7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 4 (foreplay)
by Pred ([email protected])


Mary Camden turned towards the voice calling her name. She'd just stepped
inside the Sisters of Athena coffeehouse, and her eyes were still adjusting
to the dim lights. She squinted through the haze of incense and cigarettes
and spotted Steph and Kara emerge from the crowd.

"What's up, girlfriend?" Kara gave Mary a surprisingly warm hug that Mary
couldn't help but return.

"Very cool place," Mary Camden beamed as she checked out the surroundings.
Every table was filled with women .. women talking, women laughing, women
existing perfectly fine without men. It was odd, but refreshing.

For a moment, Mary Camden was a tad self-conscious about how she'd dressed.
She'd chosen a white turtleneck and a pair of brown corduroy slacks to go
with her father's gray vest. She'd topped off the outfit with her hiking
boots. The look she'd been going was comfortable and casual. No need to get
all spruced up at Sisters of Athena. Still, how she looked to all the other
women was very important to her. She didn't want to look like a kid, and she
wanted to fit in. She was relieved to see lots of outfits similar to hers.
She turned back to Steph.

"We have a table over here by the bandstand," Steph directed them through the
crowd to a table. She was dressed in a baggy sweatshirt and jeans. "Laura
will be playing in a bit."

"She is so awesome," Kara added. She looked very sporty in some kind of
athletic jersey and slacks with long stripes down each leg. "When Laurie
sings, she's like Ani or Sarah or somebody."

"What do you want?" Steph asked Mary, her hand resting on Mary's shoulder as
the beautiful teen took a seat. "The first one's on me."

"Double latte is cool," Mary answered. "But you really don't need to..."

"One double latte coming up," Steph cut her off and headed up to the bar.

"Hey," Mary turned to Kara. "I hope you don't mind. I kind of invited
someone up here." Mary looked around the coffeehouse. "She should be here
any minute."

"Who?" Kara asked.

"My brother's girlfriend," Mary answered. "Her name's Shawna. She goes to
the college..."

"I think Laurie knows her," Kara replied. "Ruthie described her to us. Is
she really cute with like short blonde hair?"

"Yeah," Mary nodded, "that sounds like her."

"Great," Kara smiled.

"And there she is," Mary announced, catching sight of Shawna as she walked
in. She almost didn't recognize Shawna at first. She'd moussed-up her
short, blonde hair until it almost looked like a boy's. Her dark green plaid
blouse was buttoned all the way up giving her torso a very flat, almost
masculine appearance. Shawna's tight jeans left no doubt to her gender,
however. They hugged her slender girlish curves and ended at a pair of
short, kid boots. * Wow, that's a different look for her, * Mary thought to
herself. "Hey, Shawna!" Mary called over. "Over here." Shawna spotted Mary
and cut through the crowd towards the table.

"She is so cute," Kara whispered.

"Yeah, I guess she is," Mary moved her chair over and made room for Shawna.

"Shawna, this is..." Mary began.

"Kara Vincent," Shawna interrupted. Mary flashed her a confused look.
"She's on the lacrosse team," Shawna explained. "Top scorer in the
conference. Her picture's in the campus paper pretty much every day."

"That's what happens when the football team sucks," Kara laughed, her eyes
glued to Shawna as the pretty blonde sat down. "I'm buying this round," Kara
told Shawna. "What do you want?"

"Just coffee... decaf," Shawna smiled. She was wearing a dark amber, almost
brownish shade of lipstick. "But you really don't..."

"I'll be back in a jiffy," Kara leaped from the table and headed over to the
bar where Steph was still waiting.

"Cool place," Mary broke the ice with Shawna. The two had always been
friendly, but they had never really 'hung out' before on equal footing.

"Yeah," Shawna smiled, then lightly touched Mary's arm. "You look great,"
she complimented Mary. "Love the vest."

"Dad's," Mary grinned. "Hey, you look awesome yourself."

"Thanks," Shawna sighed. "I was a little freaked you know... I mean deciding
what to wear and everything."

"Me, too," Mary admitted.

"You know, I wanted to thank you again."

"For what?"

"Giving me the opportunity to come in here. I've been meaning too, but I
just never seem to get around with it."


"Let's just say it's not very boyfriend friendly," Shawna looked around.

"Got'cha'," Mary laughed. "I think it's very cool. No men, no headaches."

"You got that right," Shawna laughed.

"Oh come on, my brother's a pussy cat," Mary grinned.

"I know," Shawna laughed. "He's certainly been properly trained. Remind me
to thank your mom sometime."

"I will." Laughter, then awkward silence. "So you've been wanting to come
here?" Mary asked.

"Yeah," Shawna nodded. "I've heard some girls talking on campus about it.
There've been some flyers, too."

"Well, it's certainly busy enough," Mary observed. "Which is surprising
since there are no guys around. I mean usually girls will only go places
where they might meet someone."

"And what makes you think they're not meeting anyone in here?" Shawna asked,
her eyes twinkling.


Shawna just kept smiling at Mary.

"You don't mean...?" Mary couldn't help but giggle when she caught Shawna's

"Exactly," Shawna answered her unfinished question.

"Really?" Mary asked in utter shock.

"What?" Steph asked as she and Kara appeared at the table.

"Oh, nothing," Mary suddenly couldn't look at Steph or Kara. * Oh my God,
they're .. lesbians. * It was hard for Mary to even think the words.

"Hi, I'm Shawna," Shawna extended her hand to Steph.

"Steph," Steph placed Mary's double latte in front of her and took Shawna's
hand. "I've never seen you in here before..."

"This is my first time," Shawna replied. "Mary invited me. I hope that's
all right."

"It's more than all right," Kara placed Shawna's decaf down and sat next to
the blonde.

"You look tense," Steph said to Mary as she sat down.

"I pulled something in my neck playing basketball," Mary lied.

"Well, I'm a licensed massotherapist," Steph told her. "Let me take a crack
at that." The large woman's hands were kneading and massaging Mary's
shoulders and neck a moment later. Helpless beneath Steph's skilled fingers,
Mary felt her tension just melt away. "How's that?"

"Um .. great," Mary gasped slightly, sipping her latte. She detected a faint
and pleasant herbal aroma as she savored the concoction. In a few minutes,
she felt every muscle in her toned body go lax. Her mind was now buzzing
with the calm of a rain forest. She peered into the bottom of her mug and
seemed to pass onto another plane of existence. All she felt were Steph's
hands coaxing untold pleasure from her flesh. When she opened her eyes
again, she was still staring into the mug and craving another latte. She
weakly raised the mug to Steph.

The big girl smiled at her, patted her on the knee, and went back to the bar.

"... I guess curious..." Shawna's voice interrupted Mary's reverie.

Suddenly Mary realized she'd lost all track of the conversation at the table.
She looked at her watch. Almost an hour had passed since she'd arrived. At
some point, a musician had started playing onstage. Mary looked up and
recognized Laurie. * How long have I been zoned out? * she asked herself.
"Curious about what?" Mary tried to insert herself back into the present.

"Being with another girl," Shawna answered.

"Oh, that," Mary nodded, a dumb, blissful smile on her face.

"How about you?" Shawna asked Mary. "Have you ever been curious?"

"Nope," Mary shook her head. "I'm a good Christian girl." She broke out
laughing. "Good little Christian girls don't EVER think about stuff like
that. My daddy the minister would be sooo shocked," she snorted. "Mom,
dad, this is my girlfriend .. Steph!" Mary called out when the big girl
reappeared. Mary reached over and embraced Steph. "Steph, meet my mom and
dad," she pretended Kara and Shawna were her parents. "Steph and I are
lesbians," Mary chortled. "What do you think of that?"

"I think you're just going through a phase, dear," Kara quipped. "You'll
grow out of it." She and Steph laughed, and then Shawna and Mary joined in.

"Come here, baby, sit with me," Mary pulled Steph down into her chair and
draped herself around the big girl. Steph put her arm around Mary and cupped
the teenager's firm tit in her hand. "What the fuck is in this latte?" Mary
snorted, picking up her cup and practically draining it with one swig.

"It's an herbal... relaxant," Steph explained.

"Well, it FUCKING ROCKS!" Mary polished off her cup with another gulp. "Is
it supposed to make you so horny?" The words coming out of her mouth just
spilled out uncontrollably. Somewhere beyond her brain, she floated in a
blissful, horny haze, watching herself like a movie.

"That can be one of the side effects," Steph cooed, nuzzling up against
Mary's pretty face and licking her apple-pie cheek.

"You are such a dyke," Shawna laughed at Mary. Her eyes were glazed over,

"I am, aren't I?" Mary smooched Steph's cheek.

"That looks fun," Shawna giggled. She leaned over to Kara, and grazd her
lips against the pretty blonde's lips. An instant later, they were swapping
tongues and spit.

"Cool," Mary observed. A moment later, she found herself and Steph locked
at the lips, tongues dancing in tandem, hands exploring the curves and
contours of their respective bodies. * Okay, this is different, * Mary
mused to herself as she necked with the big girl. * God, she tastes and
smells soooo good. *

"Why don't we all go back to my place?" Shawna's voice cut above the sound of
the music.

Mary felt herself nod.

"Can we give Laurie your address?" Kara asked her.

"Sure," Shawna replied.

Mary ignored the rest of the conversation, and just returned to kissing
Steph. The big girl kissed better than any guy she'd ever experienced. And
her body felt so beautiful in Steph's hands. And everything in the universe
smelled and tasted soooo good.


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