The Camden household on a Saturday. The group of six escaped convicts who
had overtaken the Camden domicile Friday night, were still busily exacting
revenge on the family members. The occupants of the house were broken up
into several small groups. The Reverend and his wife were moved into the
study with two men watching over them. Mary and Lucy were still in the
living room with two other convicts. The two youngest children, Simon and
Ruthie, were each in a bedroom; guarded over by the fifth assailant, Raheem.
The leader of the group was going thru the house gathering materials for
his latest schemes to inflict physical and mental anguish!

7th Heaven: The Weekend Of Hell Part 2c - Day 2 Continued
by ThermoChemist (MMf,Ff,MF,Mg,MM,F-best,fist,bond,inc,pedo,voy,oral,ncon)

The leader walked into the study and called to his two men, Rocko and Habib.
"Listen, I'm going to be working on some things for a while. I want you to
keep yourselves occupied with these two (as he pointed to the Camden parents)
till I get back," the leader instructed. "Be creative," he said as he gave
them a wink. As he turned to leave he gave them a small box containing
miscellaneous items which were collected from within the house. He closed the
study doors as he exited with a smile.

The leader walked into the living room to see Mary sitting on the sofa with
her knees up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees; slowly
rocking back and forth. Mary was mentally/emotionally trying to put her mind
"elsewhere". "If I don't say anything and don't move, maybe they won't notice
me," she reasoned. "Besides, they butt-fucked me plenty of times. Why don't
they butt fuck Lucy?" she further reasoned as she took a glance at Lucy
through the corner of her eye.

Lucy was busy sucking off the two men, Arthur and Victor, who were in the
living room watching over her and her sister. She was on her knees between
the two of them alternating between a blowjob and a hand job. As she was
giving Arthur some head she was jacking off Victor, and then vice versa.
She would deep throat one guy with ease while stroking the other with a
methodical twisting action.

After the five or six DOZEN blowjobs she had to administer during the past
two days, she was confident enough to blow them with no fear of doing
something to get them angry. "At least they don't cum "bucket loads"
anymore; like they did the first night," Lucy thought. The Camden women
have been slowly draining the convicts of their testicle juice with every
blowjob and fuck session. "Now they only cum "cup fulls"," she mused to

"Oh yeah, that's it girl, come on," murmured Arthur. "I'm there," he added.
Arthur grabbed Lucy by the hair on the top of her head and then quickly
snapped her head back. "Now open up honey," he ordered. At this point the
leader moved forward and spoke up "When he cums in your mouth I don't want
you to swallow or spit it out. Keep in you mouth. Do you understand?" he
said to the little mouth slave. Lucy nodded to the affirmative. "Oooooh,"
Arthur exclaimed as he shot his load into Lucy's open mouth. As Lucy had
expected, there wasn't as much to worry about, choking-wise, as there was
the first night. Lucy then turned her head to Victor who was now assisting
Lucy as she stroked his cock. He inched his cock closer to her open mouth
as he (and she) continued to rapidly stroke his penis. "Aaaah" he let out,
as he blew his cum into her open mouth, intermingling with the cum deposit
of Arthur's.

The leader of the group then approached and presented Lucy with a small red
dish. "Here. Spit it in here," he demanded. Lucy did as told and gladly
released the unwanted mouthful. "Very good," he praised. "Now sit down next
to your sister. I want to talk to you," he ordered.

"Lucy, darling, do you consider yourself a loving Christian?" the leader
queried Lucy.

"I did," Lucy quickly replied. Lucy had learned a secret of staying
relatively unscathed thus far; compared to the other family members. She
tried to give quick, short answers. This way, she avoided saying something
wrong which might arouse the anger of her captives.

"Well, I don't see how you can say that with the misery your sister Mary is
experiencing. You're down on your knees having fun sucking cock when your
sister is in a bit of pain. Now, I want you to get over to your sister and
help ease her pain. No talking! Just use your hands and mouth to make her
feel better," the sun-glassed leader ordered.

Lucy had learned a second secret to surviving without incident - full
compliance without questioning. Without hesitation, she approached Mary on
the sofa and laid Mary down on her back. She then administered sweet, soft
kisses on Mary's pouting lips. Mary pulled back for a moment then let her
lips touch Lucy's, unsure about giving these bastard's what they wanted.
The initial kiss was awkward; then grew more passionate. Mary's initial
reluctance was replaced by eagerness as she awaited the next soft, warm
kiss from her pretty little sister. The physical pain she was currently
experiencing seemed to dissipate as Lucy gave her sweet, long soul kisses.
She willingly opened her mouth wider to receive the loving kisses.

At that moment Mary felt her sister beginning to caress her left breast.
At first, she palmed the entire breast and gently tried to massage away he
sister's pain. Lucy then concentrated her fondling to Mary's aureole and
nipple. After a few minutes Mary's hands went to Lucy's breasts. Mary closed
her eyes and tried to savor the moment. The soft feminine lips and soft
caresses were a welcome release.

Lucy then slowly moved her right hand down Mary's belly and headed for her
"holy of holies" while she gently placed her mouth on Mary's left breast.
She sucked on her sister's tit then slowly made circles with her tongue
around her sister's nipple. Lucy remembered that these bastards liked to
see the Camden women do that when they made them have lesbian sex the night
before. "Ooooh..." Mary softly exclaimed, as Lucy's finger softly rubbed
the "love button" between Mary's legs. Lucy went through the motions of
performing this sex act for the men for several minutes. Lucy felt Mary
getting wetter and wetter the more she fingered her.

"You know what we want to see," Victor exclaimed.

"Yeah. Get in the 69 position and start eating each other out," added Arthur.

Lucy sighed. She could not fully understand men's fascination with seeing
woman-on-woman sex action. Nevertheless, she slid her face down to Mary's
privates as she raised her leg over Mary's head and began to straddle her
sister's face. Lucy started using her fingers and then her mouth on Mary's
pussy. Mary raised her hips to meet Lucy's mouth. She then nudged her nose
up to Lucy's pussy.

It was at this moment that Lucy finally took survey of Mary's pain and
suffering. With her face down in Mary's crotch Lucy could see the extent of
the torment Mary had suffered at the hands of their captors. There were
multiple abrasions and scratch marks on her inner thighs and around her
vagina. Her cunt looked red and swollen. The labia looked like two small
slabs of raw roast beef. She could not see fully from her vantage point but
the opening to her rectum looked "cracked" and appeared to have dried blood
around it. These bastards had indeed done a job on her sister!

The two sisters continued to give the men their sex show for several more
minutes. Mary was busily licking Lucy's pussy as Lucy was busy sucking
and fingering Mary's. Despite the condition of Mary's crotch, Lucy was
determined to give her sister some "sexual healing". She picked up the pace
as she alternated darting her tongue and then her fingers across Mary's
clit. "Ooooooh...yeahhhh," Mary said in a very audible tone. She didn't
care now if her captors heard her enjoying this moment. "Aaaaaahh..." Mary
exclaimed as she climaxed under her sister.

"That was very, very nice," exclaimed the group's leader. Lucy got off from
on top of Mary and was greeted by the site of the three men "stroking their
man-meat". She instinctively knew what she and her sister were going to be
told to do next.

"As I have been continually telling you that there are punishments for
disobedience, there are also rewards for compliance. You and your sister are
to give my men blowjobs, as you probably already guessed."

"You are to do exactly as was done before. You are to let them cum in your
mouths. You will then spit their deposits into the small red dish as Lucy
previously did. For something different, I want you gals to do a little bit
of "snowballing". Do you know what that is?" he asked.

"No," was Lucy's innocent reply.

"Well, when one of my guys cums in Mary's mouth I want her to transfer her
mouthful directly into your mouth and then you'll put it in the small red
dish - and vice versa! And I don't want you to spill a drop or you'll both
do it all over again. Do you understand?" the leader asked again.

"Yes," was Lucy's reluctant response.

"When you are all done you may both take showers. You're both getting to look
a bit skanky," the leader explained as he turned to leave the room.

The two girls jumped up at the news and quickly scampered to give the men
their blowjobs.

* * *

The leader then proceeded to check up on the parents in the study. He was
interested to see how Rocko and Habib had been entertaining themselves
with the Camdens. He quietly slid the study doors open to peek in on the
"goings-on". Revealed was the kind of debauchery he had come to expect
from his crew. Both Annie and the Reverend were tied to an ottoman on
opposite sides of the study, face-down, with their hands tied behind their
backs. They were both blindfolded and gagged.

Habib was in the middle of giving the Reverend a royal ass-fucking! The
ottomans were on wheels and each pelvic thrust by Habib into the Reverend's
once virginal ass, resulted in the ottoman rolling the Reverend's head into
the wall. The Reverend was in pain, from both ends, and screamed into the
ottoman with each thrust. This, and the fact that Habib was forcibly pushing
the Reverend's head down tightly into the ottoman, muffled the sounds coming
from the Reverend's mouth.

Rocko had decided to try to entertain himself a little differently with
Annie. Among the items in the box that the leader gave to the two men, was a
large jar of jalapeno peppers. From the leader's vantage point at the study
doorway, it appeared that Rocko had dipped his entire hand into the jar of
jalapeno peppers. He was slowly placing each of his greased up fingers into
Annie Camden's vulnerable snatch. He currently had two fingers in her pussy
and slowly began pushing them in and out. Apparently the effects of the
jalapeno juice were not being felt yet because Annie was not in much
discomfort. Rocko then proceeded to insert a third and then a fourth finger
into Annie's squeeze box. Four must have been the magic number because at
that point tears ran down Annie's face as she violently tried to get away
from Rocko's vaginal assault. The wheeled ottoman merely followed her every
move. She had moved herself into a corner of the study with Rocko's hand
still intact and where her assault continued.

Rocko took great pleasure in Annie's discomfort and "upped the ante" by
placing his thumb in her pussy. The semi-tight fit of his entire fist at her
vaginal opening, coupled with the severe burning sensation from the jalapeno
juice, was too much for Annie to bear. She rocked back and forth, up and
down, trying to dislodge her current source of agony. Rocko continued her
fisting session by pushing his arm even further up her love canal. He was
now into her up to half the length of his forearm and had no intention of
stopping. Besides moving back and forth, he was also moving his arm in
clockwise and counterclockwise directions. The jalapeno juice was pushed
further into Annie's pussy and coated every square inch of it - inside and

The look of torment on her face was indescribable, even from the leader's
position at the study doorway. She was screaming continually as her "spicy"
fisting assault went on. The gag in her mouth was indeed doing its job
because hardly a wimper was heard although tears were streaming down her
face and her body was violently jerking around trying to get away.

At long last, after maybe ten or twenty minutes, the fisting session ended
as Rocko violently withdrew his arm from her pussy with a resounding "pop".
That last onslaught shocked Annie's body to the max as she silently slipped
into unconsciousness.

The leader took this opportunity to make his entrance. "Most impressive
gentlemen," he commended them at the exact moment that Habib shot his load
into the Reverend's ass. He then pushed one of the antique chairs in the
study closer to Habib.

"Habib. Place the Reverend on his chair and give him a chance to catch his
breath comfortably." Habib did as the leader instructed and threw the
Reverend onto the armless chair. He then tied the father's hands behind the
back of the chair. The leader then withdrew a Sony Walkman from the box of
goodies he had given his men earlier. He placed the headphones on the
Reverend's head and turned up the volume all the way. The tape playing was
a compilation of the "Greatest Hits" of the last 50 years.

"Rocko, don't let that bitch take too long of a nap," he snapped at his
comrade. Rocko quickly jumped to his feet and grabbed the jar of jalapeno
peppers. He then walked back over to Annie and emptied the entire contents
into Annie's face. She instantly awoke from her slumber, doused in jalapeno
juice, wearing a new jalapeno pepper hairdo.

"Mrs. Camden? I know you can't see with your blindfold on but your husband
is in a great deal of discomfort right now and I'm afraid that you're the
only one that can help him," the sun-glassed leader commented. He then
wheeled the ottoman that she was tied to over between the Reverend's legs
and removed her gag. He grabbed her head and pushed her face into the
Reverend's penis. She immediately pulled back.

"You know what we want done, bitch. If you don't cooperate I'm sure we can
get one of your lovely daughters to cooperate," barked the leader. Annie
quickly complied and stuck her tongue out trying to find her husband's penis.
She was still blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back and did not
find this an easy task. Rocko assisted and pushed her face to where it needed
to be to have her mouth find her husband's cock. She then proceeded to give
her husband a blowjob as previously insinuated. It was no easy task just
using her head. She had no way to get good leverage and it was placing a
terrible strain on her neck and back

The Reverend was pleasantly surprised with this newest sensation filling his
loins. His ass and the top of his head were hurting. The loud music pumping
into his eardrums was distractingly deafening. "I'd know that tongue
anywhere. That's my Annie," the Reverend said to himself. He pushed his groin
forward each time she moved to suck his cock.

"That's good bitch. Now get him nice and hard. Habib, give Raheem a change of
location and have him come down while you guard upstairs. You just had some
fun so you're good for awhile," ordered the group's leader.

"Okay", Habib said as he walked past the ringleader and headed for the stairs
leading to the upstairs bedrooms. "Hey, Raheem. Your relief is here," he
loudly exclaimed as he proceeded up the stairs with heavy footsteps.

* * *

"Just like a lollipop little girl," Raheem instructed Ruthie, who was
kneeling on the closet floor.

"I don't want to. It tastes funny," replied Ruthie.

Raheem was not taking "No" for an answer and forcefully put his cock back in
Ruthie's mouth and began rocking back and forth. Unbeknownst to the group's
leader, Raheem and Habib had been taking turns having their way with little
Ruthie's mouth. While the older Camden women were being violated continually
in every one of their "holes", little Ruthie was becoming a little cum slut.
She had secretly given about a dozen blowjobs to these two specific captors.

They could not fit their entire cocks into her little mouth so they would
wrap their hands around the base and let her get busy with the top end. In
their twisted minds, they were not disobeying the leader's wishes to leave
little Ruthie "untouched" because neither her pussy nor her asshole were
ever touched!

Raheem quickly picked up the pace as he pumped the tip of his cock into
little Ruthie's mouth. "Yeah, Yeah, that's it little girl," he exclaimed as
his hips jerked forward to empty his ball juice. He splurged on her left
cheek, with a little cum splashing on Ruthie's blouse. Raheem quickly pulled
a shirt off a hanger in the closet and wiped the "tell-tale" sign of his
misdeed off of Ruthie's blouse. He then wiped the cum from her cheek and
cupped her right cheek like some sort of perverted, loving father.

"Hey partner. The boss man says to take a chill downstairs," Habib reported.

"Thanks for the heads up," replied Raheem. "She be yours," he said as he
zipped up his pants and headed downstairs. "I be giving you the same warning
signal when I be coming back up," Raheem added. He was, of course, referring
to the load announcement and heavy footsteps they provided as a signal to
each other.

* * *

"I be here," exclaimed Raheem seconds later as he entered the study. He
walked over to Annie Camden, who was still busy giving her husband a blowjob,
and smacked her on the ass.

"Good. Watch these two as I get some additional family members to join our
little sexcapade," the leader stated.

The leader walked out of the study as Raheem's eyes followed him. If the
leader went upstairs, Raheem would need to signal his fellow pedophile who
was probably abusing Ruthie right now. Fortunately, the leader went towards
the living room instead.

The leader passed the living room and witnessed Mary returning from her
shower - looking fairly refreshed. She was walking a bit funny; but that's
expected from a gal who was fucked continually in every hole for the past
24 hours. She was wearing a bathroom towel around her body and was towel
drying her long hair. Victor was escorting Lucy up to the bathroom to take
her shower next. He was instructed to stand guard outside the door as she
took her shower.

The leader returned to the study a few moments later with a canine companion.
He tied the family dog to a table in one of the corners of the study.

"Okay, that's enough bitch. You got him hard enough for now," the leader
yelled as he removed her blindfold. "I've got another customer who needs use
of your mouth," he added. Annie thought that he was referring to the leader
himself. To her dismay the ottoman that she was still tied to, was rolled
over to the other end of the study. Her face came into full contact with the
dog's crotch. "Oh no. Not again," she silently murmured to herself.

"You know what you must do and I don't want to have to specifically tell
you," the leader exclaimed. Annie reluctantly stuck her tongue out to get
hold of the dog's penis. She used her tongue to slowly guide the dog's cock
securely into her mouth. She still had no use of her hands and was still
straining her neck as she attempted to give the dog a blowjob from her
awkward angle. She made an honest attempt to do as desired but the best she
could do was roll her tongue around the dog's cock while it was in her mouth.
Apparently, the dog remembered the previous fellatio session given by Annie
and almost immediately came to a full erection.

The leader saw the situation and immediately placed the blindfold and gag
back on Annie. He then untied the dog and moved it behind Annie to prepare
it to mount her. The dog needed no help as he broke free from the man's
hands and jumped towards Annie's exposed rear.

The Camden family dog licked his long doggy tongue across his Mistress's
pussy lips. Annie was eerily excited by this strange sensation. The dog's
tongue was much longer than any man's and had a sort of soft abrasive
quality to it; something like a ribbed condom. The dog had no methodical
purpose to its tongue action. It was merely thrusting forward, and
swooshing back and forth by instinct.

"Aaarggh," Annie silently yelled out as she felt her dog's nails scratching
across her back and arms - ending her momentary excitement. Suddenly, she was
pressed down from the weight of the family dog as it mounted her. The dog's
forelegs then wrapped around her waist and began jerking its body forward. It
was trying to locate its Mistress's pussy hole. It did not take long as it
effortlessly entered her vaginal opening; which was huge after her fisting

"Aaarggh," Annie let out again as the dog's nails digged deep into her flesh
as it continued to hump her. She tightly closed her eyes in shame and disgust
as she felt her vaginal invasion continue. There was nothing she could do.
She was tied to this damn ottoman with nowhere to go. She could do absolutely
nothing but ride out this latest ordeal. Annie felt the dog's humping speed
up further, with a more wild and frenzied rhythm. This torment continued for
several minutes. At that moment, "Bark at the Moon", by Ozzie Osbourne, was
heard playing on the Sony Walkman.

Then, almost as quickly, it ended. The dog let out a low growl and then a
bark. For what seemed like an eternity (to Annie), the dog remained inserted
in her pussy. When its erection finally subsided the dog finally dismounted
his new "bitch". From the leader's line of sight, he could see the doggie
cum spilling out of Annie's pussy. Annie, too, could feel the warm moistness
dripping from her pussy opening.

"Good boy. Now I bet you feel good. Don't you?" the leader mockingly quipped
with the family dog as he retied it to one of the tables in the study. He
glanced over at the Reverend and noticed that he was losing his erection.

"I'll be back," the black leather jacketed, sunglass-wearing leader stated
in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger like accent. He left to get one of the
Reverend's daughters to join them.

* * *

Upstairs, Lucy was finishing up her shower. She and her sister were told not
to take more than 10 minutes each for their shower sessions. In the time
allotted, Lucy frantically attempted to wash away all the physical reminders
of the ordeal she and her family underwent at the hands of these sadistic
criminals during the past 24 hours. The emotional reminders of the ordeal
would not be so easily washed away!

She had dried cum in her hair, behind her ears and IN her ears. She also had
dried blood on several parts of her body, as well as on her ass from the
whipping session given by the ringleader the first night. "Scrub. Scrub.
Scrub," was all she was concentrating on as tears flowed from her eyes. Given
enough time, she would probably scrub all the skin off until she hit bone.
She wished she could remain in the warm embrace of the shower's relaxing jets
of water but she knew she had to leave. If she disobeyed the "10 minute" rule
there might be dire repercussions for herself or her family members. She
reluctantly turned off the shower and exited the stall to dry herself.

Watching from outside the bathroom door was Victor. The door was left ajar
a few inches, so a guard could watch to ensure that no one would attempt to
leave through the bathroom window. He eagerly strained, through the open
crack in the door, to watch Lucy dry her young, nubile teenage body. She
had a beautiful tight ass. She had nice, firm, round tits which melodically
swayed back and forth as she dried herself. They must have been at least a
C-cup and rivaled her sister Mary's. He watched as she slowly towel dried
her ample bosom. "Those luscious tits," he thought to himself. He, and his
felonious crew, had fucked this girl every which way since Friday night;
but the sight of those incredible tits glistening with water, drove him
over the edge!

Victor acted and silently entered the bathroom, quietly closing the door
behind him. He approached Lucy and said, "I'm going to titty-fuck you,

"You what?" the startled Lucy said as she covered her nakedness with the
bathroom towel.

"You heard me. I'm going to titty-fuck you. Right here and right now." He
grabbed one of the bathroom towels and laid it down on the bathroom floor.
"Now get down on your back, bitch," he commanded.

Lucy, stunned by the news of this new activity, was slow to move.

"I said now," Victor yelled as he stripped the towel from Lucy's hands and
threw her to the ground. He removed his pants and instructed her to start
stroking his cock to get it hard for her titty-fuck session. The sight of
those wet tits, combined with her hand strokes, quickly brought his member
to attention.

"Now cup your breasts together and make a little valley for my cock," he
added as he positioned his body to begin the titty-fucking. He lowered
himself closer to her chest and then began thrusting through her cleavage.
He began thrusting slowly but quickly picked up the pace. Lucy could not
continually keep her breasts cupped together with his constant rocking
against her chest.

"Squeeze them together," he yelled as he backhanded her. Lucy re-gripped
and cupped her breasts again.

Her wet body provided the perfect sliding action for this activity. Lucy's
chest heaved up and down with each thrust, finding it more difficult to get
a full breath with the weight of his body pressed against her.

He rode in between her soft mounds of flesh for several minutes. Finally,
Victor's lower body convulsed as he released his load under Lucy's chin. He
stood and his second load sprayed on her face. He moved closer to her face
and had her lick off any remaining cum from his cock.

"I'll give you another 60 seconds to take another quick shower and clean
yourself up," he said as he got off of her. He wiped himself off with a towel
and put his pants back on. Victor adjusted his hair in the mirror and then
proceeded to exit the bathroom. He waited for her outside the bathroom door.

Lucy shamefully re-entered the shower to wash off her dirtiness, yet again!
She turned up the hot water even more this time around to remove his stench;
and began gargling some liquid soap to cleanse her mouth!

* * *

The leader returned to the study with one of the Reverend's daughters and
immediately put her to use for their pleasure.

"Rocko! Habib! Grab her arms and spread her legs wide!" the leader ordered.
The three men then proceeded to impale the daughter on the Reverend's
semi-erect penis. She was frantically squirming to get away from the awkward
and uncomfortable position they had her in. This just further excited them
as they simultaneously lifted her off the father's cock and then pushed her
back down on it - again and again!

The warm moistness of his daughter's pussy quickly brought the Reverend's
semi-erect penis to a standing salute. The tape in the Sony Walkman, still
attached to his head, was constantly blaring loud music into his ears. He
had no idea who they had forced on him this time around since he was still
blindfolded and gagged.

The feel of the pussy walls around his cock was too tight to be his wife.
He didn't suspect it was Mary because deep down he felt Mary was a slut,
who probably "catted" around on the weekends. Mary's cunt would not have
this tight a fit. "It had to be Lucy," he secretly reasoned. Ironically,
"Papa Don't Preach" by Madonna, began playing on the Sony Walkman.

His daughter's bald, hairless pussy was continually thrust upon the
Reverend's cock for several minutes. The sound of flesh slapping against
flesh reverberated throughout the study. Her pussy juices flowed freely to
amply lubricate his meat stick.

When the Reverend couldn't hold back any longer, he ejaculated into his
daughter's pussy hole. "God forgive me," the Reverend silently prayed. He
let loose with a second, and then a third spasm! "God, I hope I didn't just
impregnate one of my own daughters," he thought.

It was then that the leader decided to reveal the secret perverted joke that
they had just played on the Reverend. They removed his blindfold and revealed
to him the biggest shock of his life. The recipient of his cum load was none
other than his darling little Ruthie! Her struggling ceased as soon as they
dropped her to the floor of the study.

"My baby girl! My poor little innocent Ruthie! Oh, how could they?" the
Reverend pondered.

Ruthie rose to her feet sobbing uncontrollably. The Reverend could hardly
hear her with the music playing in his headphones but he could not mistake
the tears running down her face.

"Stop crying dear. You're a big girl now and big girls don't cry. Today
you're a woman," the leader insincerely tried to comfort Ruthie.

"I've got a treat for you that will make you feel better," he said, trying
to coerce her cooperation.

The leader left the study and returned a minute later with a small red dish.
"Here! Eat this special Tapioca pudding, which I had your sister's prepare
for you," he said as he offered the treat to Ruthie. The dish's contents
had lost its original milky white complexion and had become a clear viscous

Ruthie eagerly spooned down the concoction. "It tastes salty," Ruthie
commented as her crying subsided.

"I know. It's an acquired taste. You'll get used to it. Now eat up! I want
you to get every last spoonful," he added. Ruthie gladly complied and ate
everything in the dish. She licked the dish clean - getting every last drop!

* * *

Meanwhile, Lucy had finished her second shower and was led down to the living
room by her unwanted escort, Victor. Like Mary, she too, felt fully refreshed
after her shower. She did not feel drained and used. The renewed sense of
vigor made her feel that she could handle any new surprises these jokers
might throw at her. This assertion was quickly tested as she turned to enter
the living room.

Lucy's jaw dropped as she viewed her sister Mary's arms tied up to the
ceiling crossbeam; a beam which extended between the living room and the
dining room. Her hands were fully extended directly over her head. The
rope was so taught that she had to stand on her tippy-toes. Her 5'8"
frame was stretched to the limit as she resembled some sort of human
"piņata". Any strong push would send her reeling back and forth. She was
blindfolded and had a makeshift "S&M" gag ball in her mouth. The convicts
constructed it by cutting two slits through one of the dog's play balls
and inserting rope through the slits.

"What did she do to deserve this?" asked Lucy, secretly hoping that her
forwardness did not anger anyone.

"Never mind! Let's just say she wouldn't follow orders!" Arthur stated as
he continued to fondle Mary's breasts. Habib, who WAS watching Ruthie, was
also now down in the living room groping Mary. They were each taking turns
pinching her ass and twisting her nipples. Habib especially enjoyed when
Mary winced as he plucked the pubic hairs from her nearly clean-shaven

"Well, please let her down," Lucy pleaded. Then, from out of nowhere, a
self-sacrificing gesture was made by Lucy to spare her sister from this
treatment. "Why don't you guys play with me instead?" she offered.

The men didn't need much coaxing as they all quickly moved towards Lucy,
like a pack of hungry wolves. One of them sat on the sofa as Lucy was forced
down to her knees. The other two began fondling her breasts and roughly
rubbing her pussy. As Lucy gave a blowjob to one guy, a second took position
behind her and was preparing to "poke her pussy".

"Yeah! Tap that ass," the third man, Victor, said. Inspiration was not needed
as Arthur penetrated the entrance to Lucy's pussy.

"Uurrggh," Lucy was heard to say as he thrust into her a second time.
Physically, she was not fully prepared as her pussy was still not wet. He
had not provided enough time, or stimulation, to give her sufficient vaginal
lubrication. "Uuurrgh," she said as he thrust into her still dry pussy once

Arthur withdrew his cock and spit on it several times to give it some
much needed lubrication. It seemed to do the trick as he glided in and out
of her pussy with relative ease with each successive thrust.

Lucy's attempts to keep the three men occupied with her, instead of her
sister, were soon proven to be a complete failure. From the positions
the men had taken, Victor was the "odd man out". He could not easily get
access to one of Lucy's holes. "I just titty-fucked you anyway, you ho,"
he silently muttered to himself. He glanced over at Mary who looked to
be "all alone". He decided to give her some company.

Victor approached Mary, who was practically dangling from the ceiling
crossbeam. He softly caressed her young body, tracing her silhouette with
his fingertips. He placed his mouth on her right breast and began sucking.
This action sent Mary swaying back and she struggled to get her footing
again. He gently placed her nipple between his teeth as he lowered his
hands down the small of her back until they reached her firm ass. He then
gave her two quick squeezes.

Mary was in a bit of a dilemma (once again). She was in a great deal of
discomfort and was not sure when the "great deal of discomfort" would turn
into a "great deal of pain". When she attempted to stand, she placed all
her weight on her toes, which quickly fatigued her legs. If she decided
to just "hang" like dead weight, it quickly placed strain on her arms,
shoulders and neck. All this, plus she was still blindfolded and gagged.
She could not tell who was manhandling her, where they were coming from or
when they were coming at her.

Her current assailant moved behind her and cupped both her breasts from
behind. He then began to stroke her pussy as he placed two fingers inside
her womanhood. She felt his stiffening cock rubbing against her ass cheeks.
"Oh, please, please, please! Not the ass again! Not the ass!" she prayed
in desperation. Her wish seemed to be fulfilled as Victor moved in front
of Mary once again. The next thing she felt was Victor's cock entering her
as he lifted her up and dropped her firmly on his erection.

They began to fuck in the standing position. He lifted her up by her ass and
released her to come down squarely on his cock. Thrust, lift, drop! Thrust,
lift, drop! This was the method employed for her current fuck session. Though
Mary hated to admit it, she preferred this to her alternative - just hanging
from the ceiling. She felt no pain or discomfort in her legs, arms or neck.
Her current rapist, whomever it was, was supporting all her weight when he
lifted her up and down.

In the meantime, Lucy was still being double-teamed. Arthur was nearing the
conclusion of his current romp with Lucy and prepared to unleash his load.
Lucy knew from his body gestures and voice that he was getting ready to
climax. She prepared herself to take a load on her back or in her face; like
she had become accustomed to during the many other times she was forced to
have sex with these men.

She felt his body quivering but never received the expected cum package.
Still, she awaited the unwanted sperm load. Nothing! No gooey mess to wipe
off her body! No sticky residue left to clean up! It then occurred to her
why she did not get a sticky facial. He just emptied his man batter directly
into her vagina! He probably just got her pregnant! She might have some
bastard child of a social deviant! Her wandering thoughts betrayed her as
she accidentally closed her jaws; thinking the inconceivable thoughts which
now raced through her head.

"AAAHHHHH," screamed Habib as both his hands went to his penis to comfort his
damaged member. "AAHHH," he let out again as rolled into the fetal position.
"You stupid mother fucking bitch. I'll kill you for that," he ranted to Lucy
as he kicked her in the face. She went flying over one of the coffee tables.
"Ooohh," he moaned as the initial throbbing pain continued.

"You guys stay here," the leader instructed his men when he heard Habib's
screams. He quickly exited the study and joined the fracas in the living

"I'm gonna gut you from earlobe to asshole, bitch. That I promise," Habib
snarled to Lucy. He stood Lucy up and delivered a powerful blow that sent her
reeling towards the fireplace. She hit her head on one of the stone tiles and
was quickly rendered unconscious.

The leader took care of the situation as best he could. Lucy was put in the
study where he could keep an eye on her. Mary was left alone hanging in the
living room - until they wanted her again. Habib was given some Tylenol and
sent to rest in one of the bedrooms after a makeshift bandage was applied
to his penis. He was going to need stitches but the group couldn't afford
to leave just yet. One of his men had been taken out of action; an event
which was not anticipated. This frigging Camden family was messing up his

They were going to "pay double" for messing up HIS plans! No more "Mr. Nice
Guy". They were going to pay, and they were going to pay dearly!


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