7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 8 (M/FFFFf,FF/f,ncon,femdom)
by Pred ([email protected])

Matt Camden's ears started working before his eyes. Spots of sound burst
against his eardrums like fireworks, momentarily lighting the sky of his mind
before fizzling and dwindling into the darkness.

"... the phallocracy wants to burn us at the stake..." a woman's voice sliced
through the dark fog in Matt's brain.

"... I...I don't know..." that was Mary's voice.

"... you're either with us in the struggle, or you're part of the problem..."
another woman's voice.

"... enabler..." another female voice drifted in.

".... Is that what you want, Mary? Is that kind of world you want your
daughter growing up in?" the first female voice asked.

"I just can't accept that men have NO purpose," Mary protested. "My father
is a decent guy, he doesn't want to oppress anyone."

"Just like your brother?" the first woman asked.

"I... You don't..." she paused. "Matt was just reacting emotionally. He
didn't realize what he was doing."

"He knew perfectly well what he was doing," the second woman answered. "His
BITCH stepped out of line. He was trying to slap her back in line."

"My brother wasn't going to hit Shawna," Mary kept at it.

"Really?" the first voice replied. "Then why did you kick him. You
obviously perceived he was some kind of threat to Shawna, and like a True
Sister you reacted and protected your Sister..."

"I...I got carried away," Mary stammered. "I wasn't thinking rationally..."

"You mean you weren't 'thinking' the way the phallocracy has programmed you
to think. You were 'being emotional,' being a 'crazy woman.' Can't you see
what they've got you believing?" the second woman came back into the
conversation. "You protect a Sister, and suddenly you're crazy. Why don't
we just give you a hysterectomy while we're at it? That'll calm you down."

"Can't we just untie him?" Mary asked. "He's my brother. He doesn't need to
be tied up like that. He's not going to hurt anyone."

"You're right about that," the second voice laughed.

"Uffff..." Matt grunted beneath a sharp kick to his groin. Pain seared
across his bare flesh, and it was only then that he realized he had been
stripped naked. Nerve endings along his skin began to flip on like light
switches. He suddenly became aware of the position of his body. He was on
his back. His arms were pinned behind his back and his wrists lashed
together. His legs were spread and a wooden brace separated his ankles.
His penis, scrotum and asshole were fully exposed to any abuse his captors
desired to inflict. His tongue pressed against something solid, and his
jaws couldn't move. He tasted rubber. He was being gagged with some kind
of ball. He still felt too weak to even open his eyes.

"I wonder if he can hear us," the first voice kicked at Matt's exposed
crotch. "How about it, bitch? Can you hear us?" she kicked his ribs, and
he heard a crack.

"Uff," Matt puked.

"Look at the little worm," the woman kept at it, kicking him in the ass now.
"I ought to pound a mud hole in your ass, worm. I ought to show you what it
feels like to get fucked. How does that sound, worm?" she yanked his head
back by his hair so that his neck snapped up. "You're fucking asking for it.
Look at you."

Matt felt something long and hard rubbing up against his exposed anus.
Somehow he knew what it was. He cringed as he felt something press into the
dry ring of his sphincter. "ugghhhhh..." he huffed in anguish as he was
cored like an apple. He tried to fight it, tried to tighten the muscles of
his ass and prevent the assault, but the force was relentless. Laughter
seared into his ears. He thrashed and writhed, but the pressure kept
bearing down on his tensed sphincter until he could no longer resist.
"aaawwwwooffhh..." he grunted when the long, hard tube split open his tight
young butt like an overripe peach.

The pain was excruciating and rhythmic, like a jackhammer tearing his colon
to shreds. He was getting fucked up the ass... sodomized like a homosexual.
And to Matt Camden's horror, the assault stimulated his flaccid penis. He
felt his cock swell and creep down his leg.

"Just like all big tough men," the voice teased. "Stick a dick up their ass,
and they become a little girl. How does that feel, tough guy? How does it
feel to be a little girl?"

Hips pounded against his ass-cheeks and the thick, long tube impaled him up
to his lungs. He tried to fight his impulses, but they were too strong.
He was grinding back against the strokes that sodomized. Instinctively, he
rubbed his hard dick against the carpet. The friction burned the turgid
skin, but he couldn't stop. He humped his dick against the floor while he
was savagely anally raped.

The room was filled with laughter. Hands slapped his blasted ass-cheeks.
The rape-thrusts became furious, inhuman. He increased his own humping, and
suddenly his balls spurted a sticky flood of sperm all over the carpet and
his stomach.

"And that's how you turn a girl into a woman," the voice continue berating
him as the anal assault continued at a steady merciless pace. "Anyone else
want some of this pussy?"

"Come on," Mary begged. "Stop it. Shawna, tell them to stop it."

"Maybe Mary's right .." Shawna sounded almost compassionate.

"Look at him?" the first voice railed. "Is that what you want, Shawna? Look
how pathetic he is. I just fucked his ass, and he came like a pussy. He's
worthless, just like all men."

Matt felt a foot rub his exposed penis and mash his scrotum hard.
"ooowwff..." he squeaked.

"We should castrate him," the second voice hissed. "That'd teach him a
FUCKING lesson. That'd teach him not to mess with a Sister."

"You guys are acting crazy," Mary's voice sounded positively terrified. "Let
him go. We can talk about this. Matt'll understand."

"Like your father will understand?" the first voice asked. "Do you really
think your older brother and father are just going to accept that their
darling little Mary is a lesbian now? Do you?"

"You don't know them," Mary started. "My dad's not like that..."

"Your father worships God the Penis," the first voice spit. "Men enslave
women. Women are property. Men populate the world by rape. That is the
Word of your father's God. Women loving women are witches, burned at the
stake. Your dear father and brother would light the flames if they thought
it would Save you for them. They'd rather see you dead than see you be WHO

"HHRRFFGGLLL," Matt tried to spit the ball gag from his mouth.

"You don't believe me?" the first voice asked. "Let's just see what he

The rubber taste popped out of Matt's mouth. Air rushed between his stiff
jaws. He struggled to open his eyes. A thin crust of dried blood cracked
along his eyelids as they fluttered open. "Fuck you, you sick dyke..." Matt
managed to gasp before a thunder of feet pulverized the tender, flaccid
flesh of his penis and scrotum. "Is this what you want to be, Mary?" he
asked his sister. "A rug-munching, man-hating pervert. You know it's
wrong... sick... against the Word of God!" More boots pounded into his
naked flesh. "You'll burn in hell, Mary .. like all these sick dykes... burn
in hell..." he repeated before his voice was submerged beneath the agony of
his groans.

When Matt Camden looked up, he saw Mary glaring at him, her eyes bleary with
tears. She wasn't objecting anymore as the feet kicked him across the floor
like a soccer ball. When they stopped their assault, Matt felt hands pulling
at his still-erect penis, then a sharp squeezing sensation around the top of
his scrotal sack.

Through the bloody haze, he made out the form of Shawna. A large bandage
covered her eye. Matt suddenly remembered the key he'd thrown at her eye.
He could have blinded Shawna. Any compassion he felt for her vanished though
when he saw her hands. She was the one slipping some kind of tight rubber
band around his nut-sack. "Fuck you, Shawna," he spit at her.

"You're the one who's FUCKED, Matt," Shawna squeezed his testicles until he
felt one of his balls rupture. Matt started vomiting on reflex, his whole
body going limp with anguish. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the
icy glint of a long-handled knife. He felt the cold sharpness of the steel
press against the soft pink of his tender manhood.

"Stop," he heard Mary plead. "Stop please..."

"Only if he begs," the largest of the three strange women snarled. "Let's
hear you beg, worm," she chucked Matt under his chest.

"F...fuck you, dyke..." Matt managed to gasp.

"Where's your God now, worm?" the large lesbian baited him.

"He's here, dyke," Matt spat. "And He sees you. All of you! And He will
make you all pay. You're all going to burn in Hell, all you fucking dykes!"

"Stop it, Matt!" Mary begged her brother. "Stop saying that!"

"Just shut up, Matt." Shawna wrenched his other testicle now. "We're giving
you a chance to save your precious nuts. Now just beg for mercy. That's all
you need to do. Just beg for mercy."

"You fucking dyke," Matt spat in his girlfriend's face. "You make me fucking

"Stop it, Matt!" Mary pleaded. "Stop saying that!"

"You, too, Mary," he kept ranting. "You make me fucking sick, too. I can't
believe you'd do this... turn your back on mom and dad and all of us... and
God! If you let them do this, you'll never be part of the Camden family
again... EVER! Think about it, Mary... a lifetime alone and then an eternity
in Hell with the rest of the lesbos, faggots, child molesters and other
perverts. Is that what you fucking want, Mary? Is that what you're willing
to trade... just so you can eat some pussy?"

"STOP IT!" Mary leaped at her brother and kicked him square in the mouth.
One of his teeth popped out and lodged in his throat. He gagged on it, and
choked up the tooth and a mouthful of blood. "STOP IT!" she continued to
rage, her fists beating her brother about the face and chest.

Two of the girls pulled her off Matt. "Do you see what we mean, Mary?" the
skinny redhead asked. "There's your brother for you. There's your

"He deserves this," the large lesbian waved the knife at Mary. "All men
deserve this!"

"I... I don't know..." Mary sobbed.

"All he needs to do is beg for mercy," the large lesbian told Mary. "The
decision is his."

"Please, Matt," Mary sobbed. "Just do it. You'd do it if you... if you
really loved me."

"I can't love you like this, Mary," Matt responded. "If you're with them,
you're no sister of mine."

"Fuck you, Matt!" Shawna suddenly exploded. "Do it," she goaded Steph.
"Hack off his fucking dick and feed it to him. Do it!"

"It's up to Mary," Steph looked at the eldest Camden daughter and shrugged
her shoulders.

The universe froze. Every eye in the room was fixed on Mary. Even Matt had
stopped talking now. "We... we're better than this," Mary finally stammered.
"We do this, and we're no better than THEM." Her voice grew stronger. "That
isn't what we want, is it...? To become THEM? That isn't the example we
should be showing our Sisters and Daughters. Is it...?"

Steph lowered the knife, and Shawna glared in Matt's eyes. "You're lucky.
She just saved your ass," Shawna spit in Matt's eye.

"I didn't fucking ask for HER mercy," Matt shot back. "You're still sick,
Mary. You're still going to burn in hell..."

"Just untie him and dump him outside," Mary turned her back on her brother
and started out of the room.

"You can't turn your back on this, Mary," Matt screamed at his sister's back.
"You can't just walk away..." His ranting was cut off my another kick to the
head. This time, his universe went dark.

Steph stopped back from Matt's unconscious form.

"Let me talk to her," Shawna started towards the door.

"No," Steph shook her head. "I'll go." Steph followed Mary into the
hallway. Mary was in Shawna's bedroom. Her face was buried in her hands,
and she was crying. Steph sat next to Mary and put her thick arm around the
weeping teen. "Shh..." she brushed back the hair from Mary's eyes and softly
kissed her fluttering eyelids.

"It's never... I'll never..." Mary sobbed, unable to speak through the

"Shh..." Steph gently lowered Mary's head into her wide lap. Mary curled up
her head and body into a fetal position.

"He's right..." Mary sobbed. "I'm a freak... we're all freaks. My mom... my
dad... my family is never going to love me again."

"And if you never admitted the truth, you wouldn't love yourself either,"
Steph answered. "Would that be better?"

"Why does it have to hurt so much?" Mary wept. "Why can't I just... why
can't we just...?" She broke down again.

"Hush..." Steph petted the girl's soft brown hair. "You can't change the way
things are. No one can. I lost my family when I came out. You might lose
yours. Sometimes that's the price we pay for honesty... for truth... for

"My mom and dad won't be like that..."

"You didn't think your brother would be either," Steph observed. "Listen,
I'm not trying to depress you more, but I have to be honest. Don't ever
expect anyone to understand or support you except for the Sisters. We're the
only ones who know the Truth. We're the only ones who will ever love you
unconditionally again."

"I hope you're wrong," Mary looked up into Steph's eyes. "I have to have
faith in my mom and dad and my family."

"I hope they don't hurt you," Steph stroked Mary's cheek with the back of her

"I... I don't know how to say this," Mary stammered.


"This," Mary raised her head and kissed Steph on the lips. "Make love to me
again," she whispered in the big girl's ear. "I want to feel you all around
me, inside of me... everywhere."

Moments later, their souls were as naked as their bodies. Mary lay on her
back and sucked in Steph's essence. The large lesbian lowered her face to
Mary's aching pussy and her cunt to Mary's ravenous mouth. Mary had heard
of this position somewhere before, only she never knew until now why it was
called 69. They were attached in an endless cycle, a ying and yang of mouth
and cunt.

The seconds slipped through their bodies like fingers and tongues. Mary felt
hopelessly lost and totally safe all at the same time. Time stopped when
Steph's thighs closed around Mary's ears. Mary bucked her hips into Steph's
face, bathing the large girl's face in the deluge her teenage passion. They
buried themselves in each other, like earthworms in search of moister, richer
were even worse pictures - male rape, forced castration and penis severing.
In one particularly depraved series of photos, a man was anally violated with
long metal rod that ended up emerging, blood-coated, from his mouth.

Another link took the browser to a site run by a woman named Steph Walker.
Ms. Walker advised young teenage girls to hate all men and accept the Sapphic
lifestyle. Steph's site was linked to another site of interest - The Sisters
of Athena Website.

Hastings, it appeared, hadn't been casting aspersions. The photos, the
links, the trail back to the Sisters of Athena confirmed it all. A lesbian
cult was at work in Eric Camden's hometown, corrupting young girls and
distributing hardcore pornography as part of their brainwashing evangelism.
Eric opened up his WordPerfect program and began working on this week's
sermon. Sergeant Hastings had been right. The law couldn't do anything
about this sickness, but God certainly could. HE just needed a voice strong
and brave enough to address the crisis head-on.

"For this cause, God gave them up unto vile affections," he started to type,
knowing the passage from Romans 1:26 by heart. "For even their women did
change the natural use into that which is against nature..."


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