A California suburban household sometime on a Saturday morning. The Camden
household members had been subjected to a night of unspeakable sexual
perversions. They were forced to perform some of the most deplorable sexual
acts of their lives by a group of escaped convicts. Oral and anal violations
were only at the top of the list. Sodomy by miscellaneous household items
could be added to the list. Double penetrations, triple penetrations and all
out humiliation rounded out the list. All of this and more was forced upon
the Camden household women during the long night; while the two men of the
household were bound and gagged.

7th Heaven: The Weekend Of Hell Part 2a - Day 2 (MMMFff,oral,viol,ncon)
by ThermoChemist

"Boom! Ka-Boom!" The leader of the group was awoken by the crashing sound of
thunder outside. The storm that had begun last night was still raging on. He
jumped out of the bed in the master bedroom, where he went to sleep sometime
during the night, and peered out the window. All was quiet. There was no one
around. "Good", he thought to himself. He walked down the hallway to the
bathroom to relieve his bladder of its contents; after which he proceeded to
the room where Raheem was watching over the youngest daughter.

"Raheem. Wake Up! Where's the little girl?" he asked.

"She's in the closet where we left her last night," he groggily replied.

The leader turned to the bedroom closet and saw that a chair had been pushed
under the handle to keep any one from escaping the confines of the makeshift
cell. He removed the chair and saw the little girl still sleeping on the
bottom of the closet floor; all curled up in a fetal position. "Good. This
is one more variable that I don't have to worry about at this point in time,"
he said to himself. He then quietly closed the closet door and returned the
chair back to its original position underneath the door handle. "How much
loot did you uncover last night?" the leader asked.

"Not much," said Raheem. "...about $255.00 and some measly earrings."

"Not good. Not good at all," murmured the leader. "All right, you remain up
here for a while," he ordered. The leader then put on his sunglasses and
black leather jacket and proceeded downstairs to meet his hosts.

He was glad to see that all was as he had left it before he went to sleep.
One of his men was sleeping on the sofa, another on the love seat and a third
in the recliner. A fourth, Victor, was up standing guard in the hallway
between the kitchen and living room. He grabbed Victor and walked into the
kitchen with him. Several moments later the leader and Victor emerged from
the kitchen and entered the living room.

The sunglassed leader then took inventory of the situation. In the middle of
the living room floor, in front of the sofa, were the three Camden women
sprawled on the floor. They were handcuffed to each other in a daisy chain
fashion. The ankle of one woman was handcuffed to the wrist of the next
woman, who in turn was handcuffed to the appendage of the next female. A
small circle of poon-tang!

"Wake up, bitches," he barked as he sharply kicked the mother in her ribs
to awaken her from her slumber. "You've got things to do," he said as he
continued on his inspection. Reverend Camden was just waking up at the same
time as the leader approached him, "Good morning, Daddy," the leader said
as he spat in the still handcuffed and gagged Reverend's face.

He then walked over to the far corner where the youngest son, Simon, had been
relegated. To the leader's dismay, Simon had taken a shit sometime during the
night. It was spilling over the chair's back end and onto the floor behind
him. "Kid. You're disgusting," he said to Simon in disdain. "Victor. Bring
this dirty boy upstairs and throw him into the tub. Habib. Throw this chair
outside. Use the back door," he added.

Simon was un-cuffed from the chair and led upstairs to the bathroom after
his hands had been re-cuffed behind his back. Victor "threw" him in the
tub as his boss had commanded. Simon fell with a hard "thud". Victor then
proceeded to begin the boy's cleansing process by turning the shower on.
He inadvertently (or purposely?) turned on "just" the hot water.

"Ahhhhh..." screamed Simon as the scalding hot water burned the fecal matter
and stench from his body.

"Have a good time", Victor said as he closed the bathroom door, leaving Simon
writhing in pain.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the leader began barking his orders to the women.
"Mommy Camden," he said to Annie, "My men and I have worked up a big appetite
during the night playing with you and your children. I want you to get in the
kitchen and cook us a hearty sized breakfast. Spare no effort..."

Annie could not believe what she was hearing. These men had the audacity to
think that she was going to cook them some sort of lavish, gourmet breakfast
after what they subjected her family to all night. She was ashamed of
herself. "How could I have been so gullible," she thought to herself. She
gave them total cooperation and followed every order up till then - no matter
how disgusting it was or how much it made her want to vomit. She had to
undergo sodomy with a bathroom plunger last night and watch her daughters
forced to eat each other out during the night; all for the sake of the
survival of her family. Her family! Her children! "Oh my God. Ruthie. Where's
Ruthie? Where's her little baby? Is she all right?" she pondered.

She was determined not to blindly follow their orders any longer and decided
to take a stand. "I will not", she proclaimed. "I want o see my little Ruthie
and I want to see her right now," she demanded as she defiantly stood up and
faced the leader.

The leader, having had a restful sleep after a good night of sexual pleasure
decided to humor her. "All right, dear," he said, "You want something from
me? Well, I want something from you!" He then placed both his hands on her
shoulders and pushed down. She immediately got the non-verbal message and
sank to her knees in front of him. The conditioned response kicking in was
from her ordeal the night before. "To show you I'm not a heartless bastard,
before you begin servicing me, I will grant you your request and allow you
to see your precious Ruthie." The leader yelled out to Raheem, "Raheem, show
this bitch her little brat."

"Okay boss," came the muffled response from the upstairs bedroom.

Ruthie was heard screaming and kicking as Raheem presented her at the top of
the stairs.

"I don't think she can see her that well from there. Why don't you bring her
a little closer," he suggested.

Raheem then grabbed Ruthie by her hair with both hands and whipped her over
the top railing. Ruthie was dangling from the top of the stairs with her
hands and feet flailing about, her only lifeline was her long hair being held
by the strong man's hands.

"No, No, please! Don't do that! Bring her back up! Bring her back up!" Annie

"Put her back where she was Raheem," ordered the group's leader.

Raheem obeyed and threw Ruthie back in the closet and secured it.

"Now listen, cunt! DO NOT, for one minute, think you have a say in what
transpires her! You, and your family, are nothing but pitiful playthings to
me. You'll do what I want, when I want, how I want and as often as I want.
Your very existence is based solely on the state of my contentment," he
exclaimed while merely 2 inches from her face. "...and do not dare to give
me ultimatums or requests because..." he dramatically hesitated, "... I
Don't Do Requests," he chuckled. He then stood up and pulled Annie's face
into his crotch.

While all this was transpiring the two Camden girls were watching on in

"What do you girls think you're doing?" yelled the leader. "You have
something else to be doing instead of gawking with your mouths open,"
exclaimed the leader.

"What do you mean?" the two girls responded.

"The two guys next to you have their morning hard-ons and you girls haven't
relieved them yet!" stated the sunglassed leader.

The two girls wheeled around and were greeted with the sight of two of their
captors pulling down their pants and exposing their "morning glories."

"Now get to work," said the leader.

The two girls saw the result of their mother's defiance and knew defiance
now would get them no better results. They each crawled over to one of the
convicts and began administering some oral relief.

Annie was being made to suffer for her insolence displayed in front of his
men. The leader was burying her face tightly into his crotch as she slid off
and on to his cock. He was tightly pulling her hair as she continued her
rhythmic oral escapade. He didn't care if he came or not. He wanted to make
her suffer for her deliberate affront to his authority.

He now grabbed her head with both hands, tightening his grip, as tears
rolled down her cheeks. She began to push away fiercely, as her eyes felt
like they were starting to bulge out from their sockets. He was slowly
suffocating her as his engorged member filled her airway. "Oh, God. Help
me," she prayed, "...he's slowly killing me," she thought. She would have
no alternative but to bite down to remedy this situation. Unfortunately,
she knew the consequences of this action would surely be death itself. She
began to silently say goodbye to her family. She knew the end was certainly
near, as she struggled to get a breath. Self preservation seemed to be
winning as she prepared herself to bite down on this asshole's prick to
provide herself some much needed air and relief from his tightening grip
on her head. At that moment her silent prayer seemed to be answered as he
released his ever-tightening grip on her. He was coming, and he was coming
strong! Her attempt to inhale air resulted in the inhalation of a mixture
of air and semen, as he let loose into her throat. She started to gag
violently and tried to pull away but he was still holding onto her head
tightly. Now, instead of suffocating to death it seemed like she was going
to choke to death. At long last, her fight for life was over as he released
her fully. She fell back to the floor sputtering cum and gasping for air.

She began crying; but, she was crying tears of joy as she was happy she
triumphed over this latest ordeal "Don't disappoint me again," reminded the
leader as he stepped over the broken down matriarch.

He turned to her and said, "Now get in that kitchen and make us some grub,
Bitch!...and don't get any ideas about finding something in there to use as
a weapon. I have already removed any such articles. You'll be using plastic
and wooden utensils in your food preparation process." Annie obeyed as she
whimpered away into the kitchen. "Victor, you stay with her and keep an eye
on her," he angrily ordered to his comrade. The leader's anger was still not
quelled as he turned to face the girls.

The Camden girls were living their first ordeal of this new day. Forced oral
sex with two men they wished were dead and buried. The leader walked over
and stood between the two "couples" as they engaged in their activities. He
grabbed Mary's head with both hands and shoved it down hard on Rocko's cock.
"Put it deeper into your throat honey," he coaxed. Mary obliged as she
started to do a better job of deep throating Rocko. He heard the wet
slobbering sounds of her mouth as it gracefully slid up and down Rocko's
cock. "Much better," stated the leader. He turned his attention to Lucy who
saw him through the corner of her eye. "Just stay there you friggin' ass",
she thought to herself. He came to her and did the same exact thing. "Don't
forget to lick his balls as well, sweetheart," he instructed. She reluctantly
obeyed as she lowered her face to his stinking, sweaty nut sack. Habib, the
recipient of her oral favors, let out a soft coo. "Just cum already, you
bastard," she said to herself.

The leader then got up and swooped up a candlestick that was on the mantle of
the fireplace. He decided to prevent a reoccurrence of the discipline problem
encountered earlier with a little "pre-emptive strike". Of these two, he
suspected that Mary, the eldest, would most likely disrespect his authority
and cause an obedience problem in the near future. "Just in case you didn't
learn from the lesson provided by your mother, I'm going to give you girls a
close up and personal reminder. Any disobedience exhibited by ONE of you will
have repercussions on ALL of you," he said instructively. He breathed on the
candlestick to warm it up and then spit on it. He then shoved it deep into
Mary's ass, hard and fast! "AHHHhhh..." she let out a horrendous scream as
she lifted her head from Rocko's cock. "You fucking bastard", she exclaimed.
"AHHHhhh...", she screamed again, as he administered her candlestick enema
again. This time he shoved it in down to the base. "AHHH...", she screamed
one last time as he shoved it in a third time. This time, however, she
crumbled to the floor from the intense pain and rolled onto her side, with
tears streaming down her face and blood staining the floor.

Lucy raised her head at her sister's first scream and could not believe
what she was witnessing. "Do you want a lesson too?" asked the candlestick
assailant. Lucy quickly buried her head in Habib's lap and began sucking with
more earnest. "Now here's a good example of what I'm talking about. Your
sister's laziness here has repercussions and has forced you to perform double
duty. After you suck off Habib, you're gonna have to suck off Rocko." With
that, he walked over to the Reverend. Lucy's head was busily bobbing up and
down and Mary was curled up on the floor with a candlestick still embedded in
her ass.

Reverend Camden could not believe what he was viewing. The gag over his mouth
had muffled his screams of anger and regret. His family was being assaulted
in front of his eyes and he was helpless to do anything. "Oh God, why have
you forsaken us? What have we done to deserve this?" he asked of his God.
Religion, or not, the Reverend swore this mother fucker was going to pay
dearly for what he was doing to his family.

"I must commend you on raising your family well, sir", said the leader.
"Except for that witch wife of yours, they all seem to respect authority and
follow orders. They all want to protect each other and not see harm come to
one another. What say you...?" he asked as he removed the gag from the

"I'll kill you the first chance I get you mother fucking bastard!!"

The leader quickly put the gag back on the Reverend's mouth. "Now, now.
That's no way to talk in front of your young daughters; especially for a man
of the cloth." The Reverend looked on in amazement. "That's right. I know who
you are from the credentials in your study. They were one of the many things
that I rifled through last night while you were taking one of your many
naps." The two talked for many minutes while Annie prepared the meal.

"Well, what do you think of your God now?...that HE lets his faithful
worshippers suffer such torment?" joked the group's ringleader.

Before the Reverend could attempt a reply his wife yelled from the kitchen
"Breakfast is ready you bastards."

"Excuse me Reverend. Breakfast is served. We shall continue this conversation
at a later time. Right now I think I have to give you lovely wife another
lesson in manners!"

[End of Part 2A. More to come...]


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