This is a story involving the characters from the TV show 7th Heaven and is
about an ordinary day at the Camdens.

7th Heaven (Mf,mF,mmmmF,mm,mf,mg,inc)
by Storytrade

It was 7pm at the Camden household and Simon's girlfriend Dena was just
dropped off at their house to stay the night, since her parents were going
out of town. Rev. and Mrs. Camden were very willing to let Dena stay over.
They let her stay in Simon's room, while he stayed with Matt. Everyone went
to sleep pretty early that night. But around 3am Dena heard a noise that
scared her, so she decided to sneak into Matt's room to see Simon. Both Matt
and Simon were sharing a big bed and both guys were sleeping their boxers.

Dena snuck into the room and saw the two guys sleeping quietly. She decided
to crawl on the bed and tickle Simon. But when she lifted the blanket she
noticed that both boys were wearing their boxers. Dena also noticed that
Matt had a large buldge in his boxers, while Simon did not. Having taken
sex-ed Dena knew what the buldge was and wanted to get a better look at her
boyfriend's older brother, so she carefully lifted the waistband of his
boxers, revealing a soft 6.5 inch penis. It was the first penis that Dena
had ever seen, she was shocked at the size. She decided that she also wanted
to see what Simon's looked like.

When she pulled back his boxers, she saw that his was much smaller, infact
it was only about 1 inch long, soft. Seeing that caused her to giggle a
little. She decided that she liked the big one that Matt had better, so she
decided to get a closer look. She began to play with the shaft, pulling it
up and down. She also enjoyed tickling the two walnuts that were attached
to the shaft. Slowly the 6.5 inch penis grew to 9 inches in length.

Dena decided that she wanted to taste Matt's penis, so she began to lick his
dick. Meanwhile Matt was still dreaming, and had no idea what was going on.
But his body began to move up and down in a humping motion. This caused his
dick to slip into little 13 yr old Dena's mouth. As Matt's dream continued,
he began to whisper, "fuck me, oh fuck me, please." For some reason, Dena
felt compelled to listen to him, so she stopped sucking him and pulled down
her underwear. Then she got on top of Matt, placing her virgin vagina over
Matt's 9 inch cock. Carefully she slowly lowered her body onto Matt's huge
rod. After an inch or so, she felt his dick pressing against her hymen. But
Matt began to move his body up and down, breaking through Dena's virginity.
This caused Dena to let out a moan, which woke up Simon.

Simon could not believe what he was seeing, his girlfriend was fucking his
brother, while he slept in the bed next to them. Simon was very upset and
began to yell at Dena. This woke up Matt, who did not know what was going
on. After 30 seconds or so, he realized that he was fucking someone, but
not just anyone, he was fucking his little brother's 13 yr old girlfriend.
That realization caused him to shoot his load inside of her.

Simon could not believe what Dena had done. She cheated on him with his own
brother. Matt and Dena both tried to apologize but Simon refused to listen,
he was determined to get back at Dena, but he didn't know how. The following
day he overheard Lucy on the phone with her boyfriend Jordan. They were
arguing over having sex. Simon realized that Lucy was still a virgin and
wanted to have sex with Jordan, but he did not want to, so she was mad at
him. This gave Simon a good idea. He went to Lucy with a proposition, she
could get back and Jordan for not having sex with her and he could get back
at Dena. Lucy hesitantly agreed to have sex with her little brother Simon.
So they both stripped and were standing in Lucy's room naked. They got on
to her bed and Simon slowly got on top of Lucy, carefully placing the tip of
his little 4 inch penis inside of Lucy's virgin pussy. As Simon slowly
pushed his little cock inside of Lucy, he felt her cherry, but pushed right
passed it, taking his sister's virginity. While they were having sex, Lucy
called Jordan to tell him that she found someone else who would fuck her,
since he wouldn't. All Jordan could hear was Lucy's moaning. Then Simon
called Dena to tell her that he found someone to have sex with him too.
Both Jordan and Dena were very upset with Lucy and Simon for having sex.

As Simon began to cum inside of Lucy, Ruthie walked in the room and just
stared at her two siblings fucking. She was so turned on, that when Simon
was finished, she decided that it was her turn to fuck Simon, so before he
could say anything to her, Ruthie had stripped her clothes and was forcing
her tight little 7 yr old pussy on top of her 13 yr old brother's dick.
Simon tore through Ruthie's hymen, but before he could shoot his load off,
Matt walked in. Matt could not believe what he was seeing, his brother was
fucking their 7 yr old sister. Matt was very mad, he assumed that Simon had
forced Ruthie to fuck him as a way to get back at Dena. Matt was so angry
that he pulled Simon off Ruthie. He began to yell at Simon and told him that
she is too young to have sex and so is he. Matt then asked Simon how he
would like it, if he were raped. Simon just sat their, so Matt pushed Simon
on the bed and undid his own pants revealing a 9 incher. Matt then got on
top of Simon and began to fuck Simon up the ass. Matt tore through Simon's
virgin ass, ripping Simon apart. After fucking Simon's ass for 5 minutes,
Matt shot his load inside of his little brother. What Matt did not know, was
that Mary had seen him fucking their little brother. She was now worried
that Matt was gay, and she knew that their parents would not like having a
gay son, so she decided to fuck Matt, in order to turn him straight.

Later that night, Mary snuck into Matt's room and began to suck on his dick.
Mary was a very good cocksucker, her ex-boyfriend had taught her well. But
he was not nearly as big as Matt, so she was unable to deepthroat him the way
she had deepthroated Wilson. Matt began to wake up, while Mary was sucking
him. He quickly realized what was going on, but decided to pretend to be
asleep and see what Mary was going to do. After sucking on Matt's cock for
a couple more minutes, Mary decided to fuck Matt. She lowered her body on to
his, the way Dena had done, the only difference was that while Mary was also
a virgin, she was not nearly as tight as Dena, but it still felt good. So
Mary fucked Matt for 3 minutes, before she began to cum, which caused him to
cum also.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Dena were both trying to figure out how to get back at
Simon and Lucy. They thought about having sex with one another, but then
decided that instead they would have sex with Rev. and Mrs. Camden. Dena
went over to the church to try and seduce Rev. Camden. She came in and told
him she had a problem. She said that she had a crush on another boy besides
Simon and wanted to tell him, but didn't know how. Rev. Camden told her to
just tell the boy. So with that Dena stepped closer to Rev. Camden and
kissed him right on the lips. Before he could stop her, Dena had slipped
her hands down his pants, and was holding his 7 inch cock. It felt so good
to have this 13 yr old girl holding his cock. He then decided that he wanted
to see her little tits, so he removed her shirt and little bra. Her tits
were so tiny, yet they were so cute, so he began to lick them all over.

He then pulled down her pants and panties and saw that her pussy had only a
little peach fuzz on it. He assumed she was a virgin so he began to lick her
pussy in order to make her wet enough to fuck him. He caused her to cum
while eating her out. Then he placed her on top of his desk and placed his
dick at the entrance to her pussy. As he pushed his dick inside of Dena, he
realized that she had been fuck before, and by a fairly large dick. At first
he thought she may have fucked Simon, but then realized that Simon's dick
would not have been big enough to open her up this much.

Meanwhile at Jordan's house, the doorbell rang and it was Mrs. Camden, whom
he called over to talk about his relationship with Lucy. He told her that
Lucy had continued to pressure him to have sex, but he refused, because he
knew that her parents would not be happy if she were having sex. Then he
told her that it was getting tough refusing to have sex with Lucy and that he
needed to have sex with someone real soon or he would have to take Lucy up on
her offer. Mrs. Camden volunteered to have sex with Jordan in order to
prevent him from having sex with her daughter. So Mrs. Camden stripped and
then began to undo Jordan's pants, revealing a nice 6 inch cock. Mrs. Camden
liked what she saw and decided to fuck Jordan on the coach right there. She
told him that she preferred doggie style, so he got behind her and began to
fuck her. He lasted for over 20 minutes, causing her to cum 3 times, before
he finally came. After they were finished Jordan told Mrs. Camden the truth,
that Lucy had already had sex and he was just trying to get back at her. But
Jordan did not tell Mrs. Camden who Lucy had sex with and Mrs. Camden did not

But what she did ask Jordan shocked him, she asked Jordan to arrange a
gang-bang with him and atleast 3 other teenagers who could fuck her the way
he did. Jordan decided to only call people who knew Mrs. Camden, so he
called Wilson, Mary's exboyfriend, and Jimmy Moon and Rod, Lucy's two
ex-boyfriends. They all jumped on the chance to fuck Mrs. Camden. They all
arrived at Jordan's house within 1 hour. At first Mrs. Camden asked them to
all strip so she could see what they each had. Wilson had a 6.5 inch cock,
while Rod's was 5.5 inches. Jimmy Moon was the biggest shock though, since
he had a 8.5 inch cock, which was thicker then her wrist. Everyone just
stared at how big Jimmy was. She told them that she wanted one guy in each
hole and one in her hand. So Wilson decided to fuck her up the ass, while
Jordan decided he wanted her mouth, leaving her pussy for Jimmy's huge dick.
Since Rod was the smallest, he just got a handjob out of it. Rod was also
the first to cum, after just 2 minutes. Next to cum was Jordan, who came in
her mouth, in just over 5 minutes. Both Wilson and Jimmy continued to fuck
her. After 10 minutes, Mrs. Camden finally came, which caused Wilso to cum
in her ass. Jimmy continued to fuck her for the next 35 more minutes,
causing her to cum 3 more times. Finally he shot his load inside of her.
She then got cleaned up and went home.

When she arrived home, she did not mention anything about her day. Neither
did Rev. Camden or any of the Camden Children. At dinner that night, they
all just said they had a normal day, nothing special occurred. It was just
another day at the Camden house.

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