7th Heaven: Seventh Heaven Part 7 (M/f,inc,ncon,fingering)
by Pred ([email protected])

Eric Camden tapped his fingers nervously on the kitchen counter as he waited
for Sergeant Hastings to pick up the phone. * What has gotten into her? *
His mind drifted back to Annie and the scene that had just unfolded in their
bedroom minutes before. * It's that Magazine, * he reassured himself. * If
I can just find out where it came from and how it got into Deena's hands,
then I can put a stop to all this. *

"Reverend?" Sergeant Hastings' voice interrupted Eric's thoughts.

"Yes, Stan," Eric answered.

"What's up?" Hastings asked.

"We have a little problem." In the next two minutes, Eric explained the
basic situation. Deena had brought a hardcore pornographic magazine into his
house, and he wanted to know where it had come from. Hastings listened
intently as the Reverend described the Magazine in detail. When Eric was
through, he paused and waited for the police sergeant's reply.

"I can't say for sure where that magazine came from, Reverend, but I can tell
you one thing," Hastings assured him. "No one bought it in this town. We
have ordinances against the commercial distribution of hardcore pornography

"I know that," Eric replied. "That's what has me so disturbed. I'm as big
a proponent of free speech as any American, but this... filth... is
indefensible in any capacity." Whenever Eric grew angry, he tended to choose
his words very deliberately, as if he were writing an extemporaneous sermon.

"Agreed," Hastings commiserated. "But unfortunately it's not illegal to own
such material."

"Do you have any idea how a young teenage girl like Deena could have gotten
her hands on this magazine?"

"A few..."


"You said the magazine has a lot of sick stuff in it... like lesbianism?"

"Yes," Eric tried to control the venom in his voice. "It also shows women
anally assaulting men with artificial devices."

"Strap-on dildos...?" Hastings was reading off his notepad.

"Yes, I believe that's what they're called."

"Have you ever heard of a coffeehouse over by the college? It's called
Sisters of Athena. It's a Ladies Only club, if you get my drift...?"

"I'm sorry I don't see the connection," Eric was confused.

"Ladies Only...?" Hastings repeated. "Ladies who don't want men around...?"

* Oh my God, Mary... * A cold chill suddenly bit through Eric's frayed
nerves. " daughter, Mary," Eric stammered. "She went there
tonight... with my son's girlfriend. I... I thought it was a political-type

"Oh, it's political all right," Hastings observed. "Have you ever heard of
a book called the SCUM Manifesto?"

"Yes," Eric nodded. "It was written by that woman who shot Andy Warhol..."

"Valerie Solanis, right..." Hastings cut in.

"I still don't see what all this has to do with hardcore pornography..." Eric
was very confused.

"Well, it's pretty obvious to me," Hastings answered. "These... lesbians
down at Sisters of Athena are trying to convert all the girls and women in
this town to their... perverted lifestyle. It's a cult. They want to
eliminate all men from society. It's all there in SCUM Manifesto. What
you're describing from that Magazine sounds like typical lesbian mind
control. They're brainwashing girls like Deena with those pictures. They
start with normal heterosexual intercourse to desensitize the young female
mind, then they start introducing a whole host of perverted concepts like
lesbianism and male submissiveness. This way they can turn little girls
against men and make them... lesbians. It's pure mind control."

"And you think these... women at this coffeehouse are distributing hardcore
pornography to minors in order to convert them?" Eric couldn't believe this.
It made no sense. Lesbians were supposed to be against pornography because
of its links towards rape and domestic violence towards women. In fact, it
was the one and only issue in which lesbians and feminists stood hand in hand
with the Christian community. The idea that lesbians could be distributing
pornography to minors was absurd... or was it?

This certainly wasn't normal pornography, not even normal hardcore
pornography. The overt lesbianism and female dominance separated it from
the typical, male-centered misogyny that was the staple of the adult
"entertainment" industry. As far-fetched as it seemed, maybe Hastings was
onto something here?

"Listen, I'm going to e-mail you some web sites I've been investigating,"
Hastings interrupted Eric's train of thought. "You can see for yourself.
It's all right there." He paused. "You know, this kind of stuff is out of
bounds for me. Even perverts have civil rights in this country, and even
though it makes me sick sometimes it is my job to protect those rights. You
don't have such... restrictions, however."

"I'm not sure I'm following you." Eric was puzzled.

"You're a man of God, and people listen to what you say. You can address
these issues on the pulpit and maybe wake this town up. If these... lesbians
start getting the idea they aren't welcome here, maybe they'll move on and
leave our little girls alone."

"Are you suggesting that I use my position to start a... witch hunt." Eric
was confounded that an officer of the law could even make such a suggestion.

"Your daughter's over there right now, Reverend," Hastings replied. "Can you
honestly tell me you're comfortable with that? They could get to her, you

"That's ridiculous," Eric shook his head. "Mary likes boys... a little too
much, maybe. There was a little incident in the back of a police car, if you

"We're talking mind control, Reverend," Hastings cut him off. "It doesn't
matter what the girls used to be like. When these... lesbians get through
with them, they are total robots... zombies. It's a cult, and Mary is in
real danger." He paused. "Just check out the web sites, and then we'll see
if you're still so... liberal."

"I have faith in my daughter's faith," Eric tried to sound confident. But
images of Annie crept back into his consciousness.

"I just hope you're right. Bye."

* * *

"I just got off the phone with Reverend Camden," Deena's father glared down
at the scared, young teenager. "He told me what you were doing this
afternoon .. with Simon."

"Daddy, I..." Deena shrank back against the headboard of her bed. Her
lower body was under the covers, and all that was visible was her pretty
face, her arms, and the top of her oversized, Backstreet Boys nightshirt.
"I'm sor..."

CRACK! No matter how much she cowered back, her father's open hand still
reached her jaw.

"I told you NEVER to take those magazines out of this house," he grabbed her
by the hair. "You little whore!" he spat in her eyes, and the spittle mixed
with her tears. "Did you fuck him, you little whore? Did you?"


"No, daddy, no... I swear... noo..." Deena wailed.


"I own you, whore," her father yanked her face up to his so they were eyeball
to eyeball. "I own every fucking hole. You know the rules. You don't give
your pussy away until I fucking say so!" He spit in her mouth, and she
couldn't help but retch.

"I didn't, daddy," she bawled. "I didn't do anything."

"That isn't what the Reverend told me. He told his wife caught you with your
tits hanging out." He reached down, pinched her tiny nipples through her
oversized nightshirt and twisted the tender, teenage tit-meat until it was
purple. "And your little boyfriend had has dick out, didn't he...?"

"No, daddy..."


"Don't you LIE to me!" he screeched in her ear. "Don't you ever fucking lie
to me!" In a split second, he had the covers torn off. He manhandled his
daughter onto her tummy and pulled the bottom of her nightshirt up. She
squirmed and kicked like she always did. He pressed his knee into her bony
back and cracked the wind out of her small lungs. His beefy, callused hands
jabbed scraped her upper thighs and then tore at her flimsy cotton panties.
In a second, they were shredded and balled up in his fist. "Open your
fucking mouth, whore!" he slapped the back of her head.

Deena shook her head furiously, her jaws clenched as tight as they would go.

"I said open your FUCKING mouth!" he wrapped his beefy, callused fingers
around her throat and shook her head up and down while she gasped
hysterically for air. He pushed her face into the pillow, and darkness and
pain submerged her whole being. She kicked her legs and flailed her arms
while he strangled and smothered every last ounce of strength from her
slender, bony body. "Are you going to open your mouth now, whore?" he bit
her earlobe.

With her last remaining ounce of strength she opened her jaws and turned her
face towards him. She saw him smile before he stuffed her wadded panties
hard into her mouth. Gagged and broken, she offered no resistance at all as
he pulled up her nightshirt. Everything became dark again, as he tied the
nightshirt over her head and through her arms. She could do nothing now but
flop forward against the mattress and wait for the inevitable.

The cool air licked at her exposed, virgin pussy, and she could feel her
insides betraying her as they always did. The dampness seeped out her labia
and moistened the sparse nest of pubic hair that tufted around her privates.

"That's my little whore," her father snickered as he rubbed his hands across
her glistening, moist mounds. "All wet and ready, just like a whore should

"Ngggllhh... she groaned as she felt his rough fingers pry open her pussy
lips and stretch them to a width wide enough to fit four of his fingers.
She could feel the tender skin of her privates tear and give way to his
molestation. He turned his hand in circular motions, screwing his fingers
deeper into her tender recesses while his other hand came down on her narrow
ass-cheeks with a resounding SMACK!

"This will teach you to take my magazines out of my house and give away MY
pussy to some limp-dicked little sissy faggot," he ranted. "You fucking
whore!" he spat on her bruised butt cheeks as he continued SMACKing her ass.
"I swore I'd keep you a virgin, and I will if I have to fucking kill you.
You don't share MY pussy with anyone! I own each and every one of your
holes, and I'll tell you who and when you FUCK! Do you got that?"

"Ygghhll..." she groaned as he pummeled her skinny bottom and tore at her
insides with his chipped fingernails.

"I don't think you do," her father grunted, the sweat dripping from his brow.
It was such hard work disciplining his willful young daughter. But no one
said it would be easy raising a teenage daughter and keeping her a virgin in
this day and age.

Sometimes, like tonight, her sobs really bothered him, and he wanted nothing
more than to take her in his arms, soothe the pain, and hold his little girl
again. But he couldn't afford such weakness. Deena needed a strong father
who would discipline and protect her from all the horny boys out there who
only wanted one thing. His daughter's pussy... HIS pussy. When her crying
got bad like this, he was thankful for the panty-gag and the nightshirt tied
over her head. He would make sure she never disgraced him and the family by
surrendering her pussy to some juvenile pretty-boy like Simon Camden. He was
her father, and he could not shirk away from that responsibility, no matter
how difficult it became. She wasn't a bad girl, she just needed to learn.

* * *

* Something weird is going on, * Lucy Camden told herself as she crept out
of her room. It was late, Mary wasn't home yet, and her Mom and Dad had
been fighting. She'd never heard her father slam a door like that before.
She'd stayed awake, tossing and turning, waiting for her father to come
back upstairs, apologize to her mother, and return the Camden household to
normalcy. But nothing had happened. Her mother hadn't come out, her father
hadn't reappeared, and Lucy Camden was starting to become really scared.

"Can't sleep either, huh?" Simon's voice startled Lucy. He emerged from the
shadows of his room.

"Don't do THAT!" Lucy hissed. "You scared me to death."

"Sorry," he shrugged his shoulders.

"What are you doing up?"

"Can't sleep," he answered. "I have a lot on my mind."

"You got it pretty bad from mom and dad, huh?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah," he nodded.

"Do you have any idea what they were fighting about?"

Simon shook his head. "I was listening to my Walkman. I just heard the door
slam. I haven't heard anything since."

"Me neither," Lucy bit her lip, trying not to sound as worried as she was.

"It was just a fight," Simon caught her expression, and tried to reassure
her. "People fight all the time. It doesn't mean anything."

"I know," Lucy grimaced. "But it's mom and dad. Mom and dad!" she repeated
for emphasis.

"Did Mary come in yet?" Simon asked.

"No," Lucy shook her head. She, too, wished their big sister was present.
Mary had a way of calming everyone's nerves and putting stuff into
perspective. Now that Matt had moved out, the eldest Camden daughter was
doing that a lot lately.

"Why's everyone still awake?" Ruthie emerged from her bedroom door rubbing
her eyes. "What's going on?"

"It's nothing," Simon patted his little sister on the shoulder. "Just go
back to bed."

"I can't," Ruthie cried softly. "I heard mom and dad fighting. I can't

"Hhhh," Lucy sighed. "You can come in my room," she hugged Ruthie. "Come
on." The two girls vanished back into Lucy's and Mary's room. Simon looked
into the silent shadows for a second, and then went back into his room.

* * *

Eric glared at the words and web-page graphics that assaulted his senses.
THE SOCIETY FOR CUTTING UP MEN, read the banner. He'd just finished perusing
the SCUM Manifesto. Before that night, he'd only heard of the document and
read some quotes from it. He'd always imagined it was some kind of satire,
and the quotes he'd seen cited taken out of context. Now that he had read
the entire essay, however, he knew how mistaken he'd been.

There is existed in the world a dangerous lesbian underground intent on
gendercide. The links to the site established this fact beyond doubt. One
link connected the browser to a huge site of archived, sadomasochistic and
lesbian hardcore pornography. The theme running throughout the collection
of pictures was female-female love, female domination of males, and the
sadistic, torturous treatment of males. The site included, among other
things, photos from the Magazine Deena had brought into his home. But there
were even worse pictures - male rape, forced castration and penis severing.
In one particularly depraved series of photos, a man was anally violated with
long metal rod that ended up emerging, blood-coated, from his mouth.

Another link took the browser to a site run by a woman named Steph Walker.
Ms. Walker advised young teenage girls to hate all men and accept the Sapphic
lifestyle. Steph's site was linked to another site of interest - The Sisters
of Athena Website.

Hastings, it appeared, hadn't been casting aspersions. The photos, the
links, the trail back to the Sisters of Athena confirmed it all. A lesbian
cult was at work in Eric Camden's hometown, corrupting young girls and
distributing hardcore pornography as part of their brainwashing evangelism.
Eric opened up his WordPerfect program and began working on this week's
sermon. Sergeant Hastings had been right. The law couldn't do anything
about this sickness, but God certainly could. HE just needed a voice strong
and brave enough to address the crisis head-on.

"For this cause, God gave them up unto vile affections," he started to type,
knowing the passage from Romans 1:26 by heart. "For even their women did
change the natural use into that which is against nature..."


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