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Rating: NC17. F/F, oral, fisting, sister/sister, mother/daughter, light S&M,

Pairing: Buffy/Kate, Bridget and Kerry Henessey from 8 Simple Rules. As ever
in my fic everyone is 16/17/18/over the age of consent whatever that is where
you are.

Summary: Set in a world where the events of season 7 never happen. The
council decide they need a new Slayer so decide to kill Buffy when she
reaches 25. But not how you might think...

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8 Simple Rules/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 26
by GoolCaptain

The surroundings didn't shock her. Seeing Faith did.

"How..., how did you get her out of prison?"

"Not your concern Miss Summers. We'll put here back soon, before they notice
she's gone in fact, wouldn't want to spoil her parole. I have a feeling
she'll be out this year." He gave a knowing smile, confident in the council's
ability to influence the judicial system. Quentin Travers lifted the plastic
beaker to Buffy's lips and she sipped gratefully at the water. She was silent
for a moment. The doctors and nurses were packing up their equipment from the
operating theatre. Buffy frenziedly checked herself over for what they'd done
to her but the only wound was the severe bump on her head and an awesome

"The tranquilizer dart was very powerful, I'm afraid, your Slayer healing
abilities make such things awkward. Something to bear in mind at the
dentist," he smiled, Travers making no attempt to not look at her nude body,
Buffy not really seeing the point in trying to cover herself up after they'd
been looking at her all the time she was unconscious.

"God she's beautiful" he thought drinking in the sight of her nakedness. No
wonder Rupert had fallen so head over heels in love with her. He spared Faith
a glance. If anything she actually exceeded Buffy's beauty. This current
batch of Slayers really had the looks, he decided.

"I'll remember to floss. I thought you were trying to kill me?"

"Oh, we did Miss Summers. You and Faith were clinically dead for 30 seconds
before we revived you. More than enough time for your replacement to be
called." He handed her a bus ticket for Sunnydale. "See yourself out will
you, there's a stop at the end of the street. You might want to consider
moving to another town?"

He left without looking back. Buffy looked for a second at the ticket,
stamped ECONOMY CLASS in big red letters, before her. Her comeback was a good
one, considering.


"Frugality in all things," he replied rounding the corner.

The council men wheeled Faith away, slipping her back into her prison clothes
as she began to come around. "Hope she at least gets an ambulance back to
prison," Buffy mused. Knowing the Council they'd probably just stick her in a
cab and shortchange the driver.

She leaned back on the bed. One of the nurses came over and started to
massage her shoulders.

"To get some feeling back into them," she explained. Buffy nodded, feeling
too weak to resist. And not really wanting to.

The nurse was an attractive older lady, buxom and dark haired. Buffy read
her nametag, "Kate Henessey". She sure had skilled fingers. She had a
good-natured air about her that reassured Buffy. Besides, if the council had
wanted to hurt her she would never have woken up.

The nurse's fingers wove their magic. Buffy found herself sighing
contentedly. For that she got a smile.

"Bridget, Kerr-Bear. Come here and give me a hand."

Two teenage girls dressed as Candy-stripers approached. One was tall with
blonde hair. She was a fox, even Buffy had to admit that. The shorter of the
two had curly red hair. She wasn't as gorgeous as the blonde but had a feisty
prettiness to her. There was an intimacy between them and with the dark
haired nurse that suggested great closeness.

"Hey mom," they chorused, solving the mystery. 'Kate' indicated Buffy's nude
body and the girls got the hint, gently rubbing her legs with their hands.
Buffy just relaxed and let it happen. It felt so good.

Kate began to kiss Buffy lightly on the neck and shoulders, gently nibbling
on her trapezoid muscles and earlobes. Buffy was mortified, her body tensing
up once more. But she found her breathing becoming shallower and slower, her
pulse racing. She found her nipples swelling and hardening.

"My my," remarked Kate huskily, "Look at these." She began to tease Buffy's
nips with her fingertips, rubbing and pinching them gently. Buffy gave a
slight moan, conscious that her cunny was already dripping and that she was
helpless to prevent it. Bridget's fingers were stroking her inner thigh and
eventually found their way to her labia. Buffy arched her back as the tall
blonde traced them up and down her cunny lips. She gave a short shriek of
pleasure as Bridget thrust her fingers deep inside her, enthusiastically
pumping them in and out.

Buffy came so hard she saw stars, thrashing and convulsing on the stretcher,
her body soaked in sweat. She watched with almost detached interest as Kate
unbuttoned her nurses' uniform and revealed a pair of truly spectacular
breasts, her ample white lace bra straining to contain it's shapely, fleshy
cargo. Kerry appeared behind her mother, shamelessly groping Kate's breasts
with one hand whilst undoing her mom's bra strap with the other. Buffy's eyes
widened as Kate's titties were exposed, huge, firm and jutting, her nipples
large and prominent. Kate offered them to Buffy and it seemed the most
natural thing in the world to take each hard pink nubbin into her mouth in
turn, suckling, kissing, softly biting, stroking and flicking them with her

She felt someone returning the favour on her own breasts and glanced down to
see Kerry's shock of red hair brushing against her chest as the young girl
pleasured Buffy's nipples with her mouth. Buffy felt it simply couldn't get
any better until she felt Bridget's tongue lapping against her clitty. Then
all conscious thought was obliterated by another earth-shaking climax.

As she recovered Buffy watched Kate kissing and cuddling her daughters who
returned her affections with glee. "That's my pretty, clever girls, giving
lovely Buffy 2 great big orgasms."

Kate offered Buffy her clothes but Bridget put a light, restraining touch
on her mother's arm. "Oh mom, she's so pretty, can't we keep her?"

"I just want to take her home," Kerry agreed. She stroked Buffy's hair with
her fingers, Buffy rubbing her head affectionately against the redhead's

Kate nodded. "I know how you feel my kittens but Quentin tells me that Buffy
has her own little girl to go home to. Besides I think our house is a little
crowded as it is."

"Actually Dawn's away at a college party all weekend," Buffy remarked. She
held up the bus ticket Travers had given her "And this is valid for 24

* * *

Buffy knelt naked on the floor, an equally nude Bridget and Kerry kneeling
beside her, their wrists ensnared in shiny, long-chained handcuffs. All three
toyed frantically with their breasts and cunnies as Kate lashed them with her
cat-o-nine tails, their backs and hips smarting and glowing red, their
nervous systems overwhelmed with an earthquake of pleasure and pain. In the
mirror Buffy could see Kate behind them wielding the whip. She was dressed in
true dominatrix fashion, 3-inch spike heeled black PVC thigh boots with a
matching lace up corset and elbow gloves. She was a truly magnificent, sexy
vision. The very sight of her made Buffy orgasm yet again.

Kate stopped the whipping and lay down on the floor, positioning herself
underneath the girls. She licked Buffy's streaming cunny whilst fucking Kerry
with the whip handle and joyfully fisting Bridget's tight cunt. Kate grinned
as she felt eager hands unlace the front of her corset and greedy mouths and
fingers exploring her breasts and cunny.

* * *

They dropped her at the bus station, each taking turns to give her a long,
lingering kiss before they parted. She waved and blew kisses until they were
completely out of sight, all three Henessey women waving and blowing kisses
back until she faded from their view.

The bright lights of the street hurt her eyes a little. She waited patiently
for the bus to take her back to Sunnydale, to pick up Dawn and say her
good-byes. Maybe they'd go visit Aunt Arlene? Or go see Dad in Europe?

No hurry. All the time in the world. Her whole life in front of her.


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