7th Heaven: Mary's Afternoon Of Horror (mmmF,ncon)
by NuggettDane ([email protected])

Mary Camden was out beside her house shooting baskets on a nice warm spring
afternoon, with not a care in the world. Little did she know that before the
day was over how her world would be turned upside down. That Saturday would
be the last day of her innocence.

Keith Davis, Tom Sanders, and Rick Fuller, three juniors who went to school
with Mary's younger brother Simon, were on there way over to pay him a visit.
Simon had become convinced they were really interested in being friends with
him, but little did he realize they really just liked checking out his
sisters. In fact after each time they would stop by they would talk amongst
themselves about how hot Mary, Lucy and even Little Ruthie were. And all
three guys would go into detail about what they would do to them if they ever
got any of them alone.

Rick always seemed to want to talk about getting his mouth around Lucy's
gorgeous melons. He'd tell his friends how he would first suck on them and
then give her a fierce titty fucking. Keith and Tom would always agree that
they would also love to do that and if the chance ever arose they'd jump at
it. They all agreed they bang the shit out of her given the opportunity.

Keith really freaked them out one day when he told them how he would love to
fuck Ruthie's little ass. He told them he'd had fantasies about shoving his
meat up her poopshoot and hearing her scream. Even to that they seemed to
love the idea of.

But of the three Camden girls they wanted to have the most they all wanted
Mary. For one thing she was older then them and the idea of doing an older
woman seemed so hot. Plus they figured that since she was older she probably
wasn't a virgin and she could most likely teach them a thing or two. Not to
mention she had an incredible body. Nice long legs that would feel great
wrapped around your waist and a mouth just made for sucking cock.

Yeah if they only had the chance at one of the girls they'd take it in a
minute, take it whether any of them liked it or not. Soon their chance at
one of them would come true, and they would get the chance to live out one
of their fantasies of fucking one of the Camden honeys.

Coming around the corner of the Camden house to the backyard they heard the
sound of a basketball bouncing and then witnessed something that just about
made their mouths water. For there was Mary in a tight pair of shorts with
her ass looking finger licking good and her tits wrapped in a tee-shirt
giving putting her knockers on display. All three guys quickly stopped short,
their mouths just hanging open.

"Huh, hi Mary, how's it going," Tom was finally able to stammer out.

Mary kind of jumped when he spoke. Grabbing the basketball, she turned and
said "Oh I guys, what's up?"

"Well we stopped by to talk to Simon, is he home?" asked Sanders.

"Nope sorry he left about 20 minutes ago with my folks and Ruthie and I'm not
really sure when they'll be back to tell you the truth."

"So why are you out here shooting hoops all by yourself?" Asked Fuller.

"Well as you can see theirs nobody else around so I guess I don't have any
choice now do I?" replied Mary.

"What about us?" Asked Sanders, how about a little two on two?

"Alright your on" Mary shot back, with a little grin her face.

Soon the four had paired up into two groups, Mary and Tom against Keith and
Rick. The four went at it pretty hard in the game and before long all of them
were sitting down thoroughly worn out. When Keith asked if he could have a
glass of water Mary decided to go one better and invite them in for a glass
of lemonade.

Just a few minutes later the four were sitting in the kitchen and talking.
She was telling them stories about when she was in high school and about her
basketball games. She spoke like high school was a lifetime ago, when in
reality she only graduated a year before. Then the guys started asking
questions about her love life in high school. What guys she had the hots for
and had dated and what not. At first Mary didn't think to much about what
they were asking about, but then the questions started to get a little more

"So Mary, who was he? You know the lucky guy?"

"Hum what guy?" she asked.

"You know?"

"No I don't know."

"Oh give it up Mary you know damn well what I mean, I mean who was your
first? As in who got your cherry?"

Now Mary was pissed. "I don't think that's really in of your business, in
fact I think it's time you boys left."

"Now Mary come on, you don't really want us to leave now do you?" smirked

"Yes as a matter of fact I do" she said.

"I got a better idea sweet thing, why don't you show us your bedroom and
we'll show you an afternoon you wont soon forget."

"That's it, I want all of you out" She said getting out of her chair.

"Can I show you what I want baby cakes" said Rick has he walked up behind her
wrapping his arm around her upper body. As he spoke he began to grind his
crotch against her ass. Mary tried her best to break free but Rick was too
strong, as he held her from behind and dry humped her.

As he held her Tom and Keith walked up to her from the front and started
feeling her up. Keith was squeezing her breasts as Mary kept struggling try
to break free. Then all of a sudden Tom put his hand between Mary's legs and
started rubbing her pussy through her pants. This really caused her to start
fighting and trying to break free.

As he played with her cunt Tom started talking to her real nasty. "Come on
Mary give it up, you know your loving it!"

"Let me go you pigs" She said as she continued to struggle. Mary had no idea
how to get these guys to quit. And she also knew she was in deep trouble if
she couldn't find a way to.

"You know guys maybe we should take miss Mary upstairs and have a little fun
with her, I'm sure she wont mind, will you sweetheart?" said Tom.

"You fuckers better let me go, HELP!" she started screaming.

"Man shut the bitch up" Rick said has he kept his grip around her.

Quickly Tom grabbed a washcloth and shoved it in her mouth to keep her quiet.
When he was done he looked at Keith and Rick and said "Lets take the cunt up
to her room and fuck her brains out."

Rick nodded his head and just said "Oh yeah, man are you gonna be sweet."

Dragging her to the stairs she fought the entire way. Once they got to stairs
Tom realized an easier way to get her up without the chance of her breaking
free. He hauled off and punched her in the stomach knocking all the wind out
of her. Then with Rick holding her upper body Tom grabbed her legs and they
picked her up and carried her up the stairs.

As they got her to the second floor Tom dropped her legs and then pointed to
one of the bedrooms and said "That's the sluts room, lets take her in their
and fuck her on her bed."

In a handful of seconds Rick had succeed in dragging Mary into the room that
Tom had pointed to. Once in their he threw Mary face down on the bed and then
said "Come on guys lets get her naked."

Rick straddled her legs and held her legs in place as the other two went to
work undressing her. Keith grabbed her wrists and held them as Tom pulled her
shirt up and then over her head. Roughly grabbing her waist he instructed the
other guys to help flip her over. Once they had her on her back Tom grabbed
the front of her bra and with one vicious yank he tore it off her. As Mary's
large breasts feel out she heard Rick say "Damn look at those pretty tities."

"Hold her tight boys" said Tom as he moved down to her feet. He grabbed her
right foot and quickly pulled off her tennis shoe and then did the same to
her left foot. The he grabbed the tops of both her socks and jerked them off
her. Once he was done with that he instructed Rick to move down and hold her

Mary tried her damnest to scream for help but found it impossible with the
washcloth stuck in her mouth. With Rick now holding her ankles, Tom leered
down on her and said "well boys it looks like we only have a couple more
obstacles before we get the chance at fucking one of Simon's hot ass sisters.

"Come on man get the bitch's shorts off, I want to see her pussy" Keith said.

"No problem", and with that Tom reached up and grabbed the top of Mary's
short pulled down her shorts and panties in one jerk.

From there he wrapped his hand around the back of Mary's head and jerked it
up to talk to her. "Now baby doll we can do this one of two ways, you can lay
there like a good little girl and gives us what we want or we can take it,
either way the results the same, were all going to fuck you. But understand
something, if we have to take it were going to hurt you severely. It's your

"Rick spread her wide" he said has he maneuvered himself between her pretty
legs, leering down he looked her in the eyes and told her to relax, "cause
your going to love this."

By this time Mary was crying was uncontrollable, has she wailed into the rag
in her mouth. Although the guys didn't know it, despite her somewhat wild
reputation, and the fact that while she had her share of boyfriends in
school she was still a virgin and had wanted to remain that way till she was
married. But now it was obvious she had no choice in the decision, she was
going have her virginity ripped from her.

By now Tom had forced the head of his cock into her dry, tight fuck hole.
Placing his hands on her shoulders he attempted to just ram it in her, but
could only get in a few inches. "Damn this bitch is tight" he hollered out.

From behind him he heard Rick say "You don't think this cunts a virgin do

Turning around Tom said "Who knows maybe she is, only one way to find out."
Rising up he slid his meat out of her and then spit on his palm and wiped the
spit on the head of his cock, "That should do the trick". For the second time
Tom forced his cock into her. Sliding his hands under her shoulder blades for
leverage he reared back and with all the strength in his legs he drove the
full length of his manhood into Mary's pussy. In doing so he viciously shred
her hymen and took her virgin cherry.

"Man the bitch is bleeding, she was a fucking virgin!" Rick hollered.

With the thought that he had just broke her in going through his mind Tom
began to fuck her without mercy. Over and over he jabbed his rod in her as
she lay beneath him crying and shaking. Looking down in her eyes he laughed
and said "I never would have thought you were a cherry, in fact I figured
you've done been around more then a merry-go-round. You realize now you'll
remember me forever don't you? Cause you know what they say bitch you never
forget your first." After what seemed liked to Mary to be an eternity Tom
finally started ejaculating in her. Finally he was done, she prayed the
others would take some mercy on her and leave her alone.

But this was not to be. As Tom pulled out of her, he simply said "Next" and
with that one little word she knew this nightmare was no where near being

Tom switched places with Rick and Mary shuddered knowing the worst was ahead.
Climbing in between her thighs he told he "Now whore your going to really
learn what it means to get fucked". While his cock wasn't has big as Tom's
it was a hell of a lot thicker. That combined with the fact that he seemed
intent on seeing how much pain he could inflict on her newly deflowered
vagina, Rick hammered her box harder then Tom did. Going to great lengths to
pummel her, he would pull his cock out till only the head was still in, then
he would spear it in as she yelped. Grabbing her head on both sides he began
to lick her tears off her face as she lay there crying. After about ten
minutes Rick's sperm joined Tom's in Mary's cunt.

"Well Mary two down only one to go," laughed Tom. As a spent Rick climbed
off Mary he changed places with Keith so he could take a turn riding the Mary
express. In no time Keith had his pants off and he was on top of her to see
what he could do to add to her discomfort. By now there was no more fight
left in her so she just lay on her back waiting to fucked again.

It didn't take long before Keith had shoved his prick in her and was going
to town. However between watching his friends bang Mary and the excitement
of waiting for his chance to fuck a girl he had previously only dreamed about
getting inside of it didn't take long for him to peak and blow his load.
Pulling out of her he chuckled and said "now that was some mighty fine pussy,
thanks sugar."

"You know boys we find a way to show our hostess some appreciation for the
enjoyable afternoon that she showed us" said Tom.

"Well how do we do that" asked Rick.

With Mary curled up into a ball crying, Tom walked over to her dresser and
picked up a bottle of hand lotion and then walked back to the bed where the
lovely Camden girl and his friends were. "How do we show her, well how about
we take her for a little ride up the ole dirt road, he asked with a sadistic
grin on his face. Although she didn't know it Mary was fixing to feel pain
that would make the agony of losing her virginity feel minor.

"Ok boys get her face down." Mary at first couldn't comprehend what they had
in mind for her, she would find in short order. Rick and Keith grabbed her
and flipped her over onto her face and then each grabbed an arm and held her
face down on the bed. Tom then sat on her legs pinning them under him. Once
on top of her he squirted some lotion on his index finger of his right hand
and then started sliding his finger into her anal canal.

To this intense pain Mary could do nothing but lay on her stomach, with her
face buried in a pillow crying. Tom realizing the pain he was causing Mary,
from the fierce finger fucking he was giving her ass, started to increase
the pace of the finger banging. To add insult to injury Tom began to taunt
her. "So what's the matter sweetie? Ain't you enjoying my finger?"

"Maybe she just wants something a little bigger in her butt" said Rick.

Looking up to his friend Tom laughed and said "You know guy I think your
right, and I defiantly don't want to disappoint." With that Tom pulled his
finger out of Mary and then placed his cockhead in the opening of Mary's
bunghole. When he did this Mary quickly came to grips with what was about
to happen. She started to really try and fight her way up. But between the
three brutal rapes she had already suffered and the fact that she had three
much stronger guys holding her down she never had a chance.

"Fuck this is going to be awesome" gloated Tom as he forced his cock deep
into her bowels. Griping her shoulders he began pulling his cock out of her
and then driving it back in as hard as he could. Each time it would drive in
to her a little bit deeper. The entire time she wailed and hollered into the
washcloth stuffed in her mouth. Suddenly Tom hands squeezed her shoulders
and let out a deep moan and she felt his sperm squirting into her rear. After
he was done he just lay on top completely exhausted. For Tom that was easily
the most incredible fucking his dick had ever felt.

Reaching over and slapping him on the back Rick said "Come on fucker get off
I want to ride her ass now."

"All yours my man, enjoy." said Tom as he got off Mary. Although he was the
first of the three to tag Mary's asshole, in fact the first to ever have that
honor, he knew that the raping he had given her wasn't going to compare to
the way he knew Rick would take her. For he had witnessed his friend fuck
several girls, some against their will, and he knew how brutal he could be.

"Ok bitch prepare for the ass fucking of a lifetime" exclaimed Rick. He
figured that since Tom had already blown his wad in her butt there would be
no need for lubrication. Plus he thought without it there would be even more
pain for Mary. And Rick was not above hurting a girl while in the process
of fucking them, in fact causing them pain always made the experience more
enjoyable for him.

First he shoved the head of his cock into her behind, pausing only for a
second to rev up for the assault. Without warning he lurched forward driving
his whole cock deep into her ass. Tom and Keith could barely hold Mary down
as she began to buck and try to break free. Rick was clearly showing no mercy
to her butt, as he raped it with long vicious deep thrusts. He was thoroughly
enjoying himself and wanted to make this last as long as his cock would hold
out. After what seemed like hours to the poor girl Rick finally stated to cum
in her ass. Pulling his cock out of her, he really threw in the humiliation
when he patted her rump and told her she was a good girl.

Next up to bat was Keith. He found it strange how he started to feel kind of
sorry for Mary, being held down and fucked continually. But while he might
feel sorry for her it was not about to keep him from taking his turn at
fucking her. She was too good to pass up. He got on his knees between her
legs from behind. Reaching down he griped her around the waist and preceded
to pull her up onto her knees. To weak to resist Mary just allowed herself
to be put in position for the next fucking she was about to be given.

From there Keith grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pried them apart
and shoved his penis into her well lubed ass. Then he wrapped his arms around
her waist and started fucking her ass hardcore style. One thrust caused Mary
to scream so loud that the washcloth in her mouth flew out.

"Oh god please stop! She cried out. "Your killing me".

"Shut the bitch up" said Rick.

"I got just the thing" replied Tom as he shoved his dick in her mouth while
she was hollering for help. Looking down on her Tom told her "You know you
look good with a cock in your mouth."

Keith had always dreamed of fucking Mary's hot ass when they went to school
together. He'd see her walking down the hallways, her ass swaying back and
forth and would fantasize about what it would feel like having his cock in
between those two glorious half moons. Now here he was fulfilling that
fantasy. All of a sudden he felt his balls tighten and he started exploding
his wad in her ass. Reaching up further on her body he grabbed her tits and
reamed her asshole out with this malemeat. Then he slid out of her.

Tom still had his cock buried down her throat and although he had already
blown two loads in her he knew another was on it's way. Gripping her on both
sides of her head he fiercely drilled his cock back and forth into her mouth.
In no time at all he began to feel the boil in his crotch and realized he was
getting ready to cum. He quickly slid his fingers into back of her hair and
wrapped his fist around it. With one last push down her throat he started
cuming once more. He blow one load in her mouth, laughing as she gagged on
it. But the second load he decided to have a little fun with. He jerked his
cock out of her mouth and blew sperm up her nose, which nearly caused her to
spasm trying to pull away. The last few drops of his wad he wiped off in her

Once Tom was done he got off the bed and then got dressed, by this time both
Rick and Keith were already back in their street cloths and were ready to
leave. "Hey Mary on behalf of me and my friends I want to thank you for a
most enjoyable afternoon" Tom said sarcastically. "I hope you had a good time

"You bastards will never get away with this" Mary said quietly, still rolled
up in a ball on the bed.

"Oh yes we will" Tom remarked walking back to her. "And do you want to know

Reaching down to her he grabbed her by the back of her head and started to
pull her up to a sitting position. "Here's why." with that Mary was forced
to look at the picture that he had in his hand. It was a picture of little
Ruthie. "If you tell anyone that we raped you bitch we will be back and the
next time it wont be you we go after it'll be this cute baby doll. And
believe me when I tell you what we'll do to her will make what we did to
you look like a walk in the park. Yeah me and my boys will fuck her ten way
to sundown. So just you remember that before you even think of hoping your
mouth, got it? I said got it!" As he said it again he shook her head

Nearly in tears Mary was able to mutter a defeated "Yes."

As Tom rose up off the bed he glanced over to Mary and said "Well, we got to
be going we got things to do, but if you ever want to play again you know how
to hold of us."

About an hour after the three had left Mary found herself sitting in the
shower crying. She had just experienced the worst day of her life and could
never tell a soul for fear that those animals would come back and do the
same, if not worse to Ruthie. And she could never let that happen.

So for the next two months she kept the dark secret or that horrible
afternoon to herself. But then one day she realized she may not be able to
do that for long. The reason? She had missed her period and she knew the
worse was yet to come, for apparently she was caring the child of one of
those pigs.


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