Author's note: Thanks to Dr. B for the idea behind this story. I never saw
this episode, and barely ever saw the show, but I hope I did it justice.

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7th Heaven: The Pleasures Of Airport Security (Ff,bmail)
by Lord Naughtius

Ruthie sighed in frustration. On top of having to arrive at the airport two
hours before their flight, they had to take off their shoes while a bomb
sniffing dog checked them while in line to have their baggage checked. While
airport personal saw it to be efficient to do two things at once, the
inevitable bump in the road slowed the process considerably. On top of
several elderly people who had trouble bending down to just untie their
laces, several other people protested the search on grounds of racial

"Damn it," she muttered under her breath, "Why can't they just search the
ones with towels on their heads and leave the rest of us alone?"

"Ruthie!" her mother exclaimed in a hushed voice, "What is the matter with
you? You can't say things like that."

"What's wrong, Annie?" asked Eric, just getting back in line from a washroom

"Your daughter here is saying inappropriate things; racist things that could
get her and us in a lot of trouble at the airport."

"Ruthie," he said, reassuringly putting an arm around her shoulder, "I know
all these procedures are long and boring, but they're in place for our
safety. We have to do our part and obey them. It makes it easier on airport
security, who are just doing their jobs."

"Still, it's not like I, or anyone who looks like me, flew a plane into a
building," Ruthie replied.

Eric looked around, seeing some stares from people that made him feel
uncomfortable. Giving his wife a knowing glance, he led his daughter out of
line to a pair of empty seats.

"How about we have a seat?" he suggested, "It'll give us a break from
standing in line."

It wasn't long before Annie waved them over to have their shoes checked. Once
in line they had the dog pass it's nose over their footwear. Behind it was
another dog, sniffing passengers as well as their baggage.

"What's that dog for?" wondered Ruthie.

"He's a drug sniffing dog," the security guard explained. "Since the line's
so long, we thought we'd check people here instead of doing it twice when
they're past the gates."

"Ohhh, we have to do this again?" Ruthie groaned.

The dog the guard was handling barked when it got to one of the Camden's
bags. The drug sniffing dog came up shortly and also barked at the same bag.

"Whose bag is this?" the guard asked.

"That's Ruthie's bag," Annie said; a look of confusion on her face.

"Is there a problem?" Eric intervened.

"Yes. Your daughter and her bag have to come with us," the guard replied, his
stern countenance preempting any further discussion.

A short while later, Ruthie sat in a detention room, her bag lay on the table
in front of her, still unopened. They had scanned it with an electronic bomb
detector, and sent it through the X-ray machine. Both had turned up negative
on a bomb or bomb-making materials, but the X-ray did reveal a suspicious
object, lending credence to the drug sniffing dog.

The guard from earlier sat across from her. He had already gone through the
requisite list of questions about leaving her bag unattended and they were
now waiting for "a female personal with proper clearance" to search her bag.
He had made quite clear that he did not want a sexual harassment suit on his
record just because he went through a girl's underwear. Finally, the door
opened and Roxanne Richardson came in, relieving the guard of his duty.
Ruthie was surprised that local police enforcement got involved in airport
security matters.

"Roxanne? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Fulfilling your luck quota of the day," she replied. "I just happened to be
volunteering here on my off day. It's the reality of a post 9-11 world and I
wanted to do my part."

"Oh," was all Ruthie said, inwardly grateful that a family friend would be
going through her things instead of some airport thug with a baton.

"They told me the dog detected what could be drugs or drug paraphernalia in
your bag, so lets get started." With that, Officer Richardson unzipped her
bag and began to empty its contents, neatly laying them out on the table.
First were her shirts and jeans, followed by her underwear. Each article was
laid out according to category and checked for any hidden pockets. The extra
small compartments of her bag were then emptied. The assorted packs of gum,
makeup, MP3 player, books and pens were taken out.

"Is that all this bag can hold?", Roxanne asked.

Ruthie glanced at her bag, looking embarrassed.

"Ruthie, if there's a hidden compartment on this bag you have to tell me.
Otherwise if it triggers another security check they'll cut it apart,"
Roxanne warned.

Ruthie reached into the main compartment and unzipped a cleverly hidden
compartment, revealing a vibrator and a rather large, pink dildo.

Roxanne's eyes widened at the brazenness of the girl; both for risking
security find about her personal pleasure and for being able to take such
a large shaft up her pussy. "I'm afraid you'll have to take them out and
activate them to ensure that they are not a danger to anyone on board the
plane," she said.

Ruthie's eyes widened and her mouth dropped in shock. "You can't be serious,"
she practically shouted at the policewoman. "You know what those are for."

"It's procedure," Roxanne replied calmly, giving no room for argument.

The teenager shot her a withering glare and proceeded to take her toys out
of her bag. "This is rubber," she said, waving the dildo in Roxanne's face.
"There's nothing in it." Then she turned the vibrator on and put it on the
table, letting it buzz around on the surface. "Satisfied?" she asked

Roxanne was about to tell her to pack up her things when she noticed
something else in the compartment. "What's this?" she asked, reaching in.

Ruthie's eyes widened in panic. "No! Wait!" she screamed, trying to prevent
Roxanne from reaching in and trying to get it herself.

Roxanne pulled the bag towards herself and out of Ruthie's reach. She reached
in and pulled out a small photo album that had a metal frame on the cover.
Inside its plastic sheath was a picture of Ruthie with her dog Happy. The two
were sitting on her bed. Ruthie was sitting cross legged with the dog in her
lap, smiling for the camera. It was strange that she wanted so badly for her
not to see it. Thinking perhaps that it was actually a fašade and that the
inside was actually a hollow compartment, she launched into one of the
standard acts she used in situations like this.

"Awww, that's so cute," she cooed. "Was this taken a year or two ago? I
haven't seen Happy in ages." She opened the album and began flipping through
the pages, expecting to find the hollowed out section.

Ruthie looked embarrassed, shocked, and defeated all at the same time. Seeing
her face, Roxanne actually began looking at the pictures. What she saw
shocked her. The entire album was filled with pictures of Ruthie and various
people having sex. It didn't seem like any of them knew they were being

She recognized many of the guys and girls in the photos as belonging to
the constant stream of people coming and going in and out of the Camden
household. The first few pictures depicted Robbie bending the brunette over
the side of her bed and fucking her from behind. The next series involved
Ruthie and Cecilia Smith in various stages of undress with their fingers and
tongues all over each other's bodies. The rest of the album followed the same
trend with different boys and girls, ending with a landscape photo of Ruthie
in a sixty-nine with a blonde, whose head was blocked from the camera by one
of several guys who were waiting in line to fuck the brunette up her willing
ass. Roxanne was dumbfounded. She would never have guessed that sweet little
Ruthie had lost her virginity already. In every sense of the word, it seemed.

"So, I guess we're done then?" asked a hopeful Ruthie.

"No quite," Roxanne replied. "Since the drug dog also barked when he sniffed
you, I'm going to have to strip search you and check your clothes. So, please
remove your clothing, including your socks, and place them on the table."

Ruthie rolled her eyes and grudgingly complied, unzipping her hoodie and
pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her jeans, bra, panties, socks and shoes
soon joined the rest of the ensemble she wore that day on the table.

True to her word, Roxanne went through each article of clothing with a fine
tooth comb. All the while she snuck glances at Ruthie's nubile body. The girl
herself was making no move to conceal her nakedness. She had her right hand
resting on her hip while she checked her watch. To Roxanne it looked like she
was posing for a magazine.

"Alright," she said, straightening up, "you're clothes are clean but I have
to perform a body cavity search on you."

"What?" Ruthie screamed, "No! I'm not letting you do that. You've gone
through my things, found out my secret. This is it! I'm getting dressed and

The teenager grabbed her clothes off the table and began dressing herself.
Roxanne watched her carefully. This reaction was common for everybody,
including those smuggling drugs, but she knew Ruthie wouldn't sink to that

"You're right," Roxanne said, keeping her voice calm. "I do know about your
secret, and if you want it to stay that way you'll do what I say."

Ruthie stopped in the middle of pulling up her jeans. "You wouldn't," she
said, turning around.

"Your parents are waiting outside. They'll be asking questions. What do you
think I should tell them?" Roxanne challenged.

Ruthie glared at her but begrudgingly took her jeans and panties off again.
"That's a good girl," Roxanne said, admiring her nude form. "This will go so
much better if you cooperate. Judging from your pictures, I'd say I'm just
your type." She began unbuttoning her shirt as she circled the teenager, her
eyes following the curve of her hips, over her ass and down her sexy legs
before coming back up to rest on her shaved pussy.

When she was finally naked she put her hands on Ruthie's waist and pulled her
closer, intending to kiss her. Ruthie accepted her willingly and joined their
lips in a deep French kiss. It was better to have her think it was her idea
and that she was giving in rather than having this threat hanging over her
head. Besides, she had wanted to bed the beautiful blonde for the longest
time but could never tell for sure whether she was interested in girls.

Ruthie pushed the officer to the table and leaned her over, bending her
backwards over it. Leaning down she cupped her left breast in her hand and
squeezed it gently while circling her tongue around her nipple. Her other
hand traced the curve of her waist, over her hips, coming to rest on her
thigh. Her right hand soon followed its partner down the other thigh. Ruthie
gently spread her legs and knelt down in front of her.

Roxanne watched as Ruthie moved between her legs and began licking her pussy.
She moaned as Ruthie licked around her labia and teased the entrance of her
love tunnel with her tongue.

Ruthie looked up at the blonde, hoping to catch a glimpse of the pleasure she
was giving her on her face. Roxanne, however, was flat on her back, moaning
as Ruthie traced the alphabet over her pussy lips. The girl was an expert
pussy licker if she had anything to say about it.

Ruthie licked all over Roxanne's labia as she traced letters over them. She
alternated the pressure from top to bottom. Sometimes she would pay more
attention to her hard clit. Other times she would thrust her tongue up
Roxanne's vagina when she dotted the 'i' and 'j'. She eventually found other
reasons to pay her love tunnel another visit and was soon tonguing her almost
every other letter.

Roxanne writhed about on the table as she moaned loudly. Her hands were at
her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Her hips bucked up and
down as Ruthie brought her closer to her orgasm. This action made it slightly
easier for the teenager as she didn't have to move her head up and down the
blonde's snatch. However, it did make it difficult to keep her mouth on her
pussy. She spread Roxanne's thighs as wide as she could; allowing herself
plenty of room for her goal. Spreading her pussy lips apart, Ruthie dove in
and ravished her pussy. Alternating between quick flicks across her labia and
thrusting her tongue deep into her vagina, she had Roxanne cumming in no

Intense explosions wracked Roxanne's body. Her legs straightened out, forming
a capital 'V' with Ruthie at its junction. Her hands automatically grasped
Ruthie's head and held her against her pussy. At some level she was aware she
was moaning much too loudly, but she didn't care. If anyone interrupted them
right now she'd treat them to the sight of her having her way with Ruthie and
maybe something nice to send them on their way; if she felt like it. As the
last of the fireworks faded from her head her limbs relaxed and fell limply
against the table.

Feeling Roxanne release her from her clutches, Ruthie stood up to catch her
breathe. She licked some blonde honey from her lips, savouring the taste.
Seeing her conquest laying prone gave her a sense of victory, but also
stirred something in her loins. Sweeping all the clothes to either side of
her to the floor, she climbed on top and straddled the blonde. As Roxanne
came to her sense after her intense orgasm, the first thing she saw was a
nice, juicy teen pussy ready and waiting for her.

"I guess you're finally ready." Ruthie remarked, before placing her hand
behind Roxanne's head and gently pulling it between her legs. Doing her part,
Roxanne teased her pussy, working her tongue between her folds as best she
could. Reaching her arms around the girl's thighs she pulled her lips apart
to gain access to her love tunnel.

Ruthie moaned and leaned back to enjoy her treatment; supporting herself on
her arms. Soon after she felt her arms were starting to get tired. Even the
pleasure Roxanne was giving couldn't balance it out. Pulling her pussy from
the willing tongue, she flipped her body around and straddled the blonde once
again, this time in a sixty-nine. Roxanne welcomed her back eagerly. Pulling
her pussy towards her once again, she tongue-fucked her while she rubbed her

Ruthie rested on top of Roxanne's body, gently grinding her pussy against
her mouth. She could feel Roxanne's hard nipples against her stomach, gently
poking her as she rocked back and forth. She absent-mindedly stroked her hand
between the blonde's legs, tracing her fingers around her clit.

Below her Roxanne was trying to get used to a new situation. She was
naturally dominant. Being on the bottom for once made things interesting;
and being straddled by a younger girl strangely excited her more. Still, it
wasn't quite the same feeling she got from being in control. Wanting to get
some of it back, she felt around the table before feeling the soft rubber of
the dildo. She appraised it, taking in its twelve-inch length, its two inch
diameter and veined texture. She didn't think the girl could really take such
a large phallus.

Roxanne rubbed the head of the rubber penis against her pussy, coating
it with her juices. Firmly, but gently, she pushed it into her. She was
surprised there wasn't much resistance, but thought it was just because
she was so wet. So far a good six inches had made it past her lips, which
were stretched to their limit around the shaft. She started pumping the
toy in and out of her, watching it pull and push her labia with the motion.

Ruthie gasped at this unexpected intrusion. She almost thought the security
guard from earlier had come back without her noticing and was now having his
way with her. Looking back, she was relieved to see it was not the case. She
put her head between Roxanne's thighs again, eager for another taste.

The policewoman felt around the table with her other hand and found the
vibrator. She switched the dildo from Ruthie's pussy to her asshole. It was
a tight fit, but it was coated with so much of the brunette's pussy juices
that it was soon sliding in and out with ease. Roxanne then slid the vibrator
into her pussy. She double fucked the girl for a while so she could get used
to having both her holes stuffed before turning on the vibrator to its
highest setting.

Ruthie didn't even have time to prepare herself. One moment she was sucking
on Roxanne's clit and the next she saw fireworks in her head and riding wave
after wave of orgasms. "Ahhh! Fuck! Yes!" Ruthie screamed as her body shook.

Roxanne continued her double penetration of the girl. She pistoned the toys
in and out of the teen's holes. There was a wealth of Ruthie's girl cream
building up around the vibrator. Every so often Roxanne would raise her head
a bit and lick it all up from around the buzzing toy. Taking the vibrator
out, spread her lips apart and licked deep into her hole. Every so often she
would flick her tongue over her clit, making her legs quiver.

Thoroughly satisfied, Ruthie rolled off of Roxanne. Flashing her a smile, she
said, "Do you still think I'm a danger to the other passengers?"

Roxanne smiled back, "No, but you can never be too sure."

"Well then, " Ruthie replied, indicating the photo album, "how about you come
over to my house when I get back and you can check everyone to see if they're
safe as well? Of course I'll have to screen you myself before I can allow you
through my door."

"I look forward to it." Roxanne hopped off the table and gave Ruthie a quick
kiss before dressing and helping her pack her bag.

The End


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