7th Heaven: Simon's Initiation Part 5 - The Aftermath (mg,mf,Mg,inc,nc-cons)
by Scorpio

Over the past week the Camden house had a little different mood. Lucy was
quiet and a little moody, but Mary, Ruthie and Simon seemed to be getting
along really well. All four of the camden children that had been involved
in Simon's little incest rape club reflected a little differently than the

Mary who was by far the most experienced of the four had a total blast with
the four jocks and her little brother. It had always been a secret fantasy
to be fucked by more than one guy at a time. Getting to see her uptight
sister Lucy be used by all the boys, especially her little brother had been
a real kick. Then seeing little Ruthie first sucking a big cock then sharing
her brother's cock was wild. But the best yet was seeing Ruthie pulling a
train by sucking and fucking all five guys was hotter than anything that she
could have ever imagined. As it was she masturbated in the shower every day
thinking about it. She only wished that the guys had made her lick her little
sister's pre-teen pussy. Mary had wanted to taste another woman's pussy for
a long time but the opportunity never came up. Now having seen both of her
sisters naked in such an illicit display made her fantasize all the more of
actually getting into a little girl on girl action herself. Little Ruthie's
tiny immature pussy was almost too adorable to pass up. Oh well, maybe if the
guys came back like Steve said, she would get her chance. She knew that if
she could manipulate the guys into making her suck Ruthie's pussy that they
would all get off on watching.

Lucy had never been so humiliated and abused in her whole life. After what
she had gone through she was sure that she could never be humiliated more
than she already had been. She didn't realize that not only could she be more
humiliated, but that she would be, and in only a few days time. She thought
the worst of it was being made to strip in front of all those strange guys,
but then when they made her suck off her own brother it was worse. But it
just got worse and worse. First being fucked by all of those guys including
her own brother, and having all of their semen splattered all over her body
starting with her face. But when Simon, her own brother who she knew and
loved, fucked her in the ass, it was the most physically painful thing that
she had ever gone through. Then having all of the guys stand over her and her
sisters and rain there cum down on her face, she just wanted to crawl into a
hole and hide. The very worst thing about the whole thing, the part that none
of the people involved could imagine, (not her brother, sisters, or the guys
involved) was that deep down in a part of her where her secret fantasies
lived Lucy had liked being totally degraded and controlled.

Ruthie was a little confused by what had happened. On the one hand most of
what she had felt had been really good feelings. But when Simon had ripped
through her hymen the pain had been unbearable. It was true that by the end
of all the guys doing her like she saw them doing Mary that the pain had
started to go away. The two days after she could barely walk but she was
able to hide it from her parents, they were so busy anyway that they hardly
had the time to notice. It helped that she learned from her experience where
her clit was and rubbed it every night in bed before she went to sleep.
Ruthie didn't understand why Lucy was so quiet over the last week but her
biggest sister Mary gave her little smiles and winks all week, giving her a
nice feeling about the whole experience. After being initiated into sex the
way she was Ruthie had a sort of a subliminal programing to liking the feel
and taste of a guys semen. It helped that Simon had snuck into Ruthie's room
three times in the last week and had more sex with her, each time finishing
up in her mouth so that she got a big load of semen to swallow each time.

Simon lived the following week in a sort of nirvana. How many guys could say
that they had fucked three different girls at the same time, much less the
three girls being his beautiful sisters. He felt a little guilty about his
sister Lucy. She seemed a little depressed and withdrawn since she had been
raped by him and the four other guys. But the memory of having fucked all
three of Lucy's holes more than made up for the slight discomfort he felt
when he sat across from her at dinner. Then taking Ruthie's mouth and then
her too tight virgin pussy was almost enough to make him cum in his pants
just thinking about it. The only regret that he had about the whole thing is
that he never got the chance, or had the energy, to fuck Mary. Being his
oldest sister and the fact that she only sucked him to get him ready for
fucking Ruthie made him too shy to touch her or say anything to her all week.
Fortunately he didn't have the same problem with Lucy and Ruthie. To bad he
didn't realize that Mary had been hoping that he would come to her for a
little more action.

Simon went to his sister Ruthie's room three times in the past week. The
first time he slipped in late at night after everyone was asleep. He pulled
off the covers and just looked at Ruthie as she lay sleeping. He loved
seeing the slim little curve of her pretty little ass being hugged by the
thin cotton of her pajama bottoms. He reached out and pulled the fabric off
of her ass and down her legs being careful not to wake her. Now he was able
to admire her perfect little ass with the pucker of her little poop shoot
and just a bit of her pussy lips showing through her legs. She was curled up
on one side with her legs drawn up part way to her chest in a sort of fetal
position. He had only needed to see her tight little ass covered by her
pajamas to get an erection, but now his cock was hard to the point that it
was down right painful. He gently sat on the bed next to her and reached out
to stroke her sexy little ass and down between her legs to softly touch the
little bit of exposed pussy that he could reach. He lightly touched the
little rosebud of her ass and swirled around the edges of it for a few
seconds before returning to her pussy. Ruthie was responding in her sleep,
her legs spread a little allowing better access to her pussy and getting
slightly damp. In her dreams she was reliving her experiences with her big
brother. Simon took advantage of the extra moisture and slipped his finger
between her pussy lips and up to her little clit. He kept up his rubbing of
her slit and clit and at the same time let his other hand roam the other
parts of her body that he could reach. He started on her smooth little ass
and then let his hand roam up under her pajama top to the one little nipple
that he could reach.

Ruthie was incorporating what was happening to her in her dream with what was
actually happening to her as she slept. Her body was becoming more and more
aroused as she slept to the point that she rolled over onto her back and
spread her legs unknowingly allowing all the access that her brother wanted.
Simon didn't know that Ruthie was having a sex dream, not that he even cared.
The only thing that might have surprised him was that in her dream Ruthie
wasn't seeing Simon with his cock in her mouth and then using that same cock
to fuck her. In her dream Ruthie was sucking and fucking Mat, her oldest
brother. In her dream Mat was rubbing his very big cock around Ruthie's mouth
in preparation to getting it sucked on.

Simon was surprised when Ruthie rolled over and spread her legs for him, for
a minute he thought that she was awake. He now had full access to her pussy
and her little just swelling titties. He unbuttoned her pajama top and spread
it open to allow full roaming of her just budding body. He was now sliding
his fingers up and down her slit and hitting her clit on the upstroke. As she
started getting wetter and wetter he started working his middle finger up
into her pussy. She was getting wetter by the second, so much so that Simon
had his finger planted all the way up her little puss and started to work in
another finger. Ruthie started licking her lips and making little kissing
sounds in her sleep. Simon didn't need any more invitation than that as he
eased his pre-cum dripping cock up to Ruthie's mouth. Ruthie immediately
sucked it in immediately licking all around the head. Simon didn't remember
what a fantastic feeling it was to have his cock sucked on. He started slowly
pushing into Ruthie's mouth, getting a little deeper on each stroke until he
could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat.

In her dream Ruthie was licking Mat's big penis, and opening her mouth extra
wide to take it into her mouth. Mat's penis was wider and longer than any of
the guys from last week. She loved the feel of his penis as it slides over
her tongue and into her mouth. He was thrusting into her mouth hitting the
back of her throat then pulling almost all the way out before shoving it all
the way back in. She thought that he was getting more and more excited
because she could feel and taste that salty stuff smeared on her tongue as
he pushed into the back of her mouth. She could feel Mat's hand on the back
of her head, pushing her head to force his penis deeper and more forcefully
into her mouth. All of a sudden his thrusting came quicker and her mouth was
flooded with his thick salty semen. She swallowed and swallowed as fast as
she could. Ruthie was able to swallow it all, only missing a little that was
dribbling out the corner of her mouth and down her cheek.

Simon was getting more and more excited as he thrust his cock into his
sleeping sisters mouth. He could feel it hitting the back of her mouth and
entering her throat. He couldn't believe that Ruthie was still asleep and
that she was doing such a great job of sucking him off. He grabbed a handful
of hair at the back of her head and pushing her head onto his cock as he
thrust faster and faster into her mouth. He knew that he was about to explode
into her mouth, he knew that he shouldn't cum in her mouth but he couldn't
help himself. He literally exploded into her mouth and down her throat. Jet
after jet went into his little sisters mouth but he felt her swallowing it as
he was cumming right down her throat and into her stomach. He kept thrusting
into her mouth letting the last of his semen coat her tongue and she kept
sucking. He didn't even start to get soft as he looked down at his sisters
mouth sucking on his cock.

He had stopped fondling his sister's pussy as he got more and more excited.
He looked down to see that Ruthie had taken over for him. She had her hand
buried in her own pussy and was furiously shoving three of her little fingers
deep inside herself, at the same time rubbing her clit with her other hand.
Simon pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved down her body to position
himself so that he could fuck her. Ruthie's mouth didn't want to give up the
cock in her mouth and tried to suck it back in and then stuck her tongue out
reaching for the cock that had just vacated her mouth. Simon moved his cock
down to her pussy and started poking it at her trying to get it in. As soon
as she felt it poking at her she stopped trying to find it with her mouth
and she grabbed it in both hands to guide it to get it inside as fast as she
could. Simon again couldn't believe that she had grabbed his cock and was
rubbing it around her pussy. She was as wet as you could imagine and he had
just pulled out of her mouth so she was able to guide it in fairly easy.

Ruthie was starting to wake up as she guided Simon's cock into her little
puss. She was a little groggy but was immediately able to recognize her
brother Simon. She said his name out loud just as he sunk his cock deep
into her pussy. Simon was a little startled when Ruthie said his name, but
couldn't have stopped if he wanted to. He knew that she was awake and was a
little worried at what she would think, but he just started pushing in and
out at a nice steady rhythm. He shouldn't have been worried, he was fucking
into his little sister's pussy not really caring if she liked it or not,
when he felt her little hands on his ass pulling him into her harder and
deeper. Neither of them was going to last very long, Simon was overwhelmed
by how tight Ruthie's hairless pussy was. Her mouth excited him because he
was watching as his cock disappeared into her cute little lips. But with his
cock sunk to the hilt in her pussy it was tighter and hotter than her mouth,
and even tighter than Lucy's ass. Ruthie was excited because of her dream
of Mat. Sinking his massive cock into her and the taste of what she
remembered as Mat's semen in her mouth, but was actually Simon's. She just
closed her eyes and it was Mat fucking her, not Simon. They were both so
close to getting off that they came almost at the same time. Simon started
blasting his second load of the night into Ruthie, and the feeling of all
his semen flooding her way too tight puss was enough send her into her own
orgasm. They both came down quickly because it was so late at night. Simon
got off his sister and moved his cock back up to her mouth so that she could
clean him off. Ruthie quickly sucked him into her mouth and licked their
combined juices off his penis. The taste was nothing new to her, she was
used to it from that first day when all the guys moved from her puss to her
mouth as they pulled the train on her. Simon simply said thanks to her as he
pulled out of her mouth and returned to his room. Ruthie was asleep before
he closed her door.

Simon had a great nights sleep after getting such a great blow job and then
fucking little Ruthie. He even woke up with a massive hardon. He stumbled
into the bathroom to take a piss unaware that someone was in the shower.

"Hey, get out of here," his sister yelled at him.

"Sorry," he mumbled and started to turn around before he recognized Lucy's

He had his hand on the door knob but he took it off and at the same
time locked the door. He walked over and moved the shower curtain so that he
could get a look at Lucy's hot womanly body. So much different than little
Ruthie, Lucy was washing the shampoo out of her hair her hands up in her hair
smoothing it as the soap washed down her body. Her tits were raised up on her
chest because of her hands being up in her hair and the soap was slowly
running in little rivers around and between he tits. Her rose colored, half
dollar size nipples relaxed because of the warm water. She must have already
shaved her pussy because it looked as smooth as Ruthie's. Lucy didn't realize
she was being watched at first but then she opened her eyes. She almost
screamed but she held back and just said, "OUT!" through gritted teeth.

Lucy couldn't believe it when Simon started to turn around, but then he
turned and in one fast movement dropped his pants and grabbed her by her
ears, pulling her down on her knees and shoved her face into his crotch.
His cock was stabbing at her mouth but she didn't want to give into him.
She was struggling against him and started to tell him off but he took the
opportunity to shove his cock into her mouth. It felt like he was going to
pull her ears off as he pulled her head back and forth on his cock. She
could taste his pre-cum in her mouth and she thought that he was going to
cum in her mouth, but at the last minute he shoved her away. She fell back
and landed on her ass looking up at him. She was pissed, but then she saw
the look on his face and knew that she had to do anything that he wanted.

Simon was sawing his cock back and forth into Lucy's mouth and was
getting the feeling that he would come soon, but he wasn't ready so he
shoved her away. She landed with a thud and looked up ready to tell him off,
but he wasn't in the mood and she could tell by the look in his eyes that
she had better do as he asked. Stand up and put your hands on the wall he
demanded in a stern voice. Lucy numbly did what he asked. That put her with
her back to him and her butt sticking out a little. It wasn't enough for
Simon. He grabbed her hips and pulled her roughly back to him so that she
was bent at the waist with her hands still on the wall. Her ass was sticking
out over the edge of the tub but her legs were to close together, so he
slapped the inside of each of her thighs. Lucy felt the stinging of her
thighs and immediately spread her legs farther apart giving Simon total
access to her most private parts. Now grab my cock and guide it into your
pussy for me he demanded. Mentally Lucy dreaded what was about to happen but
that secret part of her and her own body betrayed the fact that she was wet
and ready for what was about to happen. She reached between her legs to
grab Simon's cock and put it at the opening of her puss.

Simon felt his sister take hold of his cock and put it at the entrance of
her pussy. He didn't wait for her to be ready he just plunged his cock in
to her pussy to the hilt. It slid in easy, much easier than he expected but
he didn't care. He started rutting into her with little care for Lucy. He
didn't care if she was ready or if she was going to enjoy it. He just sawed
his cock into and out of her pussy. He only wanted to fuck her and get off
as quickly as he could. Lucy looked so sexy with the water running down her
back and off her ass. He loved the look of her ass with water running down
and beading on it. He loved the look of her ass cheeks and his cock sliding
into her from behind. Simon reached around to fondle her magnificent tits.
They were so soft and supple. He tweaked her nipples and felt them get hard
under his fingers. Even though Ruthie was much tighter there was something
about fucking his big sister Lucy. He had been fantasizing about her forever
and now here he was fucking her in the bathroom with all the rest of the
family here asleep in the house. He was close to cumming so he started
thrusting even harder, his hips slapping into Lucy's ass as he bottomed out
in her pussy. Just then he could have sworn that her pussy was spasming in
an orgasm of her own. He knew that he couldn't hold out much longer and he
didn't want to take anymore of a chance of getting his sister pregnant than
he had to. At the last minute he pulled out and spun Lucy around, he grabbed
her by the hair with one hand and jerked himself off with the other.

Lucy couldn't believe it but she had just had an intense orgasm. Simon had
her by the hips and she was bent in half, taking his cock even deeper than
he did the last time. She was so confused by the signals that she was
receiving from her head and her body. On the one hand she was again totally
humiliated by what was happening to her by her own brother, but on the other
hand she had just had a massive orgasm (that she hoped Simon didn't notice)
and even though she hated the control her little brother had over her a small
part of her kind of dug it. She was just coming off her orgasm when all of a
sudden Simon pulled his cock out of her and spun her around. She felt the
pain rather than saw simon as he grabbed her by the hair and again yanked her
head down to his crotch. She opened her eyes just in time to see him jerking
off in her face. A huge load landed on her cheek and she shut her eyes just
as another landed on her forehead and ran down into her eye socket and down
her nose. The next few shots landed in her hair then he shoved his cock
between her lips and she felt his cream spurt between her teeth.

"Open your mouth," Simon told his sister. She dutifully opened up and he
shoved his cock back in until her nose was lost in his pubic hair. "Now start
licking," he told her and immediately felt her trying to lick him all over
with him buried to the hilt in her mouth.

It was difficult for her, with his cock filling her mouth. He loved the
feeling of power he had over her and the look of her face with his cum
dripping down and off her face. He let her lick his cock a little more as
he pumped her face a couple of times then he pulled out of her mouth and
wiped himself off with her hair.

"I'll be seeing you again soon," he said to his sister. He walked out of the
bathroom knowing that he was going to be seeing a lot more of his big sister.

Lucy just sat on the shower floor and cried into her hands with the water
flowing over her head, rinsing away the cum that Simon had just deposited.


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