Hello everyone. This is the continuing story of "The Perverse Camden Family."
This is a sequel to my first 7th Heaven story called "The Perverse Camden
Family," and my second called "The Perverse Camden Family Part 2." This is
"The Perverse Camden Family Part 3." It takes places right after "The
Perverse Camden Family Part 2." So I would recommend that you read both of
those stories before reading this one. Also I must say that since this story
does have pedophile material in it I feel it necessary to emphasis that I do
not condone or support any form of child sexual abuse in real life, where it
is against the law and real children get hurt. This story is for fantasy and
entertainment only and nothing more. Well I hope that you enjoy reading, and
as always I encourage feedback. So write me at [email protected]

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7th Heaven: The Perverse Camden Family Part 3
by Adam Smith

In the mean time at Deena's house Simon was still there hanging out with his
ex-girlfriend Deena. He had spent the day with her and he felt very awkward.
First because she was his ex-girlfriend whom he was still was trying to be
friends with in spite of his very strong attraction towards her, and second
because of the nasty lesbian sex games that went on between her and his
mother on Thursday night. They had not spoken about it all day, and they
both were trying to avoid the subject. But as Saturday evening drew near,
and Simon felt like he had stayed at her house forever, they both broke the
ice and started to talk about Thursday night.

Deena: I must say Simon I hate to admit this but what your mom did to me
felt really good. Is your mom a lesbian?

Simon: No but I think that she might be bi. She is perverse because she and
has had lesbian incest sex with my two sisters Lucy and Ruthie.

Deena: Are you telling me that your mom fucks her very own daughters?

Simon: Yes that is what I am saying. I love to watch lesbians and when Ruthie
and mom or Lucy and mom do it with one another it turns me on to no end. Lucy
and Ruthie do it together once in a while. I get so sexually aroused when I
see my mom and sister doing one another. Don't you think it is a turn on?

Deena: No Simon I think it is sick and perverse. But I must say my pussy gets
real wet thinking about your mom and sisters doing one another. So yes I am
turned on even though it is gross. Another thing that was so gross is when
you, your mom, and your sisters Lucy and Ruthie ate my shit. Why did you guys
eat my nasty brown stinky shit?

Simon: My mother and my sisters have a shit fetish. Sort of like my fetish
for stinky feet, girls shiny patent leather dress shoes, and crossdressing.
Lucy has eaten Ruthie's shit before, and my mom, Ruthie, and I have has
eaten Lucy's shit before. Lucy loves when she can smear her sister's shit
onto formal wear like dresses and gowns.

Deena: Sounds like you, your mom, and sisters are erotically kinky, nasty,
sick, and perverse all at the same time. I am getting so turned on by your
stories Simon. Do you want to fool around in some sex games with me Simon
before you have to go home?

Simon: Are you kidding I would love to! My mom thinks I should take your
cherry, if you are still a virgin.

Deena: Yes I am still a virgin, and yes I will let you take my cherry. I
have never fucked a guy before and I cannot wait to do it with you. I will
even let you practice some of your fetishes on me. So go into my closet and
pick out a couple of dresses for you and I to wear.

Simon then obeyed Deena and went thorough all of her cloths in her closet,
paying special attention to Deena's formal wear and all her dresses. He
picked out a couple of dresses, one for him to wear and one for Deena to
wear. Deena put on the dress that Simon selected for her to wear, which was
a formal black satin evening dress. Including the dress she also put on a
pair of silk black stockings and the pair of shiny black patent leather
mary-janes, the same shoes that Annie fetish licked and shoved up her
asshole. Simon has an extreme fetish for patent leather mary-janes so
seeing her in them again started to get him hard again. Then Simon put on
the outfit that he selected for himself. It was a frilly red satin party
dress, and he put that on with a pair of Deena's cotton white panties and
white thigh high tights. Since she only had one pair of patent leather
mary-janes, and she was wearing them, Deena ran into her mothers room to
get a pair of her mother shiny black patent leat her 4 inch high heals, to
which Simon felt it very erotic with Deena putting them on his feet, and
him wearing her mothers sexy shiny heals.

Simon and Deena spent some time just prancing around in her room in the
formal wear that they were wearing. Deena was treating Simon not as her
ex-boyfriend or even her boyfriend, but as a girlfriend to which he was to
turn into her lesbian girlfriend. Deena made the first move as she went
over to Simon and started to kiss him passionately. It was not the kind of
kiss that a girl would give to her boyfriend, but one that a lesbian girl
would give to her girlfriend. For the first time Simon really felt like a
girl, to which it turned him on to no end. They started to french kiss,
which lasted several erotic minuets. The whole time Deena was kissing Simon
she was treating him like her girlfriend. When their make out session was
over Deena sat down on her bed and then had Simon kneel down in front of
her. After Simon knelt down Deena lifted up her right foot and shoved her
shiny shoe in his face. Simon knew what to do and he started to fetish lick
her shoes. Knowing that he was licking the same shiny shoes for the first
time that belonged to his ex-girlfriend, and the ones that his mother was
licking the other night, sent sexual thrills through him. When Simon had
completely covered her right shoe with his saliva Deena then put down her
right foot and lifted up her left. After Simon completely covered her left
shiny shoe with his saliva then Deena got another kinky idea for Simon to
fulfill his fetish. Deena ran and got a short piece of rope, and then she
lifted up her feet and tied the rope to the bottom of her ankles so that
her right and left feet would stay together. When Simon wandered what she
was doing with complete puzzlement he asked her what she was up to. All
Deena answered him with is to command him to lift up his red satin party
dress that he was wearing, then take down her panties that he was wearing,
and put his erect cock in-between her shoes. Simon got the idea of what she
was trying to do and he obeyed her. After Simon pulled his dress up and
took of her pan ties Deena lifted up her feet and he then slipped his now
rock hard cock in-between her shoes. Then he knew what to do without Deena
instructing him, as he began to fuck her shoes, the same way a guy would
fuck a girl's tits. Because of the smooth leather of her patent leather
mary-janes his cock slipped through her shoes as smooth as if it was in a
girl's cunt hole or asshole. It did not take long for Simon to cum, and
when he came he came to a very powerful orgasm that he shot load after load
of white sticky cum all over Deena's shiny shoes. When he finished shooting
out the last of his cum then he pulled his cock out from between her shoes.
Deena then unbuckled both of her mary-janes that were now covered in
Simon's white sticky sperm, and then took them off and then began to lick
her own sperm soiled shoes until she cleaned all of the Simon's cum off of
her shoes. While she was licking Simon's cum off of her own shoes Simon
took this opportunity to lift up Deena's feet to his face and smell her sti
nky feet. Smelling the odor of her stinky feet only caused him to get rock
hard again and then he came for a second time shooting load after load of
white sticky cum all over Deena's formal black satin dress, until her dress
was wet and completely soiled from Simon's white sticky sperm. Deena did
not react with anger over her dress being soiled with his cum, but she
completely excepted Simon's fetish and even got into it. She figured that
she could always clean her dress and shoes at a later date.

Deena then untied the ropes that were on her ankles, and then she pulled
her dress off of her and disregarded it. Then she pulled her panties down
and got completely naked but left on her silk black stockings to keep Simon
turned on. She had Simon take off the red satin party dress he was wearing
and then he was completely nude with the exception of Deena's white tights
and her mom's shiny black patent leather 4 inch heels. Deena then fell back
on her bed and pulled her legs up into the air and she spread them out
eagle wide only to expose to Simon her peach fuzz teenage pussy. She had
Simon kneel down again and commanded him to eat her out. Simon obeyed her
and began to eat his ex-girlfriend out like there was no tomorrow. He
licked her pussy, clit, and asshole. He knew he could not tongue fuck her
in her cunt hole yet because her hymen was still intact, to which he
planned to deflower anytime soon. But he did tongue fuck her in her
asshole, and when he did that along with lic king her clit, it did not take
long for her to cum, and when she came she shot her girl cum all over his
face. She then thought that it would be a good time for him to take her
cherry, for she was nervous but ready at the same time. But Simon
complained that with the last orgasm his cock went limp and he was not able
to get a hard on again. She tried to solve that problem by giving him a
blowjob but that did not work. After trying for several minuets the both of
them were very sexually frustrated and worried that Deena was not going be
able to be deflowered that night. But Deena thought of a brilliant idea.
She grabbed one of her shiny patent leather mary-jane shoes, then rubbed
some of her girl cum on it to get it lubricated. Then with Simon being in
complete wander to what she had planned, she commanded Simon to bend over.
Simon obeyed his ex-girlfriend and bent over, and Simon asked what she was
going to do and she told him not to worry but this would do the trick.
Deena spread his ass cheeks ou t and then positioned the toe of her shiny
shoe up against the entrance of his asshole. Then she shoved the shoe up
his anus, and shoved the shoe so far up his rectum that it hit his
prostate. This caused Simon extreme pleasure that he got an immediate rock
hard on again. Then when Deena knew that she had achieved victory she sat
down gain on her bed, then lay back, and lifted up her legs again in the
air and spread them out eagle wide. She told Simon to fuck her and take her
cherry. Simon did not need to be asked twice for he positioned his rock
hard cock at the entrance of her cunt hole, and then with one swift push he
penetrated in her cunt hole. He immediately broke her hymen, which caused
her to bleed an incredible amount. He stopped fucking her for a second
worried that he had hurt her. But when she assured him that she was alright
and asked him not to stop he went right back to fucking her virgin cunt
hole. The pain subsided in Deena and she soon was experiencing nothing but
pleasure. It did not take long before the both of the came to an explosive
orgasm at the same time, with her shooting her girl cum all over his thighs
and he shooting his white sticky love juice into her womb. After they both
came down from their orgasm Simon pulled his cock out of her cunt hole, and
Deena reached around to Simon's ass and pulled her shoe out of his asshole.
Then Simon collapsed on Deena on her bed and the both of them fell asleep
in each others arms while she still had on her silk black stockings and he
had on her white tights and her mom's shiny black patent leather heels.

Meanwhile at the Camden house the next day came and it was Sunday early in
the morning. Rev. Eric Camden did not have to be at his church today
because he was expected to be away at a retreat this weekend and he got a
replacement for this Sunday. So the Camden family decided to sleep in that
day, and it was a much needed rest from all the tension created by the
family's secret incestuous lifestyle being practiced this weekend. And the
fact that Eric had finally found out about it for the first time the
previous night, and even though Annie his wife had talked with him, and he
seemed cool with it, he was still recovering from the shook of it all.
Annie, Eric, and Ruthie were still sleeping in, but Lucy got up early and
was in the kitchen eating breakfast. She had on the sexiest pink low cut
sweater that really showed off her big perky tits, and she was also wearing
a sexy pair of blue jeans. While she was eating her breakfast Annie came in
the kitchen unexpected while still in her very sexy pink nightgown. Lucy
seeing her mother in her sexy nightgown turned her on a little. Lucy was
wandering why her mother was up this early and asked her what she wanted.

Annie: Hi Lucy how is your morning?

Lucy: Fine mom, what is up?

Annie: Well I have a favor to ask of you.

Lucy: What is it mom? You know I will do anything to please my sexy mom.

Annie: Well you know that your dad has just discovered our secret perverse
incestuous lifestyle and it has taken me all night to get him talk with me
and get him out of his shock. Well last night I have discovered through all
of this what your father's lifetime ultimate fantasy is.

Lucy: And what would that be mom? I am curious!

Annie: He has always fantasized about having a threesome with himself and
two women. Namely he has fantasized of having sex with me and another
women, and for him to watch me in lesbian action while he fucks the other

Lucy: So how can I help?

Annie: Well I figure you and I can fulfill his fantasy, and for you and I
to have a threesome with him. This way you can fuck your dad for the first
time, and you and I can get some more of that taboo mother and daughter
incest going. What do you say?

Lucy: Sounds great to me. I have always wanted to fuck daddy, and you know
that I love to engage in mother and daughter incest with you mom. Let's do

Annie: Great then lets go upstairs.

After that Annie grabbed Lucy by the hand and led her upstairs and then into
her bedroom. Eric was on the master bed while just dressed in his underwear.
When he saw that Annie had brought their daughter Lucy into they're room he
question her as to what she was doing, especially since he was half nude and
extremely modest with his daughters. Annie said that Lucy and herself were
going to fulfill his ultimate fantasy of a threesome this morning. He was
very reluctant since she had brought his middle daughter into this affair.
He had planned on another women outside the family, say someone from his
church, for them to have the threesome. But Annie told him that that would
compromise their family secret lifestyle and that they should keep it in the
family, plus she said that that he would bust his nut over watching his wife
Annie having some lesbian mother and daughter incest sex with Lucy. Eric
finally agreed and then their perverse taboo threesome began. Annie
immediately took Lucy in her arms and began to passionately kiss her, not
like mother and daughter, but like long time lesbian lovers. Then they french
kissed, and as they french kissed Eric was starting to get an extreme hard on
watching his wife and daughter make out together. When they were done french
kissing Annie pulled Lucy's pink low cut sweater up over her head and took it
off of her, only to expose her perky big tits to Annie and Eric. This was the
first time Eric saw Lucy's tits, and he was amazed at, and turned on, at how
much they have grown and how big they were for a 17-year-old. Annie then took
Lucy's left tit onto her mouth and started to suck on it. Lucy started to
moan from sexual pleasure, and then Eric began to pull out his rock hard cock
from his underwear and began to masturbate as he watched his wife suck their
daughter's big perky tits. When Annie was finished with Lucy's left tit she
went over to Lucy's right tit and started to suck on it. Then Lucy had an
orgasm from her mother sucking on her tits, and with her orgasm she shot her
girl cum in her sexy pair of blue jeans, then a big wet stained spot could be
noticed down by her crotch.

After Annie was finished sucking her daughter's tits, Lucy pulled away from
her mother and then went for her father's rock hard cock before he could come
from masturbating. Then Lucy grabbed her father's rock hard cock and then put
it into her mouth, then gave her father the blowjob of his life. What a sight
for Annie as she watched her daughter bop up and down on her father's cock,
especially since she was the only one up to now that gave her husband a blow
job. It did not take long before Eric was ready to cum, but instead of Lucy
letting her father cum in her mouth she wanted his load to be shot onto her
face, thinking it would be more erotic. So she sensing him getting ready to
shoot his load pulled off his cock right in time, and then he shot his white
sticky cum onto his daughter's face, completely covering her face with his
white hot love juice.

After Eric shot his white sticky cum onto Lucy's face, both Annie and Lucy
tried to scrape it up with their fingers what they could and swallow his
cum. Then Eric put his hands down to Lucy's blue jeans and unzipped them.
Then both Eric and Annie pulled down their daughter's jeans and panties and
pulled them off of her. They were both surprised to see that Lucy's pussy
was clean shaven, and when they asked she told them she shaved it the other
day. This turned both Eric and Annie on very much to see their daughter's
pussy just as bald as a little preteen girl's pussy was. Then Annie pulled
her nightgown off of herself, and then pulled her silk panties off of her,
and now Annie, Eric, and their daughter Lucy were completely nude as the
day they were born. Eric then pushed his daughter down on the bed and lifted
up he legs into the air, and then spread them out eagle wide to expose his
daughter's hairless pussy wide open. Annie grabbed her daughter's ankles and
held her daughter's legs into place. Then Eric knelt down and put his face
next to her gorgeous bald pussy. Then Eric began to eat his daughter out,
while Annie took the opportunity to shove her right tit into Lucy's mouth
and then she began to suck her mother's right tit. It felt sexy for Annie
because she remembers Lucy breast feeding on her when she was a baby, but
now she is doing it for perverse sexual pleasure. Eric then began to tongue
fuck his daughter in her cunt hole, and then began to lick her asshole and
tongue fuck her in her anus. This caused Lucy to moan from sexual pleasure
all the more, as Annie then pulled her right tit out of her daughter's mouth
and then stuck in her left tit into Lucy's mouth for Lucy to suck on. At
about that time both Annie and Lucy came to an orgasm at the same time, and
when Lucy came she shot her girl cum all over her fathers face. Then when
Lucy and Annie came down from their intense orgasm Eric placed Lucy in such
a position that both he and Annie could eat out their daughter at the same
time. Annie placed herself behind Lucy and began to lick her daughter's ass
cheeks and her asshole, and Eric went back to licking his daughter's pussy.
In no time Eric was tongue fucking Lucy in her cunt hole and Annie was
tongue fucking her daughter in her asshole. This sent Lucy over the edge and
she started to scream to the top of her lungs from sexual pleasure as both
her father and mother's tongues were double penetrating her. In no time she
had the most explosive orgasm of her life, and shot her girl cum all over
both her father and mother's faces.

After Lucy recovered from her powerful and intense orgasm Eric was ready to
penetrate his daughter and incestuously copulate with her. He then put her
in the doggie-style position, while Annie crawled up in front of Lucy's face
and then spread her legs wide open only to expose her mature but sexy pussy
to her daughter. Eric positioned his rock hard cock up against the entrance
of his daughter's cunt hole, and then he pushed into her and penetrated her.
Then Annie forced Lucy's face down on her pussy and commanded Lucy to eat her
out. So Eric was banging away at his daughter's cunt hole while Lucy ate her
mother's pussy out, the same pussy that gave birth to her 17 years ago. She
took turns tongue fucking her mother in her cunt hole and asshole. It did not
take long for all three of them to cum. Eric shot his white sticky cum into
his daughter's womb, the same love juice that created her 17 years ago. And
Annie came and shot her girl cum onto Lucy's face, and Lucy came and shot her
girl cum all over her fathers thighs. After all three of them recovered from
their orgasm Eric pulled his cock out of Lucy's cunt hole and then he had
both Annie and Lucy get into a 69 position with one another. Eric had Lucy
get on top and Annie get on the bottom for a specific reason for what he had
planned for Lucy. While Eric was getting ready Annie and Lucy were licking
each other's pussies and asshole, and tongue fucking each other in their cunt
holes and assholes. When Eric was ready he placed himself behind Lucy and had
Annie spread her ass cheeks. Then Eric placed his rock hard cock at the
entrance of Lucy's asshole, and when he was ready he plunged forward into her
rectum and penetrated her up her asshole. At the same time Annie was tongue
fucking her daughter in her cunt hole. She was screaming in no time from
sexual pleasure while being double penetrated by her father, with his cock in
her anus, and her mother's tongue in her cunt hole. At the same time Annie
was trying to get her daughter to tongue fuck her in her cunt hole and
asshole, but it was impossible with Lucy being in such ecstasy. Soon all
three of the came at the same time again. Eric shot his white hot cum into
her rectum filling her bowels with his white hot sticky sperm, and Lucy came
shooting her girl cum in her mother's mouth for her to drink, and Annie
shooting her girl cum all over the bed. After they recovered from that orgasm
they were all exhausted. Then Eric pulled his cock out of his daughter's
asshole only to see his cum dripping out of her poop-chute. Annie quickly got
under Lucy and began to suck all Eric's white sticky cum that was coming out
of Lucy's asshole. After that all three of them collapsed into each other's
arms and they fell asleep for the rest of the morning recovering from their
nasty perverse incestuous affair.

After Eric, Annie, and Lucy recovered from their perverse incestuous sexual
encounter that morning they woke up still in the nude. As they got up and
put their cloths back on there was questions that Annie was dying to ask
Lucy about Saturday afternoon with her twin brothers. And she already kind
of figured out what answer she was going to get from her daughter.

Annie: So Lucy I heard that you had a perverse sexual encounter with Sam and

Lucy: Yes mom I did. But I was so sexually frustrated and you left me home in
the house stuck all day with the boys. Plus you know we are now experimenting
with the perverse. What did you expect? I hope that you are not mad at me.

Annie: No I am not angry with you Lucy I can understand, being stuck in the
house with two cute handsome little baby boys. I would have probably done the
same thing. I hope that you were careful with them and did not hurt them.
Plus how far did you go with them.

Lucy: Well to answer your first question yes mom you know I was careful
without them. I could never hurt my any of my brothers or sisters. And to
answer your second question I went all the way with them. I sucked their
little baby cocks until they were hard, and I let Sam suck my tits and
David I let fist fuck me with both of his petite hands. I also let Sam fist
fuck me with both of his petite hands while David hands were in me at the
same time. I had four petite hands in my pussy. Then for the ultimate
experience I had Sam and David double penetrate me as I had David's little
baby cock in my cunt hole and Sam's little baby cock in my asshole.

Annie: Wow I whish I could have been there to see and watch you do that with
your baby twin brothers. That sounds so erotic!

Lucy: Well maybe you can sometime. If you wish I could do it again with
the boys and you and everyone else can watch. But I must confess mom I
have another major fetish that I discovered while fucking my twin toddler
brothers. I discovered that I am a pedophile and I have a strong sexual
attraction towards little preteen girls, and the younger they are the
better. I really want to fuck a little preteen girl.

Annie: Well there might be a way for you to fulfill your fantasy.

Lucy: How so?

Annie: Well I know a little preteen girl from our church who just loves
coming over to our house for visits, to play with our dog and play with
Ruthie when she gets the chance. Her mother does not mind bringing her
over sometimes to our house if we do not mind watching her. I could give
her mother a call this afternoon and she can bring her over.

Lucy: How old is she?

Annie: Well she is quite young, but since you say the younger they are the
better I think it might work out for you. She is only five years old.

Lucy: Wow that is the perfect age. I am getting wet just thinking about her.

Annie: Great then you get ready and get dressed in what you want to wear,
and I will call her mother and have her bring her over. Then we as a family
will sit back and watch you commit the ultimate perverse sexual act of
deflowering and fucking this little five-year-old child.

Annie then called the little girl's mother, and her mother said it would
not be a problem to bring her over. So during the time while the mother was
bringing her daughter over to the Camden's house, Lucy was upstairs in her
room getting ready for her big date with this little five year old girl.
Lucy went through her cloths closet to look for something to wear. She felt
excited, not knowing what to wear, almost as if she was getting ready for a
date with one of her boyfriends. She looked into her closet filled with her
formal dresses and pulled out a very formal black satin gown. She dressed
in black panties, black silk stockings, the formal black satin gown, and
formal black satin gloves that matched her formal gown. Then she topped it
off by putting on her shiny and glossy black patent leather mary-jane style
3-inch pumps, the same ones that Simon masturbates onto. Then when Lucy was
already dressed up she heard down stairs a ring at the door. She got
extremely excited and her blood started to pump through her really fast.
But before she came down Annie came up to her room and asked her to stay in
her room until they had a chance to dress the little girl up, then Eric and
Annie will introduce the both of them. Lucy waited patiently in her room
while Annie got the little girl ready. Annie dressed her in one of Ruthie's
old frilly white flower girl dress, the one Ruthie wore to a wedding as a
flower girl when she was five years old. Then she put on her white tights
and then to top it off she put on one of Ruthie's old shiny black patent
leather mary-janes, the one that she wore when she was five. In the mean
time Ruthie woke up and came down stairs, and Simon came home from Deena's
house just in time to watch his sister commit the ultimate perversion of
lesbian pedophilia love. Then Annie took the little girl down stairs, and
then she went back up to Lucy's room to bring her downstairs to meet her
soon to be young child lover. Lucy came downstairs to see the cutest and
pretti est little preteen girl she had ever met. She was small and petite
even for a five-year-old, and she had long brown hair and the cutest brown
eyes, and she looked so cute all dressed up like a flower girl that it even
started to get Lucy turned on and wet. Annie then introduced her daughter
and the little girl.

Annie: Lucy meet little Alyssa, and Alyssa meet my daughter Lucy.

Lucy: It is good to meat you Alyssa.

Alyssa: It is good to meet you to Lucy. Are we going to play together since
you and I are all dressed up in our pretty cloths?

Lucy: Oh yes we are, you will not believe what I have planned for you and I

After that Annie, Eric, Ruthie, and Simon pulled back and sat down to watch
the live child porn show that they were about to witness. They had no plans
to interfere or participate but only just to watch, and masturbate when
they got horny. Then Lucy took Alyssa by the hand and played with her while
prancing around in their formal wear. For the next hour Lucy role played
with the little girl and pretended that she was royalty and was trying to
train little Alyssa on how to be a proper lady and act like a proper little
girl. Little did Annie, Eric, Ruthie, or Simon know that this was getting
Lucy very sexually aroused playing the roles of a royal teacher teaching
the little girl how to acted like a little lady. In the mean time Lucy went
into the kitchen and got out of the kitchen closet a laxative for both her
and Alyssa. After the hour of role-playing was up Lucy led the little
five-year-old into more perverse activities. Lucy grabbed Alyssa and then
pulled her close to herself , and then started to passionately kiss her.
The little girl did not know what to do since she never kissed anyone like
that before, so Lucy had to show her. Then after coaching the little
five-year old on how to kiss then the two of them engaged in some hot
passionate lesbian kissing, which led to some very passionate french
kissing. When their little make out session was over Lucy then sat down on
the couch and then lifted up her gown above her knees. Then she had Alyssa
kneel down in front of her, and then she lifted up her right foot and put
it next to Alyssa's face. She commanded Alyssa to be a good girl and clean
her shiny patent leather mary-jane pump with her tongue. Alyssa obeyed and
licked Lucy's shoe all over until her shiny shoe was covered in the little
girl's saliva. Then she commanded Alyssa to suck on her heel like it was a
lollipop. Then Alyssa obeyed Lucy and sucked on her shiny 3-inch heel and
gave it a good blowjob. This was exciting Lucy to no end and her black
panties were now s oaking wet. When Alyssa was done with Lucy's right shoe
she had Alyssa complete the same process with her left shoe that she did to
her right until her left shiny shoe was covered in the little girls saliva.
After Alyssa was finished licking Lucy's shiny patent leather mary-janes,
and sucking her 3-inch heels, Lucy then unbuckled her mary-janes and took
them off. Then she stuck both of her bare feet, that was still covered in
the black silk stockings, and shoved into Alyssa's face and forced her to
smell her stinky feet. It did not have the same erotic effect that it does
on Simon. Then Lucy got up off the couch and then placed little Alyssa on
the couch. Then Lucy knelt down besides Alyssa and then she lifted up
Alyssa's white frilly dress. Then Lucy picked up Alyssa's right foot and
put it to her face. Then Lucy fetish licked Alyssa's shiny black patent
leather mary-jane shoe until the shoe was completely covered in Lucy's
saliva. When Lucy was finished with Alyssa's right shoe she lifted up her
le ft foot and repeated the same process on her left shoe until her left
shoe was completely covered in Lucy's saliva. After Lucy was finished
licking Alyssa's shiny black patent mary-janes she unbuckled the shoes and
took them off Alyssa's feet. Then Lucy grabbed both of her bare feet, still
covered in the white tights, and smelled her stinky feet, and that did have
the same erotic effect that it does on Simon, because Alyssa's stinky foot
odor caused Lucy to cum in her panties. By now Lucy's pussy and black satin
panties were completely soaked with an intense sexual turn on.

The laxative that Lucy and Alyssa took was now kicking in and she felt her
bowels started to fill up with feces. She knew it was kicking in for Alyssa
as well because Alyssa was complaining that she had to take a poop and she
needed to go to the bathroom right now. Lucy refused to let her go and told
her to be a good girl and hold it in. Alyssa held it in like a good girl
but her ass was hurting for a release. Lucy's ass was in need for a release
as well, so that is why Lucy immediately jumped onto the next very perverse,
nasty, and sick thing she planned to do to Alyssa. Lucy then lifted up her
black satin gown and pulled down her panties. When her panties were off of
her she put them over Alyssa's face and forced Alyssa to smell the crotch
area of her panties, and smell the odors of her teenage pussy. Then Lucy
had Alyssa lie down on the floor and stay still. Then Lucy lifted her black
satin gown so she could squat over Alyssa's white frilly flower girl dress.
And when Lucy s quatted over Alyssa she took the biggest shit of her life
on top of the little girl, and Lucy's nasty brown stinky shit fell on top
of Alyssa's dress. Then Lucy got off of Alyssa and then she knelt down
besides her, and then Lucy smeared her nasty brown shit all over Alyssa's
white filly dress, and then down to her white tights. Soon Alyssa's dress
and tights were not white anymore but brown and stinky from Lucy's shit.
Since Lucy was wearing black satin dress gloves she got her black gloves
covered in her own brown shit. When Lucy was done smearing her own shit
into Alyssa's dress and tights, she had Alyssa get up off the floor. Lucy
then reached under Alyssa's dress and pulled down her panties and took them
off. Then Lucy replaced Alyssa on the floor and commanded that Alyssa pull
up her dress and squat like she did to her. Alyssa obeyed Lucy and squatted
over her while she lifted up her dress, and when she was ready Alyssa took
the biggest shit of her life. Alyssa's nasty little girl brown stinky shit
went all over Lucy's black satin dress. When Alyssa was done shitting she
commanded that she get off top of her and knell down besides her. Alyssa
obeyed Lucy and when she did both Lucy and Alyssa helped to smear all of
Alyssa's little girl's brown nasty stinky shit all over Lucy's black satin
dress and all over her black silk stockings. Soon Lucy's dress and stockings
were not black any more but brown from Alyssa's nasty brown shit. By this
time Annie, Eric, Ruthie, and Simon were all getting sick and turned on at
the same time on by the nasty scat games that Lucy was playing with this

After Lucy and Alyssa were finished shitting on each others formal dresses,
and smearing each others shit into them, and their stockings, tights, or
black satin gloves, both Lucy and Alyssa took their gowns and dresses off,
including their black silk stockings and white tights, and Lucy's formal
black silk gloves. By the time they were finished both Lucy and Alyssa were
completely nude as the day they were born. Alyssa was amazed when she saw
Lucy's bald pussy for she was used to seeing older girls with hair on their
vaginas. Lucy explained that she shaved her pussy, but on the other hand
Lucy went crazy with sexual lust when she saw Alyssa's little five-year old
bald virgin pussy. For the next half an hour she did like she did with her
twin toddler brother when she was engaging in sex games with them, and that
is that she and Alyssa just pranced around the house in the nude like they
were in a nudist colony. The Camden family followed Lucy and Alyssa
anywhere they went in the hou se, but just watching. You could see that
Eric, Annie, Ruthie, and Simon were all getting very horny as they were on
the verge of masturbating to this show that Lucy and Alyssa were putting
on. Lucy and Alyssa ran around the house in the nude with no shame or
modesty, letting the Camden family watch them like it was a child porn
movie. This got Lucy really excited and wet, because like what happened to
her when she did this same exact thing with Sam and David, her girl cum
started to run down her legs to the point, like Sam and David both
wandered, Alyssa was wandering if Lucy was peeing herself. Lucy assured her
that she was not, and like she did with her brothers she tried to give
Alyssa quick sex education on her level as to what was happening to her.

Lucy then sat on the couch and had Alyssa sit on her lap. If felt so good
for Lucy to feel Alyssa's little preteen body against her. Lucy then told
Alyssa to start sucking on her big perky tits, and then Lucy shoved her
right tit into her mouth. Alyssa then sucked on her right tit. At this time
Lucy was fondling Alyssa's bare flat chest. Then when Alyssa was finished
sucking on her right tit she took her right tit out of her mouth and put
her left tit in Alyssa's mouth for her to suck on. When Alyssa started
sucking on Lucy's left tit then Lucy reached down and started to fondle
Alyssa's tiny bald baby pussy. She found her baby clit and started to rub
it, which started to get Alyssa going crazy with sexual stimulation, the
kind she never had before in her short young life. Between Alyssa sucking
on Lucy's left tit, and Lucy rubbing Alyssa's baby clit this gave them such
stimulation that it brought both of them to an orgasm pretty quick, but the
only difference was that it was th e first for Alyssa, so Alyssa was pretty
scared. Lucy then held her tight in her arms comforting and letting her
know everything was alright. She explained what an orgasm was to Alyssa and
then after Lucy's explanation she felt comfortable with it. Then Alyssa
asked for Lucy to make her feel that way again, to which Lucy was more than
willing. This time Lucy had Alyssa fondle her bald teenage pussy, and rub
her clit, and then after Alyssa was rubbing Lucy's clit to her pleasure she
went back to rubbing Alyssa's clit again. The two of them mutually
masturbated each other for several minuets until they brought one another
to an orgasm at the same time. When they were done coming Alyssa discovered
that her hand that she was fondling Lucy's pussy with and rubbing her clit
was completely wet and covered in Lucy's girl come. This time when Lucy
then pulled away her fingers that she was using to fondle Alyssa's bald
baby pussy and rub her baby clit, and they were also covered in Alyssa's
baby girl cum. Lucy then instructed Alyssa to lick all the girl cum off her
hands, and she obeyed licking it up and savoring Lucy's love juices. Lucy
did the same and licked Alyssa's girl cum off of her fingers. By this time
both Eric and Simon had their cocks out and were masturbating to the nasty
perverse show of Lucy molesting this five-year old little girl. While Annie
and Ruthie did the same as they were both rubbing their pussies with their
fingers shoving them into their own cunt holes as they both watched with
uneasiness in their stomachs on the one hand and extreme erotic feelings on
the other.

Lucy then had Alyssa get off of her and onto the floor, and then she had
Alyssa kneel down in front of her. Then Lucy lifted up her legs into the
air and spread them out eagle wide, only to expose to Alyssa her bald
teenage pussy. She commanded that Alyssa eat her out, and that is exactly
what Alyssa did. Alyssa was licking Lucy's pussy like she was a pro, and
was soon licking Lucy's asshole as well. Then Lucy commanded that Alyssa
tongue fuck her, and the little five-year old did not need any coaxing, for
she tongue fucked Lucy in her cunt hole and asshole sticking her tongue as
far up Lucy's cunt hole and rectum as her tongue would go. This caused Lucy
sexual pleasure to no end and it took no time for her to come to an orgasm,
and when she came she shot her girl cum in Alyssa's mouth. Alyssa nearly
choked with all of Lucy's girl come flooding into her little mouth, but
Lucy helped her out of the choke and then Alyssa drank all of Lucy's love
juice. Lucy was not finished having Alyssa pleasure her, for the next
thing Lucy asked Alyssa to do was fist her. So Alyssa was a good little
obedient five-year old girl, and she then went down to Lucy's pussy again
and shoved her right petite hand up into Lucy's cunt hole. Then when Lucy
figures out that her hands were tiny enough she commanded Alyssa to put her
left hand inside her cunt hole. Alyssa was more than glad to obey and she
shove her left hand in cunt hole as well. Then Lucy had both of Alyssa's
hand inside her cunt hole at the same time. Then Alyssa fist fucked her
with both hands until Lucy came again, completely covering her hands and
arms with her girl cum. Alyssa then pulled her petite hands out Lucy's cunt
hole, and then Alyssa began to lick her hands and arms of Lucy's love
juice. Even Lucy started to lick Alyssa's hands and arms to get a taste of
her own cum. Then Lucy was still not finished, for now Lucy grabbed
Alyssa's discarded shiny patent leather mary-janes that used to belong to
Ruthie when she was five, and commanded that Alyssa shove one up her cunt
hole and the other up her asshole. Alyssa was more than willing to obey,
and after rubbing a little of Lucy's girl on the shoes for lubrication, she
positioned the right shoe at the entrance of Lucy's cunt hole and then
penetrated her with the shoe. Then she did the same with the left shoe and
positioned it at the entrance of her asshole and then penetrated her in her
anus with the shoe. Soon Alyssa had both shoes up her cunt hole and
asshole, and Lucy was being double penetrated and fucked with both of those
shoes. It took no time for Lucy to come again and she shot her girl cum all
over those shiny black patent leather mary-janes. Then Lucy had Alyssa pull
the shoes out of her cunt hole and asshole, and when Alyssa pulled the left
shoe out of her asshole she noticed that it was dirty and some of Lucy's
shit was now stained on the shoe. In the mean time the Camden family
continued to watch this nasty shoe fetish sex while masturbate themselves.

Lucy then got up off the floor and then had Alyssa sit on the couch. Then
Lucy knelt down in front of her, and then she lifted up Alyssa's little
legs into the air and spread them out eagle wide, only to expose her little
tiny baby bald five year old pussy. Lucy could not get enough of her little
baby bald pussy for it reminded her of a little flower. Then Lucy delved in
and shoved her face into her little baby bald pussy and ate Alyssa out.
This turned both of them on as Alyssa was receiving her first oral sex
where someone was eating her cute pussy. Lucy spread her little pussy lips
apart to view her cunt hole, but her tongue was prevented from going in
because she was a virgin and her hymen was intact. Lucy left her hymen
alone for a few minutes and then went down to her ass and spread her ass
cheeks apart, only to expose Alyssa's tiny puckered pink asshole. Lucy then
licked her asshole and tongue fucked her up her anus. Lucy could taste the
nasty shit that was still in Alyssa's rectum. Between sticking her tongue
far up Alyssa's rectum and licking her baby clit, brought Alyssa off to an
orgasm in no time, shooting her girl cum into Lucy's face. Lucy figured it
was a good time as any to deflower this little five-year old and bust her
cherry. So she explained to Alyssa what she was going to do, and then told
her that it will hurt, but to hang on and she would soon feel pleasure.
Then Lucy grabbed her own black patent leather mary-jane style 3-inch pumps
and positioned the right stiletto heel at he entrance of her closed cunt
hole. Then with one quick thrust she shoved the shiny stiletto heel into
Alyssa's cunt hole and broke her hymen, which cased Alyssa to bleed
tremendously. Lucy stopped fucking her for a few minuets while she
comforted the now scared and hurting little girl. When Alyssa's pain
subsided she asked Lucy to continue and Lucy was more than willing to obey.
Lucy then fucked Alyssa up her cunt hole with the stiletto 3-inche shiny
heel. Then Lucy took the left shiny black patent leather mary-jane pump and
then positioned the shiny stiletto heel at the entrance of Alyssa's tiny
baby anus. Then with one quick thrust she shoved the stiletto heel into her
baby rectum that was so small and tight that it was a struggle to get the
heel in. But after Lucy was able to get the heel into her asshole she
double penetrated and fucked the little five-year old with both of her
shoes. In no time this deflowering of this little girl brought Alyssa into
an orgasm, and she shot her girl cum all over Lucy's shiny patent leather
mary-janes. By this time Eric and Simon have blown their load while
masturbating. They shot all their white sticky cum all over the carpet,
while Ruthie and Annie caused themselves to have multiple orgasms as they
watched their daughter/sister do this perverse act of molesting and
deflowering this five year-old little girl.

By this time Lucy was ready to commit the ultimate act of perversity on
this little girl. In order to do so she gave herself and Alyssa another
laxative, and while she was waiting for the laxative to kick in Lucy
thought of others things to do. Lucy went into the kitchen and got out a
couple of bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup. She gave one bottle to
herself, and one bottle to Alyssa. Alyssa did not need any instructions as
to what Lucy had planned, and as soon as the both of them opened the bottle
of the chocolate syrup they began to like schoolgirls playing, shoot the
bottle of chocolate syrup all over each others bodies. This was a game for
both Lucy and Alyssa as to see how much of their bodies could they cover in
chocolate syrup. They were wrestling and horse playing, giggling like a
couple of schoolgirls as they covered each other's bodies with Heresy's
chocolate syrup. Lucy then started to rub chocolate syrup over different
parts of her body and then have Alyssa lick i t off. Lucy would cover her
big perky tits with chocolate syrup and have Alyssa suck her tits and clean
off the chocolate syrup. Then Lucy applied chocolate syrup to her pussy and
asshole and then has Alyssa eat her out and lick off all the chocolate
syrup off her pussy and asshole. Then Lucy did the same to Alyssa as she
covered her little baby bald pussy and tiny asshole with chocolate syrup,
and then ate out Alyssa's pussy and asshole as she cleaned all the
chocolate syrup off her pussy and asshole with her tongue. By now Eric and
Simon got another hard on and they were masturbating again, and Annie and
Ruthie were continuing to masturbate themselves by rubbing their clits and
causing themselves to come to multiple orgasms.

Then after they both licked the chocolate syrup off their pussies, assholes,
and tits, the laxative that Lucy gave herself and Alyssa started to kick in.
When Alyssa told Lucy that she needed to poop, Lucy told her she needed to
also and told her to hold on. Lucy ran into the kitchen and grabbed two paper
plate, one for her and one for Alyssa. When she brought the paper plates into
the living room she placed them on the floor. Then she commanded that Alyssa
to squat over the paper palate and shit onto it. Then both Lucy and Alyssa
squatted over their paper plates and relieved their assholes and shit onto
the paper plates at the same time. Alyssa was wandering what Lucy had
planned, and when she asked Lucy she told her to hang on and find out. Then
Lucy had Alyssa lie on the floor and then she lifted up her legs into the
air and spread them out eagle wide. Then Lucy told Alyssa to hold still and
she obeyed. Then Lucy did a very nasty thing of taking some of her own shit
that was on her paper plate, and she shoved her shit into her cunt hole. She
shoved the entire plate of her shit into Alyssa's cunt hole to the point that
her baby tiny baby cunt hole was completely filled with Lucy's shit. Then
Lucy grabbed one of the bottles of Heresy's chocolate syrup and shoved it
into Alyssa's tiny baby asshole. Then she squeezed the bottle and filled her
rectum full of chocolate syrup. When Alyssa's cunt hole was completely filled
with Lucy's shit, and her rectum completely filled with Heresy's chocolate
syrup Lucy then had Alyssa get up, and then Lucy replaced her on the floor.
Then Lucy lifted her own legs up into the air and spread them out eagle wide.
Then she instructed Alyssa to grab her shit that was on her paper plate and
shove it into her pussy. That is exactly what Alyssa did, as she grabbed
handfuls of her own shit and then shoved it into Lucy's cunt hole. Soon
Alyssa's plate was empty and her entire shit completely filled Lucy's cunt
hole. Then she instructed Alyssa to grab the other bottle of Heresy's
chocolate syrup and shove it into her asshole. Alyssa did so and then
squeezed the bottle filling Lucy's rectum completely with chocolate syrup.
Then Lucy got up and told Alyssa to hold the shit in her cunt hole, and the
chocolate syrup in her rectum. As they both were holding their shit in their
cunt holes and chocolate syrup in their rectums it made them feel like they
needed to shit. Then Lucy ran upstairs and into the bathroom. Then she came
down with a bottle of baby lotion. Lucy had Alyssa lie down on the floor and
then took the bottle of baby lotion and poured it all over Alyssa's body and
smeared it in. Then Alyssa got up and Lucy replaced her on the floor. Then
Alyssa did the same to Lucy and soon their bodies were glistening with all
the baby oil that covered them. As they were rubbing the baby lotion onto
each other's pussies and assholes the baby lotion mixed in with the shit that
was hanging out of their pussies, and the chocolate syrup that was hanging
out of their assholes. Then Lucy had Alyssa sit across from her, and when
they got into positions they lifted up their legs and crossed one another.
Then they pushed their pussies against each other, and man what a sight with
Lucy's bald teenage pussy, and Alyssa's baby bald pussy, being shoved into
each other. Then both Lucy and Alyssa grinned their pussies together until
they had one orgasm after the next shooting their girl cum onto one another.
Their girl cum mixed in well with the baby lotion.

Then Alyssa said that she was not able to hold the chocolate syrup anymore
in her rectum. So Lucy decided to let Alyssa relieve herself first. Then
Lucy lay down on the floor again and instructed Alyssa to squat over her
face, and when Alyssa squatted over her face Alyssa relieved herself and
shit all the chocolate syrup that was in her rectum. The chocolate syrup
flooded out of her anus and into Lucy's mouth, and then Lucy swallowed all
the nasty chocolate syrup that was in Alyssa's rectum. Then Lucy had Alyssa
sit in her face and then Lucy started to eat Alyssa's pussy, and while she
was doing that she sucked all the nasty brown stinky shit out of her cunt
hole and ate it. Then it was time for Lucy to relieve herself. She got up
of the floor and had Alyssa replace her on the floor. The Lucy squatted
over her face and relieved herself and shit the chocolate syrup that was in
her rectum. The nasty chocolate syrup came out of Lucy's asshole and went
into Alyssa's mouth, and then Alys sa swallowed all of the nasty chocolate
syrup that was in her rectum. Then Lucy sat on Alyssa's face and then Alyssa
started to eat Lucy's pussy, and while she was doing this she sucked all the
nasty stinky brown shit out of Lucy's cunt hole and ate it. This act of
swallowing the nasty chocolate syrup that was up each others rectums, and
eating the nasty shit that was in their cunt holes caused both Lucy and
Alyssa to cum one more time shooting their girl cum onto each other faces,
and then they fell to the floor in each other arms completely spent and
exhausted. In the mean time Eric, Simon, Annie, and Ruthie were completely
grossed out and turned on at the same time at the nastiest pedophile sex
show anyone has ever seen. Eric and Simon had one more orgasm shooting their
sticky white cum all over the floor before the fell down spent and exhausted
as both of their cocks became limp. Then Annie and Ruthie came one more time
as they shot their girl cum onto the floor, and then they both fell down
into ea ch others arms spent and exhausted.

They lay there for at least an hour on the floor while Eric and Simon slept
and Lucy and Alyssa slept in each other's arms and Annie and Ruthie slept
in each other's arms. When they had woke up Annie instructed both Lucy and
Alyssa upstairs to take a bath and clean the filthy chocolate syrup and
shit off themselves. They both obeyed Annie, and then they filled up the
bathtub with hot water and soap. When the bathtub was filled with hot soapy
water they both got in and cleaned their bodies off of the filthy chocolate
and shit. As they were washing each other's bodies they began to make out
and kiss and french kiss passionately as if they were long time lesbian
lovers. After they got most of the filthy chocolate and shit off themselves
they then took turns at eating each other's pussies and licking each other's
assholes. And tongue fucking each other up their cunt holes and assholes for
one more time while they were in the bathtub with the hot soapy water, before
Annie had to drive Alyss a home. After they came over and over again in the
hot soapy water they were both spent and exhausted again, and Annie told them
that was enough and instructed them to get out of the tub and dry off. After
they both dried of they both got dressed and before Alyssa left they both
kissed each other passionately one more time at the front door of their
house, and Lucy told her that she would have to come over again to do some
more nasty sex games. Alyssa said that she would love to and looked forward
to the next time her mother would let her come over to the Camden house.
Then Annie drove Alyssa home, giving her very strict instructions not to tell
anyone of her and her daughter Lucy's sex games and sexual affair. She warned
Alyssa that if she told her parents that her parents would probably not
understand and then it would get them in so much trouble that the Camden
family would go to jail. Alyssa did not want her favorite family in trouble
with her parents or the police, so she promised Annie to keep her mouth
silent about today and Annie told her that she was welcome to come over again
anytime and continue her sex games with Lucy. Then Alyssa got out of the car
and went into her house. Alyssa's mom, so ignorant of what had went on during
the day, waved to Annie in thanks for watching her daughter and letting her
come over to their house. Annie said no problem and then she drove back home.
When she got home she found all of her family, that including Eric, Lucy,
Ruthie, and Simon all in the master queen size bed in her room, all asleep
from the fatigue that they caused on themselves with the nasty sex games,
especially the ones that Lucy was doing with the little five-year old girl
Alyssa. And they were fast asleep cuddling up against one another. Then Annie
admired it for a minute thinking that the Camden perverse sex games were here
to stay, and they would be continuing in their incestuous lifestyle. Annie
could not wait to see what happens next. Then Annie joined her family in the
master queen size bed and fell asleep with her husband and children.


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