The Camden household, weekend. The convicts have been continually taking
liberties with the Camden women since they first awoke in the morning. The
leader had been continually asserting his will on the entire group and
administering his brand of discipline and justice whenever he desired. He
seems cold and calculating at times; and then at other times he explodes
into fits of rage and displays of sadistic behavior! And so the story
continues...continued hours after the last chapter!

7th Heaven: The Weekend Of Hell Part 2b - Day 2 Continued
by ThermoChemist (MMF,F-best,oral,humil,viol,ncon)

"Annie, dear, I think it's time for you to prepare your guests another meal.
You're not being a very good host to let us get hungry," stated the still
sunglassed and black leather jacketed leader.

"Okay, but what about my family? You haven't allowed us to have anything
to eat since we had dinner last night. I want to feed them!" she exclaimed
from the floor in the corner of the living room. The leader had given her a
permanent "timeout" and had her sitting in the corner with her face to the
wall. When she wasn't being forced to "service" her assailants, she was
ordered to go back into her corner and remain quiet.

The leader immediately walked over to where she was sitting and administered
a swift backhand across her face. "You Want...!?! You Want...!?! What have
you learned about your impertinence and trying to give ME demands!?!"
retorted the leader of the convicts.

"I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! Please...Please don't hurt me again!' Annie pleaded.

"Now get in that kitchen and do what you're told! If I feel like it, I'll
give your family the scraps of food that might be left over," he ordered.
With that note, Annie Camden shuffled to the kitchen to do as told and not
inflict this guy's wrath any further.

Lucy was on the living room floor with her back on the ground and her legs
bent. Several of the intruders were playing "quarters" with her exposed
pussy. They were seeing who could come the closest to actually getting a
quarter on one bounce into her now "ever expanding" pussy hole. She could
do nothing but stay there and endure the humiliation. She was thankful that
she wasn't being forced to perform some sexual act on these perverts.

Mary was curled up in a ball on the living room sofa, wrapped in a makeshift
blanket of her clothes. The assailants would not allow any of the Camden
women to put even one piece of clothing back on this entire time. The vicious
anal assault suffered earlier in the day, had left her pretty much a broken
down "basket case". She was pretty much relegated to providing oral pleasure
to the escaped convicts whenever they wanted it (and they wanted it from her
cute teenage mouth fairly often).

For a change, time seemed to fly by as each of the intruders took turns going
into the kitchen to have their meal. As the last member of the felonious
group was finishing his meal, the leader entered the kitchen. The leader had
instructed Annie to give blowjobs to each of his men while they were having
their meals. He found her under the kitchen table doing as she was told. "Get
out from under there and cleanup this messy kitchen, woman," he ordered. She
wiped the drool from her chin and obediently rose to her feet. "You get this
kitchen spotless and I'll let you feed your family," the leader promised.

"Thank you," Annie replied as she turned to wash the dishes piled up in the

At that moment, there was a scratch from the back door. It was a familiar
sound to Annie. It was the family dog begging to get in from the storm which
had been going on for the past 24 hours. "It's just our dog," Annie stated
as she turned to the leader.

"Well let it in. I don't want it barking and drawing attention to this
house!" exclaimed the sunglassed leader.

Annie did as told and let the family pooch in, careful not to expose her
still naked self to the outside world. "Crash! Boom!" the thunder roared

At that point, a devious idea entered the mind of the group's leader. "Annie,
what if I said you didn't have to make this kitchen spotless for me?" queried
the leader.

"Whatever!" Annie replied sarcastically.

"What did you say?" angrily said the leader.

Annie realized the mistake in her answer and knew that some sort of
punishment was coming. "Umm. I'm sorry," was all she could bleep out. The
leader approached her and pushed her to the kitchen floor. The dog lunged
at him and he pushed it to the floor as well, right on top of mother

"Your punishment for your latest outburst is that you're going to give your
dog some sexual relief," said the leader.

" couldn't do that," pleaded Annie.

"Don't tell me what you're going to do and what you're not going to do.
You'll do anything I tell you to do...and right now I better you see starting
to jack off your dog," he exclaimed angrily as he pushed Annie into the dog's
crotch. Annie thought quickly and felt that no one would ever find out about
the humiliation she would be enduring with this act. None of her family or
friends were present to witness this degradation.

She reached over to the dog and started stroking its cock. The dog's member
quickly came to attention. Seven inches...eight inches...nine inches - it
continued to grow with each stroke. She knew how to tell when a man was ready
to blow his load, from the many years she gave her husband Eric blowjobs; but
she had no idea with her current situation. "Come on boy, finish quickly -
please," she secretly thought to herself. She did not want to be seen in
this situation and quickly picked up the pace of her strokes to the dog's
shaft, to end this ordeal as soon as she could. It seemed like she was giving
this dog a hand job for an eternity and still the damn dog wouldn't cum.

"You're going to have to give your dog a blowjob since it doesn't approve of
your hand job skills," exclaimed the leader as he watched in amusement at
Annie's frustration.

She hoped they would let her just jack off the dog, but now they wanted to
see her suck it off too! She sighed and wiped the tears from her eyes as she
inserted the dog's cock into her mouth. The smell of the cold, wet, matted
hair was almost as bad as the smell of her captors crotches. She closed her
eyes and struggled through her latest punishment as she stroked faster.

"Hey Raheem. You gotta come down here and see this," the leader yelled up
to Raheem, who was still on the second floor watching over little Ruthie.
"Hey...Raheem?" the leader exclaimed again. Again no answer!

Rocko, who was finishing his meal when this all began, got up to go upstairs.
"No. You stay here! I'll check on things upstairs", the leader said. "You
make sure she sucks that dog till it cums in her face. I want to see doggy
cum dripping from her face when I come back down."

The leader quickly raced up to the second floor bedroom where Raheem was
supposed to be watching Ruthie. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw
Raheem on the bed molesting Ruthie. They were both on the bed in a "spoon"
position with Raheem's hand sliding into Ruthie's panties. His other hand
was firmly cupped over her mouth. The leader pulled the "would be" child
molester up off the bed and delivered two quick blows to Raheem's solar
plexus. He followed with a right uppercut to the jaw, which sent Raheem
crashing into the night table and onto the floor. "I told you I have plans
for that one and I want her untouched. If you want a plaything, play with
this brat's little punk brother Simon," the leader yelled out.

"Okay boss, I'm sorry," was all Raheem could seem to muster up as a reply.

The leader placed Ruthie back in the closet and secured it once again.

Raheem went down the hall to visit his suggested playmate. Simon had been
thrown into one of the bedrooms to silently suffer with second degree burns
all over his body. It seems when he was thrown in to the shower for cleanup
in the morning, he was forgotten about until well after noon. Scalding hot
water had bombarded his body for hours, leaving it a pile of burnt,
blistering, agonizing flesh. "Knock Knock! Guess who, little boy?" Raheem
said as he opened the bedroom door with a devilish smirk on his face.

Simon awoke from his slumber to see Raheem slowly unbuckling his pants.
" out," Simon tried to yell. His pleas were muffled as the
bedroom door closed behind Raheem.

Once back downstairs, the leader took a quick survey of the situation once
again. To his delight, Annie had indeed blown the dog to completion. There
was cum dripping from her chin as he had hoped to see. He instructed her to
cleanup the kitchen, anyway! The dog was placed in the basement with an
apparent smile on its face!

He then approached Reverend Camden and removed his gag. They then engaged in
philosophical and religious debate for what seemed like hours. The Reverend
quoted Job, Josephus and Solomon and the leader countered with Nietzsche,
Freud and Machiavelli. The Reverend was glad to keep this criminal busy with
verbal rhetoric rather then spending his time devising more ways of torturing
his family. Perhaps he could use his orating skills to make these evildoers
see the errors of their ways and to give up their current sadistic plans for

"...that is fucking total bullshit, Reverend. And you know it!" shouted the
sunglassed leader. "I'm going to prove that point to you now," he further
exclaimed. He replaced the gag on the Reverend's mouth and walked over to
Mary who was still moaning on the sofa. "Your coffee break's over, bitch,"
he snarled. He then grabbed her by the hair, pulled her off the sofa, dragged
her about 15 feet and deposited her at her father's feet.

"We're going to have our own little test between good and evil. Your
beautiful little daughter here is going to give you a blowjob. If you can
keep from cumming then I might concede your statement about the power of
good over evil, faith over instinct, or virtue versus carnal desire. You
will be fighting the pleasure you'll be feeling and the knowledge of
knowing its your daughter giving it. It's a matter of your will power to
do what's right - no matter what!" exhorted the leader. "Okay, darling!
Start sucking your daddy's cock!" ordered the inflamed convict.

"Daddy, what do I do?" asked Mary.

"It's alright darling. Just do it and we'll be done with it. God will give
us the strength to overcome his paltry little test," assured Mary's father.

Mary proceeded to unbuckle her father's pants and release his "trouser
snake". She could not believe her eyes. Her father's dick must have been
about eleven inches - flaccid! She had no idea how large it might get when
it's fully erect. She hesitantly placed the tip into her mouth. She was
performing oral sex on her father and trying to ignore the incestual taboo.
She wanted her father to win this sordid contest and was purposely trying
not to give a good blowjob. She felt that would be difficult since her
father was middle aged and her mother probably didn't give blowjobs.

Almost instinctively, the leader saw Mary's half-hearted efforts and decided
to take action. "Just to be sure that everyone is trying their best to make
this a fair contest, I'll be giving you some more incentive," said the
leader. He approached Mary and unzipped his pants. That familiar sound
incited a Pavlovian Response from Mary as she quickly placed her hands over
her anus, in fear that she was gong to be anally assaulted again. "Don't
worry dear. I won't be giving you any backdoor deliveries this time around,"
he smirked. "Reverend. Let's see who can hold out the longest, eh? You get
to fight the feeling of your daughters warm, moist mouth and I'll enjoy her
warm, moist pussy!" he chided as he bent Mary over, slid his cock into Mary's
cunt and began thrusting.

The Reverend was hardly listening to the leader's last sentence. He was
trying to fight the feelings of pleasure that was overwhelming him as his
oldest daughter was engulfing his cock. "Gawd, it feels so good," he thought
to himself. It's been so many years since Annie did this for him; and never
as good as his little Mary was doing now. His daughter had natural cock
sucking abilities. He looked down at his daughter as she slurped on his meat
stick. He watched in awe as she slid up and down his cock shaft. She'd
occasionally lick his balls and sometimes put her tongue directly into the
tip of his "one-eyed monster". He couldn't help but get turned on watching
his little girl's head bob up and down on his cock. "This is my daughter.
Stop feeling what you're feeling. God help me to prevail," he silently prayed
to himself.

"No wonder Mom had so many children. She loved getting her hands on her
father's schlong as often as she possibly could. Who can blame her," Mary
thought to herself. At that moment the realization occurred to Mary that she
was somehow enjoying this current predicament. She was being a good little
girl and doing what her daddy wanted her to do. In a twisted way, she was
also trying to defend her daddy's "honor" and viewpoints to counterbalance
the madman's views and warped sense of reality. The same madman who was now
poking her pussy!

"Oooo...that feels so good," she murmured to herself. She felt herself
facing a strange paradox. The pain she felt from her butt hole assault
earlier in the day, seemed to subside considerably as her assailant
appeared to be gingerly and softly having sex with her. He occasionally
gave her clit a little playtime. He wasn't just "fucking her" as he had
done many times during the past 24 hours (or so she felt in her body
and mind). He seemed to be pumping into her in a relaxing rhythm and
she was willingly pushing her ass into him with each stroke, anticipating
the next stroke where their bodies would meet again! Her illusionary
state of mind, possibly created to escape the current reality, was quickly
shattered as she felt her father's lower body quiver.

She stopped what she was doing immediately to hopefully avert what was
happening but she knew it was too late. She had felt her father's cock
getting hotter in her mouth. She also felt his balls shrink a bit as his
hips began to jerk moments before. He was getting ready to blow his load!
"Please Dad, hold on. Don't do it. Don't give this bastard the satisfaction,"
she thought to herself. She quickly placed one of her hands tightly around
the base of her father's shaft in an attempt to avoid any ejaculation. "Just
be quiet now Dad. Maybe this bastard madman is ready to blow his load and
he'll be seen as doing it first," she secretly willed to her father. Several
seconds passed and Mary was still receiving regular thrusts, from her doggy
style fuckfest. Her assailant never seemed to loose stride with his pelvic

Reverend Camden's face was turning purple now and he couldn't hold out any
longer. He knew that his daughter was trying to keep him from cumming but he
was ready to blow and nothing would stop it now! He pushed back on his chair
to escape Mary's grip on his cock and let out a loud "Awwww..." as he
exploded like Mt. Vesuvius and sprayed his semen all over his daughter. The
first two massive spurts splattered on Mary's face, neck, and chest. The next
two spurts "cum-battered" her hair and back! "Oh Dad", is all Mary could be
heard saying disappointedly.

"Heh, heh, heh," is the only thing the sunglassed leader said gleefully as
he continued to fuck the Reverend's oldest daughter. The gentle, soft sex of
moments ago was once again replaced with the fierce fucking which Mary had
come to expect. Mary stayed on all fours as her pussy pounding continued. Her
ass was being slapped hard every fifth or sixth thrust. Her cum covered head
was lowered in shame as her fuck session commenced. After what must have been
another five full minutes of ass slapping, purposely painful sex, the leader
exclaimed, "Oh yeah, Here it comes." He withdrew his prick from Mary's now
red, and raw, pussy and squirted his load on top of her lower back, letting
out a resounding "Yeahhhhh..."

The leader said nothing to the Reverend. He just gave him a smug look of

[And so ends this chapter of the Camden family frightful saga. To be


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