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TV Show: "Charmed" - Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) &
Paige Matthews (Rose McGowan): referred to as the Charmed Ones & Halliwell

TV Show: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) & Dawn
Summers (Michelle Trachtenberg) & Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan)

TV Show: "Dawson's Creek" - Joey Potter (Katie Holmes)

TV Show: "8 Simple Rules" - Bridget (Kaley Cuoco) & Kerry Hennessey (Amy

TV Show: "Lizzie McGuire" - Lizzie (Hilary Duff) & Matt McGuire (Jake Thomas)
& Kate Sanders (Ashlie Brillault)

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8SR/BTVS/Charmed/Dawson's Creek/Lizzie McGuire: Christmas Like Never Before
by DCForever

All was well as could be as Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, and his elves hustled
about the North Pole as the big day was quickly drawing near. As every year,
this year would not be an exception. Once again, the big fellow and his hard
working elves were late in their preparations, though unknowingly, it was all
part of a secret being planned behind Kris's back.

"Here you go big fella, as requested." Clarence, Kris's head elf said as
entered the 'List Checking' room and he handed over a rather large list to
the jolly, big fellow.

"What would I ever do without you, Clarence, o'boy?"

Smiling sarcastically, "I'd rather not think about it sir."

"Me either. Without you as my second in command, Christmas would be lucky
to come around once every few years. You are always on the top of your game.
Have I ever told you how important you are to me?"

Checks watch, "No sir, at least not since the last time I checked my 'time
forgotten' watch that your wife had made for me."

"Hahaha...that wife of mine is something special alright," laughed Kris. "So
how does it work?"

"Well sir, every time you ask me an 'have I ever' question, all I have to
do is look down at the watch and the previous time you asked such a question
disappears so therefore my answer to all your 'have I ever' questions is
always no. It was just a fun toy that your wife and my cousin, Boner, came
up with."

"Mrs. Claus sure does have an imagination. Maybe that is a gift that we
can consider making for next Christmas. Have to see if she would allow me
copyrights to the design."

"'re crazy sir. She is your wife."

"Yes, I know. It's just the silly toy maker in me." Turning to sit down in
his huge, red, plush lazy-boy recliner. "Thanks again, Clarence. I'll check
over the list once and then I'll check it twice, for I must know which boys
and girls were naughty or nice."

"I'll leave you to your list checking then. My sister will bring you some of
your list checking milk and cookies a little bit later, sir."

"Could you tell Cindy to go ahead and bring them to me? I'm pretty thirsty
and it looks like I could be locked in this room for quite a while. The list
just keeps getting longer and longer each year."

"Yes, of course it does. The world surely is growing fast...too fast perhaps.
I'll send Cindy right away sir." Clarence walked to the wall and picked up a
plastic candy cane hanging on a hook. As the end of the cane neared his ear,
magic looking dust covered the cane and his head. "Cindy, Mr. Claus would
prefer his snack right away...and go heavy on the milk. I think he could use
it." He placed the cane back on the wall hook and then exited the huge, dimly
lit 'List Checking' room.

The big fella relaxed in his chair and pulled the list over to him and
started placing check marks by the names beginning with A's. Picking his head
up, he remembered he had forgotten to tell his wife where he was. Setting the
list down on his lap, he wiggled the fingers of his free hand in mid air and
magically the candy cane Clarence had previously used, appeared in the palm
of his hand. The golden, twinkling dust surrounded the cane and his head as
he phoned his wife.

"Oh honey, it's so good to hear from you. You know how much the sound of your
voice brightens my day. Just wanted to let you know I was checking over the
list so I won't be available for supper...or breakfast and maybe even dinner

"Okay, sweet'ems, but I better not find out you went behind my back and ate
junk food instead. You know our rule...milk and cookies are only allowed on
deliveries. If you get hungry just inform Clarence or Cindy and I'll make you
some stomach filling soul food. Like momma used to make."

"Of course, honey...I know the rules. And you know how much I love that
southern soul food. I wouldn't dream of eating or drinking anything I
shouldn't behind your back when your momma's soul food can be had instead."

"That is good to hear. Guess I'll see you when the list checking is complete.
Love you, sweet'ems."

"I love you too, dear. See you in a day or so." The sparkling dust flourished
away as the plastic cane reappeared on its wall hook. The big guy wiggled his
butt and arms, settling himself into his chair, before picking the list back
up and beginning again. Back inside the warm cottage, Mrs. Claus hung up the
phone, knowing full well what her husband was eating and drinking as she set
a pile of cookies on plate for Cindy to take out to her husband.

* * *

Many hours into the following day, Kris re-emerged from the 'List Checking'
room and headed straight for his wife's and his cottage. Treading through
the snow, he re-checked a smaller list of boys and girls that he made from
the master list.

Opening the door to their cottage, "Honey, are you here?"

"In the kitchen Kris."

First tossing his boots in the closet and his red coat on a corner hanging
rack, he then headed towards the kitchen and his wife's loud voice, yet sweet

The kitchen was filled with a small cloud of smoke and there his wife was
cutting something very odd smelling into squares. "Sweetheart, what is that
god awful smell?"

"What else...fruitcake. I figured I would give another Claus try at
perfecting the taste, but again I've failed. I've come to the conclusion
that a fruitcake will never be a tasty treat that anyone in their right
mind would want for Christmas. Thank goodness the reindeers love them."

"Yeah, initially, but you aren't the one that has to clean up after they
bring it back up in various forms."

"Neither are you Kris. That is the elves' job. So, how did the list checking
go? This had to be a new record for the number of hours you spent cooped up
in that silly room. Still don't get why you can't check the list here in the
cottage like you used to."

"As I've grown older (in human years, not in Christmas or Santa years) and
the world's population has gotten larger I find it is much easier having a
separate room. This year's list was the largest I've ever had, as will
probably be the case next year and the years following. I'll soon need a
larger room or you could let me finally catch up with times and make the
list computerized."

"Computers? You know my thoughts on those blasted inventions. No, the list
checking will remain in traditional form...quill feather, ink bottle, and
the person that fills out the red coat checking it with his own two eyes...
or in your case four eyes if you count your cute little nose glasses."

"Sometimes I just think you like having me stashed away in that room for
countless hours and days."

"Never, Kris. Why would I want you away from me ever? Our love is strong and
it just grows, as the snow each year multiplies, when we're together."

"I know. It's just when I'm in that room I loose all track of time. By the
way, how long was I in there?"

"Like I said...a new record; 38.5 hours. Please don't tell me you added in a
third check? Cause if you did you know the songwriters and movie Mongols will
be pissed. I guess we could just not tell them."

"No. I only checked the entire list the traditional two times, but did triple
check a few names that I question for being on the wrong list."

"Uh ohhh...I was afraid of that."

"What is that supposed to mean? Did you see the list?"

"No, I would never sneak a peak at the list before the presents were all
delivered...not until you showed it to you always do once you return.
It's just that Clarence warned me that you probably wouldn't be too happy
with a few of your favorites. He didn't mention who the favorites were, but
I'm pretty sure I know at least one of them."

"You mean Rosenberg?"

"Yes. That Willow girl has changed a great deal over the last few years.
If almost destroying all of Earth doesn't get you a lifetime slot on the
'Naughty' list then I don't see a reason for having the other list. You
know, you and your cousin would have been out of jobs."

"I thought we agreed we would never talk about him? He is the black sheep of
my family and goes against everything I stand for. Black is nothing but a
dark hearted man and he is never to be spoken of in my presence. He has been
against Christmas since the day I took over for the previous Claus. I bring
coals for the less fortunate to burn for warmth and what does he do...brings
them rocks so they beat each other's brains in. No, he is dead in mine eyes
and I forbid his name or even the mention of him in any form being used
around me. You know that."

"I'm sorry, honey. You know I didn't mean anything by it, sweet'ems. I don't
know how he does it, but it seems he visits all the boys and girls that show
up on your 'Naughty' list."

"Only way I see it is that he has some of the elves from the same clan that
found us in that snow blizzard back in 1860. Remember sweetheart, it is
their magic that keeps track of the list and allows me to travel all over
the world."

"I'm sure you're right." Walking over to give her husband a hug, she noticed
a piece of paper in his hand. "What do you have there?" pointing her finger
at his clinched hand.

"A few of those favorites of mine you were talking about. If you wouldn't
mind, I would like you to get with Clarence's sister, Cindy, and few of the
other elves and see if there is a glitch or problem with the list. I want a
new list in the 'List Checking' room tomorrow so I can check it once and
twice and even a third time if need be...don't worry, the songwriters need
not know the actual number of times the list is actually checked. Can you
do that for me, dear?"

"It would be my honor."

"Then you know it would mean another day or so checking the list?"

"Yes, I know. My acceptance is just another way I can truly show how much I
love you. I don't know if I can lay in our bed another night or so without
the warmth your jolly old body provides for me though. I just get so lonely
when you aren't right there beside me. It's a strange feeling that I have
yet to get over."

"Sorry honey, but this time of year is devoted for the children of the
world. Personal issues will have to wait, for we are only three days 'til
the reindeers and I launch yet again." He hands her the list and she looks
over the names.

"Oh my...these...these really are some of your favorites.
can that be? Maybe that Willow Rosenberg I understand, but all three of the
Charmed Ones, Lizzie McGuire, and Josephine Potter. They can't all be on the
naughty list?"

"I'm afraid...there are even more that have crossed over from the 'Nice' list
to the 'Naughty' one. For the first time ever...I fear the list is wrong and
I'm leaving you and the elves to prove me wrong...or right. Either way, I
must have the truth before the reindeer and I cast off on Christmas Eve."

"I remember you showing me tapes after tapes of these girls throughout
the years. The Halliwell sisters and that Matthews woman...they are good
witches...aren't I right? Haven't they always fought on the side of good,
saving innocents, unlike the lapse in character that Willow girl went
through? The Council...they took her away or something did they not? What
has come of her? Does she remain a witch or was she stripped of her powers?
There are just too many boys and girls to keep up with anymore."

"Yes, you are right, dear. There are quite a few of them to keep up with.
You were also correct...the Willow girl has remained a have the
sisters you mentioned. Last checked...yes, they were all fighting on the
side of good. The one that really has me baffled is the McGuire girl. She's
never been a problem before, now her brother is a totally different story
all together. He's a wretched one, that one. I know I'm getting up in my
age, but I can't remember that precious, petite girl ever doing anything
naughty...and maybe I shouldn't think of it now. That's it...I don't want
to even think about what this could mean until I'm 100% tinsel toe positive
that the 'Naughty or Nice' lists are the correct lists. For new lists shall
be constructed before the eve of Christmas."

"Yes dear, that might be true for her," wagging her finger in front of his
nose, "but I can't say the same for you, Kris, when you've thought of her
in the past. I know that was in the past. Don't worry I'm not mad. There is
nothing wrong with fantasizing about girls you can't have. I've checked up
on her a few times with the elfCAM and a little harmless masturbation is
about as naughty as she has been."

"Well that isn't entirely true. There was that one time that Clarence and
I caught her giving head to her best friend, David, and that time to her
brother, Matt, but that was only one time. Such an innocent act of
experimenting shouldn't be frowned upon...especially at such a young
vulnerable age. What was she...nine or ten?"

"Oh come on Kris, you know that does nothing to me, no matter the age. I'm
originally from the south and visit my kinfolk whenever I can. There are just
some things that need to stay in the family."

"I never said incest was wrong, dear. In fact I had Clarence get me off while
I watched them from the elfCAM. I'll have to remember to thank the nerd elves
for providing us with enough technology to bounce radio and video feeds off
the NASA and Russian satellites. It has proven to be quite useful...and has
provided many pleasurable hours of entertainment. Hasn't it dear?"

"I agree, Kris, but don't think for one minute that I will allow for our
entire operation to go to the computer industry. The CAM, your Santa
indicator, and the overhead flight indicators are as far as I will allow
us to go in that direction. The toys need to always remain hand made and
designed, the list hand checked, the reindeers hand fed, the sleigh hand
cleaned, and your cock...sucked first yours truly."

Mrs. Claus kneeled down in front of the big guy as he sat in his kitchen
chair and spread his legs apart. She reached forward and pulled the Velcro
away from his waste and watched her secret trapdoor open allowing her quick
and full access to his mouth filling cock. She looked up for his approval.

"Just a quick one. I really need you to check on that list I gave you."

"Priorities, priorities, priorities. I'll tend to you now, verify the
correctness of the list right after, and fuck you once the list has been
rechecked twice by you. Does that sound okay, cuddles?"

"Peachy! Don't know how I like you to scratch your fingernails
on the underside of my penis." Mrs. Claus smiled as her head sunk down into
her husband's lap, engulfing his meaty member down her throat as she lowered
her head further between his spread out legs, fingers scratching away at the
underside of his growing cock.

* * *

Sometime later that evening, a worrisome Mrs. Claus visited the barn to have
a talk with her elf friends, Clarence and Cindy, to clarify their plans for
Christmas Eve night and to satisfy her feelings of doubt.

"Cindy, I need you to cover our trails. Kris cannot find out that Clarence
and I altered the lists."

"Don't you mean you altered the lists?" Cindy appropriately corrected.

"He told you everything did he?"

"Yes ma'am...Clarence told me everything." Cindy confirmed as she peeked a
sneak under Mrs. Claus' red mini skirt.

Walking up behind the taller woman and much shorter elf, "Everything what?
What are you two chatting about?" Clarence asked as he neared them.

Cracking a smile first, "She wants me to make sure our asses don't get busted
for altering the list." Cindy blurted out a bit too loudly.

"Oh she does, does she? Don't worry Mrs. Claus; I've already taken care of
that matter. The big guy will never be the wiser."

"What we did was wrong. We should have never altered that list. It's all your
sister's fault. Her and that elfnog she made." Confessed Mrs. Claus as she
shook her head in shame. "It should have never happened...especially like it
did anyway."

"No one forced you to drink my nog." Cindy replied. "I don't even remember
offering you a drink, but you looked pretty lonely sitting by the fire all by
yourself while your husband was checking inventory on all the wrapping paper.
Oh such a dull job that must be."

"Hey Cindy, you don't have to explain anything to her. She drank the nog of
her own free will...when given the opportunity, continued drinking until she
was wasted. She did it to herself. It is her fault she couldn't put the stuff
down and her fault for agreeing to the bet. A bet I remind you...she lost."

"Come on you two. How was I to know that all twelve of the reindeers could
make me cum one right after the other? I've never been able to have so many
orgasms at any one time in my life, but there was something special about
those twelve tongues."

"Like I said, Mrs. Claus, you lost the bet." Clarence reconfirmed just in
case she hadn't caught it the first two or three times. "Speaking of...I was
coming to see you. The secret ElfVision has been installed and hidden behind
the reindeer stalls. I've checked it once and then checked it twice and the
signal is oh so nice, so when Black falls down the smut soaked chimneys;
we'll see it all. And when he deliveries his gifts, we'll see the mayhem and
hear the slaps and screams, as he beats and fucks all the naughty boys and
girls with the sugarplums from their oh so innocent disturbed dreams."

"And while he does his thing and the big guy is out doing his own, you Mrs.
Claus can fuck all of us elves and lick, drink, and suck all of our white
gooey cream." chimed in Clarence's sister, with her own ending rhyme. "I
can't wait to see that Potter girl get what is coming to her. She has done
that cutie pie Dawson wrong too many times. Her teasing stops now. Not to
mention those Halliwell sisters should have been fucking each other since
day one of receiving their powers. I'm getting horny just thinking about it.
Mmmm...those three pair of succulent, cleavage enhanced breasts." She looks
toward Mrs. Claus.

"Oh no, that wasn't part of the bet. You only get me after my husband and his
cousin have launched from their respective launching pads."

"I heard Black isn't launching from the South Pole this year. It could just
be a rumor floating about. Doesn't really matter I suppose." Clarence added,
unsure as to his reason.

"Cindy, could you please excuse Clarence and me. I need to talk to him in
private." The younger female elf took off in the other direction.

"Kris wants a second list by tomorrow so he can check it. I want you to
re-alter the list...drop some of the 'Naughty' members so he doesn't suspect
anything too fishy."

"Why? A carbon copy of the previous list would work just as well."

"Because my husband gets these weird feelings when he is checking the list...
more so when someone tells him he is wrong. He knows the list is wrong, so we
have to change enough of the names around so we can satisfy him. You know how
edgy he gets around this time of year. Everything has to feel and taste like
a wonderful smelling, tasting sugarplum." She tells Clarence as she plops
down on a bale of hay.

"And personally, you know how I feel about keeping things from, Kris. He's
just always been too good to me. So lets give him some of his goodies back.
You can do that for me...right, Clarence?"

"Mrs. Claus, you know I could never turn you down. Oh but which ones shall
they be? I really don't want to have to listen to Cindy if we happen to
choose some of her more favorites. She's really been trying her best to be
good and hold hold off for this very reason; like that Potter girl.
When I gave her the opportunity to change one name on the list after we had
revised it...I know I shouldn't have, but I did. The Potter girl was whom
she chose. You should have seen the foam that was coming out of her mouth
at just the thought of Black ramming his enormous Anti-Christmas cock down
her ripe throat.

"Good then...we have our first choice to re-cross back over from the
'Naughty' list to the 'Nice' list. Cindy will surely be upset...since as
you said, she was Cindy's number one choice. That will teach your brat of
a sister to mess with me. I'll leave the others for you to do with as you
see fit. No matter what, tomorrows 'Naughty or Nice' list shall not come
back the same. Understood?"

Clarence nodded his head in admission as Mrs. Claus started to stand up.
"Oh, one more thing. The know...the one the big guy calls his
favorite...leave her on the list. The charmed witches also must remain on
the 'Naughty' side of the barrier. I have bargaining plans for those four
later on."

Before the older woman got out of site, Clarence raised his voice, calling
after her. "Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Claus. If I must drop the Potter girl as per
your request...and since Black will already be visiting that Willow girl...
might I suggest a minor replacement from within the same household? Please?"

"And whom might your devious mind suggest replace Ms. Potter? You wouldn't
be thinking of a certain Slayer now would you? For I fill she could hold her
own...even versus Black...possibly even Kris if it came down to a kill or be
killed fight."

"Of course not, Mrs. Claus, I wouldn't dare suggest a thing for a Slayer.
That would be like cutting off my own head. No, my suggestion was that of
the Slayer's younger sister...Dawn, I believe. With her youthful body and
spirit...seems would make a might tasty morsel. I mean only a year or so
ago, she, herself, did almost bring about the end of the world. So what if
she might not have been fully responsible herself."

"Fine, I accept your suggestion. You may crossover a one Ms. Dawn Summers,
but...and let me make this clear...Josephine Potter, and for that matter,
Ms. Ren Stevens as not make the 'Naughty' list. It's only fair
that if this is successful that we allow ourselves an equal opportunity for
a repeat of the same pleasure next year."

"Oh Ren is another one of my personal favorites, but I love your thinking...
already thinking ahead to next year. Mmmm...head. You shall not have any
worries, Ma'am, your requests shall be carried out without delay. When we are
finished with this masterpiece of a list...not to mention a pussy promising
list as well...your husband won't suspect any trickery or misdoing on yours
or my part. He shall be filled with the Christmas spirit once more."

"Thank you Clarence. Now once you have completed the new list, will you and
your cousin, Boner, be joining me in bed while Kris is once again rechecking
the list?"

"Thought you would never ask. Boner has been wanting another chance at your
red hot pussy since the pre-Christmas party."

"And I him. But Clarence, if you wouldn't mind...please, never ever bring up
that party again?" She asked as she walked over to check on Donnor and the
other reindeer.

"I swear, I make one mistake and I feel as if it is going to be the death or
me...or worse...the end of Christmas as we know it. Which it will be if Kris
ever finds out." That was all she could think of as she wiped her hand across
the reindeer's head.

Clarence walked over carrying a bucket of feed for the reindeer. "Do you know
what isn't fucking fair? That Boner, of us all, was the only one given a 14"
inch dick, while the rest of us male elves only got were mediocre dicks and
9" long tongues. No wonder you can't wait to get him back between your legs.
What woman wouldn't want such a great Christmas present?"

"Did you say, 9 inches? Of flesh, curling, licking, tongue? Oh my, I think
I'm going to faint."

"Oh please, Ma'am, don't go fainting on me. You're a little too big for me
to be carrying you and right you can see...there really aren't any
other elves to help me if you do faint."

"Don't worry yourself, Clarence. I'm sure it will pass. Curious...what about
Cindy and the other female elves...were they given any..."

Interrupting her, "Oh she would kill me if I told you. I'm sure she would I'm sure you would rather...let her and the others show you first
hand." The short elf turned and walked away, leaving the taller, older lady
leaning against the cookie covered wall as a stream of juices flowed down her
leg onto the cobble stone walkway.

"Oh dirty Cindy...what have you been hiding from momma?" She asked aloud as
if she was speaking to the air around her, while her fingers frantically
raced underneath her mini skirt.

* * *

As launch time quickly approached on Christmas Eve, Kris Kringle
double-checked over everything with his head elf, Clarence.

"Santa, I just wanted to bring you up to speed on our status." Clarence said
as he wiped the fresh fallen snow from his green colored outfit.

Mrs. Claus was helping her husband put on his oversized, red and white padded
coat. "Go ahead, Clarence."

"Well sir, the sleigh is at 82% capacity and the reindeer are being
strapped into their reins as we speak. The Santa tracking indicator is fully
functional...for the first time ever...and the new portable ElfCAM has been
installed underneath the sleigh. We went through the settings last night, but
if you need another quick run through..."

"I think I got the hang of it."

"Well then sir, only thing left is for the remainder of the presents and your
list to be loaded...along with yourself."

"Thank you, Clarence. Have I ever told you...," Clarence jumped the gun and
looked at his 'time forgotten' watch. "Gotcha!" Clarence blushed, as he knew
he looked like a fool. Looking towards his wife before kissing her goodbye,
"Honey, you should have never given him that watch."

"Maybe you're right, but it does provide a bit of entertainment though."
She leaned in, wrapping her arms around his neck, and sucked in his awaiting
lips. Clarence stood back and watched with amazement as the older human
couple bonded in an intimate embrace. He knew Mr. Claus, Kris Kringle, was a
lucky man to have a woman such as his wife by his side and in his arms at any
and all times of the day and night. A feeling he would sure know once more
once the old man was up in his sleigh and speeding out of sight.

"Well, I think everything is set." The red and white-coated dressed man
walked out into the snow and patted the heads of all his reindeers before
boarding his sleigh. With a crack of his whip and the traditional naming of
his reindeer, the sleigh went into motion, quickly building speed before it
lifted toward the sky, his silhouette flying across the glow of the lit moon
in the distance.

Down south...way down south, Black Peter boarded his jet powered, reindeer
less sleigh and double checked his settings before taking off into the
Christmas Eve night sky as well. His first destination of many would start
in California, where he would work his way eastward across the states,
doing what he did best...causing chaos along the way. His powers weren't
as advanced and blessed as his more famous cousin's powers so his domain
consisted of North America only, but the powers he did possess, he had
molded into an art form. He was a dangerous man blessed with elf magic
and Mrs. Claus and her favorite elves secretly loved him for that reason

Not long after his South Pole launch, the Halliwell's manor became closer
and closer. For some odd reason, their names, no matter how he digitally
sorted the name columns on his Palm Pilot, always ended up as the first on
his 'Naughty' list. So the Halliwell's manor it was. His sleigh hovered
over the witches' residence as he let himself inside the manner. Instantly,
he knew of the sisters' locations and equally willed their bodies to appear
before him.

"Ah such beautiful ladies. How lucky I must be." The non-aged Caucasian
male, dressed in black and red attire, whispered as he transported all
three Halliwell sisters from their upstairs bedrooms to the down stairs
living room couch; a task easy accomplished with just a single snap of
his fingers. Their bodies floated effortlessly in the air as they
descended from their upper rooms, down the staircase, and onto the couch.
All three remained asleep as they each dreamed the same dream; the same
dream Black Peter had cast into their conscious minds. Their sleeping
clothes was slowly drawn from their bodies, leaving each of the three
women bare as the day they were born, and leaned their bodies against
the others.

"Yes...oh yes, such lovelies," he dragged out as their clothes vanished one
article at a time in a striptease like style. As he watched their flesh come
into view he reached into his black satin bag of goodies and produced a two
gallon, clear container, full of a white looking substance. Next, he reached
into his pitch-black body suit and pulled out a computerized Palm Pilot in
which to access his digital list of names stored within, as he leaned over
Piper's body, brushing her long, brunette hair out of the way.

Slowly, his actions awakened her, although to her it felt like a dream.
He held the full container to her plush lips and lifted up on the bottom,
allowing the substance to ooze over the glass surface before pouring into
her open mouth.

"Drink, Piper. Drink it good. Fill your stomach until it can't take anymore.
Drink the juicy fruits of all the other naughty girls in the world. That's
it...take it all...every last drop." He slid his finger over her chin
gathering the excess and guided it back to her mouth, for he wanted her to
consume all two gallons of the girl cum he had collected throughout the year.
"Drink and be merry. Be the first responsible one for stripping the Charmed
one of their witch powers. With this drink, all with which others have tried
and failed, will be accomplished. For unto this night, the world shall
briefly lose three of its most powerful allies. "Yes. Yes. That's it Piper,
drink." He tilted the last of the containers' content into her mouth. He
licked his own lips, taking in the erotic act, as she swallowed the last of
the white ooze. Smiling, he leaned in over her shoulder and kissed her cum
covered lips, then tilted her head back against the couch.

A few minutes later, Piper awakened mentally and physically, no longer in
her dream like state and immediately recognized the presence of an unwelcome
stranger. She tried to yell out to warn her sisters, but for an odd reason,
her throat felt too raw to form words, much less sounds. Instinctively, she
flashed her hands at the stranger, as she had done on many occasions to rid
herself of demons, but it was useless, as the stranger remained unscathed
and unfrozen. Little did she know it was of her own doing? She started to
move, but as she stared into the darkness of Black Peter's eyes, she froze...
frozen in fear of the unknowing. She remained perfectly still as she cast her
own stare back at Peter's dark eyes, only to see a foreshadowing of what was
to come of her in the near future.

Peter smirked and nodded his head as his gaze shifted from Piper to
Phoebe's body. Again, he reached into his bag and produced another two-gallon
container and slowly allowed her to willingly drink of its contents, while
she drank wine with her sisters in the dream she was having, celebrating the
killing of the demon, Belthazor. As Phoebe drank more of the collected girl
cum, Piper watched in amazement, as a bright, glowing light overshadowed her
body and slowly drifted from her, through her mouth, replacing the previous
contents of the clear, glass container. Black topped off the container with
a lid, holding it up to stare at the bright light. All of a sudden, Piper
knew what was going on. She knew why her powers had failed her. As she had
done earlier, she watched in a sadden state as another Charmed one went down
at their own doing. Piper passively watched, knowing there was nothing she
could do.

Black Peter, with his large, rough hands, pulled Phoebe's head back against
the couch and tilted it up to face him. He smiled an all too familiar smile
at Piper as he reached down, hidden from Piper's view, and retrieved his
mammoth cock, and laid it across the back of the couch. He widened Phoebe's
mouth with one hand as he guided and roughly inserted his cock into her mouth
and down her throat. Her throat widened, as had her mouth as he forced fed
himself upon the dream saddled woman. Then out of nowhere, he stood up,
having been sitting on his knees, and towered over the couch and girls with
his seven-foot tall frame, then dropped full force over Phoebe's body,
thrusting down hard upon her face. His ever-growing member struck violently
upon its harsh descent, bruising her vocal chords and rubbing her throat raw.

Piper gasped and started trembling as she pulled her hands against her own
throat, realizing how her throat had become raw. A few deep throat shattering
plunges later, he grasped the base of his cock, and watched as his magic went
to work. Glittering pixie dust arose from his glands and his cock retreated
back to its original size without any other portion of his body moving and
he pulled it free from Phoebe's oral cavity. With precum finally starting to
leak from his cock, he moved over to concentrate his efforts on the third
sister, Paige.

Moments later, the Charmed ones sat still, all three fully awake, taking in
each other's nakedness while listening to Black Peter's every word.

"So ladies, how does it feel to be powerless? To know all your witchly powers
have been stripped from you? You know...I'm not quite sure how you three got
on Kris's 'Naughty' list...but I couldn't be happier that you are on it. You
see, every year I pick a handful or two of males and females to have a little
holiday fun with...Anti-Claus fashion of course. I just can't express how
pleased I was to see all three of you wolf down those two gallon sized
containers of Naughty lesbian-girl cum. And just a few minutes...
after you've all sampled each of your sisters' won't be able to
get enough from each other. So once your powers are returned, you'll be too
horny for each other, to even consider getting out of bed to fight demons
and save innocents. Then just maybe, there will be enough demons left in the
world to find a few that can take a true, unbounded fucking from my ramrod.
And maybe then...I can be happy for a change. But for now...I will settle for
three gorgeous lesbian sisters getting it on. For I am Black Peter, cousin to
the world famous Kris Kringle, and this is my Christmas present to you...and
myself. I'll take this over loading stockings full of rocks and coal any

He kneeled back down behind the couch and grabbed the back of Paige's neck,
then pushed her down across her sister's lap. All of a sudden, her hand
seemed glued to Phoebe's pussy while her mouth came only inches from Piper's
pussy. Her downward descent was halted in mid-air as Black stared between
Piper and Phoebe's thighs.

"Hair? That just won't do." He said as he smirked at the trio. He walked
around the couch and one by one kneeled in front of the women and licked his
tongue over their mounds, extracting every last semblance of pubic hair from
their sensitive flesh. He then pulled away and smothered Piper's pussy with
Paige's face, forcing Paige to lick up her sister's uncontrollable essence.
Piper tried to mentally fight her will, but her body wouldn't be denied of
the pure Sapphic pleasure Paige's enthusiastic tongue was responsible for.
Piper's mouth flew open to scream, but only squeaks were heard through the
licking noise coming from between her thighs.

Meanwhile, Paige's fingers worked over Phoebe's pussy as Phoebe played with
her sister's melon-sized breasts. Black Peter immediately knew Sapphic love
making was nothing new to the short haired, brunette. Phoebe's actions spoke
for themselves as her left hand moved delicately down Paige's bare leg and
circled each ass cheek, dipping a finger between her crack and over her anal
entrance. Soon her other hand joined in and together they kneaded Paige's
naked ass cheeks before prying them open for her tongue to delve into the
tight, dark hole.

Not wanting Piper left out of the oral action, Peter grabbed her neck and
forced her head between Phoebe's legs, a much too uncomfortable position
for the woman. Time was slipping by so he forced the issue to make sure his
present was delivered successfully. The gleam in the Charmed ones faces as
they now willingly pleasured one another, admonished his success.

With a wave of his hand, magically, their wet combined juices rose from their
tongues, lips, slits, and overall flesh, and then flew throughout the large
room, landing in yet another clear container marked 'special delivery' upon
the label. As easily as Black Peter had slipped into the Halliwell sisters'
house and lives, he vanished into thin air, leaving the sisters to themselves
and the erotic aroma beginning to fill the house.

* * *

"Oh hell, Boner, fuck me like Black Peter! Oh yeah, ram it in." Mrs. Claus
screamed out as Boner the elf was thrusting his enormous shaft deep inside
the woman's dripping wet pussy. She and some of the other elves were
partaking in a orgy of traditional fashion this time of year around the
North Pole.

The barn where the reindeer are housed throughout the year was packed full
of elves either fucking other eves or barn animals or waiting in an extremely
long line to get their few minutes with the famous and luscious Mrs. Kringle
and her delicious, puffy pronounced pussy. The woman was lucky for she was an
ageless wonder, retaining her physical features, youthful twenty something
appearance, and overwhelming exuberance for sex. Mrs. Kringle took advantages
of her ageless body and the elves whenever possible. The woman was nothing
less than an oversexed nympho. As the festivities in the barn continued, she
occasionally peaked at the ElfCAM monitor hanging from a barn rafter, to keep
up with what the Halliwell sisters and Black Peter were up to.

"Guess the Charmed Ones will be on the 'Naughty' list yet again next year.
After that Sapphic showing...I guarantee there will be a much sought after
repeat next year." She said as she briefly tried to recover from Boner's
fucking and prepared for the next elf in line, finding the way his pointed
ears moved quite sexy. "Look Clarence, Black will be visiting one of your
faves next."

The head elf looked toward the CAM monitor as his sister sucked hard on his
elf cock and smiled. "He out did himself with the Charmed Ones. I can't wait
to see what he has in store for Ms. Summers." He said as he slapped his
sister's face and grounded his pelvis harder into her face, demanding that
she suck him off harder. "Suck it, bitch!"

* * *

"Ahem...another name I wouldn't have expected. I wonder...this looks like it
could be the work of disgruntle elves. Bet it was Clarence and his sister
playing with the lists again this year. When will those two ever learn? Kris
will have to be warned, but that can wait for the middle of the year." Black
thought as he vanished and re-appeared inside the Summers' house. "Let's see,
Dawn Summers and Willow Rosenberg." He put his Palm Pilot back in his coat
and envisioned their faces then snapped his finger. Immediately, Dawn's
teenage body appeared before him, but the Rosenberg girl was a no show. This
was new to Black. So he concentrated again and snapped his fingers a second
time and still no Willow. Panicking, thinking his powers may be leaving him
before usual, he vanished and re-appeared upstairs and checked each room one
by one. The only other person in the house besides Dawn was her older and
much powerful sister, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Black couldn't help stepping close to Buffy's bed and pulling her sheets
back. He admired the beauty beneath as he lightly ran his finger over the
girl's pajama covered breasts. "Such beauty," he whispered before taking
her hand in his and led it down beneath her pajama bottoms and inserted a
finger between her labia lips. "Sweet dreams, Buffy." This was one young
woman that always seemed to make his dark heart melt. Maybe it had something
to do with her love for darkness, vampires, and demons.

Buffy shifted in the bed and slowly started moving her finger over her slit
and into her pussy. Her pelvis began rotating as she unconsciously found a
rhythm, while dreaming of seducing her friends and sister, taking her
virginity over and over again.

"I'm bad," thought Black as he walked back out of the bedroom and closed
the door, leaving everything as he had found it. With a wave of his hand, a
floating, clear field appeared around Buffy's room door and seeped into and
out of the walls, engulfing the walls in the room. He loved using his special
soundproof barrier. "Now the fun can really begin," he said as he vanished
and once again appeared in front of a sleeping Dawn Summers. He was still
unsure why Willow hadn't appeared, but time was getting away from him, and
he still had a lot to accomplish during the night.

Little did Black know, that Willow was in an asterial dimension visiting her
lover, Tara's, restless soul.

With a snap of his fingers and detailed concentration, Dawn's body
disappeared before his eyes. He walked into the nearby dining room where the
teenage girl's pert body was lying naked across the cleared away dining room
table, with her head hanging over the end, already in position and awaiting
his ritual throat fuck.

As his cock magically retreated from her sore throat, the young girl awoke
and found herself frozen in fear. She looked around for an escape, but fear
of movement caused her to remain lying on the table. She looked down her
chest, through the valley between her twin pert mounds of flesh, and stared
at a monster of a cock resting against her hairless pubic mound.

"Good you're awake. In case you didn't know...this will hurt like nothing
you've ever experienced. And I took it upon myself to restore your virginity,
but don't worry, I'll be taking it back...hehehe...say, right now." Dawn's
hands gripped the table's surface and her head rose off the table, displaying
her pain-filled agony. She attempted to scream out for her the Slayer, but
her voice was barely audible.

Clearing her sore throat the best she could, "You bastard!" She screamed out
as loud as she could.

"Ah that is so sweet of you to say. That is what my mother used to call me
when I fucked her up the ass. Actually, that is what everybody has called me
at one point or another. I really don't deserve such a compliment. You're a
tough one aren't you? Usually my throat fucks rip apart vocal chords. Guess
it's a good thing I cast that soundproofing barrier around your sister's
bedroom after all. Scream as loud and as hard as you like. No one will hear.
Even if they did, they wouldn't be much against my powers. Plus, screams only
inspire my will to do harm that much more."

"Who are you?" She asked as Black pulled back for a second. She wanted to get
in what she could before the pain returned. She was sure it would return a
lot more in her given position.

"Names Black. Black Peter."

"You can't be serious? You mean you exist as well? Demons. Vampires.
Lesbians. Those I can accept, but you...that would mean Santa..."

"Oh yeah, the big fellow does indeed exist. As does his wife, the reindeers,
the elves, and the entire North Pole. And before you ask...yes, the Easter
Bunny and the Tooth Fairy exist, though Toothie isn't the nice, sweet person
that people describe in books. Where do you think I got the deep throat
fucking idea? Now that guy is harsh and dangerous. Hell, I'm a saint compared
to the things he fantasizes about." Dawn could only shake her head. She laid
her head back down on the table, knowing she was defeated. Her body was in
Black's hands and there was nothing she could do to change it.

She whispered, "Do as you wish," she turned her head to the side away from
his direction, "and please hurry so it can be over."

"Don't worry, it will be. I don't have the time to do everything I wanted to

Still not looking at him, staring at the divider wall separating the foyer
from the dining room. "What are your plans for me?" She asked, scared to hear
his answer.

"If you must know, Dawn. You truly are a tough girl, aren't you? I'm just
going to spread apart that gap between your legs enough so only bedposts,
extra large cucumbers, and fists will be able to give you the pleasure you
seek when you need to get yourself off. And your tits are going to be next.
God, look at them...they are like so perfectly pert and sweet looking. I
wouldn't be living up to my reputation if I didn't fuck with them. So I'll
be using sandpaper on them until you get to the point where you can no
longer feel any sensation in them." Tears started falling from Dawn's eyes
as she listened to her destined fate.

"But don't fret, I never leave without giving something that could be of use
to the person. For you I've decided on an over sensitive clit. How does that
sound? Just think, the slightest touch from tonight on will send you up the
wall. Jeans. Even the softness and smoothness of silk panties will be able
to set you off. Every waking moment you will need to get yourself off. By
the time it takes for you to get used to it...your body will return to its
original self. Take a month or so. I trust you have some friends and family
members that will be able to help you out when you are too tired to even lift
a finger much less fist yourself. It truly will be a 24/7 job. This way, you
get to be intimate with everyone precious or important in your teenage life.
Well, times not standing still so I guess we should get on with it. Don't
worry it will be over quick. In fact, you won't even remember I was here.
You'll wake up back in your bed and all this will seem but only a dream.
Ready precious?"

Surprisingly, the teenage girl nodded her head. Black patted her pussy
with his hand and rubbed his fingers over her slit, loosening up the
pubic entrance just a bit, as a favor to the helpless girl. Once again,
a glittering dust arose from the glands in his cock before he guided his
cockhead to her vaginal opening. He lifted his arms and rested his hands
behind his head as his monster of a cock penetrated the newly re-virginized
pussy and instantly grew in length, busting through her newly formed hymen,
sending blood shooting out of her body.

Just as quick as it had entered, it retreated and rammed back in a second
time, causing the girl's body to shake and jerk with the momentum. Dawn was
already unconscious from the vicious attack and Black, for the first time
ever, allowed his prey to remain that way. His member hardened as it readied
itself for relief, growing thicker and wider as his blood pulsed in his
glands. Her tight walls, initially loosened, then re-tightened as her pussy
was split open further. Then it happened, he tensed and shot his load deep
into her bowels, lifting her body up into his arms to cradle her as he thrust
his jet streaming meat in and out. His cum mixed with her juices and flooded
her pussy, sending the leftovers oozing out onto their bodies.

He lowered her body back down onto the table and looked longingly at her
pert breasts, then moved his gaze down her body and rested it on her clit.
He lined up his piss hole of his cock and as if on cue, started pissing,
the yellow stream constantly striking the teenager's clit. While his piss
streamed out, glittering dust once again re-appeared and violently shook
her sensitive clit, changing how its nerve endings reacted to touch, making
it much more sensitive to feel. He lifted his cock and used the valley
between her breasts to wipe himself clean.

Then he bent down and kissed the girl on her lips before whispering in her
ear, "Until next time...your true love shall only drift toward your sister.
She will want it as bad as you. Your friends can and will only
have but to ask." With a snap of his fingers, Dawn returned to her bed. He
didn't have time to do everything he had wanted, but it felt he had done
quite enough to the teenager already. Within minutes, Black boarded his own
sleigh and charged up the boosters. As he lifted from the roof and flew off,
two dreary eyed sisters peered through their own bedroom windows as the
sleigh disappeared out of sight.

* * *

"He's starting to get clumsy." Clarence's sister said as she shook her head
at what she was viewing from the magical ElfCAM monitor. "They saw him. No
one has ever seen him after a Christmas Eve visit. How?"

Mrs. Kringle lifted her head from between the female elf's legs and stole a
peek at the cam before looking at the elf. "What do you expect from the
Slayer's house? One is a Slayer. One was and still could possibly be a key
to dimensional travel and earth's total destruction. One is a witch. And
their close friends aren't much better. Demon. Vampire. Make that two
vampires. Ripper. And then there is the only person with no power and pretty
much the dumbest of the bunch...yet he did what none of the others could. He
stood up to his best friend as she prepared to destroy us all. So nothing
strange happening around that family or house baffles me. And it shouldn't

"Hey, I didn't want a damn speech. What I do want though if for you to sink
your tongue back inside me. So get busy." The woman willingly lowered her
head back between the elf's legs and resumed her previous sweet pussy eating
action as Clifford took her up the ass, while fucking her pussy with some of
the reindeers' carrots.

* * *

As Black traveled through the night sky, he made many coal stuffed stocking
deliveries, before verifying his night prey. Checking the 'Naughty' list,
the next name was a name that was supposed to be left alone by all mystic,
magical personnel, so seeing her name on the list baffled him. He spotted
the house in the distance, recognizing a familiar sleigh and nine reindeer
atop the roof, preparing to lift back into the sky. He slowed his speed and
awaited Santa's departure before pulling up over the house and quickly
disappearing and reappearing in the house.

Kris's Christmas presents, addressed to the family, were under the tree and
the stockings were full as they hung by the stairs with care. He dashed up
the few stairs by the front door, finding and entering Bridget Hennessey's
room with ease.

Seconds later, Black stood over the long, blonde haired teenage girl's bed,
staring down at her cute face as she slept peacefully, half covered by a
sheet while her oversized Michigan University t-shirt bunched up beneath her
small breasts.

Across the room, her younger sister, Kerry, rested in her own bed, sleeping
in an unusual fashion, naked with one leg resting on the floor while the
other remained on the bed; her wetness quite visible, glistening off her
pussy lips by the moon's reflection. Curious, he walked across the room,
leaned down, and lightly ran his finger over the curvature of her breasts,
collecting strands of leftover cum and lifted his finger to his mouth for a

"Kris, oh, Kris. You haven't changed a bit. Still as horny an old man as
ever. Guess even a man of your stature has to get his jollies off somehow,
but with that fine ass of a wife you have back at the North Pole waiting
for you...I see no reason getting off on child's play." He silently chuckled
as he took in Kerry's naked body, lingering his stare on her stiff, cum
covered breasts.

Over the last year, Kerry Hennessey had become one of Black's favorites since
gaining confidence in herself. She gone from a nobody to a somebody, walking
up the ranks in her high school with ease, becoming a popular student that
other students started looking up to. She had become the new Bridget, taking
away her older sister's fire and popularity. Beating her sister out for a
spot on the cheering squad and wearing tighter clothes that showed off her
slightly larger breasts and emphasized her larger tight ass, had a lot to do
with Black's new obsession for the dark red, wavy haired teenager.

He pulled out his Palm Pilot and double-checked to make sure he hadn't
missed anything. He so wanted Kerry to be on his 'Naughty' list, scanning
the database, but her name never appeared on the screen. He still wasn't
sure why Bridget's name had appeared when the Hennessey family was supposed
to be off the market for the mystical personnel. Re-checking his database,
he brought up Bridget's name and noticed an asterisk beside her name.
Clicking on the symbol, gave him the reason for Bridget's exception.

Shaking his head, he returned to Bridget's bed, mounting the mattress, and
straddled her chest. Then he waved his hand in the air to once again use his
soundproof barrier on the inside of the room. His cock magically appeared
through his suit, grasped the base, and lightly patted it against her lips.

His weighted body started to have its effect on the teenage bombshell,
causing her to open her mouth to fight for air. He slipped his cock into her
open mouth and watched it lengthen and grow in size, causing her mouth to
open even wider, cutting off her airflow even more. A gagging Bridget opened
her eyes and stared in shock as the stranger continued shoving more of his
man meat down her throat. She could feel the blood pounding pulse of his cock
against the inside of her throat.

Black Peter looked down and noticed she was awake and just smiled as he
looked into her fear-filled eyes. Unknowingly, he stopped and pulled out his
cock, as she tried to speak around his massive member. He fought with the
decision to continue his ritual throat fucking or to pull free and listen to
what the girl had to say. As his cock pulled away from her mouth, she fought
to clear her throat to speak.

"I don't know who you are...but I know why you are here." She started crying
as she thought back to the day that she lost her father. Before Paul had left
for the store on that horrible day for a fresh carton of milk, Bridget had
fought with her dad and the last words she had spoken to him were, "I hate

"You're here to finally exact the punishment that I've deserved since my
father died, aren't you? He sent you...didn't he? I knew he would come after
me one day." Black listened and watched as she punished and abused herself,
feeling responsible for her father's death. Her pain breached his dark heart
and just nodded his head in agreement.

"Thought so. Then please, do what you have to do. I will never be the same
again unless I deal with this." Looking up toward the ceiling, "This is for
your dad. I love you." She said throwing her sheet off her body and onto
the carpeted floor. From Black's earlier position, she knew what kind of
punishment she was in for and decided she wasn't dressed properly for such
a punishment. She bravely sat up in bed, turned, set her feet on the floor,
and then stood in place. Looking back at Black, she reached down and grabbed
the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head and let it fall to the
floor, then dropped her hands to her plain pink panties and rid her body of
them, leaving her willingly standing before Black in the nude.

"Will this help?" She asked, surprisingly not covering any of her features
from the stranger's piercing eyes. "Now where would you like me?" Black
shook his head not believing what he was witnessing. He walked over,
grabbed her arm, then led her to the bed and motioned for her to set only
her hands against the end of the bed. She bent over in the requested
position, leaving her ass exposed for the punishment to come.

Black reached into his black bag of goodies and retrieved a long strand of
rubber tubing and turned back to the girl. Bridget met his gaze and just
turned her head to look forward, at the wall behind her bed, and waited for
the ensuing assault. Peter got in position and wrapped one end of the tubing
around his hand twice before drawing his hand and the tubing high in the
air. With a grunting effort, he slammed it downward, striking hard across
her backside. The contact jarred Bridget forward, causing her to lose her
balance, but as soon as she could she returned to her previous position,
ready for the next hit. Her expression remained blank as tears started
forming in her eyes.

Lifting his hand again, he laid the tubing into her ass, bringing about a
loud smacking noise, awakening Kerry in the process. Looking across the
room, Kerry couldn't believe what she was seeing. Bridget took the hit the
best she could, but couldn't stop from crying. Kerry didn't know what to
do; she just couldn't watch her sister be put through the abuse she was

She jumped out of bed and started to scream at Black when she realized she
was naked herself. She quickly stopped and started looking around for some
cover, giving Black and Bridget time to turn and look back at her.

"Stop, Kerry," Bridget yelled out to her sister. She left the bed and crossed
the room, stopping her sister from covering herself. Bridget grabbed Kerry's
arm before she could obtain her shirt from the floor. Bridget wrapped her
arms around her younger sister and pulled their bodies against each other,
then whispered in her ear.

"Stop, Kerry. I'm sorry you had to see this, but this man," looking back at
Black and then back to her sister, "is here because I want him to be. He's
doing nothing that I haven't wanted for a long time. I need this, Kerry.
Please...I need you to let me have this. Don't interfere." Kerry wrapped her
arms around her sister and tightened her grip.


"Just let this be, Kerry. I beg you. Just let this be." Bridget released her
grip and gave her sister a brief kiss on the lips before walking back over to
Black and bent back down into her previous position.

"Bridget?" Kerry called out knowing she just couldn't watch. Black noticed
the looks of hatred directed at him and decided to take care of the younger
girl. Smiling, he locked in a serious stare at the girl causing her to freeze
in place. A light fog began drifting from his eyes and quickly clouded around
the girl's head.

Without a single verbal command, Kerry walked over and roughly pushed her
sister face down on the bed and instinctively shoved two fingers up her ass.
Black then pushed Kerry down on top of Bridget and brought the rubber tubing
down upon the younger girl's back, leaving a red welt behind. Kerry took the
hit without any complaint and struggled to stand back up, only to be put back
down by yet a second and third hit. The hits didn't seem to faze the girl as
she added a third and pushed her fingers deeper into Bridget's backside.
Bridget felt the additional weight and the sudden anal invasion, but didn't
know it was her sister's doing, unable to look back over her shoulder.

Black pulled Kerry from Bridget's body, and then pulled Bridget off the bed.
Again without any verbal commands, Kerry grabbed her sister and pulled her
into a passionate French kiss, immediately sticking her tongue in Bridget's
mouth, sliding her tongue over the other. Black stood back and enjoyed his
second lesbian sisterly act of the night.

After the initial shock, Bridget accepted the advances and started kissing
her sister back just as fiercely in return. Black checked his watch then
quickly guided the girls backwards to the bed breaking their kiss as Bridget
sat down while Black held Kerry back.

"Lay down, Bridget, and spread your legs." He commanded and watched as she
followed his orders. Turning to Kerry, he stared as if mentally speaking to
the girl and then watched her step up onto the bed and stand over her sister.
Her hand dropped between her legs as she started peeing over Bridget's pert
breasts, then guided the yellow stream down to her pussy and then back up to
her head. Bridget looked over at Black and saw his mouth open so she followed
suit and allowed her sister to finish off in her mouth, as she continued to
watch Black's movements. Each of their mouths remained open as Kerry's
pissing ceased and then dropped down, covering her sister's open mouth with
that of her own mouth. The two sisters started kissing, quickly forgetting
Black was even in the room.

He leaned close to their heads and whispered, "Your dad is pleased and
leaves Kerry in charge to carry out your punishment, Bridget, for days
ahead." Leaving the girls to each other, he vanished on the spot,
returning to his hovering sleigh awaiting him outside. "You're in good
hands girls." He said before taking off for his next destination.

* * *

Black Peter continuously checked his list again and again as he went from
'Naughty' list member's house to another. The night was drawing to a close,
meaning his time was running out. His power would fail as the light of
Christmas Day drew near, leaving him only with his bare minimum power...the
power to slow time would soon fade as the new day came to be. He would soon
return to his greedy, thieving, perverted old self and return to his cold
South Pole home, dreaming of the days that brought about his greatest powers
once again the following year, allowing him to be god-like yet again.

Black's eyes lit up as he recognized the next name on the list. She was not
only one of Kris's all-time favorites, but over the years had blossomed into
a beautiful young woman and had become one of Black Peter's favorites as
well. He had dreamt of the day his time would come for such a tasty treat,
but with the time he had remaining to finish up everyone on his list, his
visit would have to be short and sweet. He wasn't too surprised to see the
girl's brother being the next on his list. In fact, he was one of the
'Naughty' list regulars.

"For once, I get both Lizzie and Matt McGuire. Damn these powers. If only I
had little while longer." He rammed his hand against the sleigh's control
panel in anger as the sleigh neared to a halt above the McGuire's residence.
He was in like a flash and wasted no time casting soundproofing barriers
throughout the house. He first entered Matt's room and snapped his fingers,
then rushed over, ghosted himself and walked through Lizzie's closed door.
On the bed, the two siblings rested peacefully, unknowing of any that was
going on in the room. He walked over to the bed and quickly grabbed Matt's
body and turned it over; his clothes magically disappeared during the turn.
He lifted the young teenage boy's butt up in the air and plugged his ass
with his cock, that appeared out of nowhere, ripping through his own clothes
at the chance to get at the boy's ass. His cock seemed to sometimes have a
mind of its own. Matt suddenly awakened and screamed out in agony as Black
continuously thrust his cock into the boy's ripe young ass. He grabbed the
front of Matt's throat and pulled back on it, giving him a better angle to
reach out to stroke the boy's average sized limp penis. With a few hand
strokes over his loose foreskin and along the shaft, Matt's penis hardened
and rose to the occasion.

Peter whispered in the boy's ear as he continued assaulting his ass and gave
him a hand job. "Tonight is your lucky night, brat. I'm about to bless your
sorry ass with a gift that will keep on giving for all of next year. Sounds
great don't it?" He asked Matt, manually shaking the boy's head up and down
in fake admittance. "After tonight, you will be blessed with something that
no one else on this planet as even thought of possessing. I'm going to give
you a vibrating 12" cock and with it, your sole purpose will be to rape your
sister, Lizzie, and any of her friends or acquaintances every chance you get.
Don't worry though, she will be acceptable to your advances and will get to
the point that she will become addicted to your cock. And every time your
sorry ass fucks her and gets to feel her wet fluids, I will be able to feast
on her nectar. Your cock will feed me whenever or wherever I am and it comes
in contact with female flesh. So it looks like you will be my ass buddy and
my fucking puppet."
Matt barely could make out Black Peter's words, as he was being manhandled
and serviced on both ends. All he noticed was a vibration coming from his
dick and when he looked down, a monster stared back, in the form of his new
advantageous cock. Peter pulled free and turned the boy around and thrust
his wet, nasty cock deep into the boy's mouth and then withdrew it. "You so
don't deserve this huge of a treat, but my time draws near and I still have
one very particular young lady that I must visit before this night is over
with and majority of my powers have faded. Once again, it's been a pleasure,
young Matt. You seem to take it easier and easier every year. Promise you
will be remain naughty for another year and next year...I'll give you power
over your mom and dad and they can become your personal fuck toys. Agree?"

"Agree," Matt said as he hugged Black Peter's body. "May I start with Lizzie
tonight?" He asked.

"Yes, you, I take that back. Tomorrow night. Yes, tomorrow night you
can start your pussy rampage." Black Peter moved past Matt and stared down at
the sleeping girl lying on the bed. "I shall cherish very last drop as Matt
fucks you silly." He whispered before making her clothes vanish and he forced
two fingers into his ass. Pulling them free, he tasted her darkness before
vanishing into thin air.

* * *

"Damn that Peter!" Mrs. Kringle screamed out, knocking the hovering elves
from her body. "Of all the ones you want...why her?" She slammed her fists
into everything close to her; sending elves flying in all directions. "Why
ruin my plans?" The woman questionably demanded before quickly exiting the
barn. Clarence and the other elves looked on in confusion and bewilderment.
Though each couldn't keep their eyes off the voluptuous woman's tightly
toned, naked rear end as she huffed and puffed and walked away.

Clarence's sister, Cindy, took advantage of the woman's disappearance for
her own gain, quickly dialing up her cousin, Caesar, Black Peter's right
hand elf.

"Cindy, is that you? You know you aren't supposed..." Caesar started before
being interrupted.

"Sorry cousin, but I need a huge, huge favor. Will you let the rules slip
just this once?" She asked, willing to beg if she had to.

"What is it you want?"

"Can you still access Black's 'Naughty' list from where you are? He still
uses the Palm Pilot Clarence gave him year ago, right?"

"Yeah, so? What could you possibly want with the list?" He asked, curious to
the nature of the call.

"I need a name added...actually, re-added. Clarence and I checked the
person's yearly behavioral record and somehow her name was added to the
wrong list. The name is Potter. Josephine Potter from Capeside. Do you
know the name?"

"Yes, I believe I recall seeing the name before. But changing the list
during flight is never a good idea. It isn't you who has to deal with Mr.
Peter when he returns and has to live with him all year long."

"Anything, Caesar. I promise you anything you want." She remained quiet for
moment thinking. "I got it. How would you like one night with Mrs. Claus?
She is gorgeous. And those breasts and that...that nectar of hers tastes
better than any of us elves have ever had. She's an awesome person and even
more awesome in bed. She's good, really, really good. What do you say? It's
one night with Mrs. Claus for one small addition to the list. Come on,
Caesar, how many elves in the South Pole can say that they got to fuck
Santa's wife? It's a treat for us here at the North Pole, but for you guys...
you would be looked up to like an elf god."

"I don't she's really that good you say? Can't say I've ever even
seen a picture of the lady. But I like the sound of elf god."

"Words can't describe this woman." Cindy thought the world of the lady and
hated to be going behind her back and against a direct order, but she just
couldn't let Joey get by without being punished for not choosing Dawson
Leery instead of the loser, Pacey Witter. "What do you say, Caesar? Please?"

"Fine. Okay. You talked me into it. So just the name?"

"Actually, there is something specific that I want to request of Black if
that is okay. Can you put a note by her name or something when you add it?"

"Yes." Cindy jumped for joy at the good news and then carefully relayed her
message to her cousin.

* * *

Black was jetting himself to the next house hoping he had enough power and
time left in the night when his Palm Pilot beeped, drawing his attention to
the lit device.

"What is this?" He wondered. "Caesar altering the list? Why now?" Black read
the newly added, highlighted name and the special message attached. "Damn
that Caesar." He punched in the name into the sleigh's control panel and held
on as the sleigh made a quick turn, heading for its new destination.

"Ms. Sanders, I shall return." He said as he fully read the message attached
to Josephine's name. "At least this should be quick." He looked at the power
meter display on the sleigh and judged just how long he could afford to spend
with the newly added young woman before returning to Kate Sander's residence
for the night's finale.

The black jet sleigh soon hovered above the creek side located Potter B&B
(Bed & Breakfast) and in seconds Black was in Joey Potter's room. Wasting
not a second of his time, he followed his directions to the tee, yanking
her unknowing, helpless body from the bed and knew her to the floor. The
sudden movement awakened the girl, but any chance of screaming for help
was muted by his massive cock piercing her open mouth, pinning her body to
the floor. He drove his stiffening cockhead down her throat and grabbed her
head for extra support as he hungrily force fed his cock to the captive
girl. For the first time that night, he didn't use any magic, just pure
brute force as he fucked Joey's throat raw with his enraged fourteen-inch

As he pulled free, Joey grabbed her throat and started scrambling away
trying to get to her feet. Black grabbed her with one hand and grabbed the
base of his cock with the other and watched it quickly grow large enough to
slap her across the face with it. The sudden attack knocked her off balance
and into her dresser. Before she could think of making enough noise to alert
her neighbors, he threw up his hand and slapped her hard across the face
then initiated his soundproof barrier directly around the two of them.

Liking the feel of his hand and cock against the young woman's soft face, he
repeatedly started beating her with first his hand and then his cock and vice
versa, each taking turns bashing and bruising the girl's face. He stopped his
attack long enough to double check his Palm Pilot, then he balled up his
fist, bent down, and gave her crotch an over the top upper cut. With what
strength she had left, she instantly dropped her hands between her legs, only
to be hit again with even more force the second time. She balled up and fell
to the floor in a fetal position, crying and withering in pain.

He kneeled down beside her, snapped his fingers, making her clothes
disappear. "I'm sorry for this. You must have made someone really mad or
really jealous. Cindy sends her regards and says you should have chosen
Dawson. I don't know anything. This time, I'm just a messenger." He said
before pulling the container labeled 'Special Delivery' out of his black
shoulder bag.

"This was supposed to be for someone else, but I believe I can spare a taste
or two for this special occasion." He opened the clear, cum-filled container
and pressed it to her lips, forcing her to consume a bit of the Charmed Ones'
gathered cum. "Don't worry, Josephine Potter. In a second or two you are
going to be so hot and horny that you'll be too busy to feel such little

He closed up the container and put it back in his bag before grabbing her
hand and balling it up like a fist. He positioned her fist by her pussy and
allowed it to glide across her slit. "You should start to feel the burn. It
will be so strong you won't know what to do about it. There are no other
ladies around to help you so you will have to satisfy your own urges."

Joey's body immediately tensed up and her eyes flew open. She vigorously
started rubbing her hand over her burning pussy lips, but it wasn't enough
as the burning dug deeper into her vaginal canal. She didn't have any other
choice, but to pry and force her hand against her pussy lips, trying to
force her hand inside herself. Within seconds, her entire left hand was
buried in her pussy, but it wasn't enough. Her body trembled from the
overwhelming urge to fuck herself from the front and back. Her right hand
soon started working its way into her ass, one finger at a time. The young
woman had never been as horny in her life and nothing she did, no matter
how vile or ruthless, seemed to lessen the fire burning within her body.

Black watched her double penetrating fists as they worked over her pussy and
ass and still she struggled to bury even more of her hand and arms inside
herself, which she found to be impossible, yet she refused to stop trying.
Black was having too much fun watching the girl and her medium sized breasts
as they bounced around from all the commotion. All the while, his hand
steadily stroked his cock shaft until he was about to explode.

Remembering his last order, he forcefully made her sit up on her knees as she
continued fisting herself, growing more tired every second, and positioned
his cock inches from her face. Glittering pixie dust arose from his cock
glands and five other cocks magically grew from the one, each taking up a
position around her head. As if on cue, they all released themselves at once,
shooting jet streams of loaded cum out at the girl, burying the girl's face
and hair in white goo. Surprising to Black, Joey willingly started licking up
his cum with her tongue while his cock returned to its single solid form.
Unable to resist the tempting moment, he reached out, grabbing her head, and
pulled her closer to his soft monster.

"Consider this a little extra bonus for being such a good sport." He planted
her mouth around his softened member and released a stream of pee down her
throat, which magically repaired her sore throat on contact. He pulled free
and left the girl to her hands as they continued to pound away at her pussy
and ass. Black found the sight too erotic to try and describe with words.
She pulled her hands free, swiped them through her cum covered hair, and
re-penetrated her openings, finding the additional lubrication quite
satisfying to her needs.

"I have to say goodbye, but I would give anything to be able to stay and help
you out," he thought. The Potter girl, in one trip, had quickly become one of
Black's favorites, promising himself that he would return, and pick up where
he left off, the following year.

"Farewell." He said as he gathered up his bag and held it open. Suddenly the
clothes she had been wearing and all the rest of the dirty and clean clothes
in her room and in the entire Bed and Breakfast flew through the air and into
the room, gathering in his open bag.

"I suggest you find a few girls to help you out. Damn, I love freshly born
lesbians." He said before disappearing and seconds later, flying off in his

* * *

"Are you happy now, sis?" Clarence asked as Cindy face was glued to the
ElfCAM monitor, licking across the static glass where Joey's hand was
fisting widening pussy.

"I want her. Damn it, the hell with that Pacey and Dawson. I want Joey
Potter. I want the sexy, lesbian bitch for myself." She cried out,
mesmerized and frozen against the monitor.

"Great. Now I know what to get you for Valentine's Day," he thought as he
sat back and enjoyed casting views at both the monitor and his sister's
naked, inviting ass.

* * *

"Kate darling, I'm on my way," thought Black Peter as his sleigh sped
through the night sky, jetting toward Black's last visit of the night. "I
have a special treat for you this year, Ms. Kate Sanders."

Within minutes, Peter was inside the big bosomed teenager's house and had
already captured and secured his next prey on the downstairs living room
coffee table. Young Kate, Lizzie McGuire's sworn nemesis, struggled against
her tight bonds as her naked and chained body was on display for only Peter's
perverted and wandering eyes.

"Oh have no idea how long I've wanted to do this. I doubt you
are aware, but I've visited you every year since you were just a small girl,
running around in dirty diapers. My name is Black Peter and tonight, I'm
going to rape your ass with this." He held up a stocking and tilted it down
so she could take a look at the numerous coal rocks packed inside. "And don't
worry, there are plenty more where those came from. Every year I've made your
worst fears seem like dreams during my visits, but this year, I felt like
you were way worse and I wanted you to really feel the burn and pain; so no
dreamland for you. No unconsciousness. With the powers left in me, I'm going
to force you to remain conscious so you feel every last coal burn and scorch
you inside and out."

Peter leaned his seven-foot tall body down and emptied some of the coal
rocks onto the coffee table by Kate's side. One by one, he pushed the pieces
of coal into her vagina, forcing them deep inside her. As he topped off her
pussy, packing the last of the pieces tight together, he spread glittering
dust across the coals and watched as they slowly started to burn, turning a
light shade of red as they began heating up. Kate squirmed from the
unpleasurable heat radiating from pussy, but had no way to stop what was
happening. The heat singed away what little pubic hair remained on her mound
as her insides heated up, turning her pinkness red as the coal burnt her over
sensitive, tight vagina.

Her screams of agony sounded like soothing music to Black Peter's perverted
ears. He stroked his massive cock harder and harder as the screams increased
in quantity and volume. Once he shot his load, he leaned back over and
re-dusted the coals, cooling them in seconds. Kate's face was filled with
tears and her skin paled, her face displaying the agonizing pain that had
been forced upon her. Peter rubbed his hand across her forehead and over the
edge of her hair in a comforting motion. The teenage girl's eyes fluttered
open and closed as her insides remained on fire, burning away whatever
sensations and nerves she had left. After tonight, she knew her life would
never be the same...a celibate for life.

Peter unchained her wrists, but left her legs restrained and turned the girl
over, forcing her legs to cross. Once in position, she was restrained for his
own pleasure. He loved how her crossed over legs tightened her ass cheeks,
bringing them closer together. He retrieved his stocking stuffed with coals
and set it on the coffee table alongside the girl's legs. He aimed his cock
at the bag and a yellow stream of piss shot out, soaking down the stuffed
stocking. Once satisfied with the stocking's wetness, he picked it up and
aimed the foot shaped part at Kate's red, rear entrance. With much pain for
Kate to endure he managed to pry open her ass enough to force the tip of the
stocking inside her anus. With a few forceful thrusts, the piss soaked
material slid inside her tight anus, forcefully increasing her rear entrance
ten fold. Each time he forced the stocking inside her body, her head slammed
against the wooden table, and her leg and hand restraints dug deeper into her

Having yet more in store for the extremely naughty teenager, he waved his
hand for the glittering dust to appear, but only a single spec of dust
appeared. Quickly he looked toward the nearby window and saw the day's light
starting to come over the horizon. "Damn it! Out of time. Kate my girl, you
were lucky." Black Peter said before quickly vanishing on the spot and taking
off toward the South Pole in his jet-like sleigh.

Kate obviously didn't see things the same way as Black Peter as she was left
restrained to her coffee table with a stocking stuffed full of coal sticking
out of her ass and her pussy still burning from her earlier encounter with
the burning hot coals shoved up her vaginal passage. She remained conscious
and suffered, waiting for her mother to come down the stairs at any moment
to prepare breakfast and to open presents left by Santa Claus under the
Christmas tree. Little did she know that Black had left her mother with the
one present that she had always wanted...a willing sex slave to put through
various degrees of torture? Looking from the last step on the stairs, there
Kate was, bound and wrapped in chains, for her mother's awe expression,
pleasure filled face.

* * *

Back at the North Pole, Kris trudged through the snow as he made his way
toward his cottage. Opening the door, he took his boots off and set them by
the door and continued on inside, wrapping himself in his wife's loving arms.
"Awe Kris, it's so good to have you home. I assume everything went well. All
the presents delivered?"

"Yes, sugarplum, of course everything went fine."

"Good. Then right this way. Our bed is calling us."

"Ah, I thought you would never ask." He lifted his wife into his arms and
carried her into their bedroom. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart."

"Pop my chute with your cock and it will have been a merry Christmas." She
said as she pulled his jolly old self down upon her waiting, willing, and
sex readied body.

From the corner of Mrs. Claus' eye, she smiled as she saw a large, clear
container appear on her dresser, labeled, 'Special Delivery.' Now, if
ever, she would have a Merry Christmas, knowing full well what content the
container stored.

The End


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