This story contains graphic sexual situations, if
you are under age or easily offended. Stop reading

By Wonder Mike

Ruthie Camden: Simon, it's for you.

Simon: Hold on Ruthie, I'm coming.

The phone had been ringing off the hook for Simon ever since his Mom Annie had told everyone he was a virgin.

It was a blessing in disguise, at first he was teased, then
the girls started asking him out, it was confusing, but
he was more popular than ever.

Lucy Camden couldn't stand it, she already hated her brother for being more poplar than she was, now every girl
in school was throwing themselves at him, it was making her sick.

Lucy knew she could always go to her dad when something
troubled her, she went to his office.

Lucy told Eric what was bothering her, he tried not to laugh, it wasn't a big deal.

Lucy told him it wasn't fair that a boy virgin is popular and a girl virgin is shunned, she was going to go out and
have sex.

Eric told her sex without love is an empty feeling, Lucy
leaned over and kissed him, Lucy knew that she wanted her
first to be someone she loved.

Eric thanked her for the kiss, Lucy told him she wanted him
and wrapped her arms around him, Eric tried to pull away.

Lucy grabbed her father by the ass, he wasn't going anywhere, Eric pushed harder, this was so wrong.

Lucy squeezed his ass harder, Eric leaned back and pushed
her harder, his hands brushed against her perfectly round

He couldn't help but notice how his little girl had developed, as he was distracted, Lucy shoved her hands down
his pants and grabbed his cock.

She wrapped her hands around it and began to stoke it, Eric
began to shake, he was losing control, Eric leaned over
and kissed his middle daughter on the cheek,
Lucy leaned back and looked at him, he then kissed her on the lips.

Lucy began to pull away, her father shoved his tongue into her mouth, he began to lick her tongue, Lucy began to
suck on his tongue.

Eric grabbed her by the ass and pulled her closer, her giant round breast rubbed against his chest, he began to
squeeze her cheeks.

Lucy: I didn't know your cock was so big, I can't get my fingers around it.

Eric: I know it's big, I want you to pump your hand up and down, that's right, just like that.

Eric began to unbutton her shirt, her giant tits hung free, Eric leaned over and put one of her nipples into his

Lucy moaned as her father licked all around her nipple, her face was flushed, it felt good, it was dirty.

Eric: I want you to lift up your other breast and put it in
your mouth, I want you to lick your nipple just like I'm

Lucy did as she was told, she began to suck her nipple, she
was becoming weak in the knees, Eric slipped his hands down
the front of her pants.

Lucy began to shake as he rubbed her clit, she spread her legs wider apart, Eric moved her panties to one side
and slipped two fingers inside of her.

He began to twist and turn his fingers inside of her, Lucy
swayed from side to side, he shoved his fingers as far
inside of her as they would go

He pumped his fingers deep inside of her, she began to squat up and down on them, Eric pulled his fingers out and
checked for blood.

His fingers were clean, Lucy told him she had broken her
hymen with a catsup bottle, Eric was disappointed, he told her Mary had done the same thing, he then lowered
her to her knees.

Lucy pulled his cock out, it was over ten inches and fat, it was bigger than to catsup bottle, she was scared, Eric
told her she had to get it wet.

He tilted her head back and popped her mouth open, he slowly began to work his cock down her throat, Lucy
closed her eyes, he massaged her breast.

Lucy took his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke, Eric grabbed her by her ponytail and forced her head
down further, he soon had all ten inches down her throat.

Eric pulled his cock out of her throat, he told her she was ready, he spun her around and bent her over, he
mounted her from behind and slammed his cock all the way inside her pussy on the first stroke.

Lucy cried out as her father penetrated her, she learched back until her ass was resting against his legs, Eric
began pumping his cock into her, the sound of his balls slapping against her ass echoed throughout the office.

Eric grabbed her ponytail with both hands and yanked her head back, he ordered his daughter to ride her, Lucy
began to slam back onto his cock, this was just what she wanted.

Lucy slammed back harder and faster onto his cock Eric began to moan, this was one of the tightest cunts he had
ever had, even tighter than the choir, he didn't know how long he could last.

Lucy began wiggling her ass from side to she was a quick study he was so proud, he was going to blow his load
inside his own little girl.

Lucy didn't want to be impregnated yet, and not by her father, she pulled away from his and spun around, she
shoved his cock all the way down her throat and began to stroke it.

Eric began to shake as the first stream of cum shot out
and into Lucy's mouth, she began to gag and pulled the cock
out, the rest splattered off her face, dripping across her

I'm telling.

Eric and Lucy looked up to see Ruthie running out of the office, They started to run after her, Eric tripped over his
pants though, Lucy ran outside, but quickly realized she was almost naked and had cum running down her chin,
Ruthie was out of site already.

Eric drove Lucy home, they arrove just before Ruthie did, he took his youngest daughter and carried her to her
bedroom, he ordered her to be quiet.

Eric explained to her that if she told her mother Annie, the family would be broken apart, Ruthie didn't care, first it
was always about Mary, now Lucy, she was tired off being left out, she was a big girl now, she wanted him to do
the same thing to her or she was telling.

Lucy told her she was too young, Ruthie screamed she wasn't, She called out for her Mom, Eric quickly agreed to
give it to her.

Ruthie unbuttoned her shirt, she didn't have any breast yet, she hoped one day to have hooters like Lucy and
Mary one day, Eric did too.

Eric pulled his little girl in front of her, he reached into his pants and pulled out his cock, it was right at eye level
for her.

Ruthie wrapped both her hands around the cock, her fingers
still weren't touching, Lucy leaned over and shoved her
how to stroke it, Ruthie already knew.

Ruthie worked her hands up and down on her dads cock, Lucy
than leaned over and popped the tip of his cock into her
mouth, she worked her lips up and down until the cock was
rock hard.

Ruthie pulled the cock out of her sisters mouth, she began
licking up and down the shaft, she was afraid it was too
big to get into her mouth.

Eric put his hands behind her neck and guided his cock down
Ruthie's throat, it slide in easily.

Eric: Ruthie, I want you to use your tongue as you suck it,
that's right, make your father proud, Lucy, I want you to
lick my balls as your sister sucks my cock.

Lucy and Ruthie did as they were instructed, Eric ran his hands through both girls hair. "I wish Mary was here" he

Eric: Lucy, I want you to stick a finger into Ruthie's pussy.

Lucy slipped a finger inside of her sister, she began
to wiggle it around, Ruthie scrunched her face, it felt

Lucy slipped a second finger into her little sisters cunt,
Ruthie Moaned, it felt good now, Lucy began to work a third
finger into her pussy.

It was a tight fit, Lucy began to twist and turn her fingers until she worked all three of them all the way inside her
pussy, Ruthie was moaning now.

Lucy spun her fingers all the way around inside of Ruthie,
Eric jammed his cock all the way down her throat, Ruthie
had her first ever orgasm.

Lucy was so proud she was the one to give Ruthie her
first, she pulled her fingers out, the cum dripped off
of them.

Eric: I think your ready now Ruthie.

He laid on his back and told Ruthie to stand
over his cock, Ruthie began to jump up and down
and clap, she was so ready.

Ruthie straddled his cock, Lucy guided it into her
pussy, Ruthie began to scream, Lucy covered her
mouth to keep her quiet.

Ruthie slowly lowered herself onto Eric's fat cock,
he began to grunt, her pussy was like a vice, Lucy
began to push her sister down onto her father.

Ruthie screamed as she hit bottom, she had taken
all of her father's cock, she clapped her hands
again, she had done it.

Lucy tucked her hands under Ruthie's armpits,
she began to lift her, Eric grabbed her around
the waist.

Eric and Lucy began to lift Ruthie up and down,
Ruthie bit her lips to keep from screaming, her
cum was dripping down Eric's cock.

Eric: I want you to ride me by yourself.

Ruthie planted her feet on his legs, she began
to slowly bounce up and down.

Ruthie was cumming again, Lucy began to help
her again, Ruthie was slamming up and down on
her dad's cock now

Lucy spun her around on his cock, she was
now facing her dad, he leaned over and
jammed his tongue down her throat.

Lucy jammed two fingers into Ruthie's
ass, Ruthie began to shake, she had another
giant orgasm, her world was spinning around.

Eric was about to cum also, Lucy saw it in
his eyes, she lifted Ruthie off his cock.

Lucy told her sister to open her mouth, she
grabbed Eric's cock and quickly stroked it, she
pointed it at Ruthie's mouth.

Eric began to cum, he shot his load directly
into Ruthie's mouth, she tried to close it,
Eric shoved his cock all the way down her throat.

Ruthie began to gag, she had no choice but
to swallow his load, Eric held her by the head
until he finished.

Eric looked into the doorway and saw his wife
Annie standing with her mouth open.

Annie: I thought we were going to wait for this,
I am so disappointed in you.

Eric: This isn't what it looks like.

Ruthie screamed don't be mad, the cum dripping
out of her mouth.

Annie: Don't waste that, she ran over and scooped
some cum out of Ruthie's mouth, she held it up
and let it drip into Lucy's mouth.

Annie: You know what I have to do now don't you.

Eric: Yes I do, Simon, we need you here.



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