7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 9 (Ffff,inc,blasphemy)
by Pred ([email protected])

"Where have you been?" Eric Camden's voice cut through the 4AM darkness and
froze his eldest daughter in her tracks.

Mary Camden hadn't expected anyone to still be awake, least of all her
father. She was way past her curfew, and she knew she was going to have hell
to pay for that. But there was something else in her father's voice, a
grimness she had never heard before. * Matt! * the thought shocked her back
into the reality of her situation. The girls had dumped his unconscious body
off at his apartment. They estimated he wouldn't come to until later that
morning. * But what if they were wrong? What if he got up? What if he
called here? What if dad and mom know everything?! *

"Dad...?" she ventured, not knowing what else to say.

"I know where you were tonight, Mary," her father's grave voice sent shivers
up Mary's spine. "I know who those women are and what they're doing. Now
all I need to know is what you did tonight."

"Dad, it's late..." Mary tried to deflect the interrogation. "Can't we...?"

"We're going to talk about this now, Mary," Eric took her arm and forcefully
led her into the study. He slammed the door behind them. The only light in
the room came from the glow of his computer monitor. Mary read the screen.
SOCIETY for CUTTING UP MEN blared out in bold red letters. "Look at this,
Mary. Look at what your new friends are all about!"

The Reverend Camden shoved his daughter into the chair and held her there
with one hand as he began clicking the mouse with the other. Image after
image of lesbian sex and debased men poured into her eyes. Twenty-four hours
ago, she would have sobbed at him to stop. Now she just drank the images in.
This was nothing compared to the real thing, what the girls had done to Matt.
Part of her wanted to scream these things to her father, but her better
judgment won out. She just sat there, and waited for the flurry of photos
to end.

"And do you know who's connected to this site?" Eric hissed in her ear. He
clicked on a link, and the Sisters of Athena web page appeared. "These are
your new friends, Mary. Sick perverts who corrupt young girls with their
sick pornography."

"I'm hardly a young girl, dad," Mary spoke for the first time in almost
fifteen minutes.

"I'm not talking about you, Mary," her father whirled the chair around so
that he was facing his daughter. "I'm talking about young girls like Deena.
She brought a hardcore lesbian pornographic magazine into this house
yesterday, and she got that filth from your new friends at the Sisters of
Athena coffeehouse."

"You're nuts," Mary fired back. "The Sisters don't give kids pornography."

"These are the same pictures that were in the magazine Deena brought over
here," Eric kept at her.

"They're porno pictures, dad," Mary challenged him. "They're everywhere.
These web-sites just scan magazine photos."

"What did they do to you tonight, Mary?" Eric pressed. "Did they try and
turn you into a lesbian?"

"I am a lesbian, dad!" Mary was shocked by her own bravery, shocked that she
could even form the words before her father's stern face.

"You are not!" Eric shouted. "They've brainwashed you!"

"Get a fucking clue, dad," she relished using the f- word in front of her
father. "No one can brainwash you into being a lesbian. Now let me go!"
With strength she never knew she possessed, Mary Camden sprang to her feet
and hurled her father hard against the study window. As he collided into
the drapes, the impact dislodged the curtain rod from the trellis and he
was covered in a billow of taffeta.

"Eric?" Annie Camden burst into the study followed by Lucy. "What is going
on in here?"

Mary turned to her mom and sister, and saw Ruthie and Simon clamoring down
the stairs.

"Ask YOUR daughter. She's the one who THINKS she's a lesbian," Eric's body
shook with rage. His eyes bugged out, and for a second his wife thought he
might be having another heart-attack.

"WHAT?" Annie looked from her husband to Mary.

"It's true, mom," Mary decided honesty was the best policy at this point.
Let the chips fall where they may. "I'm a lesbian. I've always been a
lesbian. I don't like men sexually. I've just been pretending, trying to
be 'normal.' While I'm not 'normal,' and I'm through pretending, okay...?
You can disown me, you can hate me, but you can't change me. No one can
change me. SO DEAL WITH IT!"

"That's right, deal with it. That's everyone's solution to everything
these days. We've lost our moral compass. We're all self-obsessed and
headed straight for HELL. DEAL WITH IT! Great advice, Mary. Ethnic
cleansing, deal with it! AIDS, deal with it! Kids killing kids in high
schools, DEAL WITH IT!" Eric dismissed his eldest daughter with a disgusted
wave. 'I've had enough of this... enough of all of you. SO DEAL WITH IT!"

Everyone watched in silence as the Reverend Eric Camden stormed out of his
study. "Daddy..." Ruthie tried to stop her father with an embrace.

"Get out of my way!" Eric shoved his youngest daughter hard to the ground.

"Eric!" Annie screamed at him, throwing herself to Ruthie's side.

"Daddy!" Ruthie bawled.

"DEAL WITH IT!" Eric cocked his shoulders and glared at them all.

"Dad, I think you're having some kind of attack," Simon stepped between the
Camden women and Eric. "Calm down."

"Oh, this is great!" Eric tossed his head back and roared. "My son the
faggot telling me to calm down. How did your sperm taste, Simon? Come on,
why don't you tell your mom and sisters what it felt like to masturbate on
your little girlfriend and then lick your own sperm off her breasts. Why
don't you enlighten us all?"

"Dad..." Simon burst into tears.

"Oo, I guess that's something else we can all deal with now," Eric quipped.

"Get out of this house RIGHT NOW, Eric!" Annie shouted as she soothed the
bump on Ruthie's brow. "GET OUT!"

Eric threw up his hands and stormed out of the Camden house. Simon went
running up to his room sobbing. This left only the Camden women, alone and
shivering in the study.

"Mom?" Lucy started hysterically. "What's happened to dad?"

"He's a man," Mary shrugged her shoulders. "Steph was right. Men are
nothing more than brutes who use their penises as weapons."

"Mom, Mary said 'penis,'" Ruthie sobbed.

"Penis, penis, penis, penis..." Mary spit. "What's the big fucking deal?

"Mommy, make her stop talking like that," Ruthie whined.

"Mary..." Annie started at her daughter.

"Screw this mom," Mary threw up her hands. "I'm tired of living in dad's
house. And you are, too!" she pointed her finger at her mother. "I know
you are. You and every other woman on this planet. We don't need THEM!
Don't you understand? This is your wake-up call. Freedom lies just around
the corner. Boot his self-righteous, patriarchal ass out the door and start

"Mary, he's your father," Annie snapped.

"He's an asshole, mom, a passive aggressive soul rapist who worships a dead
God of platitudes and genocide. FUCK HIS GOD! FUCK HIS PRECIOUS JESUS

Stone silence, the silence of metamorphosis, the silence of shy butterflies
beating their wet, filmy wings in the warmth of a new sun.

A snicker. All eyes turned to Lucy Camden. She collapsed on the floor in a
THE FUCKING ASS..." she howled. She kicked her legs up in the air. Mary
fell atop her sister in a fit of arms, legs and laughter. "FUCK HIS PRECIOUS

Annie Camden cracked a big smile and wiped the tears from Ruthie's face.
Ruthie looked at her sisters, and then to her mom. Her young ears had never
heard such horrible language. IT WAS WRONG! Yet, her mom was laughing now,
too, and Ruthie saw Annie mouthing the mantra over and over again under her
breath. "Mom...?" Ruthie asked her mother between sobs. "Why are you all
saying that? Why...?"

"Because we can, dear," Annie got down onone knee and looked her youngest
daughter in the eye. "We're free now. Finally free. We can do and say
whatever we want. Your father and his god are gone from this house. Can't
you feel it?"

"I don't feel anything," Ruthie rubbed her eyes.

"Exactly," Mary hugged her little sister. "Isn't it wonderful?" Her eyes
lit up and she pulled Ruthie down to the floor, kissing her pretty young

Annie now sank to the floor, too, her lips and arms seeking out Lucy. Lucy
seemed to tense slightly as Annie cuddled up to her and pressed her lips
against Lucy's mouth. "Mom..." Lucy gasped, but Annie covered her fears with
a warm wet mouth and gentle tongue. Lucy's body went rigid when she realized
her own mother was French kissing her. But, as Annie's hands began to softly
caress the fifteen-year-old's pert bosom, Lucy's suddenly apprehension
suddenly evaporated. An instant later, her own tongue tentatively joined in
the passionate dance until the two were joined in an oral tango.

"Mom! Lucy!" Ruthie gasped.

"It's all right," Mary nuzzled up against Ruthie, running her hands over her
sister's tiny, elfin body. "We're all Sisters."

"Hey, that's what Steph said yesterday," Ruthie recalled.

"Mm hmm," Mary kissed Ruthie's neck as she began pulling the tiny nightshirt
off her sweaty, prepubescent body. "Steph knows a lot of cool things. Do
you want me to teach you some of them?" Mary cajoled her little sister as
her tongue pecked at the grade schooler's pink nipples.

"That feels good," Ruthie leaned over to kiss Mary. When their lips met,
Mary gently eased her tongue into the little girl's mouth.

"Ooo, that tickles," Ruthie giggled.

"I know," Mary kissed her again, and this time Ruthie's own tongue crept out
to investigate. Mary worked off her vest and turtleneck as she taught Ruthie
how to French kiss a woman properly. In a minute, her torso was bare except
for her bra. She took Ruthie's small hands and placed them on her bra cups,
squeezing them around her aching flesh.

"You have such nice..." Ruthie began. "Um..."

"Breasts," Mary laughed. "Or you can call them boobs, or tits."

"I like boobs," Ruthie giggled.

"Do you want to suck on my boobs?" Mary asked.

"Mmm hmm," Ruthie nodded.

"Come and get them then," Mary giggled as she lay on her back. Ruthie
climbed on her and began instinctively kissing and licking Mary's belly
button. Mary ran her hands through her little sister's hair, and gasped
as Ruthie slowly played her tongue in swirling circles. * She's a natural,
* Mary laughed to herself. * I should have known. A chip off the old
block. *

Ruthie worked her mouth up to Mary's bra, then lifted it up over her sister's
tits and began nursing on her jetting nipples. Mary hoisted Ruthie's body up
so that her little, bald pussy was within reach. Then Mary gently began
massaging her sister's miniature cunt petals until Ruthie began to moan and
suck harder on Mary's tits.

"You can put your hands inside me, too," Mary instructed her sister. She
unzipped her corduroys and snaked out of her slacks and panties until they
were down at her knees. She took Ruthie's tiny hand in her own and placed
it on her hot, moist cunt.

"Wow, it's really wet in there," Ruthie gasped and her little eyes bugged

"That's because you're so cute," Mary explained. "When a Sister thinks
another Sister is cute, her pussy gets all wet and warm. You can put your
fingers inside me," Mary guided Ruthie's hands up into her sopping snatch.

"That feels real cool." Ruthie kissed Mary's tits.

"You feel that little bump?" Mary placed her little sister's hand on her

"Mm hm," Ruthie answered.

"That's my clitoris," Mary taught her. "You have one, too. When you rub
your clitoris, it feels real good." She demonstrated by stroking Ruthie's
clit gently. At Ruthie's tender age, the erogenous zone wasn't fully
developed yet, but it still gave her a pleasurable sensation. She purred
and buried her face in Mary's heaving bosom. "Try it on me now," Mary

"Okay," Ruthie moaned. She began rubbing her tiny hand over her big sister's
inflamed clitoris, and Mary shuddered with delight.

"That feels soooo good, Ruthie. Soooo good."

Ruthie giggled and continued manipulating Mary's button, following her big
sister's hands as they directed her where and how to rub and pet. With her
other hand, Mary teased pleasure into Ruthie's prepubescent pussy, and they
played together like two frisky puppies until Mary howled, kicked back her
legs and drenched Ruthie's hand with the essence of newfound femininity.

"Your sister came," Annie whispered into Lucy's pussy lips as she licked
inside the hood of the fifteen-year-old's exposed clitoris. "Come on, Lucy.
You can do it," Annie pleaded. "Cum for your mom. I want to taste your

"Ooooo," Lucy moaned. Her legs were spread wide and Annie was feasting on
her pussy with abandon. "That feels sooooooo good," Lucy wailed. "Oh, mom,
I love you soooo much. Oh I want to cum for you sooo bad."

"Just relax, dear," Annie coached her daughter. "You're among Sisters now.
There's no need to be all nervous. This isn't a contest. This is all about
pleasure now. That's the difference between men and women. Women want each
other to feel pleasure. Men just want all the pleasure for themselves."

"Man, mom, I never thought you'd understand all this," Mary smiled at Annie.

"Just because I'm your mother doesn't mean I'm not a woman," Annie replied.
"You and your lesbian friends didn't invent pussy eating, you know...?"

"I can see that," Mary laughed. "You go girl," she quipped. "Eat that
spoiled little bitch pussy. Make that little baby dyke cum like a tidal

"Can I kiss your pussy like mom's doing to Lucy," Ruthie asked Mary.

"Sure," Mary nodded. "You might as well learn now. Move your lips down to
my pussy." Mary pushed her sister's head down and spread her legs. "Now use
your tongue like you were losing your fingers."

"Like this?" Ruthie asked, darting her small, catlike tongue across the hood
of Mary's puffy clit.

"Oh, yeah!" Mary laughed. "That's the ticket. Lick right there." She
pressed her little sister's mouth into her pussy and gently ground her hips
against the girl's face.

"I'm going to slide my tongue up your ass now," Annie told Lucy.

"Go for it, mom," Lucy lifted her bottom off the ground slightly to give her
mom better access.

Annie slid two fingers into Lucy's vacant pussy and wormed her tongue into
her tight asshole. Her daughter squirmed. She had never had a tongue up
her ass before. Annie held her down and let her grow accustomed to the
sensation. Lucy's pussy responded by pumping out more juice. Annie diddled
her daughter's clit with a furious rhythm while she buried her tongue up the
teenager's ass-pipe.

"Oh I'm going to cum now, mom, I'm going to FUCKING cum!" Lucy thrashed about
wildly as her convulsed and flooded with hot teenage passion. "FUCK! FUCK!
FUCK!!" She loved finally being able to say that word. It made her strong.
It made her female, it made her whole.

"Mary, don't you think you should give Ruthie a present now, too." Annie
sidled up to her eldest daughter and pressed her sex-smeared lips into Mary's
smiling mouth. The two exchanged tongues and the taste of Lucy's young,
virginal fuck for a moment.

"I get a present," Ruthie was suddenly a small child again. "What is it?"

"It's a surprise," Mary told her. "Now lie on your back."

"Are you going to lick me like I licked you?" Ruthie asked.

"Mmm hmmm," Mary smiled. "Now just lie back and relax. Spread your legs.
That's it. Look at the beautiful little bald pussy."

"Have fun," Annie grinned at her eldest daughter before Mary dove into her
little sister's tender, prepubescent pussy. "And you, young lady," Annie
turned to Lucy, "have some more things to learn."

"I don't know if I really want to... you know... eat pussy, mom," Lucy
stammered. "I mean I don't want to be a lesbo like Mary. I think I'm bi.
I mean thinking about guy's dicks really turns me on, too."

"No daughter of mine is going to go out in the world without knowing how to
eat cunt," Annie Camden informed her daughter. "I don't care if you like
cock, too. You are going to learn how to enjoy pussy, too. You won't ever
be a real woman until you do."

"Okay," Lucy arched her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders.

"Come here, baby," Annie lay on her back, hiked up her nightgown and spread
her legs wide, revealing a glistening, blonde pussy. "Let mom show you how
it's done."

Lucy placed her face hesitantly against her mother's moist nest, taking a
few curious sniffs. She knew what female sex smelled like. The aroma
permeated her skin whenever she masturbated. But this was different. This
was the musky odor of a fully mature woman, a woman who had born seven
children, a woman in serious heat. Lucy couldn't help but be intimidated
as she stared into the very birth canal that had once born. She almost
pulled away, but her mother was too quick for that.

Annie Camden had now grabbed her daughter by the back of her hair. Lucy had
no choice but to follow her mother's lead as she gently yet forcefully guided
Lucy's quivering lips into her sopping snatch. Annie gasped when Lucy's
mouth grazed her puffy clit. She wrapped her wobbly thighs around Lucy's
head and pressed her daughter deep into her essence. Lucy grew intoxicated
with the aroma, and began lapping at her mother's cunt with abandon.

"Slow down," Annie coached her daughter. She stroked Lucy's hair as she
instructed her. "That's it. Around my clit. You're a woman. You know what
feels good. Tease the skin right around the hood. Now lick. Lick. Right
there. LICK IT, Lucy. Lick your mom's cunt. Your mom is so proud of her
beautiful daughter. OH YES!" Annie's body began to twist under Lucy's
ministrations, and she squeezd her thighs even harder around her daughter's

Lucy Camden was lost inside her mother's cunt - licking it like an ice cream
cone, savoring every moist morsel of cunt meat that filled her mouth and
lungs with its womanly presence. * God, I am really licking her well, *
Lucy thought to herself in delight. * I am really licking my mom's pussy
like a real woman. I'm going to make her cum. I'm going to make my mom cum
with my mouth. *

"Now slide your fingers in, honey," Annie's whole body shuddered. "One at a
time... fuck them in and out of my pussy while you lick. KEEP ON LICKING.
Lick. Right there. OH, YES! Right there. Lick right there and fuck your
fingers in and out of my pussy. You can do it harder. You won't hurt me.
Put in another finger now, so you're fucking me with four fingers and licking
my clit. Come on, baby. Make your proud mommy cum."

Lucy was doing everything her mother told her, and the results were awesome.
Annie was flailing her arms about and squirming about on the floor, almost
tearing away from the anxious teen. But Lucy kept at it, chasing her
mother's cum with her tongue and fingers. Then she got an idea. Her mother's
tongue had felt so cool licking her ass. Maybe her mom would like some anal
stimulation, too.

Without hesitating Lucy lifted her mom's bottom off the floor and slicked up
her other hand with the plethora of pussy juice that seeped from her mother's
womb. Turning her mother slightly on the side, Lucy dipped her index finger
into Annie's puckered sphincter. Annie's body went rigid and the older woman
began thrashing about wildly.

"OH THAT'S IT!" Annie wailed. "Fuck my ass with your finger. OH JESUS
FUCKING CHRIST I'm GOING TO CUM!" Annie Camden's body locked into a furious
spasm. Lucy held on for dear life, tasting every last second of her mom's
orgasm while she pounded into Annie's holes with her strong slender hands.
"Oh, you're such a good girl..." Annie praised her daughter. "I'm so proud
of you. You make me cum so good... so good... so fucking good..."

"You see, Ruthie, mommy just got her present," Mary giggled into her little
sister's bald pussy as she flicked at the grade schooler's premature clit
with her tongue.

"That feels real good, Mary," Ruthie smiled and kicked her legs around like
a lady bug on its back. "Keep licking me like that." She paused and sighed.
"I'm real sorry about throwing the ball at you during practice yeserday."
Ruthie suddenly blurted.

"I know," Mary smiled and kissed her little sister's pussy tenderly. "Don't
sweat it, okay...?"

"Okay," Ruthie grinned through her huffing and puffing. "It feels real weird
down there, Mary. Good weird, but weird..." Ruthie stammered. "My stomach
feels all... all..."

"Like it's knotted up?" Mary asked.

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Because that's what happens when you start to get your present," Mary
explained as she strafed the girl's pin-prick clit with even harder tongue
strokes. "You feel all knotted up inside, and then everything just... well,"
she grinned, "you'll see."

"I really want my present," Ruthie whined. "Come on, Mary, give me my
present." The little girl squirmed around, and Mary had a hard time keeping
her mouth on Ruthie's bald pussy.

"Looks like your sister could use our help," Anne kissed Lucy on the lips.
"Come on. All for one, one for all."

Lucy giggled, and she and her mother crawled over to Mary and Ruthie. "Move
up her legs so I can lick her ass," Lucy told her older sister. Mary smiled
and hoisted up Ruthie's tiny bottom and turned her slithly sideways. Lucy
grinned, kissed her little sister's adorable butt and then snaked her tongue
up the grade schooler's asshole.

"Oooo, that tickles..." Ruthie giggled. "Ooo, Lucy... ooo... oo..."

Annie quieted her youngest daughter by lifting her head and smothering it
with motherly pussy. Annie placed Ruthie's head in her lap, and the little
girl started exploring her mommy's cunt with an eager, investigative tongue.
Every time Mary or Lucy struck a tiny nerve ending, Ruthie's tiny body would
twitch and spasm. The three elder Camden women patiently coaxed little
Ruthie towards her first orgasm. It was often hard for a girl her age to
experience true orgasm, but the Camdens had faith in little Ruthie. She was
a chip off the old block. She was special. She would cum.

Annie rubbed the girl's flat tits. Her small body writhed about in ecstasy.
Mary chased the cum she could feel building in Ruthie's miniature clit. Lucy
licked the inner walls of Ruthie narrow ass canal. Ruthie kicked about
wildly. "I think I have it!" she wailed. "I think I have my present..." her
moans drifted into a violent huffing and puffing.

Annie, Mary and Lucy thrilled to the delicious taste of Ruthie's first,
premature orgasm. They licked and sucked her all over while she rode out the
rest of her cum-seizure. "I am so proud of you," Annie beamed while Ruthie
licked her clit, the tremors in her young body subsiding into shudders.

"I think everything's going to be all right," Lucy hugged Mary, and the
sisters exchanged a passionate, open-mouthed kiss.


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