7th Heaven: The Change In Lucy Part 5 (MFF)
by NuggettDane ([email protected])

Yet another of Lucy's fantasies had occurred. She had been with a female. And
it was one sweet experience. So far however she had not been with more then
her new found “friends” more then one time each. She would fuck them and then
move onto a new experience and a new bed mate. But Beth was so different that
she knew she wanted to be with her again, plus she was thinking about taking
a crack at Beth's mom to! Not to mention having the lustful thoughts about
what Cecila's cunt might taste like.

Plus Beth would end up real soon helping Lucy fulfill another one of her
sexual desires soon, even though neither of them knew it at the time.

Lucy began stopping by her "girlfriend's" house at least a couple times a
week for the next month or so. Each time would prove to be a virtual marathon
of hot pussy eating. Beth told her on more then one occasion that she was
becoming a grade A cunt licker. Lucy was loving every minute of it to.

A little over a month later things somewhat changed between the two girls.
One day Lucy stopped by while Beth was on the phone and it didn't take Lucy
long to catch on to the fact that she was talking to a guy. She couldn't
help but find herself being a little jealous. Once Beth was done with her
phone conversation Lucy tried to causally ask her she had been talking to.
Realizing her tiny blond friend was a bit upset she told her it was an old
boyfriend but that she had nothing to worry about.

"So what, are you thinking about getting back together with him?"

"No, I mean we might get together again sometime and fuck, but it would be
nothing more then that, why does that bother you?"

"No, of course not." Lucy said. But it was very apparent that indeed it did
bother her.

"Look Lucy I like you, a great deal in fact, but I told you from the get go
that I was bisexual. I mean yes I love to eat pussy but that doesn't mean I
don't enjoy the feeling of a hard cock in me too."

"Yes you did say that and I know I have no reason to be upset, I guess I'm
just afraid that if you and him get back together you wont want to see me

"Oh don't be ridiculous Lucy, even if he and I were get to bump uglies now
and again that wouldn't mean I would want to stop fucking you. Besides your
too hot a piece to let go of just yet."

With that the two soon found themselves embraced in a hot kiss and it wasn't
long before the two found themselves in the bedroom fucking like animals.
Deep down Lucy knew she, like Beth, wasn't going to give up fucking guys,
hell a hard penis in her cunt felt great, but she also loved the taste of

After the girls screw session they were laying in bed and talking and Beth
asked Lucy if she had ever thought about being with a girl and guy at the
same time. The petite blond openly admitted that she had fantasized about
that. When Lucy asked her why she wanted to know all Beth told her was she
was just curious.

But a couple of days later Lucy figured out why she asked that question, boy
did she.

Beth had called her early in the morning and asked if she would like to come
over that afternoon. Of course Lucy said yes. About 1:00 that afternoon she
went over to her friends house and soon realized she was walking headlong
into yet another sexual fantasy, even if she didn't know it at the time.

When she walked through the door she saw a rather cute guy sitting there and
Beth introduced him as her former boyfriend Ian. Even though he belonged to
her friend Lucy couldn't help finding herself lusting over him. Yes she
thought to herself given the chance she would fuck him in a heartbeat. Soon
she would come to find out that was exactly what Beth had in mind, but just
a tad more extreme then that.

Soon the three were sitting and watching some TV and it wasn't long before
Beth was all over her ex. Much to Lucy's shock the two started kissing and
feeling each other up. Quickly his hands were all over her friend and Lucy
couldn't help but be more then a little jealous, but she wasn't sure who she
was more jealous with, Ian for being with Beth since she did consider the
girl to be her "girlfriend", or Beth, since deep down she wanted to fuck Ian

After a few minutes of kissing and touching, and getting Lucy more then hot
and bothered, Beth took hold of Ian's arm and whispered to him, "Lets go in
the other room," and they stood so they could take their show in to the
bedroom for some real fun.

Lucy realized what was going on and stood up as well and told the lust driven
couple, "Maybe I better be leaving".

No sooner had those words left her mouth before Beth told her not to be
silly, that the three of them could have a hell of a lot of fun together.
When she asked her what she meant by that Beth just calmly walked up to her
and said "like this" and then planted a wet kiss on Lucy's mouth. Then she
turned toward Ian and waived him over with her finger. Once he was standing
in front of the two hot honeys Beth gently placed her hand on the back of
Lucy's head and guided her towards Ian's open mouth where she was met with
another juicy wet one.

It didn't take long before Lucy and Ian were driving their tongues in each
other's mouths. Quickly he grabbed her large breasts in his hands and began
needing them like dough. Then he dropped his mouth down to her neck and began
biting down. Although she could barley speak without moaning she managed to
say. "Please don't leave any marks," and Ian continued to suck on her but a
tad easier.

When Ian first started making his moves on the baby doll blonde Beth was
content to watch, but watching Lucy writhing in her ex boyfriends arms got
her hotter then fuck and she had to get in on the action. So she walked up
behind Lucy and began rubbing her tiny ass and groping her pussy through
her jeans.

Lucy began to feel she was about to melt with all hot sexual action being
performed on her body. In no time she was moaning and panting like a dog in
heat. Now Beth knew it was time to get her into the bedroom and give her a
fucking she would never forget. She tapped Ian on his shoulder and nodded
her head towards the bedroom to indicate that she wanted to take the act in
there. He lowered his body and soon had Lucy in his arms as he carried the
sultry sweetie to the place where he and Beth were going to do everything
they could to make her scream.

Laying her gently on the bed Lucy looked up to see Beth and Ian standing in
each side of her. She could only imagine the nasty thoughts going through
their minds, were they any thing like what was going through her brain? Ian
kneeled down beside her and gave her a deep long sloppy kiss and the moment
his lips left hers she felt Beth's on top of them crushing down. Back and
forth the two went taking turns kissing Lucy, man was this hot she thought
to herself, she was loving every minute of what was happening to her.

After several minutes of kissing Lucy and teasing her with their mouths and
tongues Beth decided it was time to get down to business. She raised up
onto her knees and pulled off her top and in the process released her two
gorgeous breasts and then looking at Ian she said "Hey stud ready to see
what she looks like naked?"

"Hell yes!"

Beth then took hold of Lucy's hands and gently pulled her up to a sitting
position. Placing her hands at the bottom of her blouse she slid the materiel
up and off her gorgeous body. Ian then slid in behind Lucy and unclipped the
clasps of her bra, he couldn't wait to see her naked tits, and pushed the
straps down her shoulders. As he did two of the most beautiful breasts he had
ever seen in his life came into his view. He just had to wrap his mouth
around them.

Beth pushed Lucy onto her back and looked at Ian and said "lunchtime". She
then laid down next to Lucy and wrapped her mouth around the blonde's huge
left jug. Soon her right breast had Ian's mouth around it and her two lovers
were sucking them as though there was no tomorrow. Lucy was in total ecstasy.
The petite honey was writhing all over the bed in a sexual fit. Soon Beth ran
her hand down Lucy's barebelly and she unsnapped her jeans and them lowered
the zipper. From there she put her hand into the girl's panties and began
giving her a fierce finger fucking.

Ian, noticing Lucy's pants being open had to see more of her naked. He got up
onto his knees and took hold of Lucy's pants and slid them down her thighs.
He got them to her knees and then reached down and took off her tennis shoes.
From there he removed her pants the rest of the way. Now Lucy was clad only
in her panties, "fuck she is sexy as hell" Ian thought to himself. He knew
before this day was over that he was going to fuck her raw.

A few seconds later Lucy felt her panties being removed and saw it was Beth
who finishing the job of getting her naked. She had no idea what these two
were planning to do to her, but she knew it was going to be exciting. She
didn't know what she wanted more in her at that moment, tongue or cock. Of
course Beth and Ian planned on giving her both, and then some.

Beth nodded her head and Ian and soon the two were between Lucy's legs. Beth
pulled open the blonde's beautiful pink lips and was soon running her wet
tongue up and down and giving her cunt an incredible licking. Soon she felt
Ian kissing all around her fuck box. Man was this feeling in her body hot.
A few seconds later she looked down and realized that the two on her were
taking turns licking her pussy. Faster and faster they licked her cunt and
Lucy could only take so much of this and in no time she was arching her back
and letting loose with a scream and was cuming like a gusher.

The more she came the harder the two licked her cunt hole. "Fuck" Lucy
thought to herself, "this is the best pussy eating I've ever had performed
on me! She at first was under the impression that this was going to a be
one hot fuck session, but it was going well beyond anything she could ever
possibly imagine.

By the time the two were done with her she had cum twice. Now she was laying
on her back, thoroughly worn out. She was wondering what they hade in store
for her next, actually she could hardly wait for it.

After Beth and Ian were done snacking on Lucy's hot twat Beth came to the
conclusion it was time to let Ian sample her girlfriends sweet snatch. She
just knew Lucy was going to love Ian's cock to.

"Hey stud why don't you undress and show our guest what she is getting as a

Smiling Ian stood up and preceded to strip down to nothing but his boxer
shorts. Judging by the bulge in them Lucy could tell he was quite equipped.
"You ready Lucy?" Beth asked.

Feeling kind of nasty Lucy quickly replied with "hell ya, show me what you

With that Ian soon was pushing his shorts down and reveling the biggest piece
of male meat that Lucy had ever laid her pretty eyes on. It was at least 8.5
inches long and was thicker then any of the cocks she had ever had in her.
For a second she wondered if he was ever going to be able to get it in her.
But she also was getting hot with the idea of him trying!

"Come and get her Ian" Beth said.

Soon he was standing in front of her as she sat on the side of the bed.
Taken hold of the massive cock Beth told Lucy that she was going to get it
wet enough so he would have no problem getting in her "sweetie's box." Lucy
couldn't help but giggle at that statement.

Beth slid Ian's enormous rod between her lips and began to give him a furious
sucking. As she did she made sure to leave a lot of spit all over his penis.
Having had his cock in her before she knew what a rough ride it could be. And
if not properly lubed up then he would most likely rip little Lucy apart. Not
that she didn't want to hear her girlfriend scream but she didn't want her
hurt, at least not to bad!

After giving Ian's cock a good tongue bath and getting his meat wet she
glanced up at him and with a wicked grin she asked "So you ready to fuck Lucy

"I'm ready to make her see heaven!"

"Well then in that case, fuck her hot slutty cunt raw!" Beth said laughing.

Ian then placed the head of his monster meat just slightly between the lips
of her pink fuck box and slid in a few inches. Lucy let out a small gasp when
he did. While he enjoyed her little sigh he wanted to hear a might yelp come
from her, so he leaned down and took hold of her small hips and pulled her
butt up off the bed. Then without warning he slammed the entire length of his
manhood into her wet cunt and in doing so she gave way with an ear piercing

"Ohhhhhh God Ian Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"With pleasure you hot little bitch!!!!"

Over and over he bucked his crotch forward and hammered his massive prick
in her cunt. He was absolutely relentless in the way he attacked her twat.
He wanted to hear her scream and he got that and more. Her body seemed to
absolutely write under him. For what seemed to Lucy to be an eternity of
fucking, but what was in actuality just about 15 minutes, Ian gave her
pussy a fucking it, nor she, would never forget. It is so incredible was
the only thought going through her mind.

"That's it baby fuck her, make her scream" Beth hollered out. She was
getting off herself watching Ian's enormous cock piston in and out of Lucy.
She was also enjoying the way her girlfriend was laying under him moaning
and groaning.

Again and again Ian's cock pulsated in her vagina. She could feel to throb
inside of her. Ian tried his best to prolong cuming for as long as he could
so he could continue to fuck the hot blonde who was laying beneath him. But
he no longer hold out, he had to blow his wad.

"I'm gonna cum!!!!!!!!" He hollered.

Suddenly Lucy realized he was fucking her with no protection and the thought
of getting knocked up scrambled through her brain.

"No please don't cum in me, I don't want to get pregnant."

But Ian kept driving his cock forward. Luckily Beth heard Lucy's comment and
knew she had to help her. She screamed at Ian to stop and he did.

"Ian roll over."

When he was on his back Beth got between his thighs and took his member into
her mouth and started sucking him dry. In just a few seconds he let loose
with a torrent stream of cum and promptly filled her mouth. As he was cuming
she grabbed Lucy's leg and twisted her hand to indicate her to get down there
with her. Once she was there she took her mouth off of Ian's cock and kissed
Lucy on her mouth. After their lip embrace was done she told Lucy, "Why don't
you show Ian what you can do with your mouth?"

Smiling Lucy wrapped her pretty lips around Ian's joint and started sucking
his meat for all she was worth. Soon her mouth was filled with his love
juice. At first Lucy wasn't sure weather to spit or swallow, but Beth told
her, "Swallow it Lucy it'll taste great." A few seconds later Ian's sperm was
sliding down her throat and into her belly. Beth was right it was delicious.
Lucy made sure she sucked Ian dry.

After she was done servicing him with her hot mouth the three of them
collapsed in a heap together. They laid there for quite awhile trying to
recover from the sexual tryst that they had just performed. But all three
knew as soon as they were rested the fucking would begin again.

After laying there for a little while and taking a needed rest the three were
ready to begin to getting nasty again. Beth placed her head between Lucy's
tender thighs and began nibbling on her pussy lips. In no time at all Lucy
started moaning and her tits began to jiggle and Ian wrapped his mouth around
them once again and started sucking her nipples till they stuck out like pink
stiff pointers. Lucy was going nuts. Eventually Beth looked up at Ian and
asked him if he wanted a taste of her. He nodded his head and soon the two
had exchanged places and he was eating her pussy for all it was worth. Has he
was doing her hot cunt Beth had started bathing Lucy's tities with her

After the seemly endless assault on her body, with Beth and Ian's tongues,
Ian raised up and told Beth he wanted to fuck Lucy again. Beth herself was
ready to watch Ian hammer the shit out of Lucy again.

Then she told Ian "hey may I make a suggestion?"


"You should fuck her cunt doggie style."

"Sounds like a plan, that cool with you Lucy?"

Lucy nodded her head and said "oh yes Ian, as long as you promise not to cum
in me, unless you'll wear a condom."

"I would but I don't have one, what about you Beth, you got one?"

"Nope sorry, don't worry Lucy I'll make sure he pulls out before blowing in

"So you want me on my hands and knees?"

"You got it sweetie, he said, I want to tear your cunt up again."

After getting in the position he wanted she turned and looked back at him and
said "so what are you waiting on? Fuck me like I know you want to."

Ian slid in behind her and started to reach for his cock to put it in her,
but before he had the chance to take hold of his meat Beth had beat him to
the punch and had already grabbed it and put the head of his cock at the
base of Lucy's pink lips and then she took hold of Lucy's hips and looking
Ian in the eye she told him she wanted to hear Lucy scream.

Ian griped Lucy's hips with his strong hands and with one upward thrust
drove the entire length of his manhood all the way through her fuck box. When
he did this Lucy let loose with a primal, earsplitting yelp of ecstasy. Ian
thought to himself "I'm gonna fuck this bitch till her teeth chatter."

Ian began to rapidly drive his penis into Lucy's pleasure slit and every time
he would he would cause her scream in excitement. By far this was even better
then the first fucking her had giver her, hell it was better then any fuck
from a guy she had had so far. Ian clenched his hands over her tiny round ass
checks and began squeezing them like bread dough.

As this was being played out in front of Beth she was becoming very hot and
bothered, she had to get involved. She decided to give Lucy a new thrill. She
put her hands onto Ian's and slid them off Lucy's butt and replaced them with
her own. But instead of just playing and squeezing Lucy's tight butt cheeks
she choose to take it one step farther. She pulled them open till the
blonde's pink little rosebud of an asshole was exposed to both her lovers.
But Beth was going to take this fuck session to a new level. She began to run
her tongue up and down Lucy's cute butt and ever so often she would stick the
tip of her tongue inside her sweet chute. Lucy had never felt anything like
that in her life, her moans were getting heavier by the minute.

Beth was getting more into eating Lucy's ass. Soon she was driving her
whole tongue into the blond honey's rear. As this was happening Ian was
still drilling his rock hard meat into Lucy over and over again. He knew
it wouldn't be longer till he would be shooting his wad and while he would
like nothing better then to fill her hot twat full of sperm he didn't want
to take the chance of knocking her up, more out of fear of not getting the
chance to bang her again them anything, so he told Beth he was about to
blow. Upon hearing this Beth stopped what she was doing and raised up. She
crawled over to where Ian was pumping unto Lucy's cunt and took hold of
Ian's meat and slid it out of her girlfriend. Then she told Ian to lay
back, she was going to finish him off.

She wrapped her lips around his meat and soon was sucking him dry. It
didn't take long before her mouth was full of his cum juice. Beth was very
experienced with sucking cock so it wasn't long before she had slurped up
ever drop of his wad. Ian for his part was in fuck paradise. Lucy had rolled
over onto her side and watched with great interest at how Beth had expertly
gotten Ian to cum. Soon Beth to had rolled over to rest.

But unlike the last time the three had taken a break Beth was soon ready to
go again. That was because she had not finished a little something she had
started with Lucy, namely the eating of her sweet ass. She made her way back
over to Lucy and gave her a hot sloppy wet kiss and then told her lay back
down on her belly. When she was there Beth laid down where her face was right
over the top of Lucy's juicy ass. She had to get her tongue back between
those cheeks! She none to gently grabbed two handfuls of her cute round butt
and parted the globes open. Lucy again felt Beth's wet tongue licking her ass
and a few seconds later it had made its way back into her asshole.

Beth was driving her tongue in Lucy as deep as she could and the blonde was
writhing and moaning under her in total ecstasy. Lucy was gripping the sheets
in her tiny hands and letting loose with the sighs of absolute rapture. She
had been on the receiving end of several tongues in the last few months,
including Beth's, but this was the most incredible thing she had ever felt in
her life, at least when it came to oral sex.

Ian just sat and watched the action, feeling hot as hell himself. It was
awesome he thought having a live lesbian porn movie played out right in
front of his eyes. Over and over Beth's tongue went into Lucy's tight butt.
Ian just about blew a wad just watching.

Soon Beth had a little something to the mix. She slid her hand under Lucy and
started playing with her pussy. In no time she had two fingers in her raging
cunt and was giving her a another fierce finger banging. Lucy was going nuts
with the sensations running through her body. Already hot over the rim job
Beth was giving her and now this she began shaking and knew she was going to
cum again. Not to long after she realized this Beth found herself with her
hand soaking wet as Lucy came like a gusher.

Beth let go of Lucy's ass and rolled her over and placed her face between the
girl's legs and started licking up her juices as they flowed from her cunt.
She licked Lucy's pussy clean. All the while Lucy just laid there and purred
like a kitten. She was fully content with today's sexual escapades.

After Beth was done licking and eating Lucy she rolled over on her side to

"Fuck that was a hot show" said Ian.

Up on hearing that both girls couldn't help but laugh.

"Well you know I feel a little let out, I mean Ian you fucked Lucy twice and
me I have yet to get any dick. So what about taking care of me?" she said as
she spread her sexy legs.

Laughing Lucy raised up on her knees and told Beth "Well I think you need to
get that pussy wet before Ian pumps it."

"Sounds good to me sweetie." Beth replied as she leaned back so Lucy could
take care of her.

Lucy laid her pretty head between her girlfriend's legs and preceded begin
using her tongue to pleasure Beth's hot twat. Over and over she licked Beth's
pussy lips before working her tongue in deeper in an effort to get Beth's
cunt good and wet before Ian buried in huge cock in her and fucked her brains
out like he did hers twice already.

After several minutes of getting her cunt licked Beth was more then moist and
ready to be fucked. After Lucy was done using her mouth on her girlfriend she
grabbed Ian's prick and slid it into her mouth to get him hard for Beth. Soon
his cock was erect and ready to tear up another snatch. He got between Beth's
legs and slid his arms under her thighs and pushed them towards her chest,
having fucked her in the past he knew this was her favorite position to get
fucked in.

Placing the head of his meat in between her pink lips he pushed forward and
in one thrust had filled her fuck hole to the max. when he drove in she let
loose with one of her patented moans that always drove him wild.

"Come on Ian fuck me like I know you want to, come on fuck me!!!!!!!"

He started drilling her pussy with relentless jabs of his cock. Time and
again he would pull out till the just the head of his hammer would remain
before shoving it back into her. This was driving her over the edge. Ian
didn't know if he had enough energy to give out three hard fucks like that,
but knowing he could always brag to himself how he satisfied two hotties
in one day pushed him forward.

Soon Ian knew he was going to blow a load into Beth's wet pussy. Unlike Lucy
however Beth was on the pill so he wasn't going to pull out. He pushed down
on her legs and suddenly jerked forward and began flooding her cunt with his
spunk. Wads of cum filled her fuck box. She looked like she was having a
spasm under him. Over and over he hammered his cock in her until the last
drop of cum had oozed out. Finally he slid out of her and pulled his wet cock
from her wet cunt. Then he lowered her legs and laid down between the two

Soon they all had drifted off to sleep. They slept for two hours like that,
naked and covered in sweat. Finally Beth woke up and shook her two lovers
from their slumber. They all got off the bed and started to dress, the memory
of this hot fuck session still burning in their lust filled minds.

After they all had their cloths on the walked into the living room so Ian
and Lucy could make their way home. They stood at the door for a few seconds
before Lucy broke the silence.

"Well I don't know about you two but I think that was one might fine day of

Both Beth and Ian couldn't help but laugh and shake their heads yes.

"We simply have to do that again sometime." said Lucy before she sauntered
her tight ass out the door.


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