7th Heaven: Simon's Heaven (m/fff,inc)
by Anonymous

Simon was apparently alone when Matt had a date, and his parents had a
meeting at church. Ruthie was supposed to be at a friend's house, Mary was
going to be home soon, and Lucy was in her room watching the twins.

He recently enjoyed being alone; it gave him time to think about... certain
things, and people. His favorites were his sisters.

Simon imagined what he would do if only he had the chance, and tonight, he
figured, was as good as any night to make his moves.

After ten minutes, he walked into Lucy's room, and she looked a little tired.
"Hey Simon, could you watch the twins while I take a shower for my date
tonight?" Just as she finished her sentence, Ruthie walked in the room. "That
party stunk."

Simon had an idea. "Ruth, watch the twins", and after a grumbled sure, Simon
led Lucy to the bathroom. "Luce, I'm gonna help with your shower."

"Uhm Simon, that's a little weird." He just pulled her closer and told her to
turn on the shower. "Trust me," was his reply. Once the water got warm he
told Lucy to get undressed, that he wasn't looking, when he actually was.

She hesitated, but after a minute, knew that if she didn't get ready, she
would miss her date. She pulled her tight tank top off, and yanked down her
nightie pants. When Simon noticed that she wore only a revealing bra
underneath, and panties that barely covered her up, he instantly got hard.

Lucy noticed this and was at first distressed that Simon had looked, and
worse that he was getting hard off her, but decided to make a game of it.

Simon, meanwhile, thought that heaven was on Earth, and wished to hell that
he could finally fulfill his deepest dream, fuck his sisters.

Lucy twirled around, and making a show of it, slowly undid her bra strap.
Simon couldn’t contain himself, and sat down on the toilet, to play with
himself. Seeing his sister's beautiful breasts, finally, made him get harder
and harder.

She told him to get undressed and join her in the shower. Still wearing her
panties, and him his boxers, now a tent, the two stepped in the large shower.

Lucy said, "Go ahead, suck my tits." Seeing this as his best opportunity, he
complied, and started to suck his sister’s nipples. She decided that she
enjoyed it, and asked Simon to go harder, to treat her like a slut.

"Gladly," was his reply, and sucked harder and faster, all the while, water
streaming down their bodies. Stepping out of the way he turned the water cold
then warm, making Lucy’s nipples get harder, and causing her to shriek with
fright, and delight. He started back on her and sucked her hard till she
came; getting her fluids mixed in with the shower water. Not stopping there
he said, "Suck my cock, or you don't get to go on your date."

"Please, no," was her answer, but knew that it would be the best date of her
life. Simon pulled off his boxers tossed them on the floor, along with the
other discarded clothes, as Lucy made her way down level with his cock. It
had to be 9 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide! She only went on half way, and
seeing this, he pulled her all the way down his shaft, right up to his body.
Getting the idea, she continued this way, almost gagging each time he pulled
her to him, his cock stuffing her throat.

Yelling, "I'm cumming," he spurt his jizz into her mouth, while telling her
to swallow all of it. She did, and he felt hornier than ever. Getting down on
his knees, he pushed aside her panties and started to tongue her clit. Lucy
came in his face twice. She then, in response got down, and told him to fuck
her - doggystyle. Placing his shaft by her entrance, he teased her, making
her beg for his fat cock. "Just fuck me already Simon!"

He began to, and noticing that she was not a virgin, was giving him a feeling
of satisfaction. So others have had some of her pussy, that is wonderful. He
went on, her breasts shaking with each thrust. After a while, she shrieked,
"I'm cumming!" and a "Me, too!" from Simon. He came inside his sister, which
was the best thing in his life thus far.

After hearing noise in the bathroom, Ruthie left the twins, and opened the
door to the bathroom. Seeing her sister being fucked made her horny and she
stripped to play with herself. Simon stepped out first, and seeing Ruthie
like that made him hard again.

"Simon, I want you inside me." Was what Ruthie first said, and Simon obliged.
Although, he was at first unsure, should he? But he remembered, she's twelve,
she knows all about sex. And although her tits weren't fully developed he
sucked hard anyway.

His little sister was soon moving in rhythm with him, and he felt himself
saying that she's done this before. Wondering when, he lost all thought and
was soon seeing himself fucking his twelve-year-old sister.

After ten enjoyable minutes in ecstasy, Simon came inside Ruthie, and his two
sisters were now pregnant because of him. He loved it.

Simon then said to Lucy, "Sixty-nine it with Ruthie!" and, with only a few
complaints from the girls, they started to eat each other out. Simon once
again was hard, and started to stroke his cock.

Just as he was about to cum, Mary waked in. Simon went limp with fright,
while Lucy and Ruthie, still going at it, came in the other's face.

"What the fuck is going on?" she screamed, and Simon, in as cool a voice as
he could said, "We're having an orgy party, care to join?"

"I..." but couldn't finish her sentence, for she was too over come by Lucy,
now behind her, who began to grab and play with her lucious breasts and
nipples. "Mmm..." was all she could say and turned around to meet her sister.
"Why don't you take off that confining blouse and bra and let Simon have some
fun; it feels so good!" Lucy exclaimed.

"Why not, I had a crappy date tonight." After taking off her top layers,
Simon finally saw Mary, in her topless glory. Not wasting even a second, her
grabbed her left breast with his free hands and started to suck with all his
might on her right.

Meanwhile, Lucy was fondling Simon's balls, while sucking his cock, and
fingering Mary's ass hole. Throughout this, Ruthie was getting horny again,
and figuring, what the hell, started to eat out Mary, and stick her entire
hand up Lucy's cunt.

Finally, with a shriek from all three, Lucy came on Ruthie's hand, Mary shot
her juices in Ruthie's mouth, and Simon blew his load in Lucy's anxious and
awaiting mouth.

"Now," Simon said, "Mary, lick Lucy's jizz off Ruthie's hands; then Ruthie,
drink my jizz from Lucy after Mary swallows her own from you." After this was
done, Simon said to Mary "You can sixty nine it with Lucy now."

And although Lucy was getting tired from everything, getting on top of Mary
got her riled up enough to go at her sister's cunt like a wild woman. She
even was able to swallow all the cum that Mary presented her when she reached
orgasm. And while Lucy and Mary were going at it for three and more rounds
with each other, Ruthie was giving Simon one of the best blowjobs he'd ever
had. What surprised Simon, was that Ruthie was able to swallow every last
drop of him. What made him almost curious was, was how she was able to suck
him all the way to the end of his shaft without hesitation.

Simon then pulled Mary over to him and started to French her and she wasted
not a second in returning such a favor. After several minutes, Simon laid
Mary down and the two started to sixty-nine it just like everyone else had
done before. Just as Simon was about to cum, he got up, and depriving Mary of
an orgasm, got ready to fuck her doggy style. Mary was now hornier than ever
before and grabbed at her own tits. This time, right before he was going to
cum, Simon pulled out of Mary, and spat on her back pretending that he had
cum. When she turned to see what had happened, Mary got a face full of jizz.

After having Lucy clean her sister Mary up, Simon told Mary to get ready to
be tit fucked. She did, and had the best time as her brother slid his fat
cock up and down between her lucious, ample breasts. Her groans would have
been heard by anyone in the house they were so loud, except that they were
all alone. After he came all over her breasts and face, he tit fucked Lucy,
and with some difficulty, Ruthie as well.

Finally, after working up some courage, he decided that he just had to cum in
all three of his sister's cunts tonight. He told Mary to lay down on her
back, and then get ready for the best fucking ever.

Doing exactly what he did to Lucy, Simon played around the entrance to Mary's
sweet fuckable lips until she grabbed his body and pulled him into her. He
almost came right then, but he managed to control himself. He had to have fun
with her. And, he decided, Lucy wasn't done for the night. While still
fucking Mary, he ate Lucy out. All during that, Mary started to grab and pull
on Lucy breasts and nipples, causing Lucy to groan again and again.

With a scream, Mary came, and as her pussy contracted on him, Simon came deep
inside of Mary. Just as Simon came in Mary, Lucy came all over his face, with
him trying to swallow as much as he could. And as Lucy came, Mary pulled her
face to her own and Frenched her younger sister.

After they had all been spent, they rested in each other's arms, feeling like
they had had a wonderful evening. They would have many more nights like this,
even after they had gotten married, and Simon, above all enjoyed these nights
the most.


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