8 Simple Rules: 8 Simple Rules For Fucking My Teenaged Sister
Part 2 - Blackmail (ff,bmail)
by Hamster

Kerry approached the room that she shared with her sister. She had been
planning to confront Bridget with the pictures she had printed up of her in
compromising situations then blackmail her. But as she approached the door
she heard the moans, gasps and grunts of masturbation on the other side.
There was a sock on the door knob to let Kerry know that Bridget wanted a
little privacy. It would be too sweet to catch Bridget in the act!

"Bridget I'm coming in!" Kerry said.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Bridget cried too late.

The door slammed open and Kerry locked it behind her.

"What the fuck? Kerry did you not see the sock? You must respect the sock!"
Bridget yelled as she quickly covered herself to hide her naked body.

"I thought you were hurt. You were moaning so loudly." Kerry said with mock
concern. "Are you OK?"

She sat down on the side of the bed and stared at her sister's beautiful
sweaty face.

"Are you hurt, you look so red faced?" she asked. "Come on, let's get you out
of bed."

"Shit, no Kerry DON'T!" Bridget yelled.

She pulled the cover of her sister after a bit of a struggle with Bridget and
gazed down at the sight before her. Kerry had huge rubber dildo rammed up her
bald cunt. It was one thing to see pictures but to see the sight in person
was breath taking.

"Gee Bridget it looks like you have a massive dildo crammed up your cunt."
Kerry said. "It doesn't surprise me really considering some of the REALLY
nasty shit you have been doing on your free time for that internet site."

Bridget was in shock. She could not believe that her sister knew all along.
She just stared blankly. She was shunted back to reality when Kerry leaned
forward and licked her lips.

"I want to fuck, sis and you better cooperate or I'm going to make sure
mom, grandpa and everyone at school find out. Think you'll enjoy having the
reputation of a cheap whore?"

A shiver went down Bridget's spine. She was being blackmailed by the absolute
last person she would ever suspect of blackmailing her. Bridget had done some
very nasty and perverted things lately because the owners of some sex sites
were willing to pay her well, but fucking her sister was crossing a line.

"Well Bridget, I need an answer. I'm sure that when mom finds out she'll
through you in some prison-like boarding school governed by heavy handed
nuns." Kerry said.

"L-look Kerry I have about 5 grand saved up from these jobs, I can share it
with you." Bridget offered.

"I don't want your money, I want your damm body now what's your decision?"
Kerry demanded angrily.

Bridget couldn't see any way out. "Ok, ok. You win. Lie down."

"That's right, eat my pussy." Kerry said with a huge smile.

Compliantly Bridget, lay down in between Kerry's legs and lift her skirt up.
She traced her little finger all the way up the ass crack and downward. A
kiss shaped saliva mark appeared on Kerry's knees as Bridget bent down to
tease and excite her sister. Bridget ran a zigzag line across both the legs,
once with tongue and once with finger, both resulting in squeals of delight
from her blackmailing sister. Like a clock hand, she clicked around and
around Kerry's rim keeping her on the bridge to contentment and never
letting her pass. She patted her index finger on Kerry's outstretched anus,
forcing a moan from the 'evil Blackmailing bitch'. Bridget reached her limit
as she stuck her whole tongue up Kerry's butt. Next she bit hard on her
sister's clit. The subsequent affect was a face full of cum for Bridget. It
dripped off her as though she had had a shower in the stuff, which in a way
she had. Kerry's face became contorted as though she was having a seizure.

"Oh yes, sis! Do me just there! Fuck me good!" Kerry cried.

Bridget clutched at her incestuous lover's ass while thrusting her tongue
deeply into the redheads pussy. She ate out her bucking, moaning sister and
lapped up her girl cum lovingly. She had overcome her earlier disgust and was
now REALLY getting into it. Soon Kerry was cumming like a geyser. Bridget
hadn't seen so much girl-cum in her life.

"Bridget, you're so good!" Kerry sighed. She sat up and placed a kiss on her
sister's lips. "I am going to have so much fun with you."

Kerry quickly undressed and laid on top of her sister and enveloped her
nipple in her mouth she sucked on the tasty nub and surrounding flesh. She
squeezed the and massaged the other firm juicy boob with her hand and began
to hump herself against her sister's thigh. The way that Kerry desperately
wanted her was lighting a fire inside Bridget. There was nothing that turned
on the blonde quite like somebody who realized and appreciated how hot she
was and Kerry certainly seemed to do so. The two sisters were groping and
kissing as Kerry used Bridget's thigh as a fuck pad.

"Ohhhh YES YES Bridsget I'm CUUUUUUUUUUMIIING!!!!!!!!" Kerry cried.

After the release of her orgasm she collapsed atop her older sister and
placed a kiss on her nose.

"You are going to love what I have planned next." Kerry said.

To be continued...

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