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8 Simple Rules: 12inchdad And Teenslutdaughter Part 2 (Mf, inc, oral)
by Neenah

Paul Hennessy lay in his bed, smiling as he remembered the last night. He had long fantasised about screwing his older daughter, Bridget, and last evening he had accidentally found out she fantasised about him as well. It hadn't taken long for them to make their fantasies a reality as Paul had screwed his daughter's pussy and she claimed to take her virginity, though Paul wasn't sure if he believed her. Not that it mattered, as the sex had been incredible and she had followed it up by blowing him off. It had been a struggle to leave her room and head back to his own, but only a few minutes after he'd got into his own he'd heard Rory arrive back and not long after, Kerry and it wouldn't do for either of them to catch him banging their sister.

He could hear his two younger children all ready up, Rory in the shower and Kerry downstairs making her breakfast. Paul lay back, content to enjoy his memories of last night. His remembering was interrupted by the buzz of his mobile getting a text. He picked it up, it was from Bridget. He opened it. It was a picture of the same shaven pussy he had dicked last night and underneath it was a message, 'My pussy just wanted to say how much it enjoyed your dick.'

Paul thumbed a message back, 'My dick enjoyed your pussy.'

A third message came back. 'I'm on the computer, log on.'

Paul didn't need to ask what site and getting out of bed and wrapping his gown round him he sat down at his computer and entered 'Incest fantasies', logging on under his username - 12inchdad. He went into the chatroom, teenslutdaughter, aka Bridget was already logged on.

'Hi' Paul typed in 'How are you?'

tsd 'I had sex with my Daddy last night.'

12id 'I banged my teenage slutty daughter as well. How was it?'

tsd 'Great. He was massive - a real 12 inch dad (smiley).'

12id 'My daughter's pussy was really tight. I enjoyed fucking it hard.'

tsd 'I know she would have cum lots.'

12id 'She was loud. (smiley) I enjoyed her blowing me after we'd screwed as well'

tsd 'Cummy cocks taste good. I thought my Daddy would love it if I swallowed as well.'

12id ' This Daddy loved it.'

tsd 'I'm wondering if my Daddy would like to do my hot teen pussy again.'

12id 'This Daddy would love to have his 12 incher in his daughter's juicy hole.'

tsd '(smiley). That's good to know. Perhaps I can get again with my sexy Daddy?'

12id 'I'm sure he'd like to bang you again as soon as he can.'

* * *

It took longer than they would have wished. It seemed that every night that Rory was out Kerry was in and if she was out for the evening Rory's plan involved being slumped in front of the television. Paul and Bridget wrote out their frustrations in coded conversations on 'Incest fantasies' chatroom and in texts between their mobiles. They sent photos, Paul's rock hard dick and Bridget's pink pussy, but that heated them up even more and made the wait for an evening of alone time even harder and longer. Then, over breakfast Saturday a week after their first bang, Kerry and Rory both said they were going out that evening. Paul resisted giving a cheer, instead giving a quick glance at his blonde daughter, knowing his other two children didn't understand her sudden smile.

The day dragged as he waited for the evening. Rory left about 6 and Kerry was due to be picked up by her friend at 7.30. Paul and Bridget were downstairs talking to her, Paul was desperately trying to keep the conversation normal and light, which was hard when sexy Bridget was sitting just feet away in her tiny hot pants and tight tank top. It seemed to take forever for his youngest daughter to leave, even when her friend arrived Kerry took time finding her bag and then stood talking in the door trying to negotiate a later time for getting back that night with her Dad, little knowing that if she'd asked to say out until 7 the next morning Paul would have agreed. Finally she left. Paul stood in the window waving as the car reversed, he hoped he came across as a concerned father, even overly concerned, and not one who wanted to make sure his youngest daughter was finally away so he could fuck his oldest. The lights on Kerry's friend's car disappeared down the road.

Satisfied that she'd gone Paul turned the curtain and turned to Bridget; she was looking especially gorgeous tonight with a pair of denim shorts that cut off at the top of her thighs and a tight tank top that fitted her so snuggly that her nipples were outlined against the wool. The teen smiled as he looked her over, pushing her chest forward and pouting her lips, "Has Kerry gone?"

"Yes," said Paul. Beneath his pants his dick was thickening.

"I've missed you," said Bridget with a false coyness, "It's been so hard for me to sit opposite you over dinner or to sit down here watching the television or to hear you in the shower and act normal when all I want is some big Daddy in me."

Paul took a few steps forward so that he was next to Bridget. "It's been hard for me as well," he said.

"So I see," Bridget smiled as a hand reached down to her Dad's dick and she ran her hand over the lump in his pants.

"That as well," said Paul as he grabbed her arms and brought her to him. His open mouth pressed on hers and his tongue thrust into her sweet mouth, tasting her as he brought it back and forth and swirled it round. She kissed back, rolling her tongue over and under his, twisting it and rolling it around. At the same time her hand was undoing his zip and buttons and pulling out his hard schlong. Her fingers stroked at it making it even harder so that it was sticking out like a cattle rod.

Paul carried on exploring her mouth as he pulled down his pants so that he was naked from the waist down. Bridget hand went from his dick to her own shorts and Paul could feel her fiddling with the buttons and zip, making his manhood throb in anticipation. She pulled down the shorts and guided Paul's hand down. She hadn't been wearing any underwear beneath them and her shaven cunt was soaking as Paul slid a finger in. "Oh Daddy," she moaned, "Oh Daddy."

"Bridge," replied Paul, "My teen slut daughter." His finger moved in slowly as he guided her towards a wall to lean against. His lips kissed and sucked at the flesh between her shoulder and neck, his mouth making her squirm. His finger went in deeper, spreading her open. She was wet with lust, giggling and moaning and shaking as he fingered her. He knew she wanted more.

"Oh Daddy, oh Daddy, that's it, fuck my tight little teen fuckhole with your 12 inch prick," Bridget groaned and rubbed against the wall as Paul's huge member entered her cunt.

"Yeah, Bridge, let Daddy fuck you, let Daddy fuck his darling Bridge," Paul said in return. He had held his cock long enough to guide it into her slot, now his hands were leaning on the wall either side of her head as he began to bang it in deeper. "That's good Bridge, you're so wet."

She was holding him and squirming and moaning, moving her body in time with his. He moved faster, each lunge going deeper into Bridget's tight slot. She was holding him hard, gripping at the lower part of his back, with her nails digging in, moaning with each stroke and gasping, "Ohhh, oh Daddy you feel so good in me. Yes, please fuck me there, fuck me with your big dick."

Paul plunged faster and harder and soon his full length was in her, spreading her sweet hole wide open as his balls slapped at her. She screamed and gasped, her body banging at the wall as she writhed and twisted in pleasure, "Harder Daddy, more, more, more. Harder, give it me Daddy, ooohhh, ohhhh."

Paul grunted and panted as he pounded her. She was so tight, her pussy walls grabbing at his member and squeezing it. It was all he could do not to let go and flood her cunt with his cum. But he kept going, thrusting his big dick into her, ramming his body into her, watching her beautiful face as it turned and twisted as she gasped with pleasure. "Oh yes, oh yes, that's right Daddy, that's the spot."

"Oh yes, Bridge, you are so tight, you're cunt is so hot," he hammered in, propelling his schlong to hit her clit and make her shudder in orgasmic lust. Her slot was grabbing him, making the muscles of his body tingle. He moved faster and harder, knowing that now she had cum it was his turn. "Oh yes, baby, let me fuck you. You're so sexy."

"Oh yes, oh yes," Bridget's mouth opened as another orgasm hit her and her out of control body slammed at the wall, "Ohhhhhh, oooohhhh."

Paul's big dick continued to pound it, his hard manhood shooting down the tight hole. He could feel his muscles tightening and his member straining and he grunted in pleasure as he came, spurting cum into Bridget's cunt. He carried on for a few thrusts, each one resulting in a blast of his seed into her cunt and her crying with pleasure as his warm spunk soaked her hole. Panting he pulled out, some cum still dropping from his dick and from her cunt. "I needed that," he grunted.

"Me too, I've been looking forward to it all week." groaned Bridget, leaning against the wall and letting the cum drip down her cunt. She gave a sexy smile, "I hope you've got plenty left."

Paul looked at the pink hole, white cum oozing out of it. He nodded, as his dick hardened again at the thought of dipping it in his daughter again, "Don't worry, I've got plenty."

Bridget giggled, "Good."

"Let's go upstairs," said Paul.

The teen nodded and bent down to pick up her shorts. Paul stared at her sexy cheeks as she bent over, lusting over the round buttocks and the imagining filling the tight, small hole hidden between them. She straightened and he looked at her pink pussy, still wet and slimy with cum, if it didn't stop him lusting after her pooper at least it reminded him he was sticking his dong in one hole.

They went upstairs and Paul said, "Shall we have a shower?"

"To get rid of all your hot sticky cum from my pussy?" teased his daughter, putting her fingers down to her hole and opening it for him to admire.

"Before I fill it again," Paul gave a wolfish smile and opened the door.

Inside the bathroom he pulled off his sweater and vest and turned on the shower. He turned as he waited for it to warm up and watched his daughter pull off, first her socks and then her tight top, making her lovely boobs spring free. He put out his hand under the water; it was the right temperature. He stepped into the shower, "Come in, Bridge, the water's lovely."

Tittering the teen followed him. The shower cubicle was designed for one and it was a tight squeeze, but neither Paul or Bridget minded squeezing together as the warm water sprayed over them. Paul's hands slid to his daughter's butt as she placed hers around his. His stiffening member rubbed against her thigh, making it harder and her wetter. "You look gorgeous," said Paul and slid his tongue into her open mouth.

His daughter pressed harder against him, crushing her firm tits into his chest and stroking his manhood with her leg. "Thank you Daddy," she giggled, "I'm glad you enjoy."

"A lot," said Paul.

The teen turned, with some difficulty in the small cubicle. She flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder, "Could you give me a clean? Soap me up."

"Yes," said Paul. He squirted a lump of shower gel on his hand and began to lather at his daughter. First he did her hair, running his hands through her blonde locks before letting the water wash away the soap. Then he did her back and moved onto to her tummy and up to her titties, his hands moving over the large melons and soaping them as his finger squeezed at her nipples. She giggled and stretched as he rubbed and washed them with his hands, lifting them up so that the nozzle of the shower could play over the large mounds and wipe away the lather.

Paul added some more gel to his hand "Now this spot is very dirty. It needs a good clean," he said and moved down to lather his daughter's box.

The blonde teen giggled, "It's just had a massive dong in it. It's filthy and needs a good clean."

Paul rubbed at her cunt, "And its all wet as well."

"It's soaking and not from the shower" moaned Bridget and pressed her back against Paul. He nuzzled at the small of her neck and continued to lather the cunt, covering it in suds. His daughter moaned as he pushed his finger at her and began to clean her inside, pushing soapy suds into her cunt. No matter how much he moved he couldn't get rid of the dampness from her hole. He angled his finger and pushed and probed, Bridget moaning and shivering with each move. His dick was hard and pressing at her butt cheeks. He moved his finger some more, warm water trickled down his wrist and warm cum over his finger.

He pulled out the hand and moved it to her behind, and pulled at the cheek, "Now does this hole need a good clean as well," he murmured as the tip of his finger touched her a-hole. It felt firm, the puckering rough on his finger.

Bridget giggled and turned back towards him moving his hand gently away from her butt "Not today," she said with an expression that was coy and seductive, "but perhaps soon."

"Aw shucks," Paul said in a fake Southern accent, "I was lookin' forward to my little princess's sweet ass."

"Let me make it up to you," the blonde tittered and pushed herself down to her haunches.

The cubicle was tight and her ass leant against the wall and Paul was against the other, he could feel the wet tiles on his back, cold at first and then warming as his body heat warmed them. "Yes," he gave a moan of excitement as Bridget's round red lips closed on his schlong, "Yes, Bridge, suck my meat."

The teen slurped at his dick, sucking it into her mouth and letting her luscious lips at it. Paul groaned and strained as he felt the warmth of her mouth over his dick, her saliva soaking his dick. The dick pushed at the soft inside of her cheek, pushing at it the inside. Bridget's mouth moved back and forth, taking more and more of her Dad into her mouth, sucking like a pro and like she was born to give head. Her lips felt so good on his member, her tongue moved against it as his cock went in and out of her mouth. He groaned again, "Suck me Bridge, suck my dick good."

Her head moved faster, taking more of his meat into her mouth. The water pounded down from the shower, soaking them both in its warm shower. Bridget's head moved quicker, the cock pushing into the side of her cheeks and at the back of her throat, her eyes opening wide as it the schlong slid past the root of her tongue and pushed at her tonsils. Paul closed his eyes and gasped in pleasure, lost to everything but the feel of his daughter's mouth.

"I'm going to cum," he grunted. Bridget carried on sucking at his cock and he took that as invitation to cum into her mouth. He leant back against the wall as his schlong pumped his semen into his daughter's mouth.

Bridget carried on sucking at his dick as he shot, swallowing the hot spunk like it was a milkshake. When he had finished she looked up, deliberately swallowing down the last of the cum in her mouth and running her tongue sexily over her round lips. "That was tasty Daddy, your cum is so yum."

"Anytime," said Paul, "Whenever you're hungry."

The teen giggled and stood up, "We better get out before we wrinkle."

At this moment Paul couldn't imagine how Bridget's perfectly smooth skin could ever wrinkle, but he nodded and stepped out. The two of them stood on the next to the shower and took some towels from the rail. As he dried himself Paul looked at his naked daughter, admiring her firm boobies and beautiful face framed by her long hair, her toned thighs and flat stomach and most of all, her sexy, stunning, shaven slit.

He dropped the towel on the floor and said, "Lie back. It's my turn to eat."

His slutty blonde daughter tittered and did as he said, lying on the mat and spreading her legs. Paul got down between her thighs, his hands spreading out her cunt so that his tongue could get in. He didn't waste any time before starting to lick greedily at the pink. Soon she was wet with her cum, mixed a little with her Dad's saliva. She tasted so sweet and Paul loved slurping up her juice into his mouth. Especially as she moaned with pleasure with every waggle of his tongue in her box, "Oooohh, oooohhh, Daddy, ooooohhh. Fuck me with your tongue Daddy, lick my slutty cunt. Ooohhh, that's lovely, ooooohhh, ooooohhh, you're making me wet. Daddy...oooohhh, tongue my cunt Daddy, tongue my teen hole."

Paul's tongue went deep into her, hitting her bud and making her cry. Her sweet cum filled his mouth and her body bent as she came. He licked harder, slurping at her juice and tasting the delicious liquid as it coated his tongue. His own cock was getting stiffer, the hard schlong starting to tremble with lust. Bridget moaned one last time, "OOOoooohh Daddy."

Despite already shooting his load twice tonight Paul was ready for a third time. He lifted his head from the lovely pussy and wiped his lips with the back of his hand as he moved further forward so his chest was above her and his dick was pointing at her sweet wet fuckhole.

"I want to fuck you again," he said.

Bridget opened her legs wider, spreading her cunt for him. "Yes, Daddy, yes," she replied excitedly.

A couple of thrusts and he was in her, her pussy easily opening after its previous ramming and licking. Paul quickly moved into his rhythm, fast and vigorous poundings at his daughter. Her body jerked below him, her boobs bouncing with each blow of his body into her. Bridget's legs wrapped round him and her hands were on his back, gripping at him and hugging him close. "Oooohhh," she cried, "Dick me, Daddy, dick me deep."

His member ploughed deep into her wet hole, thrusting at her clit and far into her cervix. Her walls grabbed and squeezed at his meat, coating it in her girl juice which made it slide faster and easier. He grunted, "That's my lovely girl, let me fuck you. I want to get my big dick in your hole."

"Ooooohhh," Bridget cried back, "Ram me hard, ram me good, ram your dirty daughter's cunt."

Her body bent, her lovely tits thrusting at his chest, as he made her cum. Paul continued on, thrusting down and driving her against the hard and wet bathroom floor. She squealed and groaned with ecstasy, wriggling in enjoyment as his dong delved deep at her twat. She was sweaty beneath him, smelling of sex and lust.

"Ooooohhh Daddy, you're the best, you're so good," she thrust up at him as she moaned, rising to meet his every blow. Her slippery shiny body rubbed at his and his meat went all the way into her, only stopped as his ballsack hit her soaking, sweaty flesh. He rammed hard, hammering her bud with his dick as he had with his tongue and making her bend and scream and cum. "Fuck me Daddy, ooooohhhh, ooooohhh."

"Yes, baby, you're the screw of the century," he grunted back. His naked body rose and fell, pressing at her. He could feel himself squashing her firm tits, his stomach bashing at her flat midriff. Most of all he could feel her teenie cunt grabbing at his dick and squeezing it good.

Until he could hold no longer.

"Oh yeah," Paul grunted and stopped thrusting, keeping himself in position as his cock blasted out its load. Bridget moaned as her warm wet cunt was filled with his warm wet seed, so much of it that the hole overflowed and the spunk trickled over her cunt flaps and spread over her skin.

Paul pulled out and lay on his back, "That was amazing, you were amazing."

"You too, Dad, you were such a stud. Three times, I bet there's college football player's who'd be jealous of that."

"I didn't do it without help from a sexy someone and they'd certainly be jealous if they saw her."

Bridget giggled.

Paul sighed, "Still we better not be lying here naked when the others come in."

"Sure," Bridget sounded disappointed, "Will we be fucking again soon?"

"Oh yes," grinned Paul, "we will."


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