7th Heaven: Part 3 - Time To Leave The Nest (mf,mg,fg,g-mast,inc)

Ruthie slipped quietly into the bathroom after hearing the familiar creak of
bedsprings she had come to know so well. "Looks like I'm on my own again
tonight..." she mused silently.

After double-checking that the door was locked, she sat on the toilet
cover, not at all planning to use the facility for its intended purpose.
The youngest Camden girl pressed her ear to the wall, far from surprised
to hear grunting and passionate moans wafting softly through the wooden
boards. After all, Simon's bed was on the other side, and she had just
watched Lucy enter her brother's bedroom. Her older sister had been
radiating the usual lustful air, the same one that hinted she could soon
be getting pumped full of his incestuous sperm.

"Never has time for me anymore..." Ruthie grumbled, sliding her mesh shorts
down to the floor. School had been particularly arousing for her today, as
it always was on gym days. The only thought that had sustained her while
watching a score of her male classmates sweating and sneaking glances at
their developing peers was the hope that Simon would want to play with her
cunny when she got home.

Of course, he had lost most of the interest in pleasuring his sister once it
became apparent that she was too shy to reciprocate. He still took time out
to lick her to a breath-shattering orgasm a few times a week, but even Ruthie
could tell that he'd probably much rather be blowing a load inside Lucy's
willing quim.

She didn't really blame him, though. The curly-haired child knew that merely
spreading her legs and asking would mean that she could get as much as, if
not more than her elder sibling in the sex department. Still, she had enough
reservations about the whole thing to hold it off until her emotions could
sort themselves out. Between the pain of breaking her cherry, the fear of
anyone finding out *who* had done it, and possible regret when it was all
over, Ruthie was rather sure the time wasn't right. At least not yet.

But she was nonetheless a growing girl in puberty's firm grasp. If Simon
wasn't going to relieve her itch, she would most definitely have to take
things into her own hands...

* * *

"God, Luce..." Simon panted, holding his naked sis tight as they made love
side-by-side on the bed, mere feet away from Ruthie. "You're so warm... it
feels like you're burning up!"

"I don't care..." the blonde Camden daughter rasped, reaching around and
grabbing her brother's butt, pulling him deeper into her body with each
stroke. "Just fuck me, Simon."

No response was necessary, so the two teenagers continued to couple silently,
save for the faint sounds of slapping flesh and heavy breathing. Lucy was
absolutely drenched, her naked flesh covered delightfully in perspiration.
Thus lubricated, the two forbidden lovers slid easy together as an even
greater amount of fluid swirled around their tender genitals.

Watching as his mate's half-closed eyes shudder each time her slid home,
Simon took her lips into his mouth, caressing his sister's oral cavity with
an experienced tongue. He knew she loved to be kissed when she came, and
starting early could only help make her wet box even hotter. It was only a
matter of time now before her climax hit and the two were once again
enveloped in orgasmic bliss.

* * *

Ruthie was well on her way to a knee-buckler herself. Keeping the side of her
head against the wall, she extended a cautious middle finger and slowly slid
it along the length of her panty-covered crack.

"I keep forgetting how good this is..." she thought with a smile, listening
as a particularly deep stab caused Lucy to erupt in a muffled scream of
delight. The sudden realization crossed her mind that if she ever did decide
to have sex with Simon, and it was as fun as everyone made it out to be,
there would be very little reason to not want to spend every minute of the
day begging to be screwed silly.

"Uh... ahhh!" she gasped, continuing to finger herself and accidentally
brushing her clitoris in the process. The sensations evoked from touching
the tiny nub were always too much to handle, soaring off into that fuzzy
area where pain and pleasure become too blurred to separate. A small wet
spot began to appear on her crotch, and Ruthie was glad her undies weren't
off yet. Last time, she spent at least ten minutes trying to clean up the
scented goo her masturbation had left all over the toilet seat and floor,
afraid of how embarrassing it would be to have her private activities

Gently easing a small finger inside, the raven-haired female stiffened up at
the knuckle. Not only was her undeveloped vagina was balking at any form of
penetration, but the rutting pair nearby had apparently decided to indulge
in some more dirty talk.

* * *

"Yes, harder!" Lucy said emphatically, grinding her crotch into Simon's just
as hard as he was pounding her hole. "Just how I like it..."

"Don't worry..." Simon answered seductively, nuzzling her bouncing breasts.
"By the time we're done, you'll be too sore to piss."

"Ohhhh!" his blonde partner squealed in exhilaration. "I hope so! I want you
to do me so hard I explode!"

"Then maybe I should help you..." her younger brother teased, slipping a
finger down to their conjoined crotches. "Like by doing this..."

"No, doooooooon't!" Lucy groaned, shivering as her own clit flared up in
gratification. "I'm too sensitive there, you know that!"

"All I know is that you can never bring yourself to do the things that get
you off best..." Simon retorted, rubbing her ever harder. "Now, come for me,

"Oh, Simon!" she replied hoarsely, overcome by the moment. "You're doing
it... you're making me..."

"Uuugggh!" interrupted her affectionate lover, losing all control as his dick
began to shoot white cream deep into his kindred's belly. Reaching an ever
higher plane of sexual frenzy, Lucy opened her eyes all the way, trying to
take the entire world in its full beauty as orgasm swept them both.

* * *

"Aaaah!" Ruthie exclaimed in a hushed voice, the sensual sounds from next
door exciting her as well. "This is so... fucking... good!"

She always liked to use the f-word when masturbating. Those four illicit
letters seemed to hold a magic power to arouse her to even greater delights
because they could only be used when alone, and were now intimately
associated with this secret ritual.

Looking down, the young girl was amazed at how quickly her sex was
developing. Unable to help but proceed to direct stimulation, she had pulled
the waistband of her panties out far enough to get her other hand in, and was
frantically diddling her slit with enthusiastic force.

"I'm so wet..." she thought, watching the soft folds glisten with her own
juices. "Can't believe it's going to happen already!"

Another few plunges into her sopping canal, and Ruthie was experiencing the
same exhilaration that her siblings had concluded moments ago. Gritting her
teeth in a passionate grimace, the slender child extended her legs parallel
to the ground, clenching her toes tight as climax rapidly spread throughout
her tiny frame.

Just as the flood of hormones began to peak, the most dreadful sound
imaginable shattered the joyous occasion. Ruthie's concentration was
irrecoverably broken as the bathroom door creaked open and her folly
was revealed. All the locks in the world would not have prevented
someone from opening a door that was ajar to begin with.

The scene entered agonizing slow-motion as Lucy's flushed face appeared in
the threshold. For a few confused seconds, Ruthie continued to touch herself,
quite aware that her sister could see everything, even as much as the pink of
her displayed twat.

"Ahhhh!" she burst out loud enough to startle even herself. In a feeble
attempt hide her exposed features, the frightened preteen lurched forward,
tipping off the end of the seat and landing painfully on her knees. In the
interminable space of time, though, she understood that all power to resist
the carnal desires of the most primitive regions of her brain had been lost.

The final shame, of course, was that Ruthie could not stop from sticking a
finger into her lightly-downed gash even knowing that Lucy was watching. She
never knew if it would have been possible to stop -- perhaps she was merely
unable to cope with such an abrupt flameout. On the other hand, the libido
was a powerful force to try and defy. It could very well have been that the
only way out was through.

* * *

"Oh, jeez..." the blonde intruder sputtered, shutting the door behind her in
a sudden stroke of foresight. Annie or Mary would most likely have turned
about and tried to forget that their baby sister was growing up too, but Lucy
was so frazzled from letting Simon bang her minutes before, she found herself
strangely attracted to the writhing form on the tiled floor.

"Don't look..." Ruthie pled, her pants beginning to mingle with sobbing
cries. "Please..."

Lucy was too far gone to turn away, though. Even though she could no longer
see her sibling's sexy vee, or the frenzied dance of her fingers, the mere
sight of another woman experiencing the big "O" was something curiously

With a final humiliated squeak, Ruthie collapsed, her dripping mound smacking
wetly onto the smooth flooring. All will had been drained out of her muscles
in the scare, reducing her to a quivering mass of flesh. She realized dimly
that if Dad or Matt had caught her instead, and had been inclined to take her
virginity right there, nothing would have been able to save her cunny from
stretching wide for a nice, big cock.

"You were listening to us again." Lucy announced flatly, more composed upon
understanding that only Ruthie had anything to be self-conscious about.

"I'm sorry." the younger Camden daughter replied feebly. "Don't be mad..."

"Oh, Ruthie..." Lucy went on with a sigh, trailing off into nothingness. "I'm
not at all. Actually, I feel like it's kind of my fault that Simon doesn't
have any time for you."

"Really?" the petite girl asked, slowly rolling on her side but keeping a
modest hand over her leaking snatch. "But... how do you know..."

"He told me." the elder blonde answer soothingly, bending down and resting a
gentle hand on Ruthie's shoulder. "It's okay. I don't mind, really. Guess you
could say it wouldn't be fair for sisters not to share."

A long silence followed that remark, allowing each sister to fully
contemplating the significance of the statement.

"Thanks, Luce." Ruthie said graciously, as if a great weight had been lifted.
"Cause I'm really starting to like it now, even if it's only once and a

Trying to hide a furious blush, she got up into a seated position, watching
as Lucy stood in front of the mirror and tried to fix herself so as not to
look like someone who'd just had rough, vigorous sex. Looking down, Ruthie
pallidly realized she was still half-naked. It barely registered, though,
for she had a queerly insistent question forming in her head.

"Can I, um... look at it?" the youngest Camden suddenly blurted out, covering
her mouth afterwards in a pang of embarrassment.

"Look at what?" her elder sibling replied, trying to hide the smile crossing
her face in the mirror.

"What he did inside of you..." Ruthie went on, turning her head shyly and
blushing. "I just wanna see, that's all. It's all right of you don't want

"Well..." Lucy said with a smirk. "I don't see why not..."

* * *

Moving over to the bowl where Ruthie had been sitting not too long ago, Lucy
set herself down. "Better make sure you lock the door this time, Ruth..." she
cautioned. "I'd get in a lot more trouble for letting Simon bone me than you
would for playing with yourself."

Smirking, Ruthie obediently obliged her sister, this time making absolutely
sure the door was both closed and secured.

"Christ, you really came, kid!" Lucy quipped, feeling her denim dampen as it
came into contact with the scented juices still on the lid. Ruthie's face
turned crimson for a second, but soon returned to normal when the look of
admiration on her blonde senior's face assured that her come was nothing to
be ashamed about.

"Now, then." Lucy began, popping the button on her form-fitting jeans and
easing the zipper apart. "It's kinda gross afterwards, but you really don't
think about it when you're... um... doing it." Without missing a beat, she
lowered her pants and slid them off, revealing a pair of rather soiled

"It smells kind of funny..." Ruthie interjected, making a funny face at the
blended odor emanating from her sibling's crotch.

"But it *feels* wonderful..." Lucy responded dreamily, staring off into
space as her hands moved to her butt and pulled the lace garment off from
the bottom. Ruthie's eyes widened almost grotesquely at the view that was
revealed -- a beautiful golden flower pouring forth a warm helping of
sticky seed.

"Wow, it's so..." she stammered, not quite sure how to describe the beauty
of a fully developed female.

"Hairy?" Lucy finished, trying not to grin at Ruthie's inadequacies. "Don't
worry. It just takes time, that all."

"I know all about *that*!" the younger Camden said indignantly, her smile
going upside down for a moment before returning it's usual cheery facade.
"What I meant to say is that you are... really beautiful, Lucy."

"Oh..." the half-naked blonde said, shocked. "Thanks..."

"How does it feel when he squirts?" Ruthie asked quietly, abandoning all
pretense of inhibition.

"It's kind of like he's peeing, but not really." Lucy explained slowly,
having difficulty finding the right words. "It's all greasy, like suntan
lotion or something." While talking, she noticed how Ruthie's eyes clouded
over, as if pondering something very important. She could tell that her
baby sis was probably fighting with just how far to let herself go sexually,
since Ruthie had always been on the conservative side.

An idea struck -- one quite kinky even by the Camden family standards. Lucy
knew it would push the line from this simple heart-to-heart talk between
sisters to an overtly lesbian experience, but the thought was too consuming
to ignore. Just imagining it gave her a faint tingle of titillation in the

"Hey..." she finally said, absentmindedly running a finger through her damp
pubic hair. "Do you want to see how it feels for yourself?"

* * *

"But, what if it makes a baby?" Ruthie shot back, appalled at the thought.
"And what about you? Shouldn't you be washing it out before you get

"Relax, Ruth." Lucy said coolly, with all the confidence of explaining a
well-laid plan. "One of my friends gets me pills to take so I can't.
Otherwise there's no way I wouldn't have gotten knocked up already. But
you're too young. I mean, you haven't started your periods yet, right?"

"I don't think so..." Ruthie responded, unsure. All three of Annie's girls
had The Talk by now, but as in all budding teenagers, menstruation would
remain a distant, mysterious event until it actually happened.

"Then nothing can go wrong." the golden-haired female said, mustering a
commanding tone of voice. "So, come on. Stand up and let's see it."

"Okay..." replied the raven-haired preteen timidly, rising up and showing
off her naughty bits for the second time.

"You have a nice pussy too..." Lucy soothed, running a hand up and down her
sibling's hairless thighs. "It'll look even older with some cum leaking

Staring down at her sister, Ruthie saw the other hand descend to the
recently-ravished hole, scooping out a generous portion of sperm on two

"Are you ready?" the elder girl asked, her face making a poor attempt to hide
a sense of anticipation. Nodding slowly, the smaller female gripped the wall
on one side, bracing herself for penetration.

Thankfully, Lucy was aware enough to go slowly and carefully into Ruthie's
sacred entrance. The twin probes moved as one, expertly prying open the
pristine passage with years of skill.

"Ahhh... it feels so funny!" she gasped, unable to watch her sister's
determined expression.

"That's because you're so tight..." Lucy explained, inching in just a bit
more until reaching the expected barrier. "You still have your hymen. Can
you feel it?"

"Ow... yes!" Ruthie groaned, shifting her hips to stop the uncomfortable
poking. "It hurts if I go too deep."

"You know..." Lucy said slowly, pulling her fingers out and getting ready to
implant some more semen in the lightly-downed slit before her. "Once you lose
it, masturbating gets a lot easier."

"Really?" the vestal juvenile asked, mind swimming with the same erotic
feelings that had been so cruelly taken away before.

"Yeah." Lucy continued, depositing a third finger full of her brother's seed.
By now Ruthie's snatch was almost full, and a thin trickle of cream was
beginning to seep out. "The day Simon first did me, I had to frig myself for
almost three hours before I could get to sleep. It was amazing."

"I guess..." she replied, still voicing a bit of indecisiveness. "If only you
could be with me, I wouldn't be so afraid to do it..."

* * *

That was exactly the signal Lucy had been waiting for. Ruthie had at last
crossed the bridge that would lead to her first time, and her sultry sibling
was thrilled to be allowed to help bring her into their debaucherous circle.

"I think I can arrange that..." she said slyly, making a deft "come hither"
gesture towards the door. Ruthie turned her head when the familiar creaked
echoed once again, already knowing it had to be Simon. Lucy didn't even break
stride, continuing to finger her glistening hole while the ceremony began.

"Oh, Ruthie..." Simon whispered, hugging her from behind and kissing the nape
of her neck. "I was watching the whole time. Are you sure you really want to
do this?"

"If Lucy helps..." she returned with trepidation.

"So... beautiful..." was all her brother could muster, caressing the twin
globes of her ass for only a moment before lifting her shirt up and over her
head. Ruthie instinctively covered her budding breasts before realizing how
silly she looked. Completely naked, she turned around and faced her brother
and lover for the last time as a maiden.

"Simon... I want you to be my first." she declared proudly, without any trace
of the doubt of a moment ago.

"I can't wait..." he whispered sensually, trailing a finger up from her belly
button to the underside of her flat chest, running over each of the nipples
in turn. Then, unable to hold back, he leaned in close and kissed her full on
the lips. Well-practiced from their previous encounters, Ruthie repaid the
motion kindly, wrapping her arms around his neck with all of the grace and
eagerness of a mature woman.

Lucy stood up and stepped out of her jeans, disrobing completely herself. Her
bra and sheer white blouse joined Ruthie's childish garb on the tile floor,
leaving both females totally nude.

"You're a bit overdressed, brother dear." she remarked coyly, reaching
between them and rubbing the sizable bulge she knew so well. "Let's get that
monster out of your pants and into your sister where it belongs..."

Ruthie stepped back to watch her soon-to-be partner strip down as well. One
by one, each piece of clothing fell away, revealing a fairly impressive
physique chiseled by over a year of thrice-daily incestuous sex. She had
felt it up-close quite a bit since letting him into her pants, but never
seen it entirely until now.

Simon took her hand gently, bringing it towards his crotch and the stiff
rod standing tall. When she gripped the shaft, it immediately jumped in
appreciation, as if sensing it was in for an exceptionally good time.

"Will you... be careful?" Ruthie asked, taking in its immense size compared
to her little cunny for the first time.

"However you want to do it..." he answered, giving away total control of the

* * *

It was Lucy who picked up command, pausing only to give her lover a smooch
on the mouth before directing him to lay down on the ground in exactly the
same spot where she had given up her chastity.

"Like this..." she instructed Ruthie, helping her sibling down to her knees
directly over Simon's erect penis. "This way you can take it just as fast as
you like."

"Okay..." Ruthie said boldly, looking down at the cylindrical piece of meat
that was about to be inserted into her vagina. "I guess this is it..."

"I made her nice and ready for you, Simon." Lucy interrupted, reaching over
and spreading Ruthie's nether lips apart so that he could get a good luck up
her virgin canal. Even though they hadn't fucked yet, her inner walls were
already coated in his sperm, ensuring the holy ritual would proceed as
painlessly as possible.

Then, to everyone's surprise, Lucy took her baby sis' cheeks in hand and
locked lips. It took Ruthie by surprise, but she did not seem offended in
the least, and reciprocated as best she could. Simon was nearly beside
himself in lust, and wanted nothing more than to drive upwards and take
her right then.

"Enjoy it." Lucy finished with a wide smile, feeling a little guilty, but
oddly inebriated.

Grabbing the phallus in her hand once again, Ruthie began to lower herself
on it, staring at the shrinking gap between her and Simon's genitals.

"Easy, Ruth." Simon warned, holding her hips so the first thrust wouldn't
come too fast. His attention utterly failed, however, the moment her delicate
lips came into contact with the bulging crown of his cock.

"Oh!" she gasped, experiencing the wholly new feeling of a thick, fleshy
wedge driving into most intimate area. "It won't hurt too much?" she asked
nervously, wincing slightly as the entire head slipped into her wet chasm.

"Just for a second." Lucy assured her, continuing to sooth Ruthie's tension
out through a comforting back rub. "Then it'll never hurt again.

"Allright..." Ruthie agreed, sliding further still onto Simon's hard member.
"It feels like it can't go in anymore, and then it does."

"That's because you're stretching." Simon interjected, tearing his eyes away
from her pussy to look deep into his sibling's eyes. "You're stretching just
for me."

"You're welcome, Simon." she said quickly, trying to hide an embarrassed
smile. By now, her tight vice had already swallowed half of his prick, and
would do no more until the child's seal was broken.

"Aaaahhh!" Ruthie yelped with a grimace, pushing herself back upwards a notch
the moment he prodded her thin barrier. "There it is."

"Your cherry." Lucy intoned reverently, moving to her sister's front to give
the same gentle massage to her breasts.

"Okay, Ruthie?" Simon asked, torn between a pang of sympathy for what was
about to happen and swelling of pride at being the one allowed to do it.

"Yes!" she shouted triumphantly, beginning her downward descent once again.
Unwilling to forcefully and take it all at once, she simply relaxed her legs
and allowed gravity to pull her down at a calm, steady pace. Her maidenhead
bulged, and then ruptured, sending a sharp pain reverberating through her
tiny body.

"It's not so bad..." she eked out, continuing to push until her freshly
deflowered cunt had taken Simon's rod all in. Her labia were pressed firmly
against the hilt of his dick, enshrouded in the thick forest of his pubes.
"Let's just stay like this for awhile..."

"Take as long as you need..." he solaced, unable to resist moving his hand
to her pelvis and feeling the protrusion his manhood made inside her. It was
nearly obscene, and he remembered for a second just how young she was.

"I'm ready to keep going now..." Ruthie announced after a minute, the
throbbing in her loins subsiding and already distant.

"Then just lift yourself up until he's almost out.." Lucy instructed
encouragingly, helping elevate her little sister's smooth buttocks until the
youngster's wet vice was almost devoid of flesh. When only the tip remained
lodged inside, Ruthie let herself be impaled on top of her brother, emitting
a slight moan as he slid inside with markedly less difficulty.

"It feels so strange!" she said aloud, repeating the simple action all
by herself. "When he's in, it feels like he was *always* there, like he
*belongs* in me..." Nature was evidently working duly, imparting the
knowledge of how to procreate even though this female's uterus was too
primitive to know what to do with the influx of sperm that would be
received in the short future.

"God, you're so sexy, Ruthie..." Simon added breathlessly, looking up with
a swimmy head. "Can we go faster now? I can't wait any more..."

"Sure, Simon!" she replied happily, allowing him to lower her down until
their chests were smashed delightfully together and her head was comfortably
on his shoulder. "You can do whatever you want to me..."

"So... good!" he groaned, picking up the pace. Lucy could only watch on in
wonder as Ruthie's tiny slit began to flash open and closed with each rapid
pistoning of her taboo lover. The scene was so erotic, her hands found their
way to her crotch almost immediately, trying to simulate the feel of a hard
shaft. It was far from the same, but there was no way she could simply watch
this young girl's defilement without coming herself.

"Ohmygod!" Ruthie groaned as soon as the tempo picked up, unused parts of her
primordial psyche waking up for the first time. "It's... it's... fantastic!"
Instinctively, she hugged Simon tighter as they made love, the sweat
streaming out of their skin forming a sufficiently slippery surface enough
for their entire bodies to slide together.

"Yeah, Ruth..." the blonde boy gasped. "This is wonderful! I should've done
this a long time ago... when mom still let us take baths together."

"You're so dirty..." Lucy mentioned nonchalantly, still shamelessly
masturbating in front two siblings in the midst of intercourse. The fleeting
thought that the two of *them* might have found love instead under the right
circumstances would normally have been hard to ignore, but at the moment, it
only succeeded in heightening her carnal pleasure. Merely thinking of him
trying to cram his hairless cock into her at such an age was almost enough
stimulation to cause the middle Camden daughter to erupt right there!"

"What a great body..." Simon lauded, letting his hands drift from his petite
mate's dripping back down to her shapely ass and thighs, caressing them as
he'd always done for Lucy.

"Mmmm..." Ruthie replied dreamily, turning her head to face him. "I think
it's going to happen soon..."

"Then let's make it your best ever!" Simon exclaimed with renewed enthusiasm,
gripping her shoulders and rolling over until his partner was on the bottom.
"Hold on..." he warned softly, pulling out completely and peering down as her
reddened vagina tried frantically to close again before it was too late.

"Uhhhh.... ooohhhhhhh!" Ruthie screamed as he plunged in, faster and harder
than ever. The force of his pummeling manhood sent her sliding at least an
inch on the cold tile, but from the contortion of jubilation on her flushed
face, this new position was infinitesimally more gratifying.

"Yes, harder!" she moaned, grunting repeatedly as Simon pounded her delicate
intimates as hard as he could. He had only begun experimenting with such
rough sex with Lucy a short while ago, but was pleased to see the craving for
deep dicking ran in both Camden females.

"Fuck!" Simon swore, grabbing her tiny breasts as he continued to savagely
bang her brains out. "You're so hot!" Their sister was nearly on par with
the raucous act, perversely fingering herself so hard that the floor was
beginning to spot with scented juices.

"Do it to me!" Ruthie begged, beginning to show the first signs of impending
orgasm. "Just like Lucy!"

She was taken aback by what happened next, but in the most pleasant way
possible. Just before Simon reached his peak, he got up to his knees and
raised his sister's feet sky-high, not missing a single beat. In this new
posture, he was free to plug her hole all the way until the end of his
bulging rod had nearly perforated the cervix. Ruthie threw back her head
and screamed as she came, not at all caring if anyone was still in the
house, but just the small tunnel between her legs.

Simon understood all too well how such rapture could dull the senses. More
times than he could count, he had taken Lucy in places where there was a
very real chance of getting caught. Unfortunately for either of the horny
teens, there was not resistance left once their sex drives made up their

All of these thoughts ran though his head in an instant, while his elated
stiffy began spewing copious amounts of semen into Ruthie's hidden cavity,
spraying her inner walls with the creamy fluid. She was bawling her head
off by now, brazenly shouting for him to fuck her harder, faster, and
deeper. Beside them, Lucy stiffened up noticeably, and he could tell she
was getting her jollies as well.

Tears of joy fell quickly down Ruthie's cheeks as the most intense explosions
ever racked her spasming cunt. This had been the greatest experience of her
life -- and consequences be damned.

"Oh man, oh man..." Simon droned, lapping her lips with his own. The
inevitable crash from such noble heights had certainly been intense. He
doubted his heart had ever beaten so hard, even when he and Lucy had
wandered off from a family beach trip and ended up screwing halfway out
on a rocky jetty in full view of dozens of people. But the vivid
sensations remained, as well as the knowledge that he was free to indulge
himself in such ecstasy at will from now on.

"I'm so happy, Simon!" Ruthie sobbed, sniffling even as her cunny began
spilling their mixed come, tinged slightly red with blood. "I wish we could
do it again, right now!"

"Do what again?" A booming voice from the other side of the door suddenly
broke in. "And who the hell is yelling in there?"

* * *

"Shit, Mary!" Lucy whispered, automatically covering her yellow curls with
a quick before realizing she had absolutely no idea how deeply and thoroughly
fucked they all were.

"Well, there's no way to hide it..." Simon shot back, surprisingly calm and
well collected for such a momentous turn of events. He looked down at Ruthie,
who was near-apoplectic from coming, and mentally eliminated her from the
decision making process.

Knowing that Mary would freak out if he was discovered alone in a locked
bathroom with *any* girl, the blonde mastermind began scrolling through his
options. The shower curtain was much too sheer to hide anyone, and both the
hamper and cabinets were too small for even Ruthie to squeeze into. Plus,
their clothes had been cast everywhere, and the distinct smell of sex hung
heavily in the air.

"No choice..." he finally said, wincing as a loud knock reverberated along
the door frame, along with another request to open up. "We've got to face
the music..."

Extending an agile hand, he turned the lock and waited as the hallway slowly
came into view. Imagining himself standing in Mary's shoes, he wondered just
what was flashing through her head as the depraved scene unfolded -- first a
pile of boys and girls undergarments by the toilet, then Lucy with her hand
in the most special of places, and finally himself, holding Ruthie tight as
his softening prick continued to leak sperm into her body.

Mary Camden wouldn't have been more surprised if she saw Jesus himself
sodomizing small children with a stop sign while whistling "Oh Susanna". But
the truth was now laid bare, and whatever she said in the next few seconds
would intertwine their fates forever.
_ _ _

6/28/03 - ? VGSS
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