7th Heaven: Seventh Hell Part 10 (f/m,M/m,ncon,smbd,femdom)
by Pred ([email protected])

"An evil has gripped our fair town," Eric thundered from his pulpit. It was
Sunday morning, and the church was packed. Eric had been bombarding the city
with leaflets all week. THE LESBIAN MENACE, read one. JESUS NOT SAPPHO,
read another. Everyone in town was aware that the Reverend Eric Camden had
been kicked out of his home. They were also aware that his wife and three
daughters were now avowed members of the town's growing and increasingly
vocal lesbian community.

In many ways, the pews were packed with gawkers, curious townspeople who
longed to see a scandalous show involving the previously implacable Reverend
Camden. Eric's pamphlets had outlined the MENACE threatening their families,
their town, their way of life. The minister had provided details about the
Magazine Deena had brought into his home, the debaucheries going on at
Sisters of Athena coffeehouse, the brainwashing off young women like Mary and
Lucy, the violence being perpetrated on males like his own son, Matt, the
websites, the exploitation of little children... all of it.

Matt was the only other Camden at church that morning. He sat in the first
pew, his bruised face and broken body quivering in rage as Eric tore into his

"... You've all no doubt read my pamphlets by now," Eric continued. For
those who hadn't, they'd been handed out at the door. Parishioners were
reading them as Eric railed. "So I won't go into all the horrific details
again. I don't need to. You can see for yourself what those sick twisted
lesbains have done... not only to my family, but my community... OUR
community. Look at my son. He was beaten by these degenerates. They would
have castrated him if he hadn't fought them off and escaped. You notice my
wife and daughters aren't here. That is because this CULT has brainwashed
them and taken them from the bosom of God.

"But I'm not the only one this blight has afflicted," Eric searched the
congregation and spied Deena's father. "Stand and come up here," he told the
man. Deena's father rose slowly and dragged his hulking form to the front of
the church. "This man's daughter was given pornography by these WITCHES...
pornography showing lesbian sex acts and violence towards men, pornography I
found on their own website. These WITCHES took away this man's daughter.
They are probably abusing her right now, just like they will soon be abusing
all your daughters and sons..."

Suddenly the church doors opened. Daylight and fresh air streamed into the
stilted silence. All eyes turned to the door and saw Mary Camden enter, arm
in arm with a large woman who had to be a lesbian. Shawna entered next
between a beautiful blonde girl and a thin, boyish-looking redhead. Next
came Annie Camden holding hands with her two youngest daughters, Lucy and
Ruthie. More women and girls filed into the church in total silence, their
eyes glaring down the center aisle and boring into the fiery, loathing gaze
of the pastor, their arch enemy, Eric Camden.

"Your house of god is a house of LIES!" Mary hurled the words at her father.

"I'm calling the police and having you removed," Eric spat back at her. He
flipped open a cell phone and started punching in numbers.

"Don't bother Reverend," Sergeant Hastings entered the church now followed
by two other people - Simon and Deena. "I think we should take this all
outside," he advised.

"I will not be chased off my own pulpit in my own church..." Eric started.

Deena's father looked about nervously and started slowly for the back door.
"Going somewhere, child molester," Mary Camden grabbed his arm.

"Let him go, Mary," Eric demanded. "There will be no violence against men
in my church."

"Get real, dad," Mary snapped at him. "The only violence going on here was
this CREEP molesting his daughter. Or didn't he tell you...?" Mary asked.
"That was his magazine Deena had, wasn't it?" she grabbed the brute by the
balls and squeezed. "Wasn't it?"

"Fucking dyke, let me go," he tried to push out of the way, but Mary's grip
on his balls was too tight. He twisted to the ground in pain.

"That's enough, Mary," Eric stormed. "Let him go!"

"That's not enough, dad," Mary spat at the cowering brute and kicked him.
"Tell him, Deena. Tell everyone what your god-fearing father did to you in
the name of their god."

"He beats me!" Deena screamed. "He strips me naked, calls me a whore and
beats me. He puts his fingers inside me and violates me. The magazine was
his. He has hundreds of them down in the basement."

"This is a lie!" Eric shouted.

"I'm afraid not, Reverend," Hastings shook his head. "We got a warrant and
checked it out. I also had to take a restraining order out on your son.
Seems Matt's not the big hero you've been painting him out to be. Shawna's
filed assault charges on him. The ladies were acting in self defense. As
for you," he pointed now at Eric. "You're not to set foot within 10,000 feet
of your home or any of your family."

"This is insane," Eric looked about wildly.

"I'm sorry, Reverend," Hastings shook his head. "I'm just doing my job."

"DEAL WITH that, dad," Mary smirked at her father's back as he turned from
the pulpit and stormed out the backdoor into the church's offices.


"Hold still, bitch," Lucy Camden slapped her younger brother Simon's bare
ass. "Let Deena slam that big black dick into your cherry ass."

Deena giggled as Simon squirmed about on the pommel horse. The thin, teenage
boy was lashed over the apparatus, his naked ass exposed to the greased,
strap-on dildo that Deena wagged in her hands. While he shifted and
squirmed, she beat his ass with the hard black head.

"I think he needs more pressure on his nuts," Annie advised from the couch.
She and Mary were watching the festivities while playing with Ruthie and

"Gotcha," Lucy nodded. She reached down and tightened the scrotum screws
piercing Simon's dick. The teenage boy shrieked and the women in the room
all laughed.

"Come on, bitch," Deena slapped Simon's ass. "Spread those legs. You know
you want it," she jeered as she shoved her black, strap-on dildo deep into
the boy's virgin crevice. "That's it, bitch. Scream for me. You're such a
nice bitch. Fuck that big black dick, you pussy bitch. Ride it!"

"That looks fun, mommy," Ruthie giggled. "Can I fuck Simon's ass with the
dildo next?"

"You have to wait your turn, dear," Annie petted her youngest daughter's
hair. "Lucy's after Deena, then you."

"It's done," Steph, Laurie and Kara emerged from the stairs holding little
Sam and Dave Camden. The babies were still bawling. A female doctor
followed them into the living room.

"The surgery was a success, Annie," the doctor nodded. "You now have two
healthy baby transsexuals." The doctor lifted the babies' swaddling clothes
and displayed two small artificial vaginas where their little baby dicks once
hung. "With the hormone shots, you'll have two little girls in no time."

"When can lick the babies' new pussies?" Ruthie asked with childlike wonder.

Annie looked at the doctor.

"Give it a week or so, until the new tissues completely heal," the doctor

"Cool," Ruthie ran up to the babies and hugged Laurie and Kara. "Will you
guys play with me until I get to fuck Simon in the ass with the dildo?"

"Sure," Kara picked up Ruthie's naked body. "Let's all take a shower
together." Laurie handed the other baby to Annie, and in a second, the trio
was scampering up the stairs.

Steph sat between Annie and Mary and shared a kiss with the teenage

"I love you," Mary whispered to Steph.

Shawna took the baby from Steph and she and Annie put them in their crib
while Mary and Steph began to make love. Simon was bawling like a rape
victim now as Deena brutally banged his ass and Lucy choke-fucked him with
her own foot-long, black strap-on dildo.

"Things are certainly never boring around her," Shawna observed. Then she
paused. "Do you ever wonder about Matt or Eric anymore?" she asked.

"Oh, they'll survive," Annie laughed. "Men always do."

* * *

"Hi, my name's Matt," Matt Camden looked sheepishly at the crowd of men
circling him. "And I'm a survivor of male rape... Everyone nodded. One man
in particular smiled. Matt liked that smile. He wondered if this man would
take him out for coffee afterwards like the man from the night before.
Matt's ass still hurt. He smiled, and continued sharing...

* * *

Eric Camden locked eyes with the teenage boy. He was dressed in the typical
grunge fashion, and was carrying a skateboard. Eric walked over, patted the
boy on the shoulder and walked by him. An instant later, he could hear the
boy's footsteps behind him as they entered the long hallway.

Eric Camden loved the shopping mall. It was so easy here. The bored boys
hanging out looking to make some spare money. Eric entered the empty
restroom and washed his hands. The boy followed. He set his skateboard
down. Eric walked into a stall and left the door unlatched. The boy glanced
about then followed.

"Hey, Reverend," the boy smiled as he whipped out his dick. It was
seven-inches long and thin like a spike.

Eric placed his lips on the head of the boy's prick, but the boy batted it
away. "Cash first, Reverend," he demanded with his outstretched hand. Eric
fished the money out of wallet and handed the boy a $20. The boy shook his
head and put up two fingers. "I had to raise the price," the boy explained.
"The cops are all over this place now."

"I understand," Eric nodded and handed the boy the extra $20. Eric had been
sucking boy's cocks in public restrooms for the last twenty years, ever since
divinity school. It always made him feel better when the stress got too bad.
No one had ever known, not Annie, not the Major, not his kids... no one. Not
even god.


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