7th Heaven: Part 2 - Annie's Let In On A Big Secret (M/Ff,inc)
by NySGuY

7:45a.m. Monday. Annie had just sent all the kids off to school when she
remembered she didn't see Mary all morning. She walked upstairs to Mary's
room and there she was lying on her bed.

"Mary what are you doing? You're late for school."

"I'm not going mom."

"What's wrong?" Annie asked even though she already knew the answer. Annie
thought she should tell her. "Your father told me what happened."

With that, Mary quickly sat up.

"Mom, I didn't want to. He made me..."

"I know, I know. It's not your fault." Annie said. Annie looked at her
daughter. For some reason, the whole situation aroused her. She wondered if
she really did come like her husband said. "Honey, IM going to ask you a
question and be honest."

"Ok," replied Mary.

"Did you, even a little bit, enjoy what happened between you and your

"Mom, I didn't want...."

"Its ok," interrupted Annie. "I know, but did you get some pleasure from it?"

Mary just looked at her mother with her eyebrows raised. Silent.

"Your father said you came all over his face."

Mary looked at her mother and said, "I did."

Annie smiled as she said, "I knew it!"

"Mom, it was so hot. Oh god I loved it! I'm so sorry."

"Don't be, honey. It's natural. You couldn't help yourself."

Annie was getting hot as they talked so she wanted more. "So tell me more,
what did he do?"

"Oh mom, he ate my pussy like there was no tomorrow! And to feel his cock in
me was too much! Mom I loved it! And mom I would fuck him again!"

"Oh Mary!" Annie had lost all control of herself. She dived on top of her
daughter and began kissing her on her mouth, cheeks, neck, all over her face.
"Oh Mary you make me so hot I got to have you!"

Annie ripped off her blouse exposing her tits. She had planned to put a bra
on after she got the kids off to school, so now she didn't have one on. She
slammed her big right tit into Mary's mouth. "Suck mommy's breast, honey!"
Mary just started to suck her mother's breast bringing loud moans from Annie.
"Oh yes baby, suck my breast!" She wanted to eat her daughter's pussy. To see
her come just like her husband had said, but she was too hot. She immediately
pulled her panties off and hunched up her skirt. She climbed up and sat on
Mary's face. "Eat mommy's pussy! Oh please Mary, eat mommy's pussy!" She
started to grind her hips into Mary's face. Mary responded my eating her
mother's pussy. Mary had never eaten a girl out before but was sure she knew
how to do it. She grabbed her mother's hips and began to suck and slurp and
devour her mother's cunt. "Ohhhh godddddddddddddd Maaryyyyyyyyyy!
Yesssssssssssssss! Annie was rocking her hips back and forth as her daughter
ate her out. "Ohhhhhh Maaaaarrryyyy pllllleaaaasssseeeeee d-d-dont
st-st-stoppppp oooohhhhh yessssssss THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD!" she yelled as
she felt her orgasm build.

'Mrmph mrmph mrmph,' was coming from Mary as she ate. She slurped and
slobbered all over that cunt.

"Ohhhh Maaryyyyy I'm fucking commmmming! Aaaaghhhhhh!"

She rode her daughter's face hard and fast as she came all over it.

"Ohhhhh ggoddd! Maaaaaaarrrryyyy! You maade me commmme!"

Cum flooded Mary's face. It flowed all down her cheeks and chin. Cum gushed
all into Mary's hair. Mary was swallowing cum as her mother continued to
come, trembling on her face. Annie held her daughter's head as she continued
to pump onto her face. Finally her orgasm subsided and she collapsed next to
her. Reverend Camden had seen enough. As he jacked his dick at the stairs he
had to have Mary now. He walked into the room and stood in front of Mary
beside the bed. Mary looked at her father's hard cock. Her mouth was wide
opened. She couldn't believe he was standing there with his dick out. She sat
up and his dick was right in front of her face.

"Oh Mary," he said as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her open
mouth onto his dick. She began to suck. Annie also could not believe what was
happening, but sat and watched and moaned out load as she felt a second
orgasm come from nowhere.

"Oh Mary!" moaned Reverend Camden as Mary sucked his dick. He pushed her head
back and forth as she sucked him off. "Oohhhh Gooooddddd!" he began to pump
faster into her mouth as he felt his orgasm coming on. He pulled his dick out
of her mouth and it came out with a loud pop. He threw her back onto the bed
and reached down and pulled off her panties. As her beautiful teen ass came
into view, he almost came right then. He could not believe he was going to
fuck his own daughter. But he wanted to fuck her badly. And Annie wanted to
him to as well. She lay on the other side of the bed fingering her pussy. He
pulled her panties off, and got in between her legs. Mary wrapped her legs
around him as he drove his cock deep in his daughter's pussy.

"Ooohhhhhh!" they both yelled out as he plowed his cock in. He began to pump
his dick in and out of Mary with great fierce.

"Ohhhhhhh Maarrrrryyyyyy! Yesssssssss!" Mary moaned in pleasure, "Ohhhhhhhh
fuck me daddyyyyyyyy! Ohhhh uhhhhhhhh!" she rocked her hips up at him at
every thrust of his dick as he jackhammed his daughter. She dug into his
back as she felt her orgasm build. "Ohhhhhh daaaaddyyyyyyy I'm gonna

"Oohhhhh dadddddyyyy'sss gonnnaaaa c c c c commmmmmmme toooooooo!" he slammed
in and out of her pussy. He squeezed her teenage tits through her shirt as
he pulled out and shot his load all over Mary's spasming body.
"Aaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh shit yesssssssssssss! Ohhhhh Mary you made ddddaddddyy

He shot load after load of stick cum onto Mary's body. He came all over her
thighs and stomach. Long thick spurts shot all the way onto Mary's face and
hair. Her face was covered with cum. All the while she was getting sprayed
by her father, Mary had a crushing orgasm of her own. Her ass and the bed was
soaked. Annie had had her third orgasm as she watched her husband shoot his
load on their daughter. Reverend Camden collapsed onto his daughter, kissing
her on her cheeks and lips.

"I love you honey," he said as he kissed her, his dick still jumping on her

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" came from downstairs.

Annie got up slowly and said, "I'll go this time."

As she wobbled downstairs, cum dripping down her thighs, Reverend Camden just
lay atop his daughter thinking, 'Man, I love Mr. Richardson.'


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