7th Heaven: The Change In Lucy Part 4 (FF)
by NuggettDane ([email protected])

What a whirlwind Lucy Camden's life had been lately. First she had lost her
virginity, to her sister's boyfriend, no less. Then she did the guy she
almost fucked years before and now she had balled two guys at the same time.
Yep she was turning into a major fuck slut. Her next encounter would be even
more extreme then she could ever imagine.

For this time Lucy would end up doing something a little something different
from what she had done before. This session of sex would be with another
female. And although it wasn't something she planned out, it would turn into
one of her wildest sexual adventures yet. It was a girl she knew vaguely from
the neighborhood. She had seen her around places like the pool hall and the
store and such, she had thought she was very pretty and recently whenever she
saw her she began to think even more sexual thoughts about the girl. Little
did Lucy realize but every time the girl looked at her the same thoughts were
going through her head about Lucy.

On the day the two girls would come into contact happened by mere chance.
Lucy's mom Annie had asked Lucy if she minded going to the store for her and
Lucy being the ever so dutiful daughter was happy to oblige.

As Lucy was checking out she saw the girl leaving the store. Lucy had seen
the girl from around town before but didn't know her name. She found herself
looking and wondering who the girl was. She gave her more then a hard glance
when the girl turned her back and Lucy watched her sway her tight ass out the
doors of the store. She suddenly realized she was getting wet while watching
her. Quickly the line shifted and everyone moved forward. Lucy paid for the
groceries and hurried outside in hopes of catching another glimpse of the
mystery girl before she was gone. Unfortunately the girl was already gone.

Climbing back into her car Lucy made a mental note that the next time she saw
the girl she was going to try and talk to her and see who she was. But Lucy
wouldn't have to wait long before she saw the girl again. As she turned the
first corner, on the way home, she glanced over and once again she laid eyes
on that hot ass. She had to know who this girl was. She pulled up along side
of her and honked the horn. The girl looked over and smiled at Lucy.

"Hey you need a lift?"

"Sure", the girl replied, as she walked over to Lucy's car.

Opening the door the girl slid in and as she did Lucy couldn't help but see
her nice round breasts encased in a tight blue top. They were so luscious.

"So where are you going?"

"1013 Redwood Street, it's not to far from here."

"Oh I know where it is," Lucy told her. Then she thought to herself how it
sucked that the girl wasn't going farther so she could be next to her for
longer. She was definitely getting Lucy hot.

Lucy drove the car away from the curb and in no time the two girls were
chatting away. The girl told Lucy that her name was Beth and that she was 21.

Much sooner then Lucy would have liked she had made it to Beth's home. The
sexy girl sitting next to her thanked her for the ride. Then just before
getting out of the car she lightly placed her hand on Lucy's hand and softly
said "Here's where I live, if you ever in the neighbored feel free to stop
by." Lucy had to stop herself from grabbing the girl's head and kissing her.
Although she had never been with a girl before, or for that matter even
attracted to one, she wanted this girl in the worst way.

Beth opened the door to get out. Before she left Lucy's sight she winked and
thanked her again for the ride. As she walked away she made sure to give her
ass a little extra sway, just to try and turn Lucy on. Beth didn't realize
just how well it worked, Lucy was about ready to cum in her pants. Lucy
wasn't sure when she would be back by, but she knew she would be back, she
knew that for sure.

Beth was hoping deep down that Lucy would visit her real soon. Unlike Lucy
the sexy redhead had been with girls before. Beth was bisexual and had
several encounters with members of both sexes. She thought she could seduce
the petite blonde very easily. Perhaps Beth didn't comprehend that Lucy
wouldn't need to be seduced, no she would go quite willingly.

After thinking about Beth for the next few days Lucy made her mind up that
she had to go see her. She didn't know if anything would happen but she
wanted to find out. The hot redhead was on her mind all the time it seemed.
She was lusting after her that was for sure.

One afternoon she asked her mother if it would be all right if she borrowed
the car for the afternoon, she had several places she need to go. Her mother
agreed and handed her the keys to the car. Lucy couldn't help but wonder, and
slightly laugh to herself, what her mother would say if she knew she was
going to go over to another girls house in the hopes of getting her in bed.
Yes Lucy had places to go and they were straight to another sexual adventure.

Getting behind the wheel she glanced into the rearview mirror and checked her
appearance. She wanted Beth to think she was hot. And oh Beth did already.
She fired up the vehicle hot with anticipation with the thought of what today
might have in store for her. Deep down she had the feeling it was going to be
interesting no matter what happened.

As she made her way over to Redwood street she found herself getting hotter
and hotter. Sure Lucy was no longer a virgin and had fucked a few guys and
had some great sex, but this was a totally different world she was about
enter. If all worked out as she had planned she was going to be getting in
a hot girls pants. As she drove one thought kept running through her mind.

"My pussy is on fire!"

Soon Lucy had arrived at Beth's house. She sat there for a couple of minutes
thinking to herself. Once she went up to the door she was entering the world
were they maybe no turning back. But she had to see what would happen,
because if she didn't it would drive her nuts.

She walked up to door and knocked. She had no idea what she was going to say,
if and when the girl stood before her. She wasn't even sure if she could
actually do this. For a second she began to wonder to herself why she had
even come over here. Then all of a sudden the door opened up and there in
front of her stood the redhead she had been lusting over recently. She was
dressed in a pair of tight daisy duke shorts and an equally tight t-shirt.
Lucy's jaw almost dropped when she saw her.

"Well hi Lucy, what are you doing in this neck of the woods?" Beth asked her.

"I was just in the neighbored and thought I would drop by and say hi."

"So come on in."

Nodding her head Lucy walked into Beth's house. As she passed her Beth's eyes
quickly took in the sight of Lucy's tight little ass. Man how she wanted to
grab a handful of that pretty rump!

"Have a seat Lucy, can I get you something to drink?"

"Yea sure, a glass of water would be fine." She realized quickly she needed
something to cool her off.

"Ok, be right back, she told her guest and she quickly made her way into the
kitchen to get her some water.

Walking back into the living room Beth took a glance down at Lucy's chest and
seeing the size of her beautiful breasts the thought shot through her head
that she should "accidentally" fall forward and drench her shirt, just to see
her nipples get hard, man how she wanted to see her without her top on.

"Here you go Lucy, please have a seat."

Sitting down on the couch Lucy asked her how she had been.

"Well I can't complain, and you?"

"Oh pretty good."

"So what did you say you were doing in this neighborhood?"

Thinking quickly Lucy told her "I was dropping some stuff for my mother, and
I realized I was so close to your house and decided to stop by and see you."

"Well that was sweet, thank you."

"Oh no problem, I was kind of wanting to see you."

"Why?" Beth was coming was beginning to think Lucy had something to say and
just couldn't figure out how to it.

"Oh I don't know, I just did that's all."

"Lucy can I ask you something?"

"Yea sure, what is it?"

"Are you feeling ok?"

"Sure, what makes you think I'm not?"

"Well you seem to be scared all of a sudden, so I'm wondering if something is

"No, no nothings wrong."

After Lucy said that Beth looked down at her hand to see it was trembling, it
quickly hit the redhead that if she wanted to move things the way she wanted,
and the way she was thinking that Lucy wanted, then she would have to take
the initiative.

"If nothing is wrong Lucy then why are you shaking?"

Lucy looked down at her hands and it hit her she was indeed shaking. She
looked up slowly at the luscious girl sitting next to her and swallowed hard.
Then she opened her mouth to say something and nothing came out.

"Lucy did you said you stopped by because you wanted to see me and I'm still
wondering why."

At this Lucy's eyes shot down and she told her "I just wanted to see you,
that's all."

"Could the real reason you wanted to see me was because your attracted to me,
and just don't know how to tell me?"

At this Lucy really clamed up, the secret was out of the bag. How did Beth
know Lucy wanted her?

"Lucy, if that is the case then it's ok, because to tell you the truth the
feeling is mutual, I want you too."

"It is, you do?"

"Oh yes Lucy it is and believe me I do."

"I was so scared to say anything in case I was wrong."

"Your not Lucy" as Beth said that she moved closer to the hot little blonde
and cupping her beautiful face in her hands she softly kissed her on the

After the first kiss had left Lucy's mouth she knew she wanted Beth to
continue and she pushed her body forward and soon the two were driving their
tongues into each other's mouths like long time lovers.

Beth, having been with girls, had the knowledge to make this day one the
pretty blonde would never forget. And she had every intension of doing that.
She wanted to hear her scream before the day was over. Oh how she would too.

As she kissed Lucy she began to rub and squeeze the blonde's firm tits. Soon
she had made her way down to her neck with her mouth and started running her
tongue up and down her neck and then she began to lightly flick her tongue
into Lucy's ear. Lucy began to writhe in Beth's arms.

Beth slowly made her way down Lucy's chest and then she slid her right hand
up Lucy's top and after rubbing her bare belly for a few minutes she began
grasping bra covered breasts. She was soon pulling Lucy's top up and over
her head. In no time the top was no longer on Lucy's body and it was thrown
off to the chair beside them.

Beth by this time had Lucy moaning like a dog in heat. She knew that before
the day would be done she would have her feel things she would remember

She began rubbing Lucy's bra clad chest with her right hand and then she
took her left and started to rub the back of her neck very gently. After a
few minutes of this she started stroking the top of Lucy's breasts with the
fingers on her right hand. She would caress them softly, almost teasingly.
Soon the writhing blonde felt Beth fondling her ear lobes. Lucy was now
practically melting in Beth's hands.

By now Beth was as hot as Lucy and she found she could wait no longer to see
her wonderful globes in full view. Sliding her left hand up her back she took
hold of Lucy's bra clasp and quickly unhooked it. From there she ran her hand
up Lucy's chest and took hold of one of the bra straps and descended it down
Lucy's arm. It wasn't long before the other side came down to and Lucy's
magnificent breasts came into Beth's view.

Beth quickly leaned back to look at them and marvel in the view of what
treats were before her. She simply had to taste them. Lowering her mouth down
to Lucy's fantastic melons she soon wrapped her lips around them and began
to suck noisily on them. Lucy soon realized Beth had a lot of knowledge in
what she was doing. She would take one of tits in her mouth and suck on her
nipple, like a feeding baby and she would play with her other nipple with her
fingers. Then she began going back and forth between the two breasts. Lucy
found all she could do was moan and groan at the sensations going thru her

Beth kept up the sucking and licking of Lucy's marvelous cones for about 20
minutes. Finally she decided she wanted to try her experienced tongue on
another, more sweeter, portion of Lucy's body. She began kissing her way down
Lucy's chest. As she got to the top or her jeans she ran her tongue across
her belly causing the blonde to giggle a little because she found it to be
somewhat ticklish. Then she unsnapped the button at the top of Lucy's jeans.
She took hold of the top of her tight pants and started pulling them down.

In no time they had made their way down her thighs and past her knees. Then
Beth stopped to remove Lucy's tennis shoes. She leaned down and untied the
right shoe with her teeth and then did the same things to her left shoe.
From there she pulled them off her feet. Then she finished removing the rest
of her pants. Now Lucy was laying on her couch in nothing but her panties
and socks. While the site was mouth watering Beth wanted everything off her
body. She lifted Lucy's left foot up and slid that sock off and soon had
done the same thing with the other sock. Only one more thing to go. To Beth
this was like unwrapping a Christmas gift. Only more mouthwatering.

Beth placed her hands on Lucy's ankles and slowly ran her hands up the back
of her naked legs. When she reached the top of her legs she looked down at
her crotch covered vagina and began to lick her lips. She hooked her fingers
into each side of her panties and slowly slid them down her body. Soon Lucy's
beautiful pussy came into view. Her pink lips looked so delicious. Finally
her panties were completely off her body, but before throwing them off to the
side Beth put them up to her nose and began deeply inhaling Lucy's vagina
fragrances. She found herself getting hotter and hotter from the smell. She
had to do more then inhale the aroma coming from the clothing. No she just
had to taste her.

Realizing she was sweating heavily Beth pulled her t-shirt revealing at the
same time she wasn't wearing a bra. Lucy gasped at the site of the hot
redhead's gorgeous chest. She saw Beth's nipples were as hard as hers were.
They looked very appetizing she thought. Soon Beth had gotten on her knees
and she placed her face between Lucy legs. Using her thumbs she gently pulled
her pink lips open and she slowly began to run her tongue up the lips of
Lucy's sweet cunt. She would use slow even strokes with her tongue. Over and
over she licked the blonde's pussy again and again. Then all of a sudden she
was using her wet tongue on Lucy faster. She began tonguing her furiously.

As she did this Lucy began letting out small squealing sounds of ecstasy.
Beth did this for about five minutes. She knew it wouldn't be long before
Lucy would be cuming hard. While she wanted Lucy to cum and scream she
decided she wasn't going to let her cum till she wanted to. So just as
quickly as she started the fierce licking she slowed down to the slow licks
she was given her earlier. Lucy didn't know pleasure like this existed.
Soon she was pushing her tiny ass up to Beth's mouth. When she did this the
redhead slid her hands under Lucy's butt and grabbed two handfuls of her
tight rump.

Beth kept her face between Lucy's legs eating her for more then twenty
minutes. After awhile she knew she wanted to hear Lucy screaming even louder
and she had to have her cuming. So she stuck her tongue as deep into blonde's
twat as she could and started sucking and working her cunt over with her wet
tongue. It wasn't but a few short minutes later before Lucy arched her back
and began yelping. As she did this Beth tasted Lucy's juices when she began
oozing into Beth's mouth. This made Beth lick her even harder.

After she was done cuming Beth quickly licked her cunt clean. After she
completed the eating of the blondes snatch she raised up and looking the Lucy
in the eye she asked her "so did you enjoy yourself?"

All Lucy could respond with was a quiet mutter of yes.

"So do you want to do me?" asked Beth.

Lucy nodded her head and Beth took hold of her hand and helped her up to a
sitting position. Then Lucy had to tell her the truth.

"Beth I've never went down on a girl before, so I'm not sure how good I'll

Beth laughed slightly and told her not to worry she would teach her
everything she needed to know. She instructed Lucy to stand up. As she
started to rise Lucy almost fell. She didn't realize at first how weak her
legs were going to be after the pussy eating she had just gotten. Then Beth
laid down on the couch and told Lucy to lay on top of her with her head
between her legs. Lucy did as she was told and then Beth told her to
basically do what she had done to her.

So Lucy began to run her tongue up and down Beth's snatch. Lucy at first was
licking her slowly. Each time her tongue made contact with Beth's cunt the
redhead would shiver and let out a moan. Lucy thought to herself that she
must be doing something right. So she began to bury her tongue in her even
deeper. She started thrashing her tongue around in Beth's cunt to see what
kind of reaction she would get and sure enough the fiery girl below her was
wiggling her hips and groaning even louder.

Suddenly Lucy felt Beth grab the back of her head and wrap her legs around
her neck. Then she pushed her face even deeper into her cunt. Lucy loved
it! She knew that even though she had never ate a pussy before that she was
totally getting the more experienced girl off. Soon Beth began gyrating her
hips and she began screaming. A handful of seconds later Lucy felt her face
getting flooded with Beth's pussy juices. At first the taste was kind of
strange to the petite blonde. But quickly it hit her that she enjoyed the
taste and just as quick as Beth had started cuming Lucy was lapping up the
wet delicacy.

After Beth was done with her orgasm Lucy set up and looked her in the face
and asked her "So did I do it right?"

Beth glanced down at her and told her "Baby doll you more then did it right,
you were great. Are you sure you never ate a pussy before? You seemed to know
what you were doing."

These please Lucy to no end. "Nope I've never done that before, that was my
first time. Glad you liked it."

"Oh did I. Come here you." Beth told her and then reaching down to take
Lucy's arm she lightly pulled her up to lay next to her. The two hot, sweaty
girl just laid for the next several minutes in each other's arm.

After awhile Beth asked her new found lover "So I take it your not a virgin

"No I've been with a few guys but today was my first experience with a girl.
So are you a lesbian or do you have sex with guys too?"

"Me? I like to fuck both girls and guys."

"Wow, I guess I do to."

Laughing Beth asked what would happen if Lucy parents found out she had
fucked another girl.

Shaking her head Lucy told her they would freak big time. Then she told her
they think she is still a virgin. Beth couldn't help but laugh at that

"Boy wouldn't they be surprised to see what happened here today. Then Lucy
told her they could never find out, they would disown her. Beth told her not
to worry that her secret was safe with her. This put a big smile on Lucy's

Then Beth told her "besides if I hurt you then I may never get another chance
to fuck you, and I don't want to take a chance of losing out on your hot

Giggling Lucy rolled over on top of Beth's naked body and kissed her hard on
the mouth. Then she asked, in her sexist voice "so do you want to Fuck me

"Hell yes I do, you sweet little bitch!"

Soon the two were locking tongues and kissing deeply. Beth, being the one
with girl on girl knowledge, had an idea.

She looked up at Lucy and told her to get off of her because she thought of
something. When Lucy asked what she told her that rather then taking turns
eating each other's pussies they should do each other at the same time. This
kind of confused blonde.

"How do we eat each other at the same time?"

"It's called a 69, but were going to need more room to do it."

Suddenly it hit Lucy how they would accomplish the feat of getting each other
off at the same time.

Beth took Lucy by the hand and walked her into her bedroom. Once in there
Beth told her they would need more room then they would have on the couch and
she had a good sized bed for what she wanted to teach Lucy next.

Since Beth was a bit taller then Lucy, her 5'6 to the blonde's 5'2 she wanted
to be one the bottom. So she laid down on her back on the king sized bed and
she told Lucy to get on the bed with one knee on each side of her head. Lucy
got in the position that Beth had asked her to get in. Then the girl on the
bottom instructed Lucy to lean over till her face was next to her pussy.

Once Lucy had done this Beth said "may the eating begin." And soon Beth had
begun to lick Lucy's twat as furiously as she had done in the living room.
Not wanting to be outdone by her hot partner soon Lucy was licking Beth with
same intensity as well. In no time the two dolls were burying their tongues
as deep as they could in the other's cunts. Both girls were totally in to
the lesbian action. Beth with having the experience of same sex encounters
before thought of a new trick she wanted to use on Lucy. She started to play
with Lucy's clit as she would run her tongue her pussy lips. When she first
began doing this Lucy started to let out small moans and push her snatch
down harder on Beth's face.

This got the redhead even hotter. Soon she was doing Lucy's cunt with
reckless abandon. Lucy defiantly wanted to please Beth as much as she could
in return. So she began shoving her tongue as deep in the girls pussy as she
could and she began twirling it around in a circle. Beth loved this feeling.
Son she was moaning like a kitty in heat. Lucy prized the way she was getting
Beth off. She wanted to make her cum again and she wanted the taste of Beth's
snatch juice in her mouth once more.

Rapidly the girls were eating each other like a couple of porn whores making
a movie. At was as though each wanted to make the other cum first. Although
Beth was convinced she could make Lucy cum whenever she wanted it was the
redhead who soon felt her hotbox explode in ecstasy. When she started cuming
it was like a gusher. She couldn't stop. Of course considering the fact that
as fast as Beth was cuming Lucy was licking, it wasn't hard to understand why
she had an orgasm as she did.

But Beth had no intention of allowing Lucy to out due her. Before long Beth
was grabbing handfuls of Lucy's tight little ass cheeks and pulling Lucy down
hard on her face and forcing her wet mouth lizard inside of the blonde's pink
lips as deep as she could get. It didn't take long before the honey on top
let loose with a yelp and Beth's face was flooded with Lucy's wetness. In no
time Beth's face was soaked, but that was all right with her, she loved it.
Both the smell and the taste.

After this fuck session both girls were exhausted. Lucy practically collapsed
on top of Beth, not that Beth minded to much. Eventually Lucy tolled off her
partner. Then Beth wiggled her finger, telling Lucy to come over to her. She
did and soon the two girls were snuggled up tight with one another. It wasn't
long before Lucy had drifted off to sleep.

She would have probably stayed that way for awhile had Beth not woke her and
told her that her mom was home. Lucy quickly jumped and told Beth she needed
her cloths. Beth laughed and then strolled into the other room to get them.
She came back into the bedroom and threw them to Lucy and told her to take
her time getting dressed. Lucy however dressed more rapidly then she ever had
in her life. Then she walked back into the living room.

She saw Beth talking to an older and very attractive woman who resembled Beth
a great deal.

"Hey Lucy I want you to meet my mom Kelly."

"Oh, nice to met you."

Smiling Kelly asked Lucy "so what have you girls been up to today?"

Lucy clearly didn't know what to say so she just stood there, lucky for her
Beth intervened, "oh nothing just messing around."

"Well I hope you had fun."

"Oh we did mom, trust me we did." said Beth.

"Its been a long day so I'm going to take a shower" replied Kelly as she
walked to the her bedroom to change clothes.

Once she was gone Lucy looked at Beth and quietly asked her "So do you think
she suspects anything?"

"You mean does she think that we fucked?"

Lucy went white and nodded her head.

"I'm sure she does, but not to worry I've had girls here before, no big

"You mean your mom know your bisexual?"

"Yes, she's cool with it, in fact Lucy I let you in on a little secret, she's
bisexual too."

Now Lucy was really flabbergasted. "Are you serious?"

"As a matter of fact Lucy, I am. To be honest if I wasn't here and my mother
had the chance I have no doubt she would be trying to get you in the sack

"Oh my god!"

"So don't worry she wont freak on us."

"Ok, but listen I need to be going, can I come back some time?"

Walking up to Lucy, Beth wrapped her arms around her waist and told her that
she had better come back, she wanted her again and plus she had some things
to teach her. Then she leaned down and gave the blonde a big sloppy wet kiss
on the lips.

"Well in that case I will be back."

Then Beth took her by the hand and walked her to the door. After she opened
it she gave Lucy a playful slap on the ass as she walked out the door. Yep,
Lucy thought to herself I will be back for more.

Soon Lucy found herself in her car driving home. As she drove she began to
think about how Beth had seduced her and how incredible it felt to make love
to another girl. Yes she would fuck Beth again and who knows maybe another
girl as well at some point, maybe she would even try out Beth's mom. Not that
she was giving up guys, no she loved that feel of a cock in her to much to
do that, but eating pussy was very enjoyable too. She knew that one of her
fantasies had been fulfilled today, but she now had another. Now she wanted
to be the seducer, but who should she try and seduce? Who?

She pulled up into the driveway and parked the car and walked inside her
house. As she was walked into the kitchen she saw Simon's girlfriend Cecila
was walking through the house carrying some laundry upstairs for her mother.
As she sauntered up the stairs Lucy looked at her tight ass and her mouth
began to water. Who would be the girl she would try and seduce she thought.
Why I think I know who's pants I'm gonna try and get in after all. Yes pretty
Cecila you and I are going to get to know each other very well she said to


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