7th Heaven: Simon's Initiation Part 6 - The Return
by Scorpio

It was Wednesday just before lunch and Simon was day dreaming about the night
before when he had fucked his big sister Lucy, in her own bed. He was just
standing there with his head in his locker, remembering everything that he
had done to her.

Simon crept through the house as the rest of the family slept. He listened
at Lucy's door for a few minutes to make sure that she wasn't awake, then he
slowly, quietly opened it. He slipped into the room and closed the door
behind him.

Lucy was lying on her back with the sheet half kicked off her body. He could
see that she was wearing a loose shirt and a small pair of panties. She
looked extremely sexy laying there in the soft moon light shining through the
window, high lighting the way her shirt formed two magnificent twin peaks
over her beautiful breasts, and her pubis outlined by the tight pair of pink
panties with a little red bow at the top. He just stood and admired her sexy
curvy body for a few minutes, reveling in the fact that in just a few short
seconds he would have his cock deep inside her pussy.

Simon put his left hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, and at the same
time ripped her panties down with his right. He left them tangled up at her
ankles and immediately moved up between her legs. He had taken off his
clothes before he touched her so he was able to thrust straight into her sex.
She was a bit dry but he pushed all the way in until his balls were resting
on her ass. She was every bit as tight as she had been the last time he had
fucked her.

Lucy was a bit groggy but she was awake enough to know that someone had a
hand over her mouth, then she felt some one tugging on her panties. She went
from sleeping to terror in just a few seconds. She wasn't quite sure what was
happening when she felt the penis poking her but she came fully awake as it
found what it was looking for and sank into her until she felt his belly
resting on hers. It felt like some one was pushing sand paper into her as he
started pumping his penis in and out.

Simon didn't have long to wait for her to get wet enough for it to start
feeling good. He didn't plan on lasting to long. Simon just wanted to keep
her guessing about when he would come to her, to use her for sex. He enjoyed
the power he felt, taking her in her own bed with his hand still over her
mouth. He liked the look in her eyes, the fear, and the submission. He kept
his hand over her mouth the whole time that he fucked her, pumping away like
he was in a race. He pulled her shirt up over her tits so that he could suck
on them while he was fucking her. He was ready to cum so he pumped into her
hard and then pushed his cock deep into her pussy and started shooting his
sperm inside her.

Lucy didn't have any real sense of time as her little brother pumped into
her. At least it didn't hurt anymore like it did at first. He kept his hand
on her mouth so she couldn't protest and he kept going and going until at
last he quit moving and she could feel his liquid filling her up, deep
inside. He lay on her for a few minutes to catch his breath and then he
pulled out of her and stood by the side of the bed. Clean me up he demanded.
Lucy didn't want to but he wasn't going to take no for an answer. Lucy felt
him grab a handful of her hair and he dragged her to the edge of the bed.
She looked up into his eyes and she could tell that he wasn't going to go
away until he got what he wanted, so she opened her mouth and he shoved his
member all the way in until it hit the back of her throat.

Simon loved making his sisters clean his cock after fucking them. Right now
making Lucy open her mouth so that he could use it was enough to get him hard
again. He kept thrusting into her mouth and then pulled out and made her lick
first every inch of his cock, and then he placed his balls in her mouth and
made her lick and suck them one at a time. Finally he shoved his cock back
in her mouth and pumped without stop until he emptied another load down her
throat. He held his cock all the way to the back of her mouth as he shot his
cum straight down her throat. He left it there until he started getting soft,
then he said, "Thanks Luce," like nothing more had happened than she had
passed him the milk at the dinner table, and left the room.

"Hey Simon," Steve said as he patted him on the back. "What's going on?"

"Nothing much," responded Simon. "I was just thinking that maybe we should
get the gang together for a little party at my house this Saturday."

"You know, Simon, I was just thinking the same thing."


"Cool. My parents are leaving super early Saturday morning and not coming
back until Sunday mid morning. I think that you should get the guys together
and show up about 8:00 in the morning. Use the kitchen door, my parents never
lock it when they leave so it will be open."

"Sounds great, Simon, we'll see you then."

Lucy got up at 8:00 on Saturday morning and went to the bathroom to take a
shower. It was nice to be alone early in the morning with a quiet house. With
mom and dad and the twins gone the majority noise makers were gone. It was
also nice to have had a break from Simon molesting her every day. He hadn't
bothered her since Wednesday night. Maybe he was tired of her and she
wouldn't have to put up with him abusing her, as if she was his own personal
whore. Not only that but a whore that he didn't have to pay.

Simon met the guys in the kitchen. "OK guys lets keep it quiet and go
upstairs. Lucy's in the shower, lets give her a little surprise."

They crept up the stairs and Simon opened the door. They all ogled Lucy's
naked body outlined behind the semi transparent shower curtain. Simon
walked up to the curtain and pulled it aside. Hands on the wall, assume
the position.

Lucy almost jumped out of her skin when Simon pulled aside the shower curtain
and almost in her ear said the now familiar words, "Assume the position." She
barely glanced at him before putting her hands on the wall and sticking her
butt out over the edge of the tub, giving him easy access. She didn't take
the time to look and so she didn't notice the other guys behind her little

Simon and the guys stood back for a few seconds admiring Lucy's fantastic
ass. The perfect heart shaped moon with a bit of soap slowly sliding down the
left side of one cheek. They could see her pussy hiding between her legs and
each of them had a raging boner just waiting to be let loose.

Simon motioned for Steve to come and take the honors. Lucy was still unaware
of who was about to molest her. Steve stepped up after dropping his pants.
Full hardon at the ready. He stepped up to her and used his hand to rub his
wood up and down between the lips of her sweet sex. She was incredibly wet,
weather from being turned on or just wet from the shower he didn't know or
care. He drew back and positioned his cock at the entrance of her sex and
slowly sunk into her. Inch by inch he felt his cock sink into her hot wet
snatch. For any teenage boy its always a little piece of heaven to get a
little action. Even for a guy like Steve who by charm or by force got more
than most.

While Steve was busy fucking Lucy, Simon went to get his other two sisters.
Mary was awake and just putting on some clothes when Simon just walked into
her room without knocking on her door. She instinctively covered her tits
with the shirt that she was just about to put on.

"You wont be needing that," Simon told her as he dragged her from her room.
"Just be quiet and come with me," he told her.

He dragged her down the hall to the bathroom and left her there to watch her
little sister being fucked by Steve. He shoved her into the little room, into
the arms of the other guys. Even though it turned her on, it was still a
shock to her to be shoved into a room full of guys wearing nothing but a pair
of french cut, black silk panties.

Simon then went to get Ruthie. Ruthie was laying in bed. Not asleep but
not quite awake either. Simon simply picked her up and carried her to the
bathroom with the rest of them. Mary was standing in front of one of the
guys, Ruthie didn't know which. The guy was mauling her breasts and had his
penis snuggled between Mary's legs as they both watched Lucy getting it from
behind by Steve. Then she saw Lucy in the tub with Steve pushing his penis
into her. She couldn't help but gasp.

Lucy just stood, with her butt sticking out taking it as Simon pushed into
her with ever increasing intensity. It was just starting to feel good to her
when she heard a noise from the door. She turned her head to see a large
group of people standing in the bathroom with her. Her heart sank as she
recognized them as the group of Simon's friends who raped her so violently
before. She was even more shocked to see Simon at the door holding Ruthie.
If he wasn't the one thrusting into her who was?

Steve was feeling the effects of Lucy's tight pussy but he didn't want to cum
yet. They had a long day ahead of them and he knew that it would be more fun
if he held off for a while. He pulled out of her little pink snatch and
turned to the guys. "Ok who's next?" The guys just about trampled each other
to get to her but Ron was first up and he took no time at all to be buried to
the hilt and fucking like a prize stud. Steve turned to Mary. "You, get in
beside your sister and assume the same position."

Mary was already turned on and was dripping wet. Part from the guy feeling
up her tits, and part from watching her little sister getting fucked. She
stepped into the tub beside her and assumed the same hands on the wall, ass
over the edge position as her sister. She left her panties on so that the
guys would get a thrill taking them off.

Steve was the one to step up to her and pull down her black panties. Mary was
sexier than Lucy. Not by much but still there was something about her longer
legs and thinner hips. He stepped up to her and pushed his cock into her just
like he had done to Lucy. The two sisters were almost identical as far as how
they felt with his cock fully inserted into them. It was true that Lucy was
tighter, but Mary had better muscle control. He loved the fact that just 10
seconds earlier he had his cock in one sister and now he had it in another.
Most of the other guys only had one sister worth fucking so this was a new
sensation for him. It was such an incredible turn on.

Lucy kept on thinking that she couldn't be more humiliated than she had been
on that first day that Simon and the guys raped her, but first Simon and now
the whole gang again proved her wrong. The boy that was pushing into her was
grunting with the effort, and Steve was pushing into Mary just as fast. You
would think that they were racing. She looked over her shoulder and saw Simon
and another boy undressing little Ruthie.

Ruthie was wearing regular two piece pajamas, Simon was pulling off her top
as the other boy was pulling down her bottoms. She wasn't wearing panties
underneath so she was very quickly standing there naked. Unlike Lucy, Ruthie
liked the attention that Simon had been giving her since that first day. She
loved having her brother in her bed, and she was positively addicted to the
taste of not just his sperm but his sperm mixed with her own juices. Both her
brother and the other boy started fondling her as all three of them watched
the goings on in the shower.

Steve again felt that he was about to cum so he pulled out of Mary so that
his day would last a little longer and feel a little better. Besides, he
wanted another shot at the littlest Camden girl who was looking indescribably
delicious. Ruthie was standing in the middle of the bathroom striped naked
with one of his boys gently feeling her up. She was so pretty with her dark
curly hair, and slim girlish body. She was just starting to develop tit's,
with just two small swells with some what puffy aerolas to indicate to him
that he would soon be seeing some magnificent tits. "Ok who's next with

Simon had been waiting for his chance to fuck the only sister that he hadn't
had yet. True she had sucked on his cock right next to his little sister
Ruthie, but now was his chance to fuck her so he wasted no time. He pulled
himself away from Ruthie and stepped right up to Mary. He was as hard as
steel and because Steve had her all ready he wasted no time sinking his cock
strait up to his balls. Man o man she was fantastic. She knew that it was
him so she was going the extra mile. Pushing back into his every thrust and
squeezing his cock with her pussy. He found it hard to believe that she could
feel better than his littlest sister, but Mary felt so good that he knew he
was ready to cum.

Lucy could tell that the boy using her was ready to have an orgasm. He was
pushing in and out of her at an unbelievable pace. Then he inexplicably
pulled out of her. "Hurry!" he told her, "Suck me till I cum, and you had
better swallow every drop." He spun her around and before she was ready he
stuck his dick in her mouth. He started pushing into her mouth just as fast
as he was pushing into her sex just a moment ago. Before she even registered
her own taste she could feel and taste his seed spurting out onto her tongue.
She knew that he told her to swallow it all but she couldn't bring herself
to doing it. She let his seed spill out of her mouth and drip down onto her
breasts. He was jerking his hips in a sporadic fashion as he finished pumping
his juice into her mouth.

At the same time Simon was having the time of his life getting his cock
squeezed by Mary's pussy. He pulled out of her and turned her around. He
loved seeing her outrageous ass as he fucked her but now he wanted to see
her as he fucked her. He grabbed her under one of her knees. He had her
holding onto the shower curtain rod with both hands and standing on one leg
as he fucked her. He was holding her with her right leg held strait up and
her foot over his shoulder. He wasn't going to last much longer as she
milked his cock and he watched her tits rolling around on her chest as he
rammed into her. He loved seeing her tits shake up and down one minute and
then roll side to side the next. He loved looking at her face as he rammed
into her, the look of pain/ecstasy she was going through. She gave an extra
strong squeeze as she started into her orgasm and that triggered his. He
was unloading the mother of all loads deep into her puss. Jet after jet,
more than he knew he had. It must be because of the fact that he held off
from fucking Lucy and Ruthie since Wednesday.

Mary loved the fact that Simon just took control and rammed his cock into
her, and when he turned her around and threw her leg up over his shoulder
and started furiously fucking her she couldn't hold back the orgasm that
Steve had started in her. He had her by the hips and was forcibly pulling
her onto his cock as he thrust into her. She could feel his juices filling
her up as his orgasm coincided with hers. If she hadn't been holding on to
the curtain rod she would have collapsed. She was just coming down from a
little bit of heaven when she heard the guy fucking Lucy say "What the
fuck." She turned in time to see him grab her by the hair and pull his
cock out of her mouth. Cum was dripping in long ropes out of her mouth down
to her tits.

"I told you to swallow everything that I gave you bitch. Now were going to
have to clean you up, and I don't mean wash wash you off in the shower.
You," he said pointing at Mary. "Come over here and lick up all this sweet
jizz that I gave to your dumb cunt of a sister."

Mary couldn't believe it. She was going to get to live one of her fantasies.
She pulled away from Simon and leaned over to her sister as Ron pulled Lucy
up by her hair. Mary could see the cum on Lucy's mouth and on her tits. She
leaned over and started licking the cum off her tits. She loved the texture
of Lucy's skin as she licked up the varied gobs of white on her tits. Mary
for one loved the taste of sperm. It was especially good when she could lick
it off of such outstanding tits like those of her sister. She spotted an
especially nice glob right on her sisters right nipple, so she reached out
with her tongue and licked all around her sisters nipple. Lucy's nipple
responded by getting hard so Mary sucked the whole nipple into her mouth and
gave it a gentle bite. She rolled the nipple around on her tongue and then
pulled her mouth away with an audible pop. As she licked the sperm off her
sisters tits, some was still dripping off Lucy's chin, directly onto Mary's
face. She finished licking off her sisters tits and then started on her chin.
She had a mouth full of goo but the thought of tongue kissing her sister was
turning her on again. She was just at the corner of Lucy's mouth and she
licked across her lips. Lucy parted her lips and let Mary's tongue slip into
her mouth. The two traded spit and sperm for a few erotic seconds and then
Lucy started licking the sperm off Mary's face.

The guys couldn't believe the show that they were seeing, but they didn't
want it to stop so quickly. Ron grabbed Lucy by the hair and forced her to
her knees. Ok now you need to do a little cleaning your self. With that he
shoved her face into Mary's pussy and rubbed it back and forth until her
face was coated with Mary's juices. "Now clean up your sister and suck out
all the cum that Simon deposited so that the rest of us don't have to take
sloppy seconds."

Mary couldn't believe how things were turning out. She wanted to be the one
to taste a little pussy, but here was her little sister with her face being
forced into her puss and she was loving it. She looked down and she could
see Lucy's eyes looking up at her with a bit of confusion on her face. Mary
just gave a little smile and pushed her pussy into her sisters face.

Lucy also couldn't believe how things were turning out. The shock of pain
that jolted through Lucy's body as Ron grabbed her by the hair and forced
her to her knees erased everything from her head for a few seconds until
she realized that her face was being pushed between her sisters legs and
into her sisters puss. The smell wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.
In fact her sister had a kind of sweet smell that she instantly liked, but
that didn't mean that she wanted to turn lesbian or be forced into another
incestual relationship.

She was ordered to clean up her sisters puss and to suck the sperm out of
her. Again she was thinking that she couldn't be more humiliated than she
had before, but now she was being forced to do something worse than before.
Her face was already coated in her sisters juices and she could see her
brothers sperm starting to leak out. Lucy hesitantly reached out with her
tongue and ran it up her sisters vagina and got her first taste of a woman's
juices. It was an interesting taste, especially considering that it was mixed
with a taste that she was very familiar with. Lucy was licking her sister all
around the lips and trying to do a good job without actually having to lick
on the inside of her sisters sex.

Ron wasn't satisfied with the was it was going so he grabbed the back of
Lucy's head and forced her face into Mary's pussy. "I told you to suck out
your brothers cum, so get to it."

Lucy was just hoping that she could quit what she was doing and pull away
from her lesbian display. She looked up at her sister Mary's face but was
confused when Mary just gave her a little smile and pushed her puss into
her face. At almost the same time Ron grabbed her by the back of the head
and ordered her to suck out Simon's sperm. She opened her mouth from the
pain of him grabbing the back of her head in time to get a mouth full of her
sisters puss. Her mouth was totally open and covered the pussy that she was
forced onto. Her tongue was driven into her sister so she bit the bullet and
shoved her tongue as far as she could get it into her sisters most secret
place. She could feel and taste her brothers sperm as she swirled her tongue
around inside her sister. Then with her mouth covering her sisters puss she
sucked as hard as she could, and as a reward she received a mouth full of
girl and guy cum.

Mary was totally getting into having her pussy licked and sucked by her
little sister. It was pure heaven first having a tongue licking her puss and
then having a mouth cover her puss and a sucking that drew out the combined
juices she had inside. What she was really bummed about was not getting to
eat a little pussy herself. Then almost as if the guys were reading her mind
the only other puss in the room was thrust into her face.

The guys were totally getting into the show that they were getting, first
with Mary licking up the cum off her sisters tits and the little tongue
action between the two sisters. Then seeing Lucy go down on her big sister
and suck Simon's cum out of her pussy. They were all sporting wood that
couldn't be believed, but they were more interested in seeing the show at
the moment than they were of getting their cocks put in something.

Two of the boys grabbed little Ruthie, who was just standing transfixed at
seeing her sisters in an open incestual display. It was all so new to the
innocent little girl who until just a few days before was totally innocent
in the ways of sex. She was definitely ready for some action having had two
of the boys fondling her as they all watched the show. The boys lifted her
off her feet and moved her over to her sister Mary.

Ruthie was lifted off her feet and laid horizontal so that they could push
her little bald puss up to her sisters face. Mary was thrilled to finally get
the thing that she wanted to fully satisfy her biggest fantasy. Little Ruthie
was pushed up to her so that her little pussy was lined up with her mouth so
she just opened wide as the boys pushed Ruthie's puss right onto her mouth.
Mary licked up and down little Ruthie's immature pussy. It was like licking
warm, wet velvet. Ruthie's little pussy was so warm and wet that Mary felt at
that minute that she would rather have a girls puss in her face than a guys
cock. The taste was a little sour at first, but as she went to town on her
sister, her puss started changing flavor. It got sweeter and sweeter as she
sucked the juices out from deep inside.

Ruthie didn't know what ws happening as she was lifted bodily off the ground.
She guessed right away what was about to happen, so she spread her legs as
the boys positioned her vagina against Mary's mouth. Not exactly knowing
that it was a bad thing that was about to happen, Ruthie was thrilled to be
getting the same treatment that she had seen her sisters engaged in just a
few minutes ago. It was like an electric shock as she felt Mary's tongue run
up and down her slit in preparation to thrusting into her.

Mary stuck her tongue up into Ruthie's pussy as far as she could get it. It
wasn't far. She loved the feeling of a sweet little pussy glued to her mouth.
She could feel every little spasm and twitch of her sisters body as she
licked her to a small orgasm. It was like she was plugged into Ruthie's
nervous system and all the feeling the little girl was having was transmitted
directly onto her tongue. At the same time she was intensely aware that Lucy
was licking her own pussy and sucking Simon's sperm from her own puss. Lucy
was doing a magnificent job licking her and the sensations were sending her
toward another orgasm of her own.

Ruthie was in the middle of her own orgasm when she was suddenly lowered
by the shoulders until she was practically upside down. She found herself
looking directly at a big fat penis, directly in front of her face. She
automatically opened her mouth and took it directly down her throat. The
boy who belonged to the penis (she wasn't sure who but it felt like Simon's)
started thrusting in and out of her mouth sinking up into her throat. This
was a new feeling for her having her vagina licked by her big sister as a
penis was being pumped into her mouth. Her body was shaking as her orgasm
over took her body. She was just calming down as Simon flooded her mouth
with his sperm. She swallowed as fast as she could so that she wouldn't lose
any. It was a strange feeling as she swallowed sperm while upside down, but
she didn't care as long as she received a nice treat in her mouth.

Simon loved the feel of Ruthie's mouth. It was especially erotic as he
watched Mary sucking on her hairless pussy, and Lucy licking Mary's pussy.
At this angle he was able to easily thrust strait into Ruthie's throat.
Even after giving Mary a huge load he was just about ready to give another
to Ruthie. He was pushing past her tongue and into her throat when he lost
it and began pumping his next load directly into her stomach.

Lucy received a face and mouth full of her sisters juices as Mary had an
intense orgasm and literally flooded her little sister with her sweet sex
juice. At the same time Mary got the same treatment from Ruthie as she
licked her little sister to her own orgasm. All three girls collapsed onto
the floor of the bathtub.

The boys watched as the three girls lay intertwined on the floor of the bath.
Arms and legs twisted together like a huge pretzel. Mary was still licking
gently on her little sisters pussy, cleaning up the last of her sweet cum.

The boys admired the girls for a minute before Steve turned on the water to
the shower and started washing them down. Get a little soap action going
girls. They watched as all three girls lathered up some soap and started
caressing each others body. The boys were loving it and getting renued woodys
as they watched the girls soaping each others bodies. It was a highly erotic
scene that none of them had ever seen, with the three sisters soaping and
caressing each others most private parts. Mary was rubbing her own tits as
Ruthie was rubbing soap between Mary's legs from her pussy to her ass. She
even slipped a finger into her puss then into her ass and back again. At the
same time Lucy was pressed up behind Ruthie and was lathering her from her
barely budding breasts to her smooth hairless pussy.

Ok girls, rinse off and get dried off, we have a lot more planned for today.
With an excited tingle from the youngest and the oldest and a small groan of
resignation from Lucy the girls dried off and headed into the living room.

The boys herded the girls into the living room. The youngest and the oldest
walked but they made Lucy crawl in on her hands and knees. Seeing the three
sisters walking in front of them with their cute little asses shaking with
each step.

Lucy was the whipping girl for the guys, made to degrade herself at every
opportunity. She didn't know why she was picked on and not her sisters. She
crawled into the living room on her hands and knees with one or more of the
boys kicking and spanking her ass as she went.

The guys loved the way Lucy's tits dangled and swayed as she crawled across
the floor. They loved to punish her because of the way she would act like
little miss sweetness one minute and turn into stark raving lunatic the next.
At least Mary didn't pretend that she was such a goodie goodie. Lucy was
crawling down the stairs and it was like she was upside down. The guys behind
her saw her pussy pointing practically straight up in the air as she went
down the stairs head first.

As the girls walked (and crawled) into the living room the guys told Mary
and Ruthie to make themselves comfortable, which was a little weird for them
since they were naked and no used to being naked out of their bedrooms or
bath room.

"Lucy we want you to crawl up to the coffee table and rest just your chest
across the short side facing the couch." They made her lay across the wide
part of the table with her knees on the floor and her tits squashed flat on
the cold surface of the wood. The cold immediately made her nipples hard,
(not that you could see them) and made goose bumps stand out on her skin.
In the position that she was in her butt was sticking up in the air and her
head was sticking over the other side of the table.

One of the guys came prepared and strapped Lucy's knees to the legs on the
table, spreading her legs as far as they could, and strapped her wrists to
the legs on the opposite side. They had her spread eagled over the top of
the coffee table so that any of them could fuck her pussy, her ass hole, or
her mouth, and she couldn't move more than a few inches in any direction or
do anything about it.

Mary was sitting on the love seat with Simon standing in front of her jamming
his cock into her mouth. He was standing between her legs with a fist full
of hair in each hand. He was pulling her head back and forth on his cock,
pulling her head until her nose was rubbing in his pubes. He could feel his
cock hitting the back of her throat before pulling back out of her mouth
almost all the way before jamming himself back in to the hilt. Her mouth was
so warm and soft as his cock stroked in and out. She was licking the under
side of his cock as he slid in and out of her mouth. She even had both her
hands on his ass and was pulling him into her face as he pulled her head onto
his cock.

Ruthie was sitting in one of the chairs, her butt right on the edge with her
legs spread wide open. Her pussy lips spread open as wide as her legs. She
had the softest pink inner lips with her smooth hairless puss. Steve was
kneeling between her legs just admiring the prettiest little pussy in town.
He slowly licked up her slit to her little clit. He flicked it with his
tongue, which made her shudder. He moved off her clit and stuck his tongue
as far up inside of her as he could get it.

Ruthie planted both feet on the floor and lifted her butt off the chairs
cushion pushing her puss onto Steve's face. she loved feeling the difference
between the way Steve licked her little pussy and the way that Mary had
licked her a few minutes earlier. Mary had licked her slow and soft with
little butterfly licks to her clit and Steve licked her more forcefully with
hard pointed jabs into her hole. They both felt great but she had to admit
that she preferred Mary to Steve. In fact she had her eyes closed and was
imagining Mary's face as Steve licked her.

Lucy was being double penetrated, one guy was slowly fucking her pussy with
long slow strokes. The way that she was positioned he was able to slide in
deeper than he had ever fucked anyone before. The other guy was sitting on
the edge of the couch with Lucy's head bobbing up and down in his lap. He
couldn't see her face, or his cock sinking deep into her mouth because her
hair was hanging down blocking his view.

Lucy started grunting as the guy fucking her from behind started ramming into
her more forcefully. He was gentle at first but now he was slamming into her.
At least she knew who's dick she was sucking. She had no idea who was fucking
her from behind. The guy in her mouth pulled her head up by her hair. It hurt
a little as he repositioned her mouth in front of his balls, waiting for her
to lick and suck them. She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and licked
it with her tongue, as he wrapped her hair around his cock and started
jacking himself off with it.

The guy fucking Lucy's ass was really close to cumming as he ground his
pelvis into her ass. He was slamming into her harder and harder as he was
really close to filling her with his spunk. At the last minute he pulled out
and jammed into her ass. He sank into her ass in one hard shove. He held
there spitting his sperm deep into her ass, filling it to over flowing.

Lucy felt suddenly empty as the guy behind her pulled out of her. Then
she let out a muffled scream as he shoved his cock up her ass in one hard
shove. Tears rolled down her face and mixed with the saliva that was
dripping off her chin from the cock in her mouth. The tears were from a
combination of the pain and the humiliation she felt from being tied to a
table and used like a slut. She could feel the dick in her ass shooting her
full of sperm. It was an incredible sensation, a burning pain of having a
dick shoved up her ass with no warning and then a warm flooding as he shot
off filling her up. At the same time the scream she let out as she had the
dick shoved up her ass set off the guy in her mouth. The first couple of
squirts shot right down her throat then he pulled his cock out of her throat
and filled up her mouth.

Steve was sitting in the chair where he had been licking Ruthie's little
puss, and now she was bouncing up and down on his cock. She was standing
between his legs facing away from him. He had Ruthie by the waist bouncing
her on his cock, loving the view of her little ass. He could see his cock
sliding in and out of her little puss, shiny with her juices. The lips of
her puss pulled out and in with his cock, it was such a tight fit. Some
times he couldn't believe how incredibly tight she was. He pulled her back
against his chest so that his hands could roam around her cute almost flat
little chest. He wet his fingers and started lightly rubbing her clit as her
whole body rubbed up and down his chest.

Ruthie was riding Steve like a cow girl. Sort of jumping up and down on
his dick. She was facing away from Steve, so she was able to watch Lucy
getting it from the back and the front at the same time. Steve pulled her
back so that she was laying against his chest. She was still able to bounce
up and down on his dick but now she could feel her back and her butt rubbing
against his chest. His hands started rubbing her little nipples which were
really sensitive and then moved down and started rubbing her special spot.
After just a few seconds she started having a shuddering orgasm, her little
body jerking and shaking on Steve's dick sending him over the edge. She
loved the feeling of her little puss getting filled up with his super juice.

Steve couldn't believe it, Ruthie was having a shuddering shaking orgasm
and in the process he felt her warm juices covering his cock. She was even
tighter as her pussy squeezed him and he just lost control. He pumped into
her little tight slit filling her up and then just sank down into the chair.
His cock jerked time after time, pumping more and more of his jizz into her
as she shook and jerked herself. As his cock started to soften he lifted
little Ruthie up by the hips and gently set her on the floor between his

Ruthie knew what was expected of her as she took Steve's semi soft dick
into her mouth. Because of her brother Simon she had grown to love the taste
of her own juices mixed with a guys sperm. She used her tongue to clean his
whole shaft and then just for good measure she licked down to his balls and
cleaned the juices that flowed out of her off each of them before taking him
deep down her throat. She felt Steve regaining his full erection as she deep
throated him. He would be ready for more in a few minutes. She looked up at
him with his dick still in her mouth and saw that he was checking out her
brother Simon with her sister Mary.

Simon was pounding away at Mary to her obvious enjoyment. She was on her back
on the dining room table, her knees were flung over Simon's shoulders. He was
pounding into his big sisters pussy like there was no tomorrow. He loved the
was she could milk his cock with the muscles in her puss.

Mary was making little shrieks as Simon's cock plunged into her with fast
hard thrusts. She loved the nasty kick that she got first from getting pussy
stuffed right on the dining room table, but better yet from the fact that she
was getting it from her own brother. She had already had an intense orgasm
and was building up to another small one when she felt Simon stroking into
her a little faster. She was sure that he was building up to his orgasm. She
couldn't hold out and exploded into her second orgasm.

Simon felt Mary's pussy squeezing his cock and knew that she was having
another orgasm. He held out on his own, thrusting into her fully bottoming
out in her pussy until he felt her pussy and her whole body relax. He was
close to cumming himself but, he didn't want to cum inside of her. He pulled
his cock out and could have sworn he heard a little pop. He stepped back a
half a pace pulling Mary with him until she was hanging off the edge of the
table by her elbows. He dropped her legs to the floor. This put his cock
right at tit - face level. Push your tits together he told his big sister.

Mary was able to hold herself up by propping herself against the table with
her legs and elbows and push her tits together making a nice little tunnel
for her brothers cock.

Simon was pumping his cock in between Mary's tits. It was well lubed from
having Mary's orgasm was over it. Mary was licking the head of his cock
as it pushed up through her tits. Simon was loving the sight of his cock
fucking between his big sisters tits. It was an extra bonus seeing her
licking him as he pushed through her tits on the up stroke. He was ready to
cum earlier when he was fucking her so it wasn't going to take long for him
to cum now.

Mary was using her thumb and first finger to tweak and pinch her nipples
as Simon titty fucked her. She didn't like the taste of her own juices on
Simon's cock like little Ruthie did but she was willing to do almost
anything sexual when she was turned on like she was now. She was able to
lick the under side of Simon's cock head and let most of it stroke into her

Simon wanted to let his titty fucking last but he just couldn't hold out.
His first spurt shot out right into Mary's mouth. He pulled his cock out
from between her tits and started jacking it into her face. She tried to
catch as much of it as she could in her mouth. Her mouth was open wide and
her tongue was reaching out to catch his jizz as it spurted out of is cock
head. The second spurt went mostly in her mouth with some of it landing on
her chin. It hung down from her chin in a thick strand down to the cleft
between her tits that she was still squeezing together. The third landed on
her nose and dripped down into her mouth, but the next jetted out directly
into her left eye.

Mary loved the taste of cock juice and as Simon's cock started spurting she
tried to keep her mouth lined up with the tip of his cock. She caught most
of the first couple of spurts but one went strait into her eye. It stung
like hell but there was nothing she could do about it. The way she was
holding herself up with her elbows didn't even let her wipe it out of her
eye. His cock had finished spurting on her face and now was just dripping a
little, Little white drops of his jizz falling down to land on her tits. Her
eyes were shut when she felt him grab the back of her head and force his
cock deep into the back of her mouth. She sucked and licked it clean as best
as she could. He pumped into her mouth a half a dozen times before pulling
out of her mouth.

"Don't move a muscle," he told her as he pulled his deflating cock out of
Mary's mouth. Mary was leaning with her back against the table. She looked
so nasty, dirty, sexy cupping her own tits, twisting her nipples between her
fingers, and his spunk dripping all over her face and down to her tits.
Simon ran to get his digital camera so that he could take a picture of her
in that exact position. He knew that he would keep this photo for the rest
of his life.

All the guys were pretty tapped out. Each of the guys had filled up the
sister that they had been fucking. Mary had two orgasms and little Ruthie
had three. Even Lucy had a monster of a orgasm, but she would never admit
to it. Mary collapsed on the floor half under the table and Simon was
reclining on one of the dining room chairs. Steve was still sitting in the
arm chair with Ruthie still on his lap, his mostly soft cock still in her
puss. The two guys who had been fucking Lucy were sitting on the couch.
The one who had finished in her ass was sitting right in front of her face
making her lick him clean.

Unlike Ruthie and Mary, Lucy absolutely hated the taste of her own pussy. Yet
here she was being made to clean the cock of the boy who had been fucking her
ass from behind. She was especially repulsed from the taste of her pussy and
her own ass as he forced her face into his crotch. She could feel his juice
leaking out of her ass and running down the inside of her leg, mixing with
her pussy juice. She was pretty crashed out still bound to the table when she
felt someone licking the mixture of jizz and pussy juice that was running
down her legs. The tongue licked right up her leg and then started licking
both her pussy and her ass hole. She couldn't believe how long the tongue
licking her was. It felt like it could reach way up inside her pussy and rub
up against her puckered ass at the same time before it finished in her ass
on the up stroke.

The guys were all a little shocked when the Camden's dog came in the room and
like a magnet walked straight up to Lucy and started licking the cum off her
legs and then started to lick her pussy and her ass trying to get more. One
of the guys had filmed most of the action in the bathroom, especially the
three way girl on girl action, but then put the camera down when they all
started fucking in the living room. Now one of they guys knew that they would
want the girl with dog action on film so he grabbed the camera and started
filming the action. He started filming tight on the dogs head, seeing him
lick her pussy and ass. Then he moved so that he was at the same level as the
table top that Lucy was tied to so that he could see the dog licking her ass
hole and make sure to have Lucy's face in the shot. He wanted to make sure
that everyone would know who was getting it from the dog.

Lucy couldn't believe that anybody would want to lick up the mess that was
running down her legs and then lick her puss and her ass. At least it felt
good. Not like the boys who were a little rough with her. She had no idea
that it was the family dog licking her because of the way she was strapped
to the table she was spread wide open so that the dog didn't touch her with
anything but his tongue. She didn't know that is until he jumped up with
his front paws on the table to try to mount her.

"What the hell?" she said out loud. She was able to turn her head enough to
see the dogs head looking at her. It seemed he had a smile on his face. "Get
that fucking dog off me!" she screamed at anyone that would listen. "Someone,
anyone, get the dog off me. Don't let him fuck me. Pleeeese get him off me."
Lucy started screaming frantically as the dog started poking around her
backside trying to get his doggy cock inside this little bitch.

"Someone shut the little bitch up," Steve told the guys that were sitting in
front of her on the couch. One of them took one of the dirty socks that was
discarded and stuffed it into her mouth just as the dog found its mark and
shoved his doggy cock to the hilt in her puss.

"Aahhh!" she screamed through the sock in her mouth as she felt the dog cock
sink all the way into her puss. Every time she was sure that she couldn't be
more humiliated than the time before but, there was no way anything could be
worse that getting it from a dog. She could feel the slimy dog cock deeper
inside her than any of the guys. The dog cock wasn't as thick as the boys but
it was a couple inches longer than any of the boys. The dog started fucking
into her faster than any of the guys. The speed of the dog cock stabbing into
her was incredible. She was letting out an almost continuous high pitched
scream as the dog cock stuck her deeper than any had before. The dogs strokes
were so fast and deep that he was hitting something in her that hurt like
hell. She just hoped that what ever his dog cock was hitting it wouldn't do
any permanent damage.

Lucy was getting the jack hammer fucking of all time. She couldn't belive the
sensations radiating through out her intire body. She could feel the dog knot
trying to get into her as the jack hammer fucking continued. The guys were
getting it all on film alternating between a close up of Lucy's face and a
wider shot of her and the dog fucking her. Lucy was letting out a siren like
continuous wail. "HUuuuHUuuuHUuuu." As the dog fucked into his little bitch.
He lasted almost twenty minutes before shooting into her with his doggy cum.

Lucy had tears running down her face as she felt the dog filling her with his
doggy seed. He shot so much into her that she could feel it shooting out of
her stuffed puss and running down her leg. She couldn't believe that not only
did the guys let this happen, but her two sisters didn't say a word. Not one
peep to try to get the dog off her. They just sat and watched. Her whole body
shook with the sobs that wouldn't stop.

After seeing the dog fucking Lucy all the guys had renued woodys. Seeing her
tied up and totally helpless sobbing and crying with dog cum leaking out of
her pussy made them all want to punish her some more. They had Mary and
Ruthie sit on the taable next to Lucy, and then they lined up . The first
guy had Ruthie suck him off for a few minutes before moving to Mary's mouth.
Next he moved to Lucy's ass and fucked a few strokes as deep as he could. The
girls had each guy close to cumming before they made it to Lucy's ass so that
they wouldn't last very long. Not one of the guys came in her ass. Each of
them pulled out and jacked of in her face. One by one each guy covered a
little more of Lucy's face with his jizz. By the time they were finished
Lucy's face was totally covered and the hair on one side of her face was
totally matted to her head. Mary and Ruthie were totally wasted. They had
both sucked each guy until it felt like their jaws would never close again.

Lucy was pretty much cried out and just lay on the table with her face
dripping with tears and the jizz of four different guys. She would never be
the same for the rest of her life. She didn't know if she would be forever
changed into needing deviant sex for the rest of her life, or put off sex
forever. She couldn't deny that she had the biggest orgasm of her life as
the guys fucked her ass one by one and then shot off on her face. She felt
someone tugging on her restraints until her arms and legs were free. She
screamed as some one behind her slapped her across the ass with what felt
like a belt.

Get the hell out of here and clean yourself up, your a mess. The guys
told her as they picked her up and shoved her toward the stairs and shower
upstairs. They all laughed as they watched her run to the stairs, her tits
bouncing with some of the jizz dripping down on them. Then the guys kissed
each of the other sisters in turn and grabbed their own clothes and dressed
to leave.

"Why don't you go and help your sister," Simon whispered to his remaining
two sisters and pushed them toward the stairs in the direction of their other
sister. What a day he had. He still couldn't believe how his life had changed
over the past couple of weeks, although not nearly as much as his sister
Lucy. Maybe he would try to figure out how to get Cecilia in on the action?
But that would be another day...

The End


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