I have watched the WB TV show 7th Heaven for years now, and I have had many
sexual fantasies over the girls of that show. This work of fiction is just
one of my fantasies, but one of the best. That is why I am writing it. The
story takes place anywhere between 5th season to the current 7th season, but
most likely takes place closer to the 5th season because I am more familiar
with those episodes, and the story takes place not to long after Mary is sent
away to Buffalo NY. So I hope you like my story, and feedback is strongly
encouraged. Write me at: [email protected]

7th Heaven is copyrighted and a trademark of the Warner Brothers television

7th Heaven: The Perverse Camden Family
by Adam Smith (mf,ff,Ff,Ffg,Ffgm,m-mast,inc,tv,fetish,fist,scat,humil)

The Camden household started to feel like an empty nest for many reasons.
First Matt (20) had moved out of the house to get an apartment with his
friend as he was going to college. Mary (18) was sent off to Buffalo New
York to live with her grandfather the Colonel John Camden to get her life
straitened out for the financial trouble that she got herself into. And
finally Reverend Eric Camden, loving husband and father of 7 kids, was
away on a weekend retreat with other ministers. This left the wife and
mother Annie, her middle daughter Lucy (17), her middle son Simon (15),
her youngest daughter Ruthie (11) and her youngest twin boys Sam and David
home alone with nothing to do.

Everyone was kind of bored in the house with the exception of Simon. Simon
was now horny and sneaking into his sister Lucy’s room for some masturbation
fun. You see Lucy owns a pair of glossy black patent leather mary jane style
pumps, the kind with buckle and strap and a 3-inch stiletto heel. Simon had
a sexual fetish for her shoes, and every Sunday when Lucy would dress up for
church she would always wear those shiny shoes, and this would give Simon a
major hard on. He would stare at Lucy’s glossy shoes throughout the entire
church service, even while his father was preaching, and even have fantasies
of fucking his sister to which he felt a little guilty for his incestuous
thoughts. He would have to come home right after church and go into the
bathroom and masturbate to an explosive orgasm to release his sexual

Simon would go into Lucy’s room, when he thought that she and no one else
were around, and he would pull her shiny patent leather pumps out of her shoe
closet and use them to masturbate with. Simon would first rub his fingers all
over that smooth shiny leather, and then he would pull her shoes up to his
nose and smell the insider of her shoes. Simon could smell Lucy’s stinky feet
inside of her shoes, and the stink of her feet only turned him on all the
more. Then he would start to lick her shoes all over and suck on her 3-inch
stiletto heels, and finally he would rub her shoes against his rock hard cock
until he exploded into orgasm shooting his white sticky cum all over her
shoes. He would then clean her shoes off and polish them to make it look like
no one messed with them at all. He got away with this time and time again
until this weekend.

While Simon was in Lucy’s room masturbating onto her shoes again, he did not
hear Lucy walk into the house, for she got home early. When Lucy walked up
stairs and walked into her room she stood there in shock, for she could not
believe what she saw, as her brother masturbated onto her shoes.

Lucy: Simon what are you doing????!!!

Simon: Oh nothing Lucy!! I am sorry I will get out of your room.

Lucy: You were masturbating while using my shoes, weren’t you?

Simon: No I was not Lucy I swear!

Lucy: Yes you were Simon, do not lie to me!

Simon: Ok Lucy I confess I was masturbating onto them. I am sorry I will
never do it again.

Lucy: Do you have a sexual fetish for my shiny black patent leather pumps?

Simon: Yes I do, I am sorry Lucy I will never let it happen again.

Lucy: No wander I saw you every Sunday’s starring at my shoes with a hard
on, and I always wandered why.

Simon: I promise Lucy I will never do it again, just please do not tell

Lucy: I will never tell anyone if you do exactly what I want you to do.

Simon: Well what is it that you want me to do?

Lucy: I will show you.

With that Lucy went into Mary’s closet and into her cloths that she had left
behind. Lucy pulled out Mary’s old white lace formal dress, the one that she
wore to her parent’s second wedding. She also pulled out a pair of Mary’s
white panties. She also she pulled out a pair of Mary’s silk white stockings,
and a pair of Mary’s glossy back patent leather high heeled shoes with a 6
inch heel. Then Lucy laid Mary’s cloths out on the bed.

Simon: What do you want me to do with Mary’s clothes?

Lucy: I want you to put all of her clothes on.

Simon: No way Lucy, I am not perverse.

Lucy: Yes you will Simon or else I will tell all of your friends at school
that you masturbate with my sexy dress patent leather shoes. Then all your
friends will think you are perverse.

Simon: Ok Lucy I will put the cloths on just please do not tell any of my
friends about this or I will never live it down.

After that Simon put on all of Mary’s cloths like Lucy instructed. He first
put on her white panties, then her white silk stockings, then her white lace
formal dress, and then he put on her black patent leather high heeled shoes.
The clothes fit perfectly on Simon as Lucy suspected that they would since
Simon is now the same size and height of Mary when she was 15. Simon had a
hard time trying to walk in heels, to which Lucy was trying to help him walk.

Lucy: We are going to try to help you walk and act like a little girl now.

Simon: Lucy I am so embarrassed now and humiliated.

Lucy: Don’t you mean sexually humiliated.

Simon: Yes I guess so. I must admit that this is turning me on a little.

Lucy: I have a surprise for you, Mom, and Ruthie tonight, and I want you stay
dressed up like this while I get Mom, Ruthie, and myself ready for dinner.

After that Lucy left Simon all dressed up in Mary’s cloths in her room while
she got her mother and younger sister prepared for dinner. She told them
that she made a very special dinner for the family and that everyone was
going to have to dress up tonight in formal wear to receive the dinner that
Lucy prepared. While Annie and Ruthie got ready for dinner Lucy prepared the

After Lucy prepared the dinner she went upstairs to get dressed herself.
Lucy put on a pair of black panties, a very formal black dress, with a pair
of silk black stockings, and her shiny pair of black patent leather mary
jane style pumps, the same shoes that Simon masturbates onto. Then Lucy
came down stairs to see her mother dressed in a formal black dress, with a
pair of silk black stockings, and pair of black heels. Ruthie was dressed
in a pink lace formal dress, with white stockings, and a glossy pair of
schoolgirl mary jane patent leather shoes.

Lucy went back upstairs to get Simon since they were all ready to sit down
to eat dinner. Lucy helped Simon get downstairs since he was wearing Mary’s
shiny high heels. When they got down to the bottom of the steps Lucy
introduced the new Simon to her mother Annie and little sister Ruthie.
Needless to say when they saw Simon all dressed up in his sister Mary’s
formal cloths they were both shocked.

Annie: Simon why are you all dressed up in your sister Mary’s formal clothes?
I thought that you were going to come down in a handsome tux or something,
not dressed up as a young girl.

Ruthie: Simon are you gay or something?

Simon: No Ruthie I like girls. Mom it is Lucy’s fault she made me dress in
all of Mary's clothes.

With that Lucy began to explain to her mother all about Simon’s fetish, and
that he stares at her shoes with lust every Sunday at church, and also that
he masturbates onto to her shoes on a regular basis. She said that she wanted
to sexually humiliate Simon by making him dress up in Mary’s old formal dress
clothes. She also said that Simon wanted to be one of the girls tonight so
she dressed him up as a girl for this evening. With that both Annie and
Ruthie understood what Lucy was trying to do and they excepted Simon all
dressed up in his sister’s formal dress cloths.

Annie: Well Simon if you want to delve into the perverse and use your sisters
shiny shoes as a sex tool, then you are going to have to pay the price for
what Lucy does to you.

Simon remained sexually humiliated, but he was kind of getting used to being
dress up in Mary’s form dress cloths, and shiny black patent leather high
heels, and it was starting to turn him on all the more and he started to get
an erection. After that they all sat down at the dinning table to eat. After
dinner was over Simon had a major hard on because his mother, Lucy, and
Ruthie all treated him as a young girl instead of as a son or brother. This
got Simon so turned on, and he felt like he was going to explode into an
orgasm, especially since Mary’s panties and dress rubbed up against his rock
hard cock.

After dinner Lucy led her mother, Simon, and Ruthie into the living room,
while Lucy continued to help Simon walk like a girl in his sister’s high
heeled patent leather shoes. Lucy sat down on the couch and instructed Simon
and Ruthie to kneel on their knees. They did as instructed, then Lucy lifted
up her legs and shoved her right shoe in front of Simon’s face, and her left
shoe into Ruthie’s face. Lucy instructed them to lick her shoes, to which
they both started to do as Lucy instructed. Annie just stood there and
watched in total shock as the whole fetish sex games that was going between
her three children. Simon and Ruthie licked with their tongues Lucy’s shiny
black patent leather pumps, and they even suckled on her 3-inch heel like
they were giving it a blowjob.

After that Lucy stood up and instructed Simon to kneel over the couch in the
doggie style position. Simon obeyed his sister and then Lucy went over to
him and pulled his dress up. Then she pulled down Mary’s panties from him to
expose his bare naked ass. Then Lucy took one of Mary’s stiletto shiny patent
leather heels off of Simon’s foot. Then she spread Simon’s ass apart, and
then she directed the stiletto heel up to his puckered asshole. Then she
pushed the stiletto heel into his asshole while Simon screamed out in sexual
pleasure. Lucy pumped the stiletto heel in and out of Simon’s asshole faster
and faster until he was ready to explode with orgasm. Annie and Ruthie stood
there in shock watching Lucy violate Simon in this way. Lucy kept pumping the
heel in and out of Simon’s anus until she pushed the stiletto heel against
his prostrate, and then Simon exploded. Simon’s white sticky cum shot out of
his cock and onto his sister Mary’s dress until the dress was completely
soaked in his white sperm. Then Lucy pulled Mary’s stiletto heel out of
Simon’s asshole.

After that Ruthie could not take it anymore and she ran up the couch and sat
in front of Simon, and she pulled her dress up. Then Ruthie pulled her
panties down off her legs, only to expose her baby bald pussy. She told Simon
to eat her out. Simon did as his sister requested and he started to eat out
his youngest sister. Lucy at this time stood up and stood next her mother,
while they both watched in shock and sexual excitement at Simon eating out
Ruthie’s bald pussy. While Simon was eating Ruthie’s bald pussy Lucy started
to rub her hand up and down her mother’s leg that was covered in silk black
stocking. When Lucy tried to put her hand up her mother’s dress Annie reacted
in shock.

Annie: Lucy what are you doing?

Lucy: Oh Mom I want to make love to you.

Annie: Oh Lucy I cannot have sex with you, you are my own daughter, and that
is incest. It is sick and perverse.

Lucy: Oh mother I have been attracted to you for several months now and have
been afraid to tell you about it, for you would think I am sick. But Mom I
love you and I want our mother and daughter relationship to turn into a
sexual one. I thought that this evening, with what is going on with Simon,
that I would try to seduce you.

After that Lucy forced a kiss onto her mother, and Annie at first tried to
resist her daughters sexual advances. But as Lucy persisted in trying to kiss
her mother, Annie eventually gave in and then kissed her daughter back. Their
kiss turned into a long deep passionate kiss, and they were kissing not as if
they were mother and daughter, but as if they were long time lesbian lovers.
Their long deep passionate kiss turned unto french kissing where they had
each others tongue in each others mouths, and they sucked on each others

While Lucy and Annie were involved with mother/daughter lesbian incestuous
kissing Simon got up from eating Ruthie’s pussy and turned her over to the
doggie style position. Simon then pulled Ruthie’s dress up and then tried
to position his cock to her cunt hole, but was unable to go in because her
hymen was still intact. When Annie saw this she broke her incestuous kiss
with Lucy and was worried that Simon was going to bust her hymen.

Annie: Simon please do not break your sister’s cherry, for I do not want it
broken yet.

Simon: Then Mom how am I going to fuck Ruthie?

Annie: Improvise Simon, why don’t you fuck her up her asshole.

Simon: Good idea Mom, why did I not think of that myself.

After that Simon spread Ruthie’s ass apart and then positioned his rock hard
cock at the entrance of her puckered asshole. He then entered her asshole
very slowly until she felt comfortable with is rock hard cock penetrating
her anus. Simon could not get over how tight her asshole was, and this was
getting him so sexually excited that he could have exploded into an orgasm
right then. But he controlled it so he could have a few minutes of fun while
fucking Ruthie up her asshole.

After Ruthie told Simon that she was ready and comfortable with Simons’s
cock in her anus, Simon then started to pump his cock in and out of her
asshole faster and faster. Annie and Lucy watched for a few minutes in
shock and sexual excitement as Simon sodomized Ruthie. Then Annie and Lucy
went back to their passionate mother/daughter kissing. Because Simon was
thrusting his cock so far up Ruthie’s anus his cock was pushing against
her colon, and because pressure was being placed against her colon Ruthie’s
rectum was filling up with feces. Then after that Simon exploded into
orgasm and shot his white sticky cum up into Ruthie’s asshole. When he
pulled his cock out of her asshole his cock was covered in Ruthie’s brown
stinky shit.

After Lucy saw the shit that was covering Simon’s cock she broke her kiss one
more time from her mother and then went over to Simon. Then she bent down and
put his cock into her mouth and gave him a blowjob while sucking all the shit
off of his cock. When Simon, Ruthie, and Annie saw it they were shocked and
then they said in unison.

Annie, Simon, and Ruthie: That is so gross, nasty, and sick Lucy how could
you do that?

Lucy: You have seen nothing yet, you have only begun to see the depth of
perversity I can get into.

After that Lucy went over to Ruthie and lifted up her dress. She new that
Ruthie must be ready to take a big shit now, especially after Simon fucked
her up her asshole right up to her colon. Lucy then spread Ruthie’s ass
apart only to notice the brown stinky shit that was around her puckered
hole. Lucy just gave a lick of Ruthie’s asshole and that was all it took
for Ruthie to lose control and shit on Lucy’s face. After Ruthie emptied
her rectum of all her shit onto Lucy’s face Lucy then took Ruthie’s brown
stinky shit and began to eat it. Annie, and Simon both stared at Lucy in
shock and discussed as they were watching their daughter and sister do the
most nasty, sick, and perverse thing. Although Annie was starting to get
turned on while watching Lucy’ face all covered in brown stinky shit and
eating the shit as well. What shit that Lucy did not eat she spread all
over her own formal black dress, Ruthie’s formal pink lace dress, and
Mary’s formal white lace dress that S imon was currently wearing. She
spread the shit all over those dresses until they were completely soiled
with Ruthie’s brown stinky shit.

After that Annie was so grossed out, but at the same time so sexually turned
on that she could not control herself any longer and then she went over to
Lucy and pulled her by the hand over to her. Annie then bent over into the
doggie style position. Then she lifted up her dress and pulled down her
panties to reveal her mature but sexy pussy. Then Annie told Lucy that she
was ready to make love to her and have mother/daughter incestuous lesbian sex
with her, and that she wanted Lucy to eat her pussy out. With that Lucy bent
down and put her face up to her mother’s pussy. She could smell the sweet and
sour odors of her mother’s pussy that gave birth to 7 kids. Lucy then stuck
out her tongue and started to lick her mother’s pussy. Lucy could not believe
that she was eating the very same pussy that gave birth to her 17 years ago.
Lucy licked up and down Annie’s pink slit in-between her pussy lips, and then
Lucy started to suck Annie’s clit. When that happened Annie started to moan
load in delight of her daughter eating her out. Then Annie had an explosive
orgasm and she shot her cum onto Lucy’s face. Then Lucy began to stick her
tongue into Annie’s cunt hole and she fucked her mother with her tongue. Then
Annie was screaming out with sexual pleasure again.

Annie: Lucy could you fuck me in my asshole with your tongue

Lucy: Sure Mom I will do anything for you.

After that Lucy spread her mother’s ass apart to expose her puckered asshole.
Then Lucy stuck her tongue out and started to lick her mother’s stinky anus.
When Annie’s anus was ready Lucy stuck her tongue into her mother’s asshole
and began to fuck her in the asshole with her tongue. This drove Annie over
the edge with sexual pleasure. Then while Lucy was tongue fucking her mother
in the asshole she reached up with her hand and first put one finger into
Annie’s cunt hole, then two, then three, then four, then all five fingers,
and then it was not long until she had her whole fist in her mother’s cunt
hole. Lucy fist fucked her mother’s cunt hole at the same time she was tongue
fucking her asshole. This drove Annie over the edge and she had her another
explosive orgasm, and her cum shot out of her and dribbled onto Lucy’s face.
Then Lucy withdrew her hand from her mother’s cunt hole and her tongue from
her asshole. After Annie was rested up from her multiple orgasms she stood

Annie: It is your turn young lady. I am going to fuck you like you would not

Lucy: Yes Mom anything you say. Your little girl will do anything you want.

Annie: Your fucking right you will. Now lie down on the couch.

After her mother told her to lie on the couch Lucy obeyed. Then Annie lifted
up Lucy’s dress and then pulled her black panties off of her.

Annie: I am going to sexually humiliate and punish you, my darling daughter.
I am going to make you pay for causing all this sexually perverse activity in
our family.

Lucy: Ok Mom bring it on.

Then after that Annie grabbed Lucy’s legs that were covered in the black silk
stockings and then lifted them up above her head and spread them out eagle
wide. This exposed Lucy’s beautiful teenage pussy and ass. Her pussy was very
neatly trimmed. Then Annie bent down and put her face next to Lucy’s pussy,
and she smelled the sweet and sour odors of her daughter’s pussy. Then Annie
stuck out her tongue and started to lick Lucy’s pussy. The thought of eating
her daughter out and having a perverse incestuous lesbian affair with her
grossed her out, but it gave her more of a sexual high, which made her desire
her daughter all the more. Annie licked up and down her pink slit in-between
her pussy lips. Then Annie started to suck on Lucy’s clit, which Lucy started
to moan with sexual excitement. Her mother’s sucking her clit drove her over
the edge and she had an explosive orgasm, and she shot her cum onto her
mother’s face. Then Annie stuck her tongue into Lucy’s cunt hole and fucked
her cunt hole with her tongue, and this drove Lucy over the edge again and
she had another explosive orgasm, and she shot more of her cum onto her
mother’s face. Then Annie spread Lucy’s ass apart to expose her pink puckered
asshole. Then Annie began to lick her daughter’s asshole, and then when
Lucy’s anus was ready she stuck her tongue into her daughter’s asshole and
fucked her daughter in the asshole with her tongue. Lucy began to scream from
sexual pleasure.

During this time both Simon and Ruthie just looked on in shock at this
mother/daughter lesbian incestuous show that Annie and Lucy were putting on.
Both Simon and Ruthie were horny. Then Ruthie on impulse walked up to Lucy
while her mom was tongue-fucking Lucy in the asshole. Then Ruth bent down to
her sister’s pussy and smelled the sweet and sour odors of Lucy’s pussy. Then
Ruthie stuck out her tongue and began to lick Lucy’s pussy. She licked up and
down Lucy’s pink slit in-between her pussy lips, then made her way down to
her cunt hole. When Ruthie had her tongue over Lucy’s cunt hole she shoved
her tongue into her sister’s cunt hole. Lucy began to scream with sexual
excitement as she was being double penetrated by tongues in both her cunt
hole by her little sister and her asshole by her mother. Ruthie’s and Annie’s
tongue went in and out of her cunt hole and asshole like they were slimy
little tongue cocks.

At about this time Simon had another rock hard erection, and he felt that
he could not take it any longer, for he was about to explode into another
orgasm. Then on impulse Simon approached the lesbian incestuous group of
females and he approached Lucy’s right leg that was covered in the black
silk stocking. Then Simon began to move his face towards Lucy’s right foot,
that was up above her head in the air as her mother and little sister were
tongue-fucking her in her cunt hole and asshole. Then Simon began to stick
out his tongue and lick Lucy’s right glossy black patent leather mary jane
shoe, and while he did this he was masturbating by pumping his cock. He
would every now and then try to get his cock up to Lucy’s shoe that he was
licking and rub his cock against her shiny smooth shoe. Then on impulse
Simon unbuckled Lucy’s right shoe and took it off her foot. Then he put his
face next to her right foot that was covered in the silk black stocking. He
could smell Lucy’s stinky f oot, and this got him all the more turned on.
Between pumping his cock and smelling his sister’s stinky foot he eventually
exploded into another orgasm and shot his white sticky cum all over Lucy’s
stinky silk black stocking covered foot.

While Simon was masturbating onto Lucy’s shoe and stinky foot, Ruthie and
Annie continued to tongue fuck Lucy in her cunt hole and asshole. While they
were doing this Lucy’s rectum began to fill up with feces, and Annie could
tell because a turd was pushing against her tongue while it was up Lucy’s
anus. Annie pulled her tongue out of Lucy, and Lucy was wandering what was
going on.

Lucy: Is there a problem Mom?

Annie: No problem darling, it is just that you seem like you have to take a

Lucy: Do you want to stop the sex for a couple of minutes for me to go to the
bathroom and take a shit.

Annie: No Lucy, I want you to take a shit right were you are lying.

Lucy: Ok Mom if that is what you and Ruthie want.

Annie: Oh yes it is definitely what Ruthie and I want.

With that Lucy let go of control of her rectum and shit came out of her anus.
Annie put her hands out and tried to catch all the shit that came out of
Lucy’s asshole. After Lucy finished shitting Annie gathered up her daughter’s
shit and started eating it. She shared some with Ruthie, and Ruthie ate
Lucy’s shit as well. Then she gave some of it to Simon and then instructed
Simon to eat some and share it with Lucy. After Simon ate some of Lucy’s shit
he gave some of Lucy’s own shit to her and she ate her own shit. Then the
shit that Annie did not eat she started to spread some onto Lucy’s pussy. She
put some onto her clit, then she put some into her pink slit in-between her
pussy lips, and then she took the rest and shoved it into Lucy’s cunt hole.
Lucy’s pussy, both inside and outside, was completely soiled, brown, and
stinky from her own shit. Annie started to tongue fuck Lucy’s asshole again.

Then Ruthie began to stick out her tongue and lick all the shit out of Lucy’s
pussy. Ruthie stuck her whole mouth over Lucy’s cunt hole and sucked out all
the shit that was in there and ate it. Then after Ruthie sucked out all of
Lucy’s shit in her cunt hole she started to tongue fuck her in her cunt hole
again. After a few minutes of double penetration of those little tongue cocks
in Lucy’s cunt hole and asshole Lucy was driven over the edge and she had the
most explosive orgasm of her entire life. She screamed and shot her cum onto
Ruthie’s face, which dribbled down to Annie's face as well. Lucy’s cum mixed
in with her shit that was still smeared throughout her cunt and asshole.
After that Annie and Ruthie tried to lick and suck up as much of Lucy’s cum
that was mixed with her own nasty and stinky shit.

After all four of them recovered from the most explosive orgasms that an
incestuous family ever had they spent the rest of the night, until the early
morning hours, fucking each other and trying out all new perverse sex acts.
Simon fucked Lucy in her cunt hole and asshole, and then Simon fucked his
mother Annie in her cunt hole and asshole. Sometimes Lucy and Ruthie would
let Simon lick their shiny patent leather shoes while they were on their
feet. They would even take off their shoes so Simon could smell their stinky
feet while covered in their silk stockings, so that Simon could smell their
stinky feet while he pumped his cock to an orgasm, shooting his sticky white
cum onto their feet or shoes.

There was some more sister/sister lesbian incest going on while Lucy and her
baby sister Ruthie had sex together. And their was some more mother/daughter
lesbian incest, but this time it was Annie having sex with her youngest
daughter Ruthie, and she did to Ruthie all that she did to Lucy. At about 4am
in the morning the four of them were spent and tired to the point they could
not have sex anymore before a good nights sleep. So they tried to clean up
the mess, especially all the stinky shit that was smeared onto their formal
dresses. Then after that they all went up stairs to the master bedroom, and
all four of them climbed into Annie’s bed while they were in the nude, and
they all fell asleep together while cuddled up next to each other.

The End!

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