7th Heaven: The Adventures of the Nympho Sisters - Part 1 (M/F,F-solo,voy)
by Jason ([email protected])

Mary had just returned home after her parents kicked her out several months
ago. She had only interacted with her family for a few hours the night
before, and Robbie wasn't even there. She knew that would be strange living
with him, but she put that out of her mind for now. Just in that short
conversation with them, she noticed that much had changed since her last stay
in her family's house.

Matt was away more, very busy with work and school. Simon had gotten taller
and his voice had gotten much deeper (which she took notice of immediately.)
But her sister may have changed the most. Lucy had gotten more curves on her
body, mostly in the forms of two very large breasts.

Mary had changed too. She become so sexual that she started to find nearly
every guy cute. Even Matt and Simon were turning her on. She hoped that she
didn't get so desperate as to fuck one of her family members, but when she
was horny, she would fuck any male with two legs and a dick, yet she was
still a virgin. It was a simple formula. No cock = no sex. She avoided as
many guys as possible, but watched tons of porno. It's all she thought about,
a man's cock. Oh yeah, cocks. Mary had visions of cocks all day. All night
too. She was becoming obsessed with them.

All of these thoughts ran through Mary's mind as she slowly woke up from a
nice sexual dream. All she remembered was cocks and fucking. LOTS of fucking.
It made her so hot that she couldn't go back to sleep.

Mary got up and tip-toed towards the bathroom in the early morning hours to
get some water. She quietly opened the door and was stunned by the sight.

There was Robbie, completely naked, drying his face with a towel. Mary stood
in shock, looking directly at his big thick cock. Her mouth dropped open in
disbelief, this being the first cock she had seen in person and not in a
porn. She froze, not able to run away, scanning his toned abs, firm legs, and
big sagging balls which suited his long penis. Robbie hadn't noticed her yet,
as he hummed a song and really dried his face and hair, making his nuts and
cock swing back and forth. Mary wanted to drop to her knees and kiss it, but
'What would he do,' she thought to herself. She freaked out and quickly ran
back to her room, jumping under the covers, before Robbie even knew he was
being lusted over.

Mary's eyes were wide open in the darkness of the early morning hours. She
remembered someone mentioning that Robbie got up early to prepare for his
busy schedule of work/school/chores. She couldn't get the image of his huge
cock out of her head.

Lucy and Mary brought home many porno movies before, but this was better.
Robbie's cock was something that made Mary wet, but also scared her. She
thought 'Would it hurt? What would it look like hard? What would it taste
like?' Mary tried her best to go back to sleep, but she was so incredibly
horny. She couldn't masterbate because Lucy would hear her. Mary just decided
to rub her legs together and hopefully fall asleep. Mary didn't sleep much
that night.

* * *

Mary opened her eyes and noticed it was daytime. She had just fallen asleep
about 2 hours before hand, still thinking of the image of the monster cock.
Mary let out a grunt as she sat up and prepared to face the day. The first
full day back in her house.

"Hey Mary!" Lucy shouted, coming over to give Mary a hug.

"Hey Lucy. Good to see you. Why are you all dressed up?"

"I'm going to rent a movie. Wanna come?"

"No Lucy. I just feel like relaxing today. What movie are you getting?"

"Uh, I, I don't know. Uh, why? What's it matter?" Lucy said defensively.

Mary laughed out loud.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Hahaha... Lucy... I know you. You're going to get one of those dirty
movies." Mary said with a grin.

Lucy just looked down, her face getting red. She glanced to make sure no one
was around, then moved closer to Mary, almost whispering.

"It's just... you know... Mary I'm so HORNY. It's all I ever think about! You
know.... sex!"

"Really? Well now you know why I started playing basketball with all those
guys a few years ago. It's about time you started getting wet too."

Mary put her arm around Lucy, trying to sooth her. Lucy grinned, kind of
embarassed at herself. Mary smiled.

"Guess what I saw last night?" Mary said in a cute whisper.

"A GOOD PORN!?!?!" Lucy shouted, very excited.


"Sorry. What did you see?"

"Oh, nothing really, just.... Robbie's dick...."

Lucy gasped loudly, pulling away from Mary, with her mouth wide open. Mary
just smiled.

"NO WAY!!!"

"Uh huh.... I swear!"

Lucy sat back down, whispering again.

"How? What? When? Oh my gosh...."

"Well, I accidently walked in on him in the bathroom. He didn't see me but...
oh... ohhhh I saw him."

Mary was getting wet telling the story. She described in detail Robbie's
size, length, every detail. Lucy licked her lips, getting wet the whole time.

"Was it big????"

"Very," Mary said with her eyes closed almost envisioning it in front of
her, "soooooooo big. HUGE.... really, really, REALLY....."

"STOP!" Lucy shouted, "Just stop. I can't take it any more. I'm gonna end up
humping the bed post!"

Lucy stormed out to her car. Now SHE was thinking of Robbie's cock. She
wished she had gotten up and saw Robbie naked instead of Mary. She thought
about what she would have done different. She thought, maybe, she would
have tried something she saw in a porno. As she backed her car out of the
driveway, she heard a 'BEEP'.

Lucy almost hit another car in her sexual frenzy. She moved around the
vehicle, then saw that it was Robbie's car coming in. Robbie grinned and gave
her that look of 'be more careful' then he smiled. She smiled back, picturing
his big cock, then she floored the car and headed for the porno store. Robbie
pulled into the driveway. He was home early.

* * *

Inside the house, Mary just laughed at the whole situation of her and Lucy's
sexual frustration. Then, she started to get wet again. Mary moved to the
full length mirror.

Dressed in nothing but a thin white belly shirt and white silk panties with
red hearts on them, she looked over her figure. From her newly blonde hair
to her bare feet, she studied her own image and wondered why she was still a

"I'm sexy," she said out loud, "My body is pretty hot! Why can't I get laid?
I mean, why DON'T I ever get laid? It's about time, or else I'm gonna go
nuts! Ohhhh.... nuts.... Robbie's nuts..... Robbie's big big nuts.....

She felt a warm dampness in her silk panties and started to lick her lips.
She twisted and turned in the mirror, rubbing her stomach and legs in a sexy
manner, pretending someone was watching her. She bent over and looked over
her shoulder, admiring her thick butt in silk. The image of Robbie's big cock
was in her head the whole time. When she blinked, she could see it like it
was right there. Mary wiggled her hips, getting wetter and wetter. She let
out a loud groan of sexual frustration.


She stormed away from the mirror, put on her robe, and headed to the kitchen.


She called out, but no one answered her, as she sipped some juice right out
of the jug. She noticed a small stack of papers on the table. There were
several notes from members of the family:

'Hey Mary. Simon and I went to the mall. Glad to have you back.' - Matt

'Mary. This may be awkward living in the same house, but I hope we can
still be friends. We should talk when I get home.' -Robbie

'Hi Mary. We took Ruthie to her music lessons. Can't wait to see you' - Luv
Mom and Dad

Mary's eyes were getting wet from tears. She was so happy the family was
welcoming her back. Suddenly she smiled as she realized she was home
alone.... or so she thought.

* * *

Outside, Robbie started to clean out his car. It was such a mess, full of
fast food papers and junk. He couldn't stop thinking about Lucy's resent
changes. It was like, she became hot overnight. And Mary. Mary was home now,
so what would it be like living with TWO hot girls. He started to grow a
boner thinking of the possibilities.

Back in the house, Mary celebrated.

"WOOOO HOOOO! The house is MINE!" she shouted, ripping off her robe and
dancing around barefoot in her shirt and panties.

She wiggled to the fridge, humming a song in her head, and continued to
dance. She danced for several minutes, eating toast and fruit as she did

Mary exhausted herself in that hyper spat she had and decided to take a
shower. It had been so long since she took a nice long shower in her own
bathroom. She grabbed a towel and made her way in.

* * *

Robbie finished cleaning his car, then went to the house to grab a bite to
eat. He picked out some meat to make a sandwich, then stopped to ponder.

"Reverend Camden always says 'an unwashed hand only makes you a dirty boy',
wonder what he meant by that? Oh well...." Robbie looked at his hands, then
headed to go wash them.

He walked down the hallway humming 'do do dooo doooo do doooo doooo' then
opened the bathroom door and lost his wind.

There stood Mary in the shower.... completely naked and in full view of
Robbie's eyes. He froze. He waited for her to scream and hit him, but that
didn't happen. Mary was lathering her face with soap, her breasts jigging as
she did so. Robbie didn't want to leave, because he wanted to keep watching
Mary's sexy virgin body, but also because he was too afraid to make a noise
and be revealed. He just stared some more.

Still washing her face, eyes closed tightly, Mary unknowingly makes Robbie
hard. Robbie scans her cute tits and her trimmed pussy. His cock begins to
grow. Just then, Mary drops the soap, but still has suds on her face. She
turns, showing Robbie her cute plump butt, then bends at the waist with great
flexibility, reaching down for the soap. As she struggles to feel for it,
Robbie contemplates moving over and just sticking his dick up one of her
holes, which are already pretty wet and lathered from the soap. They both
look so open and inviting, and Robbie's cock is nearly about to shoot off.
Suddenly Mary finds the soap, then stands up to let the water hit her face.
Robbie can't seem to move, and he knows that Mary may see his presence in a
matter of seconds.

Mary wipes the water from her eyes and opens them.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Mary screams at the top of her lungs.

"Someone used all of my conditioner!!!!!"

* * *

Robbie is back outside, finishing up on his car, and trying to calm down his
raging boner.

"Close call! Way too close!" he says still catching his breath.

He keeps seeing Mary naked in his head over and over again. All of the time
he dated her, even made out with her, he was never allowed to even touch her
private areas. Now he just saw every thing that he wanted to see. Yet he
wanted to see more. Much more. He wanted to fuck Mary as hard as he could.

"I'll just go in there and tell her I still love her..." he said in a
romantic way, ".....then I'll show her my cock and we'll do it!" He headed
back to the house.

* * *

Robbie walked down the hallway again, took a deep breath, then knocked on the
bathroom door. No answer. He knocked again.

"Mary. Can we talk? It's Robbie...."

Still nothing.

He turned the knob and put his hand over his eyes, stepping in the bathroom.

"Look Mary I just want to talk. Please."


He slowly opened his eyes and noticed Mary wasn't there. That's when he heard
a grunt from the other room.

Robbie heard another moan and followed the sound to Mary's room. The door was
cracked a bit and he slowly looked in. There was Mary. Lying on her back, on
her bed, naked again.

Mary's eyes were closed. Closed very tightly. Her legs her bent and spread
open, feet in the air. She had her hand between her legs playing with
herself. Robbie couldn't believe his eyes. Mary was masterbating! One hand
twisted her nipple, the other rubbed quickly back and forth on her clit. She
was moaning and talking. Robbie quietly moved closer, ducking behind the
dresser, making sure Mary's eyes stayed shut so she couldn't see him.

"Uh..... oh.... big dick.... ohhhhh frick me.... frick me with that big
dick!" Mary moaned, really fantasizing about something.

Robbie almost laughed as he mouthed the words 'frick' and 'big dick' with a
question mark on his face, remebering Mary never cussed.

"Ohhhh.... I want it.... uhhhh gawd I.... uh.... I want that big dick....
Robbie's big dick....."

Robbie couldn't believe his ears. 'Mary wants my big dick?' he thought.

"Mmmm.... ahhhh uhhhhh yeah.... Robbie's big dick from the shower.... I want
to frick it.... frick Robbie's dick... uhhh uhhhhh...."

"'From the shower?' he thought, 'I KNEW I hearrd someone in there this
morning..... so she liked it, huh?'

He watched her masterbate for another 5 minutes before he thought of a plan.
He quietly snuck back out of the room, then coughed really loud to let Mary
know she wasn't alone in the house.

Mary heard the noise and quickly covered up.

"Damn it! Who the frick in here in this fricking house?!" She was very
frustrated at this point.

She dressed in only a robe again, only this time, nothing underneath. She
stuck her head out of her room.


Robbie appeared.

"Hi Mary."

Mary blushed, throwing him a cute smile.

"Hey Robbie. How have you been?"

"Good. I know this is awkward, you know, seeing each other for the first time
in so long and everything, but I need a favor."

"Sure. What is it?"

"Come here Mary."

Robbie pulled her arm a bit, making her come out of her room. She felt
uncomfortable because she was naked under her robe, but she would feel dumb
telling him that, so she went along. Robbie pulled her to his own room and
locked the door.

"We're friends... right Mary?"

Mary didn't want to be just friends. She wanted his dick. But she faked a
smile and played along.

"Sure. Yeah, we're friends."

"Good. From friend to friend. I need help. Can I ask you something?" Robbie
said, ready to put the plan to work.

"Sure. What is it?"

Robbie quickly pulled down his pants and boxers, standing in front of Mary,
showing her his goods. Mary's mouth dropped open in shock. Robbie played
innocent and friendly.

"Do I have a decent sized dick?"

Mary got so wet, but she kept cool, even though her face was blushing.

"Mary, I mean, I am insecure about stuff like this, and since we are friends,
you can be honest. Is my dick okay?"

Robbie's dick swung from side to side as he talked.

"I..... I..... it's umm....."

Mary couldn't take her eyes off of it. She felt a trickle of pussy juice run
down her legs as she stood naked under just a robe.

"Well. Mary? Is it okay or what?"

Mary snapped.

"Robbie that's the biggest dick ever.... and I need it!!!!"

Mary pushed Robbie back on the bed. She took off her robe and revealed her
naked body to Robbie, then layed on him and started to kiss and make out.

Robbie took control, kissing down to her breasts, rubbing her big butt. Mary
had never been this far before, but she didn't even think of stopping now.
Robbie sucked her titties quickly, then moved a hand down to play with her
pussy. Mary reached down and got her first feeling of dick as she wrapped her
fingers around it.

Mary tugged the big cock until it was a good 8 inches. She moaned as Robbie
sucked her titties and worked his fingers in her pussy better than she ever

Robbie kissed down Mary's stomach to her toned legs, then stuck his tongue
right in her salty wet pussy and began to lick away.

"Hhhhuuuuuhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh yeahhhh.... uhhh.. uhhh..." Mary cried as she was
eaten out for the first time ever.

Robbie showed no restraint as his tongue lapped up Mary's pussy, showing no
mercy on the virgin. Robbie sucked on her clit, hummed on it, then moved her
pussy folds all around as his tongue and mouth went crazy on Mary's little
vagina. Mary held her breath and tensed up, only to cry out a loud 'UHHH'
every few seconds, then tense up again. She had never felt this good. She
twisted and tweaked her own nipples as Robbie licked away. Mary's butt
contracted, her toes curled, and her body shook. She was ready to go all the

Robbie stood up and pointed his dick to Mary's face. It rested on her cheek,
then hit her cute nose. She didn't know what to do exactly. Robbie rubbed it
on her soft mouth and said "Open up, baby." She did, and Robbie took the
liberty of stuffing his dick in her mouth and sliding in and out. Mary puffed
away on her first dick as Robbie diddled Mary's clit to keep her pussy wet.
Mary's mouth was slow and sloppy on the cock, but that made it feel all the
more better. Robbie pulled out and laid Mary all the way back.

Mary put her legs up on Robbie's shoulders and Robbie lined up his big dick
to Mary's cunt. He pushed the head a bit.

"Uhhhhhhhhh.... ohhhhh it's big" Mary gasped.

Robbie moved up again and Mary's legs flexed together. Then Robbie moved into
her wet pussy more. And more. Finally he as in her pussy all the way. Mary
could only pant, it felt so good. Robbie began to move in and out.

Robbie got up to rhythm finally, then began to fuck Mary really good. Mary
groaned on every thrust that he gave her. In and out of her pussy tight went
Robbie's big dick. She moaned louder and louder as Robbie picked up the pace.

Mary got flipped on her stomach and Robbie fucked her hard and deep that way.
He hugged her from behind, pumping the tight girl over and over, then
grinding in her, then pumping again.

"Oh Robbie! Ahhhhh.... ohhh your dick is so big.... mmmmmmm!"

Robbie just grunted, trying to hold out as long as possible in her hot wet

Mary's pussy was wetter than ever and she was about to orgasm. Robbie felt
her pussy squeezing, so he reached down and diddled her clit as he fucked her
harder and harder.

"Uhhh..... uhhhh...... ahhhhh! Ahhhh! AHHHH! Ohhhh yeah..... OH! Fuck me...
oh.. sorry.. I mean FRICK ME!!! OHHHH!"

Mary bucked and jerked, then her body squirted girl-juice as she moaned
louder. Robbie grinned as Mary came for him. She was his. He was in control.
So he spoke up.

"Mary, now a girl's job is to make the man cum."

"Uhhhhhh..... ohhhhhhhh...... okay cum then...." she was in too much bliss to
care what he did. His dick felt good to her horny pussy.

Robbie pulled out and touched his dick to Mary's butt.

"AHHHH! Heyyy! Uhhhhh!!!!! Ow!!" Mary wiggled to keep the dick out, but the
head was already wedged up her tight pooper.

"Mary! You have to! It's a rule that once the girl cums, the guys gets to do
the girl's butt.... you don't want me to cum in your pussy do you? You'll get

Mary frowned.

"Okay. I guess."

Robbie pushed his dick up Mary's butt all the way.

"UHHHHHHHH! Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Mary moaned.

At first it pinched a bit, but now it felt good up her butt.

"Mary your butt is so tight.... soooooo damn tight.... uhhh yeah.... what am
I doing to you Mary?"

"Ahhh... you are.... uhhhh.... you are fricking my butt.... uhhhh.... your
dick is fricking my tight butt hole.... uhhhhhhhh......."

Robbie pumped away, watching Mary's butt shake. He squeezed her butt, now
moving Mary up to her knees as he fucked her.

"You like this Mary? Uhhhh uhhhh!"

"Yes I like.... uhhh.... I like this. Frick me harder up the butt.....
mmmmm..... yeah..... do it."

Mary moaned and groaned as Robbie fucked her harder and harder then shot his
cum up her ass. Mary wiggled and squirmed as Robbie struggled to keep his
dick up her ass.

"Take it out! It feels funny! Uhhhhh.... it's weird, like hot cream in my

Robbie laughed and held her still.

"Hold on baby.... uhhh.... yeah wiggle.... it feels better..... mmmm"

Robbie's dick popoped out and Mary groaned from the empty void of her holes.
Just in time too because someone just came in the house!

They both jumped up and got dressed.

"Please don't tell anyone about this. Please!" Mary begged.

"Why not?"

"Please Robbie, don't, please... because everyone will think I am dirty for
getting bent over and fucked up the butt, oops, I mean, fricked up my ass,
oops, I mean.... ... urggg.... you what I mean.... please don't tell
anyone... ESPECIALLY Matt, Lucy, or Simon."

"Okay. But you better give me free sex when I want it, and I'm still allowed
to fuck other girls too!" Robbie demaned.

"Okay fine... just.... I gotta go."

Mary ran to her room to get dressed in more than a robe.

Robbie saw Lucy walk by his open door. She smiled very sexy at him. He
grinned and looked over her body.

"Hey Lucy. You look nice today."

"Thanks." Lucy flirted back.

"Lucy, what movie did you get?"

Her face changed to nervousness.

"Uh... uh.... just some stupid girl movie... bye!"

She ran to her room and closed the door.

"Yep. Another porno," Robbie said with a smile, "that's okay... she's next.
Oh yeah. Lucy's next!"

Robbie layed back and stared at the ceiling with a big grin on his face.


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