7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 6 (FFFFf)
by Pred ([email protected])

Matt Camden had to talk with Shawna... TONIGHT! He hadn't been able to
concentrate on anything since she'd left for that coffeehouse to meet his
sister. Something weird was going on with girlfriend, and it had all started
with Mary's phone call. As soon as he had mentioned the Sisters of Athena
coffeehouse, Shawna had started freaking out on him.

What was the big deal anyway? It was just a coffee bar. Yet, Shawna was
acting like it was some big deal to go there. She'd started talking about
what she was going to wear the minute she'd gotten off the phone with Mary.
She'd been obsessing for almost twenty straight minutes. Then when he'd made
a joke about it - "What do you care WHAT you look like? It's not like you're
a lesbian or anything..." -- she'd stormed out. When he'd tried calling her
later, she didn't pick up. He knew she was there, too. She just wasn't
picking up.

Now he was the one obsessed. He needed to settle things and return to normal
with Shawna, or he'd never get to sleep that night. If there was one thing
his parents had taught him, it was to never go to bed angry at the person you
loved. He'd walked the two miles to Shawna's house and breathed a sigh of
relief when he saw the bedroom and living room lights on. * So after all
that fussing, she called it a short night anyway, * he laughed to himself.
* Women. *

He tramped up the walk to her building and peered into the windows, trying to
get a peek at his girlfriend and gauge her mood.

* * *

"This stuff just plain rocks," Mary Camden exclaimed as she sipped the mug of
'tea' Steph had brewed for her. Steph was snuggling up into the large girl's
bosom, feeling her surprisingly gentle hands snake beneath the folds Mary's
untucked turtleneck. Somewhere in the back of her brain, Mary Camden knew
she should be alarmed at this intimacy. Goofing around and making nice with
some lesbians was one thing, but allowing one of them to feel her up like
some horny high-school boy was quite another. * I've gotta put a stop to
this, * she told herself. But she just sat there, cuddling and enjoying the
warmth that embraced her like a cocoon.

* I should be saying SOMETHING... objecting... putting up some kind of
resistance. * Mary had already allowed Steph to go further than any boy she
boy she'd ever dated. * Why can't I just tell her to stop? * Mary asked
herself as she felt Steph's lips nuzzle her cheek. Mary knew she should said
"no" and turn away, but instead she turned into the large girl's mouth. Mary
found the older girl's lips and returned the kiss. *Oh, God, I have to get
out of here... *

But no one in the room was moving. Shawna was sprawled across her couch
between Kara and Laurie. The two lesbians had double-teamed Shawna and
rendered her into a panting, gasping heap. Shawna's top lay crumbled on the
floor, and her bra was strewn across one of the end table lamps. Shawna's
trim, bare torso glistened in the muted lamplight. Each of her pert tits had
an expert pair of lips teasing an irritated nipple. Shawna's tight jeans
were unfastened and pulled down to her sweaty thighs. Each of her partners
had one hand stuffed deep inside the damp recesses of Shawna's silk panties.
Out of the corner of her eye, Mary watched Shawna's body buck and contort as
Kara's and Laurie's expert fingers strummed her clitoris in unison.

"Look like fun?" Steph whispered in Mary's ear, nibbling at her earlobe.

"Mm hmm .." Mary Camden heard herself answer.

"Stand up and take your top off," Steph cajoled her.

Mary shrugged her shoulders and did as the large lesbian instructed. Her
whole body burned with passions she'd never known before, passions that left
her submissive to her every craving. She wanted this as much as Steph wanted
it, and she felt irresistibly compelled to surrender herself to large
lesbian's desires.

"You are so beautiful," Shawna gasped from the couch.

Suddenly Mary was aware that every eye in the room was on her, and every
tongue was licking every lip. She had never been the object of such
unbridled lust before. She felt four sets of eyes bore into her virgin
flesh, and she shivered.

"Take it off, baby," Shawna cajoled. The breathy awe in her voice cut
through the dim lamplight and pierced Mary's wet pussy like a thunderbolt
from heaven. Mary undulated her hips and stomach in a sexy belly dance as
she worked off her white turtleneck.

"Is this what you want to see?" Her deep voice was even huskier than normal,
and she winked at her brother's girlfriend. * Oh my God, I can't believe
this is happening, * she whispered to herself. She cupped her two firm tits
in her hands, and dug her fingers into the tender, toned flesh.

"Fuck yes," Shawna moaned. "That's what I want to see, you slut," she
hissed. "Let's see those tits, Mary Camden. Let's see the preacher kid's
firm, young tits."

Mary should have been shocked, mortified, nauseated even. But she wasn't.
The words pouring from Shawna's lips seemed so natural. "You've wanted to
see these for a long time, haven't you, you nasty little bitch...?" Mary
decided to play Shawna's game. "Haven't you?"

"Mm hmm," Shawna pouted. "I've wanted to feast my eyes on that hot jock bod
of yours since the first time I saw you," she admitted. "I couldn't believe
you were straight. I wanted you so bad."

"You're just a filthy little slut, aren't you...?" Mary kept at her, almost
giggling at the playful banter. "I was just a girl then... an innocent
little girl. You're just such a sick dyke slut, aren't you...?"

"Mmm hmm..." Shawna pouted.

Mary rubbed her hands all over athletic body. She teased Shawna by pulling
her bra down almost to her nipples, then stopping and hiking the lacy cups
back up again. "You like molesting poor little innocent straight girls,
don't you...?" Mary kept up the hot talk.

"Fuck yeah, you horny little slut," Shawna hissed. "Now take off that bra,
you cunt-tease," she moaned. "Show us those perfect girl-jock tits of yours.
Come on, you fucking cunt-teasing bitch!"

"And what if don't?" Mary retorted. "What if I just go home right now?"

"You'd never make it to the door slut," Shawna snarled. "I'd rape your
girl-jock ass before you got three feet."

"Oh, really?" Mary jeered. "I'd like to see that, slut. Let's see how tough
you are." She whirled to the front door of Shawna's apartment and started
strutting across the living room floor.

"You asked for it, slut," Shawna leaped from the sofa while the other three
girls cheered her on. She tackled Mary and took her down hard. She mashed
her lips against Mary's, and the two girls bit at each other's tongues like
bitches in a dog ring. Shawna's hands ripped at Mary's bra, and her slender
fingers dug into the high school girl's tender, exposed tit-flesh. "Fuck!"
Shawna spit in Mary's face. "They're fucking awesome! Are you guys checking
out this sluts firm girl-jock tits?" Shawna called out to the other three

"Slap the slut's tits," Laurie laughed. Shawna bit her lip and gave Mary's
tits a playful whack. The teenage girl-jock bit her lip and moaned in
pleasure. "Look at that," Laurie squealed. "The little girl-jock likes it.
Slap them again."

SLAP! "How's that feel, preacher's kid?" Shawna baited Mary. "How does it
feel to have your slut tits slapped?"

"It doesn't hurt," Mary spit in Shawna's face. "I can't even feel it."

SLAP!! "Did you feel that, bitch?" Shawna spit in Mary's face again, and Mary
licked it up thirstily. SLAP!!! "How about that?" SLAP!!!! "Or that?"

"Uhh," Mary groaned, the sharp pain mixing with the soupy ecstasy frothing in
the crotch of her panties.

"Look at how hard the slut's nipples are," Kara pointed out. "Our little
girl-jock is a fucking pain slut."

SLAP!!!!! "Is that right, cunt-tease?" Shawna leaned over and bit Mary's
ear. SLAP!!!!!! "Are you a little girl-jock pain slut?"

"Fuck you, dyke." Mary made a playful effort to wriggle out from under
Shawna's determined assault, but the teenager was too doped up from Steph's
'tea' to offer any kind of real resistance. Shawna succeeded in pinning
Mary's shoulders to the carpet and rubbing her bare tits against the teen's
pretty, gasping face.

"Suck those tits, preacher's kid. Nurse on those hard nips, you little
girl-jock cunt-tease," Shawna barked at Mary. "Come on, cunt, show me what
you've got." Mary tried to turn her face away, but Shawna twisted the teen's
hard nipples until they turned purple. "Suck my tits! Show your daddy the
preacher what a god little tit-sucker his dyke daughter turned out to be."

Mary opened her mouth and feasted on Shawna's pert, peach-sized tits. * Oh,
my God, I'm sucking her tits! * Mary howled in her mind. *Shawna's tits! *
Mary Camden knew she should be fighting the lust overwhelming her, but
resistance seemed so senseless and so futile.

Mary Camden was a dyke. She'd always been a dyke. All the boys, all the
dates, all the attempts to fit in like a 'normal' girl - it all seemed so
ludicrous now. Mary Camden, the wild child, the preacher's kid, the star
basketball player, the honor roll student was a DYKE, a rug-muncher, a
clit-licker, a bush-bumper. She knew it, and anybody who'd ever taken a
good look at her knew it, too. Her parents must have seen it. They might
be a little uptight, but they weren't blind or stupid. They must have
sensed Mary was "different" even from an early age. Certainly her mother
must have known. A woman would HAVE to know. Mary Camden was a lesbian,
and denying her urges now would be to deny her own self, her own identity,
her own destiny.

She suckled Shawna's firm tits like she was nursing at the breast of the
mother goddess. She was aware of the other three girls moving in on her now.
Hands caressed her tummy and thighs and deftly worked off her hiking boots,
pink socks and brown corduroys. Tongues licked her magnificent muscular
legs, her curled toes, her toned calves, her sweat-slicked thighs. Fingers
tore at her plain white Lady Hanes panties. More lips and tongues worshipped
her tummy, her upper thighs, the strip of skin between her sopping pussy and
her puckering asshole.

"Oh, please .." she moaned between gulps of Shawna's breasts. "Please...
please..." she just kept repeating for what seemed an eternity until a pair
of lips slightly grazed the wrinkled swollen folds of her labia. "JESUS

"You want that, huh, slut?" Shawna chided her. "You want these dykes to eat
your girl-jock pussy."

"YES!" Mary wailed. "Please, eat my cunt. Jesus fucking christ EAT ME!"

Two tongues now slashed at Mary's Camden's clit and pussy. Fingers sliced
into her juicy, tight slit, and Mary kicked her legs apart as far as they
would go. She felt a body slide up her side.

"It's my turn," Steph told Shawna. Shawna nodded and climbed off Mary. The
teenager looked up into Steph's eyes. The large lesbian was totally nude
now, and she looked even more Amazonian. Her tits hung low over the folds of
her stomach. Her pussy was a hairy forest of waxy dark brown curls. The
pungent odor of female sex filled Mary's thirsty nostrils. Steph fed Mary's
hungry mouth one of her cantaloupe-sized tits while she bent over and sucked
the teen's stiff nipples.

Through the maze of flesh, Mary spied Shawna crawl behind Kara and Laurie.
She dove into their pussies and asses with her mouth and fingers. "Fucking
sluts!" she hissed, slapping the girls' pink ass-cheeks while they squirmed
and squealed in pleasure.

"You want some pussy, baby dyke?" Steph asked Mary.

"Mmm hmm," Mary nodded, her mouth stuffed with the bull-dyke's huge tit.

"Beg me!" Steph pulled up and left Mary's mouth a gaping, hungry void.

"Pleaase," Mary whined on cue. "I want to taste you."

"What do you want to do, slut?" she teased.

"Eat cunt," Mary gasped with every fiber of her transfigured soul. "I want
to eat your big hairy cunt."

"Fucking slut!" Steph spit in Mary's open mouth. Mary sucked the spittle
down and opened her mouth for more. "You like that, huh?" Steph hissed
before she spit down Mary's mouth again. Mary drank it up and nodded her
head like an eager puppy. Steph suspended her thatchy bush over Mary's
drooling lips and teased the horny teen, barely grazing the fat lips of her
labia against the tip of Mary's tongue.

Mary could not take her eyes of the large lesbian's magnificent cunt. Her
pussy lips seemed as big as a soft taco shell, and her clit poked through
its pink hood like a mouse peeking out from its hole. Mary kissed Steph's
nether lips and relished every last morsel of her femininity. "That's my
girl," Steph groaned before she straddled the teen's head, pressed her
thighs into Mary's ears, and smashed her huge wet hairy cunt on the
girl-jock's virgin mouth.

The savor of raw, beefy cunt flesh bit into Mary's taste buds as she lost
herself in Steph's steamy labyrinth. The big girl's womanly essence slowly
filled Mary's being like cold, refreshing beer foaming into a large empty
mug. Mary lapped at the intoxicating froth with a drunken thirst.

"Lick it, baby," Steph moaned. "Lick... don't suck... lick... right there...
right under the hood... lick... don't suck... lick... lick..." Her voice was
like an incantation, patiently instructing the fledgling dyke on the art of
eating pussy. "Right there, baby," she grunted, humping Mary's face and
locking her thighs even tighter around the teen's ears.

Suddenly the whole outside world ceased to exist. All Mary could hear was
the sound of her own heart thumping in her body. All she could see was the
moist darkness of Steph's warm abyss. All she could smell was the heavenly
aroma of pure fecundity. All she could taste was the ambrosia of utter
satiation. All she could feel was the weight of overwhelming desire pressing
down into her buzzing brain.

There was nothing else... nothing but CUNTS and mouths. Steph's cunt. Her
mouth. Her cunt, Kara's and Laurie's mouth. Laurie's and Kara's cunts,
Shawna's mouths... the universe was perfect in its symmetry.

"What the HELL is going on here?" Matt Camden stormed into the center of the
living room. He kicked a large girl off his sister's head, then did the same
thing to two other girls who were... molesting Mary's private parts with
their mouths. Lastly, he grabbed Shawna by the shoulders and pulled her away
from the naked female flesh writhing about on the floor. "What the HELL do
you think you're doing?"

"Fuck you, Matt!" Shawna leaped to her feet, and before Matt Camden could
react slapped her boyfriend in the face. "Who the HELL do you think you are?
This is my apartment. My fucking apartment. What fucking right do you have
to come storming in here, kicking my friends. Who the fuck do you think you

"You didn't answer the bell," Matt rubbed his cheek. "Now I know why," he

"FUCK YOU!" Shawna started beating on Matt while he cowered beneath her rage.

"I thought something was wrong..." he fired back as he stepped away from her.
"You gave me a key," he showed her the key, then tossed it at her head. It
struck her in the eye.

"OW!" she screamed, clutching her eye.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry," Matt moved in to embrace his girlfriend.

"Get the HELL out of here, Matt!" Mary leaped to Shawna's side, holding her
with one arm and pushing Matt away with the other.

"Let her go, Mary!" Matt grabbed his sister's arm and twisted it until it
almost snapped.

"No, you let ME go!" Mary snarled, tearing free from him at the last instant.
Before she knew what she was doing, her foot snapped up in a karate kick to
Matt's groin. Her brother doubled over in a grunting heap. In a second, the
three other girls in the room descended on his fallen body. Hard feet were
everywhere, kicking his ribs, his groin, his ass, his head, his knees, as he
rolled around on the floor trying to escape their fury.

"How does that feel?" the biggest of the strange girls berated Matt as her
large feet stomped on the back of his neck. "How do you like it?!"

Matt couldn't get away. They were everywhere. He peered through his bloody
pupils and saw his own sister and his beloved girlfriend joining in with the
trio of attackers. They were barely recognizable. "Mary... Shawna...
please..." But no one in the room was listening to him, and everything just
faded into blackness.


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