7th Heaven 2:
Dangerous Liaisons
by Fidelius Castratus [email protected]

For background on the characters in this story, see my story "7th Heaven: Simon's Seduction"

Chapter 1/?
Matt was getting more and more pissed off. It had sounded like a good idea for his 16-year-old sister Mary and him to seduce
their angelic blonde 13-year- old virgin brother Simon, but now Matt was regretting it. Oh sure, secretly watching Mary seduce
Simon, and seeing Simon fuck her was better than any porno movie he had ever seen, and he had seen a lot of them. And of
course Matt's own experience of blackmailing Simon into letting him suck Simon's cock, and Simon sucking Matt's cock,
followed by Matt taking Simon's butt- virginity would supply Matt with masturbation fantasies for the rest of his life. But after that,
things hadn't gone according to Matt's plans.

Matt had fantasized that during the week when the rest of the family was gone and Mary, Simon and he were alone, it would be a
continuous 3-way orgy. Instead, Simon had only wanted to have sex with Mary, saying that since he had already experienced
"homosexual sex" he liked girls better. Matt hadn't minded at first since he got to watch cute little Simon fucking slim pretty Mary.
He had even enjoyed coaching Simon while simultaneously jacking off, but after a few days he wanted to "get some". Matt and
Mary had been having sex for years, but now all she wanted to do was fuck Simon 5 times a day and she had no time for Matt. He
was reduced to the role of voyeur, and increasingly he even felt unwelcome by Mary and Simon in that role.

The rest of the family was due back from the "Annual Minister's Conference" of their denomination Friday evening, and things
finally came to a head Thursday afternoon. Matt had been noticing a change of attitude in Simon. Simon had been starting to act
cocky, like he thought he was God's gift to women. The sweet little boy was gone, having been replaced by Hugh Hefner!

Mary had taken Simon out to get him some new clothes. Matt had pointedly not been invited. "I bet he'll come back wearing a
crushed velvet robe and smoking a fucking pipe!" thought Matt as he stewed about the monstrosity he had helped to create.

When the front door opened and Matt saw Simon and Mary, he almost flipped his lid. Simon's hair was shaved on the sides and
moussed straight up several inches on top. Simon was looking extra cocky like he thought he was a model or something. Matt
wanted to punch him.

"Mary, can I have a few words with you?" Matt said with barely restrained anger, his eyes wild and boring into Mary's.

He didn't wait for a response, grabbing Mary by the arm and squeezing tightly, painfully as he pulled her out of the front room,
through the kitchen and out into the back yard, slamming the door behind him. Mary was too shocked to protest.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!" demanded Matt, but when Mary opened her mouth he yelled, "Shut the fuck up! What's
next? Are you going to dye his hair blue and turn him into one of your fucking troll dolls?"

Mary was mad, Matt's tight grip on her arm had hurt intensely and she knew she was going to have a bruise the next day. She
shook her arm out of his grasp, and with intense hatred she spat out, "Fuck you asshole, I think he looks cute. You're just jealous
because he wants to fuck me instead of you!"

"Mary, I'm not jealous about HIM, I'm freaked out at what you're doing to him. You don't think Mom and 'The Reverend' are going
to notice the way he's acting, or his haircut you stupid bitch?"

"Why don't you find some other little boy to fuck, you fucking pervert!" Mary had her fists clenched. She knew that Matt could beat
the living shit out of her, but he wouldn't get away unscathed.

Matt knew that this was getting out of hand, and he sought to diffuse the situation.

"Mary," he said softly and truthfully, "It's not Simon I want, it's you. I haven't made love to you for almost a week and I miss your
touch, your kisses. When will you have time for me?"

Mary had at least calmed down as she heard Matt's words. She hesitated for a moment then blurted out, "Matt, I'm in love with
Simon. I love you Matt, and I will always cherish the times we've made love, but there's no one else for me now but Simon. He
feels the same way about me too. We've talked about it and when I turn 18 we're going to move to a different state and start a
new life together as man and wife under different names."

Matt was completely blown away. He couldn't believe what an idiot his sister was, or the nonsense she was spouting. His head
was reeling and he felt dizzy at the enormity of what his sister was planning. He felt like laughing but when he looked into her eyes
again he saw that she was serious, "When did you two decide this?"

"We confessed our love for each other and made our plans this afternoon."

"Okay Mary. I didn't realize that you two were in love. I'm happy for you." He smiled and hugged her, feeling the love as her body
melted into his as it had so many times before. He had to break her and Simon up, but he was getting hard, and the thought of
watching them making love now that he knew they were in love made him so horny that he just had to ask. "Just for old time's
sake, one last time now that I know how much you and Simon love each other, can I watch you two make love? It would be the
most beautiful thing I've ever seen, now that I know. It would be like poetry."

Mary smiled demurely and blushed, "I didn't think you'd take it so well. We weren't sure whether to tell you or not. Simon wanted
to, but I didn't think we should."

"Mary, I'm really glad you told me. It hasn't been that fun being left out of all the 'reindeer games' for the past several days, but
now I know why. And even more important, you have absolutely got to stress to Simon that he keeps it cool around you in front of
other people. I know you know how to keep it cool since you and I have been having sex for so many years, but Simon's liable to
get puppy-dog eyes or some other crap like that..."

His sister interrupted him laughing, "Don't worry big brother, you taught me well. I've even taught him about our code-phrase, 'I
feel like a hamburger' in case I started getting too sexy around you, which I might add only happened once."

Matt was relieved. Despite what Mary said, that system had saved their necks several times, especially in the beginning. "Great
Mary, but make sure he knows he can use it with you too. And, because I know about you two and might be able to see a few
things you miss, I'll use the phrase if necessary too. Just remember that, and you both pay attention if I say it."

"Okay, we'll pay attention if you say it. I can't wait to tell Simon." She grabbed Matt by the hand and excitedly pulled him back into
the living room where Simon was sitting on the couch looking worried.

Matt noticed that Simon was biting his fingernails, something Simon had never done before. Matt wondered whose idea it really
was for Mary and Simon to get married.

"Simon! Guess what. I told Matt all about us and he's okay with it. In fact he's going to help us!"

Simon brightened up, "Really? You're not mad at us Matt?"

Matt smiled at his little brother, "No Simon, I'm not mad at you." He was mad at Mary, after all she should know better. Simon was
just a sweet kid who had gotten laid for the first time and thought it was love. And now Simon was supposed to marry his sister?
Matt felt sorry for his poor mixed up little brother.

Mary interrupted Matt's thoughts. "Simon, Matt wants to watch us make love now that he knows we're in love and plan to get
married. He says it'll be the last time he'll watch us. Is that okay with you?"

Simon was used to having Matt watch and after all, his second sexual experience was with Matt. He had always looked up to his
older brother and felt somewhat reassured by Matt's presence. This whole sex thing was still kind of new to him, although he was
starting to get the hang of it. "Sure. I don't mind if Matt watches. I kind of like it." Mary was so horny. She grabbed Simon by the
hand and led him up to the room she shared with Lucy, Matt following behind. Except for the first time, they had used Matt's room
because he had a double bed and in theory if not recently in practice, they were all going to have sex. Using her bed would show
that she and Simon were a couple, since there wouldn't be enough room for Matt.

As soon as they got in the bedroom Mary grabbed Simon and kissed him deeply, pausing only to pull his tee shirt off over his
head. She quickly unbuttoned her satin blouse revealing her small perky braless tits before she shrugged her top off and
pressed Simon's blonde head down to her left breast. She moaned as she felt his soft full lips engulfing her erect nipple. She
grabbed his soft young butt through his pants and ground her pussy against his erect penis, giving herself the first of what she
was sure would be many orgasms.

"Wow," thought Matt as he settled down on Lucy's bed and freed his huge erect cock. "I haven't seen Mary this hot since she was
12 and we first started fucking!"

Mary undid Simon's pants and dropped to her knees taking Simon's cock in her mouth while she pulled his pants and underwear
down to his ankles. She removed her mouth from his cock just long enough to grab his butt and push him down to a sitting
position on the edge of her bed. She took his entire cock deep inside her mouth and slowly moved it up and down, being careful
not to make him come, while she untied his shoes and pulled his pants, socks and shoes off with one motion.

She pushed the now naked Simon gently down to a prone position on the bed. She stood up, kicked off her shoes and removed
her own pants and socks quickly, then straddled Simon. She was sopping wet, and she lowered her pussy down on Simon's
5-inch virtually hairless cock. She rode him like a horse for only 10 seconds while he cupped her breasts before she had her
second orgasm. She collapsed onto Simon's body and started French kissing him while slightly raising and lowering her pussy
on Simon's dick, before she regained her strength and sat up riding him again.

"Damn," thought Matt, "I taught her well. No wonder the poor kid is in love. He's gonna come any minute, I've got to make my
move now."

Mary's eyes were closed in a state of bliss. Matt stood up and lightly brushed his throbbing 9-inch penis against Mary's face. It
took her a few moments before she noticed Matt's cock touching her face. She instinctively opened her mouth, before opening
her eyes and turning her head away.

"Come on Mary, please," pleaded Matt. "Just for old times sake. After all it's only a blowjob."

Mary was close to her third orgasm and she was going to miss Matt's huge cock. She had had a lot of good times with that
monster inside of her. What would be the harm one last time? And after all it WAS only a blowjob. She turned her head back
towards Matt's cock and opened her mouth wide as Matt guided his cock into her mouth. The feeling of her mouth being
stretched wide like it and her pussy had been so many times before turned her on. She was in love with Simon, but she sure
hoped that his dick would get a little bit bigger like "Cockenstein" as she called Matt's huge cock.

"Oh Mary that feels so good," moaned Matt as he thought about Broomhilda the witch in the comics to keep from coming. "Oh
baby, I'm gonna miss all that sweet loving you gave me for the past 4 years since you were 12. I'm thinking about the thousands
of times that we've made love, and the hundreds of times you've sucked my cock and swallowed my come. Oh! Mary, I think this
is the best blowjob you ever gave me. Oh baby, use your tongue. Oh! I'm gonna come in your mouth Mary. Swallow my come

Mary was extra turned on by what Matt was saying. Normally Matt was the silent type and never said a word while they had sex,
but this dirty talk of his coupled with Simon's cock in her pussy and the thought of Matt shooting his huge load in her mouth drove
her to a powerful third orgasm.

Simon was shocked at what he was hearing. Not that it interfered with the wonderful feeling of Mary's pussy on his cock, but Mary
had been having sex with Matt since she was 12? Thousands of times? If she had swallowed Matt's come hundreds of times, how
many gallons was that? But when the contractions of Mary's orgasm started massaging his cock, he forgot all about those
questions and ejaculated a gallon of his own come inside of her. At least it felt like a gallon as he moaned in ecstasy.

Matt held off from his own orgasm until he was sure that Simon had finished ejaculating and would be lucid enough to witness
their sister, Simon's "fiancee" gobbling down Matt's come. "Oh Mary, I'm really going to come now. Take it deep down your throat
and swallow my come. Oh! Yes! Unhh."

Mary was still in the midst of a multiple orgasm due to Matt talking dirty, Simon coming inside of her and Matt's huge cock being in
her mouth. She was so loose that it didn't even make her gag when Matt forced his cock down her throat and started shooting his
huge load of come.

Simon was appalled as he witnessed the sister who he was supposed to marry take all 9 inches of Matt's cock down her throat
and swallow his come like she was a calf drinking from an udder. It wasn't so much the act that bothered him; it was the complete
and utter look of ecstasy on her face as she performed the act.

Mary had never come that hard before in her life. She wished it would never end, but she was glad when Matt pulled his cock out
of her mouth, because she had almost blacked out from lack of air.

That was the first time that any girl had ever deep- throated Matt, and it was the most intense orgasm he had ever had. After
withdrawing his cock from Mary's mouth, he literally had to lie down on Lucy's bed to catch his breath. He glanced over to see
Mary lying on her back breathing heavily next to Simon, while Simon had a strange almost angry look on his face, like he was on
the verge of tears. It looked like Matt's plan was working. He knew that it would take more than this to break them up, but at the
very least he had sown the seeds of doubt. And tomorrow the rest of the family would be coming home. There were two more
sisters, one who shared a bedroom with Simon, not to mention the parents if need be. There was no question about it. Simon and
Mary wouldn't be together another month, if that long.

The End?


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