7th Heaven: Simon's Initiation
Part 2 - Two Hours Of Hell For Lucy (m+f,ir,inc,ncon)
by Scorpio

Lucy crawled into her bedroom and draped the top half of her body over her
bed. All the guys just stood there for a minute and admired her super sexy
ass. Lucy had her knees on the floor with just her torso on the bed. Her
phenomenal tits were being squashed with her body weight and the guys could
see the swell of her magnificent breasts poking out from under her body. She
was resting her head on her arms quietly weeping. She jumped when she felt
a hand stroke her beautiful ass. The realization came to her that one of
these guys was going to try and take her virginity. She started to pull
away, one last ditch attempt to make a run for it. But she didn't even raise
herself off the bed when one of the guys grabbed her by the wrists and
stretched her across the thin part of the bed. Steve was behind her holding
her legs and slowly stroking up and down the inside of her thigh. Lucy
started to struggle but Steve continued to stoke her ass as he held her arms
tight. Lucy realized that she had no chance against these four large guys,
so she decided to try to reason with them (or beg if she needed).

"Listen guys you really haven't done anything so bad yet so why don't you
just leave now before things get out of hand!" The guys just laughed as Steve
continued to stroke Lucy's ass and slowly started to cup his hand over her
exposed pussy. "Please don't do this, please."

Lucy was getting hysterical knowing that she was going to lose her virginity
by having these boys rape her and there was nothing that she could do about
it. All the guys started to take their clothes off, except for Larry who had
to grab hold of Simon again when he tried to help his sister.

"Please Steve, don't do this. I'm a virgin she blurted out." Steve didn't say
anything as he inserted his middle finger into her sweet little pussy. "Ahh,
take it out!" yelled Lucy as she felt the pressure of his finger enter deep
into her innermost self until she felt him hit her hymen. She didn't really
feel any pain just a uncomfortable pressure. Steve had been thoughtful enough
to use some baby oil that he found on Lucy's makeup table to lube up his
finger before he put it up her puss. He slid his finger in and out a few
times before he added another. "No, no, no!" Lucy started crying as he added
finger after finger until he had three of his fingers sliding in and out of

Steve was incredibly excited as he felt her velvety ass. Lucy had a fine
peach fuzz covering her backside. He couldn't believe how tight she was as he
used some baby oil to help him slide his finger into her hot little snatch.
He kept sliding his fingers into her adding one at a time until he had three
fingers sliding in and out. "I've been wanting another virgin," said Steve as
he started rubbing his cock up and down Lucy's little slit.

"Please don't," Lucy tried again as she felt Steve's cock rubbing along her
puss and position right at the entrance of her virgin puss.

Steve lined his cock up with Lucy's virgin pussy and slowly started to shove
it in. "Oh man is she ever tight, wait until you guys feel this." Just to get
the head of his cock into her he felt like he had shoved himself into a hole
half the size of his cock.

Lucy let out one long moan as she felt Steve slowly shove himself into her
most untouched place. She hadn't even put her fingers inside herself the few
times she had rubbed her clit when she masturbated herself. Steve's cock felt
like it was in the proverbial vise. He felt his cock hit the membrane inside
her keeping her a virgin. He slowly stroked in and out with just a portion of
his cock, just so he would be well lubricated when he made his initial
thrust. "Man oh man guys here goes," Steve pulled back and shoved hard. He
plunged right through her hymen and bottomed himself out totally burying his
cock right up to his pubes in her oh so tight wet pussy.

Lucy let out a piercing scream as Steve ripped through her virginity, she
felt a hot searing pain as she was speared through and filled up with a penis
that felt like it was the size of a base ball bat. Steve just stayed still
buried to the hilt inside Lucy's pussy, then he started stroking in and out
of her now deflowerd puss, the most unbelievable sensation he had ever felt.

"Man oh man Lucy, your the tightest virgin I've ever had the pleasure of
fucking." He kept up a slow smooth rhythm for a few minutes but the
unbelievable tightness of Lucy's pussy was taking its toll on him, after all
he was only fifteen years old.

Lucy kept on screaming so Ron held both her arms in one hand and raised her
head up by her hair with the other. She felt someone grab her by the hair and
yank up on her head. Lucy screamed a little more from the pain in her puss
and now it felt like someone was pulling her hair out by its roots. Just as
her head was yanked back, practically at a right angle to her back a penis
was shoved down her throat. The thing that was different from before is that
Ron's penis is twice the size of her little brothers. Ron shoved his cock
into her mouth and with her head being at the angle it was at he was able to
keep going and shove right down her throat until his balls were bouncing off
her chin. Lucy was gagging and shrieking at the same time with a penis in her
mouth and her puss at the same time and now they both started to thrust into
her from both ends. Ron started thrusting in and out of her mouth, caught up
in the warm wet cavity and totaly enjoying not only the feeling of her mouth
as he pushed in and out, but also the vibration as she screamed and moaned
around his cock.

Steve was now moving his hips erratically as he neared his orgasm. Lucy
grunted as he slammed into her, bringing Ron closer to his orgasm. Steve
knew his orgasm was close and slammed into Lucy one last time as he shot
spurt after spurt deep into her. At almost exactly the same time Ron
started to cum, most of his cum shot strait down Lucy's throat but he
pulled out most of his cock as he finished cumming with just the head of
his cock in her mouth filling her mouth up with semen. Lucy felt Steve
stiffen with his penis buried deep inside her and she knew that he was
filling her with his semen, and to her it seemed at the same time Ron was
literally shooting down her throat. Steve lay across her back as his
orgasm subsided and Ron filled her mouth with his salty slimy spun

Lucy just lay there mentally and physically exhausted as the two boys pulled
out of her. She just lay on the bed hoping that her ordeal was over.

"Ok Simon, its your turn," said Steve as he pulled out of Lucy's still tight

"Come on Steve, I can't do my own sister, that's incest."

"You don't understand Simon, you don't have a choice, if you don't fuck her
right now we will put that video we made on the internet. We shot it in such
a way that we can edit us out of it and it will look like you got the blow
job of your life from your own sister. Now get going and mount her like the
slut that is and she will be by the time were done with her."

Not really having a choice in the matter and also making it sound like he
didn't want to (when in fact he was so hot he couldn't wait to) he got in
behind his sister. He could see Steve's spunk sliding out of his sister's
slit and running down the inside of her legs. Simon slowly eased up behind
his sister and slowly put his dick into her hot moist passage. Even though
Steve just finished fucking her Lucy was tighter than he ever could have
imagined. This was Simon's first time and it was secretly oh so sweet that
he was fucking his big sister Lucy. He grew up with his two hot sisters and
watched with fascination as they both developed into two of the hottest
girls in school. They were always running around the house in panties and
little thin t-shirts, or coming out of the bathroom wrapped in nothing but a
little towel. He even peeped into his sisters' bedroom on many an occasion
from the tree outside their bedroom.

He couldn't believe the sensation as he slowly slid his dick into his sisters
hot box. Hey guys turn her over so we can get some too piped in Pete, and
Larry. Without having to pull out his dick Lucy was rotated so she was laying
face up on the bed with her head hanging over the edge on one side and Simon
fucking her on the other. She was pretty well defeated so she just lay there
while she was fucked and groped. Pete put his cock in her mouth and ordered
her to suck it as Larry climbed up on her stomach and mounted her tits. Lucy
just lay in a daze unable to fully come to terms with what was happening to
her. Was that really her little brother pistoning in and out of her no longer
virgin puss. She also was not quite up to the reality of the fact that three
guys were using her body at the same time.

The three of them were not going to last long, especially Simon. It was his
first time and he was fucking the object of many of his jerk off fantasies.
Larry had squeezed Lucy's tits together and was going to town just as Larry
was getting the blow job of his life. Lucy started sucking Larry thinking
that once all of them had orgasms that they would leave her alone and go
home. Simon couldn't believe how much better this was than jacking off in
the bathroom while he took his shower. He pumped in and out of his sister
getting lost in the most wonderful sensation of his life, no matter that he
was raping Lucy. She was totally degraded by the experience. The three of
them using her body didn't care how Lucy felt about what was happening her.
They each stabbed in and out of her each quickly reaching the point of no

Simon was totally lost inside his sister and all of a sudden started cumming.
He quickly pulled out and sent spurt after spurt onto her bald pussy and
stomach. Just a minute behind him Pete pulled out of Lucy's mouth and covered
her face in his goo. With her face and stomach covered Larry started to cum
all over her tits. Lucy felt nothing but pain and total humiliation as the
guys each took their turn covering her in their sperm. Just a few hours
before she was a happy innocent girl, but now here she was with the sperm of
five guys, (one of them her own brother) dripping from her once virgin puss
and covering her total body.

It was in and on her stomach, in and on her puss, and in and all over her
mouth, face and tits. Then she blinked as a bright light went off in her
face. One of the guys was taking pictures of her goo covered body, and she
realized the whole thing had been video taped again. Just when she though
things couldn't get any worse she heard a two distinct shrieks coming from
the doorway. Mary got home with the youngest Camden girl Ruthie. Mary came
home with little Ruthie and heard noises coming from upstairs so she went
to investigate, Ruthie naturally followed. Mary couldn't believe what she
was seeing. Five guys surrounding a naked Lucy three of them actually using
her body like a cheap slut. It took her a minute standing there in shock to
realize the guy doing Lucy was none other that her little brother Simon.
They all pulled out of her and sent their semen all over her body and then
started taking pictures of her naked cum covered body. That's when she made
a terrible mistake, she ran into the room screaming for them to get off her
sister and get the hell out.

Steve just grinned and grabbed her putting a hand over her mouth and picking
her up off her feet. "One of you guys grab the little one before she runs
off, the fun has just started."

End part 2


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