8 Simple Rules: 8 Simple Rules For Fucking My Teenaged Sister Part 5
by Hamster

Bridget stepped in the house and ran up the stairs. Nobody ever gave her
credit for being very smart but she knew several things. First she knew that
her sister would be waiting for her. Second she knew that whatever her sister
was planning for her was something that Bridget should be dreading. Third she
knew that she didn't dread it. She enjoyed being dominated and lusted for.
She loved being the object of another person's perverted desires. When she
arrived in the room that she shared with her sister, Bridget did indeed find
Kerry waiting for her.

"Hello Bridget." Kerry said sweetly.

"What are you going to do to me now?" asked Bridget.

"You know Bridget I think you like the things that I do to you." Said Bridget
as she squeezed her sister's tits.

Kerry's fingers dug hard into the firm tit-flash and Bridget winced in pain.

"Admit it!" demanded Kerry as she squeezed harder.

"OK I admit it!" Bridget cried.

"And what's that?" Kerry asked

"I love being treated like your own personal whore." Replied Bridget.

"I thought you did." Said Kerry. Kerry circled her sister and stopped to slap
the blonde's curvy butt. "Well I got some good news. Since you like to make
movies, I'm going to make one with you. And I know we are going to make a
shit-load of money off of it. Sound good?"

"Totally." Replied Bridget.

"Good, everyone is out today so it is the perfect time to start filming."
Said Kerry. She leaned forward and started to French kiss her sister then
stopped and went over to the closet. Bridget sat on the corner of her bed
while Kerry began to set up the camera. Bridget's pussy burned with desire
and anticipation for whatever Kerry had in mind. The Camera, or Cameras to
be exact, were all set up to get different angles which then Kerry could
edit together however she liked. Kerry handed her sister a bag. "Hurry up
and get in costume."

Kerry looked in the bag.

"Wait this stuff..." Bridget prepared to protest but she was cut off by her

"You are mine! You do what I say. Now get in you costume like a good little
slave." Bridget felt the butterflies in her stomach that she always got when
her sister got bossy with her.

"Ok." Said Bridget with her head slumped.

She was excited and horny but what her sister wanted her to wear was
downright humiliating. She stripped out of her cloths, dropping her skirt and
blue shirt then losing her bra and panties. Once stark naked she removed the
contents of the bag. First there was a bib, then a pacifier and finally a
diaper. One by one she put on the humiliating articles of her costume until
she was a giant baby. Kerry laughed at her sister's ridiculous look. She
walked over and tied Bridget's blonde hair into a set of pig-tails then bound
them with clips that resembled little pink teddy-bears.

"Perfect, let's start filming." Said Kerry.

Bridget lay on her bed and sucked on her pacifier. Kerry approached her and
put her hands on her hips.

"Is baby hungry?" She asked. Bridget nodded while sucking on her pacifier.
Kerry produced a baby bottle. The baby bottle had been filled by boys at
school who had jacked off into it. Kerry already had footage of the men
filling the bottle with sperm so that she could cut it into the movie.
"Mommy has something delicious and nutritious for baby."

Kerry popped the pacifier from Bridget's mouth and then lay down next to
her. She stuck the bottle in her sister's mouth and then massaged the girl's
breast while she sucked on the cum-filled bottle. Bridget sucked down the
contents of her baby bottle while her sister-mistress mauled her tits. She
drank every last drop. By the time she was done with the bottle her sister
yelled "Cut" and whispered instruction into her ear. Reluctantly Bridget
agreed and told Kerry that she'd need some time. Filming stopped and about
a half an hour Bridget let Kerry know that she was ready.

Kerry got back into position and resumed the filming. Kerry sniffed the air
and fieghned shock and dismay.

"Did baby make a stinky?" Kerry demanded. Red-faced and embarrassed Bridget

"Bad baby, you should have been potty trained along time ago. Well I guess
I'm going to have to change baby's diaper." Kerry went to the diaper that
covered her sister's crotch and unfastened it. It practically overflowed
with shit. She removed it and lay it on the end of them bed then took some
baby wipes and cleaned Bridget's ass carefully. "Baby needs to be punished
come here and look into your diaper."

Bridget lay on her stomach and rested on her elbows then looked down into the
stinking diaper. Kerry grabbed the back of Bridgets face and rammed it into
the diaper.

"Baby needs to clean that diaper all up, while mommy cleans her peepee." Said

She went back around to Bridget's pussy and began to lick her hole. Bridget
moaned with pleasure as she gobbled up her own stinking shit. And it was all
caught on camera for the pleasure of her sister's horny audience. She began
to cum as she ate up the very last bite of foul tasting crap.
_ _ _

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