8 Simple Rules: 8 Simple Rules For Fucking My Teenaged Sister Part 4
by Hamster

Kerry picked out a pink top and black leather skirt with high-heeled pumps
for her sister to wear then ordered her down the stairs. The pair made their
way to the car they were secretly 'borrowing' from their mom. Kerry fed
directions to the nervous Bridget who was driving by virtue of her license.
Finally they arrived at a pet store. Bridget breathed a sigh of relief. It
was closed, whatever humiliating thing Kerry had planned would have to wait.

"Come on." Kerry said as she got out of the car.

"But it's totally closed." Bridget said.

"Stop arguing, let's go." Kerry said.

Kerry led her sister to the side door were she knocked three times paused and
then knocked again.

A tall man in his forties with creepy looking eyes and wispy hair answered
the door.

"Ahh Kerry glad you could make it tonight." He said.

"I'm glad to be here." Neither of them bothered to even acknowledge Bridget.

"Come along sis, this nice man is here just for us. Shouldn't make him wait."
Kerry said.

Bridget grumbled.

"What was that?" Kerry asked sharply.

"Nothing." Bridget said.

Once inside the tall man, who Kerry called Edward, led them past the caged
animals to the storage room. In the storage room there was a door hidden
behind a shelf. Inside was a large number of rubber and latex outfits, whips,
chains, cuffs, paddles, canes, corsets, powders, ointments, and other bdsm

"So what did you have in mind?" Edward asked.

"Well I think she needs a little uniform so she can remember her position.
And some discipline devices. The bitch is a bit uppity." Kerry said.

Bridget wanted to tell Kerry to fuck off but, considering her sister's hold
over her, Bridget decided to keep her mouth shut. Besides the way Kerry was
dominating her was arousing.

"All right then we'll need her to disrobe so that I can take her
measurements." Edward said.

A very disgruntled Bridget began to remove her clothing, beginning with her
top. As soon as her bra was gone Edward stared at her breasts appreciatively.

"Your slave has a nice pair of tits." Edward stated.

"Thank you." Kerry replied politely.

Bridget merely blushed furiously. She dropped her skirt to her ankles and
then pulled down her black panties and cast them aside. Edward approached
Bridget with a tape measure and began wrapping it around various area's of
her body while adjusting her stances and giving her orders. Bridget cast
Kerry a resentful, Kerry looked amused. As he took her measurements he
fondled her and touched her most intimate areas quite casually.

Once he was done taking measurements he looked at Kerry.

"I can have some very nice slave outfits done for her soon, I can even give
you a discount." He said.

"We discussed, I believe, that half the payment would be you getting to fuck
Bridget here." Kerry said.

"What!!!" Bridget demanded.

"shut up Bridge, well???" Kerry asked with her hands on her hips.

"Yes well a deals a deal." Lawrence said.

"Just do me a favor and fuck her in the ass, I do not want her getting
pregnant." Kerry said.

"Hey, like don't I have a say..." Bridget began to protest.

Kerry grabbed her chin and glared at her angrily.


Kerry slapped her ass and pointed to a table.

"Ok Edward, go get you some." Kerry said.

Bridget bit her lower lip as she looked back at Edward who was unfastening
his slacks and fishing out his trouser trout. Bridget hated taking it in the
back door but her bitch of a sister was pushing the issue. Edward spread her
cheeks and found the opening. He spat on the pucker and pushed his finger in
to lube it up a little. Bridget closed her eyes and sighed as he did so.
Kerry was watching with deep interest.

"Now Edward please don't be shy about pounding her as hard as you can. I
think she needs to get fucked good and hard anyways." Bridget said.

"No problem their Kerry." He said.

Edward began to slide his cock into the tight hole slowly. Bridget gritted
her teeth as he did so. He grabbed hold of a fist full of hair and yanked
back hard as he thrust in good and deep. Bridget cried out and he began to
pound her ass in earnest she was crying in pain as the cock slammed into
her very tight asshole over and over in time with him pulling on her hair.
Every so often he would give her butt cheek a nice loud smack. Tears were
rolling down her eyes as he finally spewed his goo in her ass. He slid out
his well greased cock and gave her ass one last good smack.

Bridget was about to get up but Kerry put a hand on her shoulder.

"Let me get that for you first, sis." Kerry said.

Edward watched with interest as Kerry licked his cum from her sister's ass.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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