coach, and I'm telling you to SIT DOWN!" She paused
when she saw Ruthie's continued defiance. "NOW!"

Ruthie Camden sneered at her oldest sister, but did as she was told. She
knew she shouldn't have thrown that ball at Mary the moment it left her
hands. But Mary was ignoring the girls. If she was the coach, she was
supposed to be paying attention. Ruthie was just trying to get her sister's
attention, that's all.

The little girl shook her head and ambled past the huddle of other girls on
the Pee-Wee team. She should have never signed up for Mary's team. Mary
could be so bossy. She didn't even like basketball very much. She liked
football. But Mary had needed girls for her team, and Mom and Dad were
really excited that their eldest daughter had volunteered to coach the
church's team. Dad wanted to beat the team sponsored by Mr. Henley's Pizza
Hut at least once in his life, and this year with Mary Camden coaching he
actually seemed to think that was possible. Ruthie didn't care who won,
though. She just wanted to play. She hated sitting on the bench with the
other girls.

Mary didn't notice her little sister wandering over towards the bleachers
until Ruthie was almost there. By then, it was too late. Mary couldn't stop
her "pick-and-roll" lesson just because her bratty little sister had decided
to wander off. She wouldn't have been that concerned with any of the other
girls, so why should it matter with Ruthie. Mary was the coach, not the
sister, right...? No favoritism! Ruthie was still in sight and still within
earshot, so what did it matter if she was blowing off a little steam? Her
little sister already knew the pick-and-roll, too. She'd get her back in the
practice game in a few minutes.

Mary turned back to the girls. She had stopped the action a moment ago to
point out a pick-and-roll opportunity to Sheila Joiner. She'd finished the
demonstration, and tossed the ball back to the red team for an in-bounds
pass. As she watched the ball pass back into play, she couldn't help
dividing at least a small portion of her attention to Ruthie and the girls
she was now talking to by the bleachers. * Who are they? * Mary asked
herself. * And why are they watching me? *

"So who are you guys?" Ruthie asked the biggest of the three girls sprawled
out on the bleachers.

"Friends..." the big girl answered with a smile. She was taller than Mary
even, and heavier. Her hair was cut real short and it was kind of slick and
wet looking. She wasn't even wearing make-up or anything, just baggy shorts
and a big baggy shirt. "Sisters..." she added with a wink.

Ruthie liked her. She seemed nice. So did the other two girls. One of them
was real small and skinny, with bright red hair, freckles and glasses. She
was wearing a tee-shirt and gym shorts and looked kind of like a guy. The
other girl was not as strange-looking. She had blonde hair and was about the
same size as Ruthie's sister, Lucy, the middle Camden girl. The blonde girl
was pretty, too, like a girl. She didn't look like a guy the way the other
girls did. The blonde girl was also wearing a little make-up.

They all smiled at Ruthie, and the big girl moved over a little so Ruthie
could sit down. Mom and Dad had told Ruthie not to talk to strangers, but
these were just girls, nice girls. "I'm Ruthie," Ruthie told them.

"Kara," the blonde smiled at Ruthie.

"Steph,"the big girl added.

"I'm Laura," the skinny redhead shook Ruthie's hand. "You like basketball,
huh ..?"

"Yeah, I guess," Ruthie answered. "Not as much as football, though. I play
football in school, you know. With the boys," she added proudly. "I'm a

"Good for you," Kara kept smiling.

"This is just Pee-Wee sports," Ruthie pointed to the basketball practice.
"It's only for fun."

"Who's your coach out there?" Kara asked. "She's hot..."

"Kara!" Steph punched the blonde girl playfully and nodded down to Ruthie.

"Well she is," Kara defended herself.

"I don't think so," Ruthie replied. She had no idea what they were talking
about. "She hasn't been running around much at all. You should see her when
she really gets hot. She sweats .. PU!"

The girls laughed.

"Do you know her name?" Laura asked.

"Mary," Ruthie replied. "Mary Camden."

"What else do you know about her?" Laura pressed.

"A lot," Ruthie shrugged her shoulders. "She's my big sister."

"Really," Steph smiled and licked her lips. "Wow, that must be neat."

"It can be," Ruthie answered. "But she can kind of be a pain sometimes."

"Why did she bench you?" Kara asked.

"'cause I threw the ball at her face when she wasn't looking," Ruthie pouted.
"That was dumb. I know I shouldn't have, but she wasn't paying attention."

"I think she'll forgive you," Kara laughed. "Sisters always forgive each
other," she added with a twinkle in her eye. "That's part of being a

"Are you guys sisters?" Ruthie asked.

"Uh huh..." Steph answered.

"I have two sisters, too," Ruthie told them. "I'm the youngest... I mean I
WAS the youngest. I have two baby brothers now. They were just born. My
dad's a minister and he just had a heart-attack, too."

"Wow," Steph laughed. "You're a regular Encyclopedia Britannica."

"What does that mean?" Ruthie asked.

"You're filled with useful information," Kara smiled. "That's a good thing.
That means you're smart."

"Do you have any more sisters?" Ruthie asked.

"Yeah," Laura looked at the other girls. "Millions of them."

"Really?" Ruthie exclaimed in confusion. "Wow, and I thought I had a big

"We're all sisters," Steph explained. "All of us." She spread out her arms
to include not only the girls on the playground, but to symbolize the whole

"Oh, I get it," Ruthie smiled. "That's cool."

"Do you think we could go over and meet your sister, Mary?" Steph asked.


"Because she looks nice," Kara answered. "She looks like she might have a
lot in common with us."

"Do you go to the college?" Ruthie asked.

"I do," Kara answered while Laura nodded, too.

"Do you know my brother, Matt?" Ruthie asked. "He goes there."

"No," Kara shook her head.

"How about his girlfriend, Shawna?" Ruthie pressed. "She's real pretty. You
have to know her."

"I think I might," Laura answered. "Pre-med, right ..?"

"Yeah," Ruthie nodded with a big smile. "She's going to be a doctor, just
like my uncle."

"That's very cool, Ruthie," Kara smiled.

"So do you think we can go over and meet her?" Steph asked.

"Shawna?" Ruthie asked.

"No," Steph laughed. "Your sister. Mary."

"Sure," Ruthie got up. "Come on."

As the three girls crossed the playground with Ruthie in the lead, Mary
stopped the practice. These three girls had gotten her curiosity up, and she
decided to find out what all the staring was about. "Hey," she nodded and
smiled when the foursome was within earshot. "Who are your friends, Ruthie?"

"They're my sisters, too," Ruthie announced proudly. "We're all sisters,"
she pointed to all the girls.

"That's right..." Mary nodded, her eyes catching the radiant smile of the
blonde girl. "I'm Mary Camden." She stuck out her hand, and the biggest
girl among the three took it. "I'm Steph... Walker," she added. "Steph

"Kara Vincent," the blonde kept smiling.

"Laura Reardon," the little redhead took Mary's hand and squeezed it.

"You've been... ah... watching us," Mary cut to the chase. "So what's up
with that?" she smiled, trying to make the interrogation seem casual.

"You're a strong role model," Steph replied. "We were just admiring you. I
hope that didn't make you uncomfortable."

"Well, yeah, a little..." Mary confessed. "Thanks," she added. "Really...

"Thank you," Steph touched Mary's shoulder and gave her the slightest caress.
"We need sisters like you. That's what will save us. Sisters like you and
Ruthie and all of you." She pointed to all the girls.

"Do you mind if we watch the rest of your practice?" Kara asked. "We won't
get in the way. Swear..."

"Go right ahead," Mary laughed, tossing the ball to Ruthie. "You ready to be
part of the team now?" she asked her little sister.

Ruthie nodded.

"We're all a team," Steph knelt down and spoke to all the girls. "And we're
all sisters. Don't forget that. They want you to forget, but don't,

"Okay," the girls responded in unison.

"Let's get back to the game." Mary Camden blew her whistle and watched the
girls get back into their positions. * We're all sisters, * she mused to
herself. * Okay, I buy that. But who's this THEY who want us to forget
that? * She looked at the trio of girls and smiled. * Whoever they are, *
she thought, * they're certainly different. I think I like that... *


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