7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 3 (no sex)
by Pred ([email protected])

"We need to talk," Annie accosted the Reverend Eric Camden the moment he
walked through the back door. Annie was dicing carrots, and the smell of
roast wafted into her husband's nostrils.

"Okay," he stopped immediately. The concern in his wife's face and voice had
caught his complete attention.

"It's Simon," Annie shivered as she spoke.

"Did something happen? Is he all right?" Eric looked out into the house,
half expecting to run upstairs to his middle son's room and find him deathly

"Yes, something did happen, and no, he's not all right."

"What's wrong?" Eric was suddenly very scared.

"I..." Annie stopped herself and shook her head. When she resumed speaking,
she was fighting back tears. "I walked in on him and Deena before... just a
little while ago."

"Annie..." Eric eased up and smiled.

"Don't patronize me, Eric," Annie snapped when she saw his condescending
smirk. "This is not what you think. This is not necking. This was a lot
more... serious."


"Yes," Annie reached under the kitchen counter and withdrew the brown paper
bag containing the magazine. "SERIOUS." She handed the bag to Eric and then
looked away while he slid the magazine out.

Eric quickly riffled through the full color display of perversity. "I
see..." was all he could say as he tore his eyes off the riveting pictures.
"This is serious."

"There's more," Annie hacked at the carrots as she talked, lopping the hard,
oblong stalks into bite sized sections.

"More?" Eric couldn't help but skim some of the photos in his peripheral

"They were doing more than just looking at the magazine," she told him.
"They were... Matt was... it was... SERIOUS!" she finally managed.

"Oh, serious..." Eric shook his head, confused at the ambiguity until an
epiphany clicked in his head. "You don't mean serious SERIOUS, do you...?"
he asked.

"Yep," Annie answered. "Very serious SERIOUS!"

"THE serious SERIOUS?!"

"You got it, partner," Annie replied.

"Simon?" Eric shook his head in disbelief.

"Yes, Simon," Annie nodded. "And Deena."

"Serious SERIOUS?" Eric still couldn't bring himself to say the words. Not
that there were any words.

"They were up in his room with the door closed."

"And where was Mary?" Eric suddenly demanded. "She knows the rules..."

"Mary was with Ruthie at Pee-Wee practice," Annie explained.

"Oh," Eric nodded. "But what about Lucy then?"

"She was downstairs doing the laundry like she was supposed to. This isn't
anyone's fault but Simon's."

"And you're talking serious SERIOUS?" Eric still couldn't believe it.

"Yes, Eric, serious SERIOUS!" Annie was getting perturbed at her husband now.
"He's up in his room waiting for you."

"Did you talk to him?"

"I can't even bear to look at him," Annie turned away from Eric and returned
to dicing her carrots.

"I see." Eric had never seen his wife this upset at one of their children.
Just knowing what had happened was bad enough. Having witnessed the activity
must have been much worse, especially for a woman, a mother. "I'll have a
talk with him."

Eric slid the magazine back in the brown paper bag, left the kitchen and went
upstairs. Mary came out of his room holding one of his vests. He cocked his

"Hi, dad," Mary smiled and held up his vest. "Can I borrow this for

"Why do you need one of my vests?"

"I'm going to a coffee house with Shawna," Mary explained. "I don't want to
look like a high school kid."

"What's wrong with looking like a high school kid?" Eric asked, actually
thankful for the distraction. He wasn't looking forward to his little talk
with Simon.

"It's not that kind of crowd," Mary shrugged her shoulders. "It's kind of
a college place."

"Maybe we should talk to your mother about this."

"Dad, come one. It's a coffeehouse. I'm going with Shawna. And there's no
guys there."

"No guys?" Eric was skeptical. "What's the point of that?"

"Man, dad, that's not too chauvinistic?"

Eric was startled at her reaction and choice of words.

"Listen, women don't always need men around, okay...?" Mary continued. "Our
lives are not defined by men. We have thoughts and feelings and..."

"I get it," Eric raised his hands in defeat, still clutching the bag with the
magazine. "I didn't mean to sound that way. Honestly. I guess you really
are growing up."

"What's in the bag?" she asked.

"That's none of your concern," Eric answered.

Mary remembered seeing her mother holding the same bag a short while ago
after she'd caught Simon and Deena. * It's time to test my theory, * she
thought to herself. "So I can borrow your vest?"

"Um," Eric was looking at Simon's door and seemed very distracted. "Sure.
Take the vest," Eric smiled back at his eldest daughter.

"Thanks," Mary hugged her father, then went back into her room.

* Now for the hard one, * Eric Camden thought as he rapped on Simon's door.
"Simon?" he asked, not sure whether to come off as concerned or enraged.
There was no answer. "Simon?" he repeated, this time the anger evident in
his voice. "I'm coming in." Eric opened the door and stepped into Simon's

Simon was sitting on his bed, his arms folded across his chest and a pained
look on his face. He said nothing to Eric as his father closed the door
slowly and entered the room. His eyes followed Eric over to his bed,
watching as the Reverend Camden sat down. He saw the brown paper bag,
scowled and turned his eyes away.

"You know why I'm here," Eric rolled up the bag in his hand tapped his son on
the knee with it. "We really need to talk."

"I'm sorry, dad," Simon just started bawling. "I knew it was wrong, I
just... Deena kept..."

"Don't blame this on Deena," Eric cut off his son. "That's not what a man
does, is it...? We've talked about what it means to be a man, a strong man."

"I know dad. I'm so sorry. I've never... felt that way before. It just
came over me, and I couldn't stop it."

"Ah... arousal... sexual arousal is a very powerful emotion, Simon," Eric
explained, opening the bag and letting the magazine slide out again. "These
magazines are designed to stimulate that arousal. Men who are not strong
look at them because they make them feel stronger. They objectify women as
sex objects. And if a man looks at these magazines, that is what he begins
to do, too. You know this Simon. We had this talk before about Playboy and
Penthouse." Eric stopped and peered down at a picture of the woman choking
on two penises. "Granted, this isn't Playboy." He looked back up at Simon.
"This is worse, much worse. Did you look at the end of the magazine?"

Simon nodded, still weeping.

"Do you know why this magazine is so WRONG, Simon?" Eric asked.

"B..because of the homosexuality," Simon stammered through his sobs.

"No," Eric shook his head slowly and thoughtfully. "In the eyes of God, all
sin is equal. Homosexuality is no greater sin than lying or anything else."
Eric paused and chose his words carefully. "What makes this magazine so
harmful is the way it depicts sex. Sex is what is shared between two people
who love each other. When it is reduced to this," he waved the magazine for
emphasis, "human beings are reduced to animals. Sex is a gift from God, but
this isn't about God at all, is it...?" Eric looked at Simon for answer.

"No .." Simon blubbered.

"Your mother tells me you and Deena were engaged in sex," Eric pressed. "Is
that true?"

"N... I mean yes... I mean, it wasn't sex really," Simon finally blurted out.

"You what...?"

"She wanted to see me..."


"Masturbate," Simon finally said. "She took off her top and her bra."

"And you masturbated," Eric was trying to fill in the blanks. "In front of
her?" he had to ask. Simon nodded. "Did she...?" Eric started, then
couldn't find the words. Finally he opened his mouth and quickly pantomimed
oral sex. Simon just looked at him. "Did she?" Eric asked again.

Simon shook his head. "I just... I masturbated until... you know," he sucked
in the tears.

"You ejaculated," Eric couldn't help but picture all this happening in his
son's room.

"Mm hmh," Simon nodded quickly. "On her..." he added with a whisper.

"You ejaculated on Deena," Eric blew threw his puckered lips. "Hoo."

"That was when mom came in, right after I... you know."

"I see..."

"I didn't force her or anything, dad," Simon suddenly blurted. "I swear. We
were looking at the magazine together. She started asking me to do things.
I'm so sorry..."

"We can't let you see Deena anymore, son," Eric's voice was now firm and
resolute. "We're going to have to take away your dating privileges, too, at
least until your mother and I feel comfortable with you being alone around
girls again..."

"Dad, I..."

"I want you stay up here and think about what we've talked about," Eric cut
him off. "I mean really think, Simon. What kind of man do you want to be?
The kind who reads this," he waved the magazine again. "Or the kind who
loves and respects women." Eric stood up and strode over to the door. He
paused a moment and listened to his son resume crying. "We'll be eating in
a bit. So wash up." He grimaced slightly, then left the room.


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