7th Heaven: The Adventures Of The Nympho Sisters Part 4
by Jason ([email protected]) (m/F,bond,tickle,foot)

"Wwww..... wwwww.... wwwwwhere am I..." Mary asked, trying to clear her eyes.

Mary had slept in that position all night on Matt's bed. Her bra was on
inside-out, and her sweatpants were only pulled up to the bottom of her butt,
yet she didn't remember a thing that Matt did to her.

"Whhhhhy am I bent over all these pillows.... and in Matt's room..... uh I
shouldn't have drank."

Mary got to her feet and fixed her outfit, staggering out of Matt's room in
the early morning hours to take a shower.

The water hit her toned body, instantly waking her up. She lathered with
her favorite soap, washing her private areas for a few extra minutes. Her
nymphomania was now stronger than ever.

Once she got dressed in her usual jean shorts and tight tshirt, she headed
to her own room. Lucy was still asleep.

"Wake up lazy." Mary said as she bumped her hip into Lucy.

"I don't ever want to get out of bed again." Lucy whined.


"Oh... no reason... except that Simon gave in and fucked me, then he STILL
went down and told Dad about me and Robbie!"

"Ahhh haaaa! You're busted Luce! You are gonna be in so much troub...."

"Matt told Dad that you were passed out drunk!"

Mary gasped. Her mocking quickly stopped when she heard those words.

"Oh my gosh. We are dead.... so dead.... what else did you hear Lucy....?"

"Trust me. You don't wanna know."

"TELL ME!!!" Mary cried out.

"Dad said that.... he.... he said that Matt and Simon are in charge for the
next week and that...... we have to do what they say..... 'everything' that
they say....."

Mary jumped up, put on her flip flops, and grabbed her coat.

"Mary! Where are you going?!?"

"I have a new babysitting job. The Johnson's kid is staying home today and I
am going to watch him. Sorry, but I am NOT going to stick around here. No
way. Not today.... maybe not even tonight."

"So you're leaving me here alone Mary.... well, you have to come back

"I know. I know. I just really need the money today from babysitting. The
Johnsons are really rich and it's an all-morning job. I'm sorry, but you're
on your own today.... atleast for a while Lucy."

Lucy's head dropped, then she looked up into Mary's eyes with a serious
concern in her next words.

"You know that Matt and Simon will REALLY be mad if you aren't here when they
get home."

"Look Luce. I'll be home soon. Maybe before Simon and Matt even get here. If
I get home early enough, you and I will go see a movie and deal with Simon
and Matt later."

Mary gave Lucy a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Here, I'll tuck you back in bed," Mary said as she covered up Lucy.

"Thanks Mary," Lucy said looking into her eyes.

"Don't mention it."

Mary kissed Lucy on the cheek, then again... then again. Each kiss got softer
and longer. Lucy's legs and stomach began to tingle as she went to kiss
Mary's cheek and the two girls accidently touched lips. Mary pulled back and
looked into Lucy's eyes, and there was a split second of pure lust. Mary
hugged Lucy, and both girls felt the other's large breasts rubbing against
their own. Lucy's nipples were long and hard, while Mary's were short but
pointed. Both girls sighed in their long hug with their eyes closed.

Mary's smile switched to a look of concern as she said "Uhhhh, I gotta go

Lucy watched Mary leave in a hurry, and 'accidently' watched Mary's butt
shake as she left.

Lucy layed back and closed her eyes, thinking of her usual sexual thoughts
before she slept.

"If I had to be with a girl... I mean HAD TO, since I don't want to, or
anything, but I HAD TO... it would be.... (an image of Mary naked came into
her mind. It was of the time when Mary showered while Lucy was doing her hair
in the bathroom a few weeks ago.)"

Lucy snapped out of it.

"Um... next subject." Lucy thought of sexual activities as she began to rub
her pussy, trying to escape the thoughts of what Matt and Simon had planned.

"Wait. Mary's babysitting the Johnsons' kid...? I know of a 'Billy Johnson'
who is a senior..... no, that couldn't be...."

* * *

"So, Joey, what do you want to do first," Mary asked the Johnson child.

"You have to do what I say or I'll tell my mommy and daddy!" the kid shouted.

"Okay... wanna play a game? How about a board game?"


"Joey, just tell me what you want to do. ANYTHING to make you happy," Mary

"Let's play cowboys and indians!"

"Okay, how do you play that?"

"I capture you and then you try to get free and then I do like this and then
like this and this," Joey said as he demonstrated to Mary.

"Okay, whatever, just.... you go first."

Joey went to his room and brought back a bag of toys. Mostly a plastic gun,
a cowboy hat, and other items.

"Give me your arm Mary. Close your eyes too."

Mary did so and suddenly felt cool metal surround her left wrist, then the
right wrist.

"Um... okay you handcuffed me.... now what..... and where's the key? HEY!"

"Now I do THIS!!!!!" Joey yelled as he pushed Mary on her back, pulled her
arms over her head, and manipulated the handcuffs so that they were attached
to a heavy oak table.

"Hey... heyyyy..... come on this isn't funny Joey... I can't get up.... I...
I can't move my arms either." Mary said, struggling and pulling to no avail.

"Heeee heeee, I'm not done yet you mean babysitter!" Joey laughed as he got
an extension cord out of his bag.

He pulled off Mary's flipflops and wrapped the cable around her socked feet.
Mary tried to kick and move, but the youngster was too heavy. When Joey moved
back, still laughing, Mary looked down and knew she was stuck. She was
stretched out on her back, hands above her head, and her legs were slightly
parted, tied down. and attached to another large piece of furniture. She
could barely move.

"Joey. JOEY!!! This isn't FUNNY! Let me up! NOW!" Mary screamed but couldn't
scare the kid.

Joey laughed as Mary continued to struggle. Mary's belly was exposed and her
shorts were riding up so that most of her long legs were exposed.

The back door opened and Mary heard footsteps.

"BILLY!!!! You got out of school early!!!!" Joey yelled, running over to the
other room.

Mary gulped.

"Oh my gosh," she thought to herself, "Billy... Billy Johnson.... he's a
senior at my old school. He's only like a year younger than me! Oh no! I
don't know him, but I have seen him. He's really cute. Oh no!"

The two Johnsons' came over to Mary.

"Lookee Billy! I tied her up! I tied up the babysitter! Lookee!"

"Wow!" Billy said, looking over Mary's hot body, "you sure did.... wow wow

"Hi I'm Mary, Mary Camden," she said awkwardly, feeling so stupid.

"Nice to meet you," he said, flashing a smile that made Mary's pussy twitch,
"Uh Joey, why don't you untie Mary here."


Joey jumped away from his brother.

"NO! NO! NO! If you untie her, I'll tell Mom and Dad about you smoking that
stinky cigarette behind the garage yesterday."

Billy looked down at Mary.

"Sorry. You're on your own. But I will stay for a little while to make sure
Joey doesn't hurt you or anything."

"Oh, gee, thanks!" Mary said, being sarcastic.

Mary's pussy twitched again when she talked to Billy. She felt so stupid
being in this situation, but being degraded turned her on in a weird sort of

"No Billy! You have to help me," Joey demanded.

"Help you?"

"Yeah. Mary is the bad guy. I captured her and she is withholding top secret

Billy gave Mary a flirtacious smile, playing along with Joey.

"Really? How do we get her to tell us the information?"

"We use tactics that get her to talk.... we tickle her until she tells us."

Mary's face turned bright red.

"No, Joey, I'll tell you what you need to know. You, um, um, you don't have
to tickle me. I give up. Okay?" Mary said, growing nervous.

"NO! You have to be tickled! Billy, tickle Mary. If she doesn't laugh, I am
telling Mom and Dad about what you did with those stinky cigarettes that made
you talk funny."

Billy licked his lips and looked down at the sexy Camden all tied up with no
place to go. Mary was getting a little wet seeing Billy stand over her the
way he was. But she knew she was very ticklish and didn't want to embarrass
herself in front of a senior.

"Okay Joey. Where should I start?"

"I'll tell you where to tickle Mary at, and you tickle her there."

Mary began to wiggle, trying to loosen the binds. Her arms were over her
head, making her arm pits and ribs open for tickling. Her bare stomach was
showing from her short shirt. She was stuck.

"Okay Billy.... STOMACH!!!!" Joey shouted.

Billy's fingers danced up and down Mary's toned stomach, making her squeek
and jerk. She laughed hysterically.


Billy stopped, letting Mary catch her breath. Gasping for air, Mary noticed
her nipples were now poking through her thin top. She was very turned on now.

Joey moved over to his room.

"Can I untie her now Joey?" Billy asked.

"No! I'm gonna play toys, but you keep tickling her where I tell you to."

"Please! Woooo! Ohhhh! Please Joey! I've had enough! You win! Untie me!
Woooooo!" Mary said, catching her breath.

"ARM PITS!" Joey shouted.

Billy tickled Mary's under-arms quickly.


Billy's cock was really starting to bulge out now. He tried to sit sideways
so Mary wouldn't see it.

"STOMACH!!!!!" Joey shouted, not paying attention any more.

Billy's fingers moved down to Mary's stomach again, as he noticed her shorts
were sagging and an inch of her black panties were showing.


Joey came back in, telling Billy to stop for a second.

"OHHH! OHHH! Thank you! Please, Untie me now.... woooo..... please untie me."
Mary begged with a red smiling face.

Joey casually moved to her leg restraints. Instead of untying her legs, Joey
simply moved Mary's legs up a bit and pulled off her socks, then tightened
the ties even more so Mary could only wiggle her toes. An unwanted grin came
to her face as she knew what was next.

"Hahaha Joey. My feet aren't even ticklish!" Mary tried to convince him.

"Really?" Joey asked, looking right into Mary's eyes.

Mary grinned again helplessly. She was a bad liar.

Joey headed into the other room again. Mary wiggled and shook her arms, but
she was tied up too good to even move. Billy's boner was throbbing now as he
looked over the body of Mary Camden. Thoughts and ideas ran through his mind
as he heard his cue.

"FEET!!!!!!" Joey yelled, not even paying attention to Mary and Billy.

Billy moved down to Mary's smooth soles. He teased Mary a bit, wiggling his
fingers over her cute toes. Mary grinned, looking worried still as she tried
to get away. Billy could see more of Mary's panties from this angle, more of
her inner groin area. He saw the bulge of her soft puffy pussy under her
panties as he wiggled his fingers more. Then he tickled the bottoms of her
feet as fast as he could.


Mary's sexy body bucked around, thrashing wildly, yet her feet stayed in
place. She couldn't escape the sensation on her sensitive feet. Billy's boner
grew to enormous size, yet was covered nicely in his baggy pants. Mary's
wetness began to fill her panties and she didn't even care. As helpless as
she was, she was hornier than she had been in the past few days.

"Wait Billy!" Joey said, entering the room again, "Mary had an accident!"

Joey pointed down to the wet spot on Mary's shorts.

Billy looked at the wetness is shock, then he got an idea.

Mary felt SO stupid. She knew it wasn't 'an accident', it was her horny pussy
running overtime.

"Uh, yeah, Joey.... Mary had an accident.... why don't you go down in
the playroom.... don't come up until we tell you to... you can play your
video games.... go on.... and don't tell anyone because accidents are
embarrassing... go play your video games.... go on." Billy said.

"YES! WOO HOO! I'm gonna play all NIGHT!" Joey said, running downstairs and
shutting the door.

Billy turned to Mary, who was still panting. He kissed her right on the
mouth. Mary groaned and kissed him back gently with her tongue. Billy kissed
her neck, sending goosebumps all over her body. He touched Mary's breast
through her thin top making Mary gasp. Then he got up quickly and sat on her
chest. He undid his pants and pulled out his cock. Mary's eyes and mouth
opened wide in shock and amazement, but Billy lewdly stuffed his cock in
Mary's open mouth.

"Ohhhhh shit! Ohhh fuck! Mary Camden! Ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh yeah your mouth is so

Mary mumbled and tried to get away, but the cock was in her mouth and Billy
was pumping his hips, fucking her mouth. Billy hugged her blonde head and
rammed his cock down her throat, then reached back to rub Mary's pussy
through her shorts, making Mary moan reluctantly on Billy's hard cock. He
pulled out and caught his breath.

"Ohhh.... wooo... Mary.... Mary you are so hot. I'm sorry.... it's just... I
know you are really really horny and I want to help you out.... woooo...."

Then Billy moved down to Mary's feet. Mary was so turned on, but didn't feel
right about fucking a guy she didn't really know. Then, she felt something
amazing. Billy started licking and sucking on Mary's toes, making Mary's
pussy literally pump out warm liquid. Billy sucked every toe from her big
toe, to her little pinky, and back up again. Mary moaned louder than ever. He
kissed and licked her sexy feet all over, focusing mostly on her ticklish
heels and soles. Mary's horny stain in her shorts was now bigger than ever
and Billy noticed it right away.

Billy quickly moved up towards Mary's face, pulling her shirt up and shifted
her bra aside, letting Mary's tits pop into view. Billy sucked up Mary's left
nipple and flicked his tonuge on it.

"Uhhhhhhh!!! Wait.... ohhhh Billy... wait!"

Billy nibbled on the puffy nipple, then licked the right nipple, running his
hands all over Mary's sides and stomach.

"Ohhh! Mmmm! Billy wait! I.... I... uhhh gosh... I'm too horny. I can't UHHH
I can't do this. It's not right. Ohhhh!"

Billy worked Mary's breasts over, sucking and licking them. He talked, still
sucking her titties.

"You mean this mmmmmmm... you mean this doesn't feel good Mary... mmmm...
when I.... mmmmm... when I mmmmmm suck your tits you don't get hot

Billy pulled down Mary's shorts, exposing her damp wet panties. He rubbed her
tits more as he kissed down her stomach and hips.

"Please Billy... wait... ahhhh... just let me... just let me go home and
masturbate..... ahhhh ahhhhh..... mmmmm..... please I don't want to give
in.... ahhhhh....."

Billy kissed Mary's toned upper legs as he continued to rub her breasts
softly, playing with her nipples. One hand moved down and pulled her panties
down to her knees, exposing her sopping wet pussy.

"mmmmm wait... oh my gosh... please... ahhhh... I'm too hot Billy.... ohhhh
please I...."

Billy's kisses moved closer to Mary's vagina. He could smell the sweet
wetness of the Camden woman. He licked Mary's inner leg, then her other leg,
then back and forth, breathing air on her pussy folds. Mary's voice was
trailing off.

"Plllease.... oh gosh please.... don't listen to my body.. listen to me... I,
I, I should go home and.... and.... AHHHHHHH!! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh goshhhhh!"

Billy stuck his tongue in Mary's pussy and began to lick deep inside the
salty wet folds.

"Ohhhh.... mmmmm.... ahhhhhh..... ohhhhh feels so good..... uhhhhh....

Billy undid Mary's leg ties and put her legs up on his shoulders. Mary's
legs wrapped around his head as she cried out more with a tongue roughing up
tender pussy.

"Uhhhhh.... ohhhh.... ohhhhh yeahhhhhh.... ahhhhh..... ahhhhhh...."

Billy held Mary's tight butt with both hands, and rubbed it as he licked
faster and faster on Mary's horny pussy. Her butt contracted with each gasp
and moan.

"Ahhhh! Yeah! Oh yessss! Yessss!! Uhhhhh! Oh gosh!!!! Mmmmmmm!!"

Billy stopped and moved back. He took off his shirt and pulled off her pants
and underwear. His long bobbing cock was a warning sign to Mary.

"Wait... Billy... that's all I needed. Just untie me and I can go home and
take care of myself. Please. That's too much for me to handle.... I'll be a
sex addict.... just let me go..." Mary begged.

"Mary. I know about these things. If someone doesn't fuck your brains out
soon, you'll go crazy wanting sex. Trust me. I'll take care of you baby."

Billy moved in between Mary's legs and held his own cock. Mary struggled a
bit, but not really as much as she could have. Mary felt the thick head of
Billy's cock rub up and down her wet slit.

"Wait... Billy... I don't know about this... I'm so horny but.... but....
uhhhhh.... oh gosh it's not right."

"Trust me Mary. You'll thank me later...."

Billy slid his cock in Mary's slit as deep as he could go.

"UUUUUHHHHhhhhhh..... ohhhhhhhhhhh..... ohhhh gosh..... it's b-b-b-b-big."
Mary cried out as her horny pussy was stuffed.

Billy grabbed Mary's hips and began to pump her like a porn star.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh yes Billy! Uhhhh uhhhh! Ohhh gosh!! Ahhhh! Ahhhh yeah!!!!"

Billy's hips thrusted wildly as he fucked Mary Camden's pussy like there was
no tomorrow. Mary's breasts jiggled as her body was slammed good and hard.
Billy held her legs open to get a good deep fucking in Mary's cunt.

"Errr...err...errr.... Mary... you're so tight... errr... uhhhhh uhhhh.....
take it Mary..... uhhh...."

"Billy.... ohhhh Billy... I'm.... uhhhh... I'm getting hot...... uhhhh.....
uhhhh..... my pussy's on fire..... ohhhhh ohhhhh gosh."

Billy picked up the pace, slamming Mary's cunt hard and deep.

"Uhhh.... errr.... errrr... ahhhh cum Mary... get it out ........ errr....
errr... errr.... I'm not stopping 'til you squirt.... errr... uhhhh....

Mary reached down and diddled her clit, making her body buck wildly. She
rubbed her finger over and over along her juicy clit. Her pussy contracted
and prepared for the flood.

"Errr... errr.. come on Mary... ahhh ahhhh.... cum baby.... CUM...... ERRRR!
AHHH! AHHHH!" Billy yelled, fucking Mary as hard as he could.


Mary cried out and clear fluid squirted all over Billy's cock, running down
both of their bodies. Mary groaned a sigh of relief, then her body went limp.
Billy laid on Mary with his dick still in her, and unbuckled the cuffs from
her hands.

Billy stood up, letting his dick come out of Mary, but wouldn't let Mary get
dressed whe she reached for her clothes.

"No way Mary. Not yet. Come here."

Billy pulled Mary into his room and locked the door.

"Ride me baby," he said, pulling Mary on the bed with him.

"But I came already.... I'm done Billy," Mary said standing there naked.

"No you're not! Get on the bed!" Billy said, smacking Mary's bubble butt,
making it flex.

He pulled Mary on top of him and shoved his dick up her hot wet slit.

"AHHHHHH!!!! Ohhhh Billy!!!!! Ohhhh!"

Billy reached up and played with Mary's breasts, tweeking the nipples mainly
as his cock was ridden.

"Yeah that's it.... uhhh... uhhhh.... ride me Mary... move up and down on
it... yeah...." Billy said, guiding Mary's moves.

"Mary.... uhhh... uhhh... you're not leaving until I cum... uhh....
shit...... ahhhh.... and I can go all day....... uhh...."

"But Billy.... ahhhh.... ahhhh.... you're so big... and uhhhh ahhhhhh
aaaaaahhh .... you're so good....... I'll never want to leave....."

Billy smacked her ass and yelled "GIDDY UP!" as her spun around so she was
facing away from him.

Billy took two handfuls of Mary's sexy ass and played with her butt. Mary
felt her butt being pinched and smacked, her butthole being looked at and
examined. Suddenly she had an image of someone fucking her butt. She thought
about what dream it came from as she continued to bounced and gyrate.

"Ohh... ohhh.. Mary.... you have a nice ass baby.... hey.... who fucked you
up the butt baby..... uhhhh... uhhhh..."


"Your butt.... ahhhh... ahhhh... it's been fucked before... I can tell uhhhh
uhhh.... who did it......"

Mary slowed down her pace of fucking as she wondered why Billy would ask
that, because she 'never' did that with anyone. Then she remembered waking
up after being drunk, and how she was bent over on the bed... in Matt's room.

"Uhhhh.... nevermind Mary... mmmmm.... don't tell me.... it's better that
way..... ahhhhh... oh yeahhhhh.... mmmm.... but you know I'm gonna test that
ass out next time you come over.... uhhh.. uhh..."

Mary wondered what Matt and Simon were doing to Lucy.

"Billy... I should go... uhhh.... I need to...."

"You 'need' to get your sexual frustration out on me! Use me baby!" Billy
said, smacking Mary's ass again, then again making Mary jump with a smile.

Mary was so tempted by Billy's sexy body and amazing cock, that she gave in.
She spun around to face Billy, still riding his cock.

"Oh, take it out on you? Huh? Like this?" she said, playfully smacking him in
the face.

"Oh yeah baby. I like it rough... mmmmm yeah wiggle on my dick.... mmmm.... I
like rough stuff."

Mary smiled bigger.

"Oh you do? How about like this.... uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uhhhhh uhhhhh" she
moaned, bouncing up and down as fast as she could, fucking the cock.

"Ohhhh ohhhh fuck yeah Mary.... ahhh yeah yes....."

"Uhhh uhhhh how about this Billy...." Mary said, putting both of her feet on
Billy's face and continuing to gyrate on his dick.

"Mmmmph.... mmmmph....." was all Billy could say as his cock was ridden hard

"You like a girl taking control... huh? Ohhhh ohhhh here let me step on your
face as hard as I can and fuck your big cock..."

Mary wiggled her feet on Billy's face. She felt his cock get harder than
ever. She kept talking dirty.

"Ahhh uhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh yeah Billy, lick my feet..... mmmm.... mmmmm....
ohhhh ahhhhhh...."

Mary continued to get out her stress, using Billy as her fuck toy. She spun
in different directions, trying to find the perfect angle for Billy's dick to
rub her pussy walls.

"Uhhh... uhhh... right there.... yeah... yes yes yes...." Mary cried as Billy
held her up a bit to thrust upwards into her cunt.

"Uhhhh... uhhhh... don't stop.... mmmm.... AHHHH! AHHH! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Ohhhhhh gosssshhhhh...... ohhhhh..... I came again Billy.... mmmmmm."

She layed on Billy all the way, exhausted.

"Mary... ohhh Mary baby.... let me cum on your pretty face.... please....."
Billy begged.

"No way! That's sick!" Mary protested.

"Okay... fine. Come here then."

Billy bent Mary over, telling her to put her hands on the bed.

"Take this then Mary..... AHHHHHH YEAH!!!!"

Billy stuck his hard cock right up Mary's butt.

"Owwwww.... uhhhh..... feels kinda good.... ohhhhhhh.... feels REALLY good up
my butt." Mary moaned.

"Errr.... errrr... take it Mary.... errrr... right up your butt... mmmmmmm."

Billy held Mary's hips and crammed his dick in and out of her ass hole. He
reached under and rubbed her tits some more.

"Ohhhh... ohhhh Billy... fuck my butt.... ohhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh."

Billy felt his cum stirring in his balls, but he wanted to cum on Mary's face
really bad. He got an idea.

"Oh Mary... your butt is so tight.... ahhhh your ass is so good.... I want to
shoot on your back baby... uhhh....."

"AHHHH AHHHH OKAY!!! Uhhhhh! AHHH! Hurry though.... Come on Billy! UHHHHH!"

Billy pumped hard and fast a few more times, then pulled out and jerked off,
touching his dickhead to Mary's big butt cheek. Mary's hips danced in place.
Billy got spit in his mouth and spat it on Mary's back to trick her. Mary
turned to look at it, and Billy moved up a bit. Billy grabbed her hair and
held her in place like that. Mary opened her mouth to protest, but before she
could, Billy came FOR REAL, squirting cum directly in Mary's mouth, then on
her nose and face. Mary shook her head and whined, trying to get the cum off
her lips. Billy held her and rubbed his dick on her face for good measure,
then stuffed it in the sexy Camden's mouth and held it in there as it
twitched. Mary's weak protests vibrated on the trembling cock, making Billy
moan even more.

"Eat it Mary..... do it! Trust me!"

Mary touched her tongue on the jizz and suddenly discovered her favorite

"See? Now lick it all up you horny girl." Billy said with a smile.

Mary licked the cock clean, then wiped off her own face. Billy took one look
at Mary's body again, as she was bent over looking in the mirror, then pulled
her back on the bed.

"Again?" Mary said, exhausted already.

"Hell yeah. Do you know how fucking hot you are? Damn. Just ride me a little
more, please. I'll eat your pussy before you leave, I promise."

Mary raised her eyebrows at him.

"Fine. I'll kiss your ass too, literally. I'll ream your butt with my tongue
and eat your pussy until you cum."

Mary gasped.

"Billy!!! You talk so dirty!"

"Try it once. It turns me on when girls cuss."

"I.... I... I couldn't. I don't cuss."

"You fuck a guy's brains out, yet you don't cuss???"

"Hey I didn't really fuck your bra.... HUH!!!"

"Hahahaha! See Mary. It's no big deal. It's sexy to talk dirty."

"Okay.... fuck.... fuck.... FUCK!" Mary shouted, "Fuck... fuck me... fuck my
pussy..... with your cock...... shit.... fuck...." Mary was on a roll.

"Oh baby.... I'll do ALL those this to you," Billy said in a joking manner.

Mary smiled and grabbed Billy's cock, sitting down on it again.

They both let out an "AHHHHHHH" as Billy's half hard cock quickly grew rock
hard in Mary's warm pussy yet again.

"Uhhh.... uhhh... it's the only way to get rid of your nymphomania Mary....
uhhh... uhh..."

"Hey how did you know about that??!?!?"

"Simon told me.... uhhh.. uhhh... he told the whole school this morning.....
keep riding.... mmmmmmmm yeah.... ahhhhhh....."

Mary got pissed, be knew that Simon and Matt had complete control over her
and Lucy from now until next week. What would be in store for the Camden
sisters once Matt and Simon got home from work and school, and Mary went
home? The possibilities made Mary cringe.

Billy just laid back in sheer bliss, holding and massaging Mary's buns, as
the sexy blonde Camden rode him for the next hour. And it was only about 1:30
in the afternoon. Mary didn't know if she should go home or stay with this
big stud all day long and fuck her worries away.

* * *

A few hours later, Lucy sat in her room and waited. She had wished she had a
life, like work or school, so she could get out of the house, but she had no
real excuse to leave. Mary was her only ticket out. That's when she heard the
door open.

It was Mary! But she looked strange. She looked.... worried.

"Mary! You're back early!" Lucy said, jumping up to hug her.

"No... WE'RE BACK!!!" A male voice shouted before Mary could speak.

In walked Simon and Matt.

Lucy and Mary looked very scared. They hugged each other for comfort, their
eyes locked on Matt and Simon's evil smiles. Both Matt and Simon kept their
eyes locked on Lucy and Mary, even when they began to speak.

"Hey Matt."

"What Simon?"

"Dad said one week, right?"

"That's right Simon."

"And we get to do anything?"

"That's right again Simon... anything."

Simon rubbed his hands together as he looked at the hugging sexpots.

"Where should we begin?" Simon asked.

"Oh... I have a few ideas." Matt said with a grin.

The two young men slowly walked to Lucy and Mary, who were still hugging each
other and shaking. The funny thing is, as scared as they should have been,
both girls felt a warm wet feeling building in their pussies.

Part 5.... cumming soon!


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