7th Heaven: Part 3 - Lucy Has An Admirer (f/f,inc)
by NySGuY

Thursday 6:35 p.m. Three days had past since Eric and Annie spent a little
quality with their daughter Mary. As much as Reverend Camden enjoyed his time
with his daughter, afterwards he always has an enormous amount of guilt. Even
now he wished it never happened. He could not forgive himself. As we look in
on the Camden family, everybody is eating dinner at the table.

"Great meal mom!" said Matt, eating a piece of steak.

"Thank you honey, said Annie, "I'm glad you could join us!"

Matt smiled back, cutting another piece of steak.

"Pass the A-1," said Ruthie with her arm stretched towards Simon.

"For what, you already ate your steak."

"I want it for my baked potato thank you," she said with a frown.

Simon rolled his eyes and passed the A-1. "Hey mom, can I go over Eric's
house again tomorrow?" asked Simon.

"Eric's, you were over there last weekend."

"I know, but we have a report to work on."

"I don't know. I'll think about it," said his mother as she downed her
lemonade. Lucy reached for the A-1 bottle in front of Ruthie and accidentally
knocked over her glass of lemonade. It spilled into her lap.

"Ugggh!" she grunted as she sat the glass back up. Ruthie let out an
ear-piercing laugh that made Simon jump.

"That's enough!" Annie shot at her from across the table.

Lucy grabbed a napkin and began to wipe at her skirt. Mary was watching and
couldn't help but notice how the liquid dripped down her legs. Lucy had a big
wet spot on her skirt as she wiped her leg. Slowly she started at the bottom
of her right leg and wiped up to her thigh. Mary could feel something
stirring between her legs. She started to get aroused. You see unlike her
father, Mary had no regrets about what happened. She loved it. They ha not
spoken about it since, but she knew it would not be the last. Mary stared at
Lucy's thighs. She licked her lips. She started to get hot.

"Excuse me," Lucy said as she got up and left the room. Mary couldn't help
but feel an attraction for her younger sister. Mary looked around the table
and found her father looking at her. His eyes quickly fell to his empty

"Well, I'm done. Great meal hon," said Eric as he got up and took his plate
into the kitchen.

Ruthie got up to leave when Annie yelled, "Are you forgetting something young

Ruthie looked up into the ceiling and blew her bangs as she doubled back and
grabbed her empty plate. Matt and Simon both got up and headed to the kitchen
with their plates. This left Annie and Mary at the table. Annie and Mary
looked at each other and smiled. Mary's eyes fell down to her mother's
crotch. Annie followed her eyes and saw what she was looking at. Annie
started to get hot herself. Then Mary just stood up and left the room. She
went upstairs to her room. Annie, alone at the table thought to herself,
'Damn that girl makes me hot.'

12:14a.m., everyone in the house was asleep. Matt had slept over on the
couch. Everyone was asleep except Lucy. She was still up doing last minute
homework. She reached over and picked up her glass of water. The glass
slipped out of her hand and into her lap.

"Damn it!" she shrieked as she hopped out of bed. Her bed was soaked. "Damn!"
she said again. She then went into her bathroom to get a towel. She came back
in and started to soak up the water. She got as much up as she could, but the
bed was still soaked.

'Its gonna take all night for this to dry up.' she thought. Lucy put away her
books and got changed for bed. Lucy decided to crawl in bed with Mary since
her bed was all wet. Lucy slowly crawled in behind Mary trying not to wake
her up. Mary, feeling something behind her woke up startled and turned around
to find Lucy in bed with her with her back to her. Lucy had shut her eyes and
within minutes she was asleep. Mary didn't know why Lucy had climbed in her
bed, but she didn't care. Lucy, trying to get comfortable had scooted back
pushing her soft ass right into Mary's crotch. Mary started to get real hot
down there. She couldn't believe this was happening. Lucy was wearing a
t-shirt and shorts. So was Mary. Mary pulled down the sheet to look at Lucy's
legs. 'Damn she's got nice legs!' she thought. She placed her hand on her
right thigh. It was warm to the touch. She rubbed her hand down her leg then
back up again. She then squeezed her thigh. 'Oh!' she thought. She wanted
Lucy badly. Quietly she reached under the sheets and removed her shorts and
tossed them to the floor. Mary wrapped her right leg over Lucy's leg. She
began to rub her panty-covered cunt up and down Lucy's thigh. She went
slowly, not wanting to wake her. Her cunt was wet with her juices as she
pushed against Lucy's leg. Mary could take no more. Slowly she reached over
and placed her hand into her sister's shorts until it fell upon her sister's
panty covered cunt. She almost came as she could fell her sister's pussy lips
though the soft cloth. It was so warm and ironically wet. 'Why is she wet
down here?' she wondered. But she didn't care. If fact it turned her on even
more. She didn't know Lucy had spilled water on herself. 'She must know what
I'm doing.' she thought. 'She must be awake. Why else would she be wet.'

With that in mind she said out loud, "Oh Lucy!" as she squeezed her cunt. She
began to squeeze and rub Lucy's cunt franticly as she moaned out loud. "Oh
Lucy you're so hot!"

At that Lucy woke up with her sister straddling her leg and a hand squeezing
her pussy.

"What the... Mary what are you doing?!" Lucy asked confused.

"Oh please, I know you like it," said Mary as she continued to rub her
sister's pussy.

"Mary please stop it!" she yelled trying to get from under Mary. Mary held
her in place with her legs and by now had moved her panty aside and placed a
finger inside Lucy's pussy. "Mary!" she yelled out surprised as she felt her
sister's finger enter her pussy. Mary began to finger Lucy's pussy as she
pumped her own cunt onto Lucy's ass.

"Ohh Lucy give it to me!" she moaned as she finger fucked her sister. Lucy
was still trying to get out of her sister's grip.

"Mary, please, p-p-please st... oh God." Lucy could feel her hips rock up and
down with her sister's fingering of her pussy. Her eyes rolled in the back of
her head as she moaned, "Oh Godd!"

Mary, still pumping Lucy's soft round ass, felt her sister's pussy get all
wet. "Oh Lucy I love you!" she moaned aloud as she slipped in another finger.
Lucy involuntarily reached over Mary with her right hand and grabbed Mary's
ass. She squeezed it as she bucked her hips forward onto her sister's

"Oh Mary! Ohh, don't stop!" Mary licked Lucy's ear as she moaned into it. "Oh
Lucy!" She had had enough. Mary pulled her fingers out of Lucy's pussy and
turned her flat on her back. She then reached under Lucy's ass and grabbed
the sides of her panties and yanked them off. Lucy's ass flew up off the bed
and back down hard as Mary pulled the underwear from her. Mary scooted down
towards the end of the bed and placed her head in between Lucy's legs. Lucy's
eyes were bulging out of her head. Her mouth was wide open with surprise. She
tried to speak, but nothing came out. Just then Mary's mouth fell upon Lucy's
bare pussy. She was surprised at first to see that Lucy pussy was shaved,
then started to lap at her sister's cunt. She licked and slurped all over it
bringing load moans from Lucy.

"Ohhh Mary yes, that's it! Ohh don't stop!"

Lucy squeezed her thighs against Mary's face. She held onto the back of
Mary's head and held it tight against her pussy as she moaned in ecstasy.
"Ohh yess Mary eat it! Eat it, eat my pussy! Ohh God Maaarrryyyy!" Muffled
moans were coming from Mary as she ate. Mary reached under her sister and
grabbed Lucy's ass. She had a hand on both cheeks. She squeezed them and
raised her ass off the bed as she brought Lucy's pussy tight against her
face. Lucy was in heaven. "Ohh God Mary I'm gonna funking comme!" Mary kept
at her sister's pussy, eating for all she was worth. "Ohh Maaarryyyy! I'm
gonna commmmmme! I'm gonna comme all over your fucking face! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Lucy bucked her hips against Mary's face as she felt her orgasm coming on.
"Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh Im commmmmmiiiiinggggggggg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
with that Lucy had the biggest orgasm she ever had. Cum flowed from Lucy's
pussy as she pumped more cum onto Mary's face. She was coming all over the
place. Cum poured out of her like a gallon of milk had fell over. Cum soaked
her legs and thighs and all down Mary's chin and cheeks. Cum ran down and up
under her ass. Her body kept jerking as she continued to come. After a couple
more loads went deep in Mary's mouth, her orgasm finally subsided. Mary,
still holding onto Lucy's ass, licked her sister's thighs. Man, did she love
those thighs. Mary's panties were soaked and now she wanted to give her pussy
the attention it deserved. She let go of Lucy's ass and reached under her and
removed her panties. Before Mary could climb on top of Lucy's face and say
"Eat my pussy!" Lucy had gotten up and pushed Mary onto her back.

"Ohh I'm gonna eat your pussy!" she said as she dove her face into Mary's

"Ohh yess Lucy, eat my fucking pussy! Ohh yes yess eat it!" Mary was extremly
loud, but she didn't care. Mary grabbed her sister's head as she screamed in
pleasure. "Ohh Goddd Luccccyyy! I've been wanting this for so fucking long!
Ohh! I've always wanted you! I loooooovvveeee yyyyouuuuuuu! Yeeeessssssss!
EAT MY PUSSY!" Mary could feel it coming. "Ohh Godd yessssssss! I'm
commmmmmmiiiingggggg! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" as she ground her hips into Lucy's
face. Mary came all over her younger sister's face. Lucy's eyes were wide
with excitement as she realized her sister came just like she did. Cum gushed
out of her like spaying water hose. "Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhh!" she moaned as she
came and came. Cum went all up Lucy's nose.

After it was over Lucy just lay her head on her sister's mound. They lay
there for a few minutes, breathing heavily. Lucy, her left ear on her
sister's mound just lied there and thought to herself, 'I sure am glad I
spilled that water.'



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