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8 Simple Rules: Cate's Dates Part 2 - Home Alone With Josh (Fb,anal)
by Neenah

Timing was everything, thought Cate, as she looked at her kitchen clock and counted down the seconds. Not that Josh would think it was a coincidence, he would know she'd been waiting for him, but he hopefully would like that she had gone to that trouble. She ticked the seconds down and then walked across to the front door and opened it. She was a couple of moments too early, but not so much that she would have to hang around waiting, which would look like she was needy, as she could see Josh was already cycling down the street with the papers, just a few houses away from her own.

She moved onto the porch adjusting her robe so that it fell open and revealed her short night gown underneath, if any of the neighbors were watching they'd have been impressed by it and by her, how it showed her curves and how she still kept them in her late forties whilst remaining slim. Josh's bike came to stop in front of her lawn and he looked at her smiling. It had only been just over a week ago she'd first come out on this lawn to see him and ask him out, then she'd been wearing more baggy PJs with her robe closed. But that was before he'd had his schlong in her pussy.

"Hi Cate," he said. It was the first time since they'd seen each other since their date a couple of nights before, Cate had decided it was best not to greet her date on his paper round straight away.

"Hi Josh," she said and her hand gently slid down her thigh. "I enjoyed our date."

"Me too," he said enthusiastically, as he handed her the newspaper. "I was hoping we could do another one."

Cate's heart leapt as that was what she had been wanting as well. She took the paper, "I'd like that. What about Saturday? No-one's going to be in, they're all out, so you could come round and I could make us some dinner and watch a movie." She left unsaid what else could happen, but she hoped her sexy pose said it all.

"That's sounds fab," he said, "I'll talk to my Mom and then ask her to give you a call to sort out details."

"I'll be looking forward to it," giggled Cate. She looked up and down the street and then at the bag of papers Josh was carrying. "That bag looks heavy, would you like to come in and have a nice cool drink of juice."

He nodded, "Yes please."

Cate turned and led him into the house. Upstairs she could hear her three children getting ready for school, Kerry and Bridget arguing about the bathroom, whilst Rory stomped around looking for something clean to wear. Cate led her boyfriend, she felt she could call him that to herself, he was a boy and they definitely become friendly, into the kitchen. He put down the bag and walked behind the counter in the middle of the room as she placed the paper on it. She walked over to the refrigerator and got out some juice, wiggling her ass casually as she did. She then stretched up to get a glass from the tallest cupboard, aware that Josh was admiring her from behind. She poured the juice and then deliberately and provocatively bent over to put it back, her round butt swaying. She turned round and passed the glass to Josh, "Here you go," she smiled.

There was a major lump in the young boy's pants, a mountain of dick straining at the zip. Cate's libido rose. She had only planned to meet Josh outside and if getting a second date went well, invite him for a quick drink of juice. But with the cock straining so much at his pants, she was reminded of how big it was. It turned her on, making her pussy tingle with hot lust. What happened next was spontaneous. Cate dropped to her knees behind the counter and pushed Josh back so that he was leaning against it, his elbows resting on the top. She undid his zip. The mighty member pushed at the open flaps and Cate pulled it out fully so that the huge erection was pointing out at her. She stared at it lustfully, ten inches of male love-muscle. She slid her tongue round it, licking at the skin and trailing her tongue from the tip down the shaft until he could go no further.

"Ohhhh, yes," Josh let out a low moan of appreciation.

Cate opened her mouth and slid it over the schlong. It was so big she had to open all the way, her jaw aching with the effort. But it was worth it to have such a big chunk of meat in her mouth. She moved her mouth slowly up and down the dick, looking up at Josh's zoned out expression as she did. He was certainly enjoying an early morning BJ and that pleased her, she liked pleasuring him. She moved her head up and down quicker, her mouth getting used to its wideness. The end of it pressed at the soft inside of her cheek and slipped along over the smooth, soft, velvety flesh.

The kitchen door opened and Kerry said, "Is breakfast ready..."

"Oooohhh, yes," Josh moaned again.

Kerry tittered, "Sorry Mom. I didn't know you had company." She retreated and closed the door.

Cate was glad her children were so supportive of her dating again, in other circumstances being interrupted by your teenage daughter giving your new boyfriend a BJ would have been cringe inducing, but Kerry and Bridget (and Rory as well) had all made it clear that they fully expected their Mom to be having sex with her young lover and were fully supportive and behind it. Josh didn't seem to mind either, perhaps he was so into the BJ he hadn't even noticed. Whatever the reason Cate sped up, she didn't want her children to miss breakfast and Josh had his round to finish as well and she didn't want to get him in trouble with his employer or his Mom for running too late. Her head moved back and forth, gargling dick vigorously.

"Oooohhh, yes. I'm going to cum," Josh moaned.

Not stopping Cate continued to suck his prick passionately. He exploded his spunk into her mouth, the jizm splashing out in huge dollops across her tongue and down her throat. She gulped the salty seed down, swallowing it happily, until he stopped pumping. She let the dick out of her mouth and stood, finding a wet cloth to dab at the corners of her mouth where some overfill had leaked. He quickly rezipped his pants and downed his juice.

Cate stood up and they opened the kitchen door and into the main room. Her three children were sitting there, smiling knowingly. Cate ignored them and walked to the front door, she opened it and gave Josh an innocent kiss on the cheek, "I'll see you Saturday."

"I look forward to it," he said.

She closed the door behind him. She looked at her children, "What would you like for breakfast?"

"I think me and Bridget would like what you just had," laughed Kerry.

"Well, you can't have that," Cate smiled, "I've only got cereals."

"So you're having another date?" asked Bridget.

"I asked him and he said yes," Cate confirmed.

"Before or after the cock-washing?" asked Rory, mischievously.

"Before," Cate gave a small laugh, then she straightened her face, "the BJ was just a spur of the moment thing. But it should give him a clue that I'm not wanting to spend Saturday evening playing Monopoly with him."

"He may already have that idea," said Bridget drolly.

"You'll have to wear something sexy," said Kerry.

"I'm planning to," said her Mom, "I want to give Josh a very special evening."

* * *

Dinner was finished. It had gone well thought Cate. She could have gone for an original and exciting recipe, but she had thought Josh would prefer something simpler and so she'd gone for pizza and fries, washed down, not by an expensive wine, but coca-cola. Food was only one part of her equation. She was also wearing a real 'fuck-me' dress, one which had Josh's Mom (Marcia), nodding her approval when she'd drop Josh off. Cate had done the best to show it to its best throughout dinner. She'd only bought it that morning, but it was already becoming her favorite dress as Josh eyed it and her lustfully. It was a black low-cut number that showed her boobs to their full advantage, only barely keeping them in, whilst still keeping them on show. And to add to that it was cut up each thigh so that every time she moved you could see her leg almost up to her waist.

When Josh had arrived Bridget, Kerry and Rory were still around, waiting for their own dates (a fifty sexy year old divorcee for Rory, a couple of teenage boys for her daughters) and Marcia, and Josh's brother had also stayed for a conversation. Cate had put on the pizza whilst she was talking and agreeing what time Marcia would come round to pick up her son. Luckily they had all left by the time the meal was ready, but not so long before that she and Josh could do anything. They made up for it by flirting outrageously over the food, Cate continually straining at her dress so that Josh could admire her melons.

She'd followed the pizza with more than generous helpings of ice-cream, eating hers like she was sucking dick, playing with the spoon and sliding her tongue dirtily around it, so that she polished it clean and Josh complimented on her on her skilful use of her tongue. The meal over she suggested to Josh he go into the main room and turn on the television, whilst she tidied up. He had done so and she was just finishing putting the dishes in the washer and cleaning the worst of the pizza crumbs of the counter. She sashayed into the main room, Josh was sitting on the couch watching the 'Boy Bang Theory' a top-rated comedy show about a couple of ten-year old boy geniuses and their sexy and slutty neighbor. He looked up as she came in and smiled, patting the couch next to him.

"I've bought a DVD of BatBoy," she held it up. It had been suggested by Rory, possibly because he also wanted to watch it, but also because it had just come out and was one of the new and upcoming breed of action movies in which the hero was a young boy, in this case a twelve year old Bruce Wayne, whilst the heroine was an adult woman, playing to the more and more common boy-Mom intergenerational dating that was happening. "Have you seen it? Would you like to watch it?"

"Fab," he said and nodded.

Cate slipped the DVD in, making sure she bent over at the right angles so that her ass tugged at the dress. She picked up the remote and slipped down beside her young boyfriend, her arm round him and her leg pressed against his. She pressed 'play'. The movie started. Cate was sure it was a good one, though she had little time to find out. As she first began to rub Josh's arm and then moved her arm from around his back to his front and placed it gently over his crotch. A mountain trembled underneath as his schlong hardened. She shifted her gaze from the screen where BatBoy was landing on a car filled with bank robbers and towards her date. He turned to her at the same moment, beaming broadly with appreciation of her hand.

Their mouths opened and they began to kiss, their lips pressing against each other as they explored each other's open mouths. Her hand carried on rubbing his crotch, whilst the other tenderly stroked at his smooth face. One of his slipped onto her thigh, pushing apart the dress flap so that he could get at her smooth skin, the other rubbed up her chest just stopping short of her magnificent mounds. The movie continued but they were lost in each other, tongues slurping, lips moving, hands and fingers stroking sexually.

Josh's finger continued up her leg, until he got to the top of her thigh. He broke the kiss and looked at her with a quizzical expression. Cate smiled as she exactly what he was about to ask and before he could do so she provided him with the answer, "No panties. I thought they'd spoil the dress's flow."

"Good idea," smiled Josh and kissed her again. But only for a second.

He pulled his mouth away and stood up, moving to stand between her and the screen. Not that Cate minded, she wasn't watching the movie. He got down on his knees and began to push at her dress. She lifted her butt to help him lift it to her waist and made sure her legs were well spread so he could see the treasure in between. He looked down and said, "Your pussy look's so lickable. Can I eat it?"

Cate giggled and nodded. "Do, yes."

The young boy bent his head and placed his mouth between her legs. He began to lick with pace, his tongue moving with youthful enthusiasm and a natural skill. She groaned as it went up and down her slot, finding spots and touching them in that special way. He found her clit and tongued that, pushing and pressing the bundle of nerves and sending orgasmic rushes flowing through her. "Oooohh," she moaned, "Oooohhh, that's good."

He continued. His tongue pressing forward and slipping up and down her gap, making the shaven cunt even wetter and juicier. She groaned more, shivering as the joy hit her. She couldn't remember her husband making her feel like this or any of the boyfriends she'd had in her twenties before she'd met Paul. It felt so good, both warm and stimulating, making her glow red and flush as the blood pumped. Josh's tongue moved quicker and quicker, giving her what she needed. "Ooohhhh," she moaned and clenched her fists, on the screen Batboy was battering a villain.

He licked her even more vigorously, his tongue driving into the gap between her lips and tasting the wet, pink flesh between. Cate gasped and cried out, as the orgasms raced through, "Oooohhh, uuuuhhh, aaaahhhh!" Her body lifted from the seat, her pussy thrust at her young lover as she came. She flopped down, panting and gasping, "My God, oh my God."

Josh stood up, licking his lips of her juicy cunt. The mound in his pants was massive and Cate wanted it. She recovered her poise and pulled him towards her, her hands reaching for his belt and pant buttons, undoing them all and dragging the pants down. His cock stood out, thick and proud. "Let me suck that," said Cate and this time it was her who dropped from the couch and onto her knees.

Josh balanced his hands on her shoulders and groaned as her lips went round his thick schlong, her jaw momentarily aching as she opened it as far as she could to take in the massive monster of cock. Her head moved back and forth as she sucked at the cock, drawing it into her mouth and giving it the loving attention it needed. She looked up at Josh, who was staring down at her lustfully and to her joy ignoring the movie she rented. She decided to give him more and even as she carried on giving him the BJ of his life pulled down the top of the dress so her large boobs were free. The massive mammaries swung and shook as she rocked back and forth. Josh grunted again, "Ohhh, this is so good. I'm loving your mouth."

And Cat e loved mouthing his huge rocket. But unlike the BJ of a couple of days ago she didn't want him to cum from it. She pulled her head back and stood up, temporarily ignoring his look of disappointment. She shook herself, tugging at her dress as she did so and dropped it to the floor so she was only wearing her shoes. She kicked them off as well and let Josh drink in her nakedness for a moment, his hard schlong seeming to pulse with excitement without a touch. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to slam that big boy into me hard."

He nodded excitedly and began to take off his pants, not even bothering to take off his shoes and dragging them over them, hopping around as he dragged them off. She got onto the couch on her hands and knees, her hand moving down to slide over her pussy. "Come ram my lovehole," she cooed.

He got on the couch, still wearing his shoes as he stood behind her. If it had been Rory standing with his shoes on the couch Cate would have had words, but Josh was about to fill her with rock hard schlong so she didn't say a word. Her fingers spread open her cunt, she could feel the juice on the tips, the hole soaking in anticipation of the drilling it was about to get.

"Stick it in, give me your meat," she called. "Ooooohhhh," she groaned in satisfaction as the fat dong entered her hole, her young lover gripping her from behind and sliding the massive member deep. He quickly pulled back and then thrust again, doing so repeatedly and stuffing her box with meat. She groaned and gasped, her fingers clutching at the couch fabric as she was filled with dick. "Oooohhh, that's it Josh. Give it me hard. I want that big rod all the way up my snatch."

"You hole is so wet and warm," he moaned from behind her, "It's so great on my dick, it feels so good."

He moved faster and harder, driving down and in, thrusting his schlong all the way in so that his smooth balls were bouncing against her. The thick meat filled her, sending joy round her. She dropped face down, one hand clawing at the sofa whilst she used the other to finger and rub at her clit, pressing at the bud as the cock rammed in just below it. The couch creaked and shuffled with their passion, shaking as he rammed her hard. Cate groaned again, her muscles squeezing together as her boyfriend's dick made her cum. He slammed harder, grunting with effort as he filled her. In the background the movie continued to play, unwatched by either of them.

"Oh Josh, fill me with your dick. Bang my hot hole. Give me that big dong. Make me cum," Cate groaned. The pleasure grew in her, becoming more and more intense, until she had to gasp it out, "Aaaaahhh, oooohhh, fuck, fuck, ooooohhhh."

Her body shook under his hammering, every fiber calling out to her in bliss. He continued to slam hard, hitting her cheeks and making the buttocks wobble. His hands were hard on her waist, holding her in place as he slammed. Suddenly he said, "I'm going to cum!"

"Cum in me!" she cried back.

He unload his spunk into her pussy, filling her with his sticky cream so completely that it spurted out of her cunt and down her inner thighs, to land on her couch. She half thought she'd have to clean that later, but didn't care, all that mattered was the orgasms she'd just had and the warm wetness of his seed, slipping down her hole.

She moved to the sitting position, letting some more cum dribble away and turned to Josh as he sat down beside her. "That was so good, I came so much."

"So did I," he said and they kissed again, their mouths over each other and her hands holding his smaller ones.

The movie continued with neither of them showing the slightest interest. Cate broke the kiss and smiled, "Do you want to see my bedroom?"

He laughed, that had been what he'd said on their first date and they'd ended up banging there. He nodded, "Yes."

They picked up their clothes and hung them over their arms as Cate took Josh's hand and led him to the double-room she used to share with her husband. She had hoped and planned she and Josh would end up there, though she had thought it would be after the movie, not after fucking first on the couch, and so all the photos of her husband had been put away. She opened the door and led Josh in. "Like it?" she asked.

He looked around, there were none of the dinosaurs or space models which made his room, just a neat double bed, wardrobes and dressers, with a few photos of her children and a book on the night stand next to the lamp. He nodded politely, "It's very nice."

"Let's get these off you," Cate gently pushed him on the bed and removed his shoes and socks, before moving slowly up his body to his shirt and unbuttoning it and removing it, so that he was now as naked as she was. She pushed him back further, lying him on the bed she used to share and then eased her body over him, straddling him as she bent over and placed her mouth against his. They began to kiss again and she could feel his arousal as his schlong hardened and became like iron, rubbing at her thighs. She slipped a hand down and began to slowly rub and stroke it. Josh kissed her harder and reached up to hold her bosom, squeezing the melons in his small hands.

"I'm ready," he smiled up at her as Cate raised her lips from his.

"So I can tell," she slid her fingers down his erect dong, tickling it gently until she got to his smooth sack. She licked her lips, "I want to try it differently, if you want?"

"How?" he said, nodding and showing interest.

Drawing a deep breath she said, "I want to do it anally." His eyebrows rose in surprise, as she added, "Would you like to?"

She had been thinking about it for a few days and it was something she wanted, to let her young boyfriend bang her in the booty. She wasn't an anal virgin, she and Paul had done it a few times, mainly on his birthday as a treat and she had enjoyed it, even if Paul had never had the size of her new boyfriend. She looked at him nervously, "If you're think we're going to fast..." she didn't finish the sentence because she didn't want to. She was aware that this was quick, she and Paul hadn't done it until after they'd been dating over a year and here she was wanting it on her second date. But she did want it and want it bad, she wanted Josh's thick, large schlong to fill her pooper and slam her so hard she would cum continuously.

"Yeah, I'd love to," Josh nodded. The delay had been less than second, he hadn't even needed to think about it, it was only to Cate it had seemed longer.

"Good," she grinned and got off him, "Let me get some lube."

She got some she'd just bought and slathered it over her hands before kneeling over him to rub it in to his hard prong. The dick was so big and wide she could hardly fit her hand round it and it pulsed and throbbed as her fingers slid over it. Josh lay back, smiling happily as the naked Mom rubbed the thick lube generously over his dick. She then rolled onto her side, away from him and lifted up a cheek to show him her closed sphincter. "Squirt some of the lube on my ass and then rub it in, ready."

"Right away," he said.

Cate giggled as she felt the warm oil squirt at her rosebud. Josh's fingers began to rub it over the tight muscle, gently trying to ease it open with a tip of a finger. Cate tittered and smiled as the top of the finger pressed open the elastic and rubbed gently into her anal tunnel, smearing the lubricant round the top. "I think it's ready," Josh said after a few moments.

"Try and stick your dong in there. If it fits it's ready," Cate said over her shoulder.

The mattress moved as he shuffled on his side towards her, his small hand joining hers in lifting up her buttock to allow him access. The other held her shoulder gently, but firmly. The top of his dick touched her sphincter, pushing at the muscle and Cate found she was holding her breath in anticipation. Josh pulled her towards him, using her shoulder as a lever, at the same time as he shoved forward.

"Ohhhhh," Cate gave a moan as the dick entered her ass. Only an inch at first, but it was in. "Ooohhhh , ram my booty, hit it home."

"Yes," he said, "I want to give your butt all my pole."

He went back and levered himself forward and Cate groaned in excitement as the dick went further up her ass. She relaxed into him and let him use her as a lever to give himself more pull. The dick slid back and then in again, pushing at her tight poophole and slowly opening it. "Oooohh," she moaned again, "Give my ass that big meaty member. Bang my shithole hard."

Josh moved quicker and harder, quickly getting deeper and deeper into her hole. She could feel the oiled muscle sliding against her inside and opening her bowels. It was so taboo, that it added to the excitement. She shuddered in pleasure and let go off her cheek, the schlong was far enough in that it no longer needed her to hold the cheeks apart. She used the spare hand to rub vigorously at her cunt, exciting that hole as Josh excited the other.

"This is so tight. It's really gripping my dick. We needed that lube," Josh grunted from behind her as he fed her the full length of schlong, his smooth balls bouncing at her.

"Oooohh, it feels so good to me. It's slipping in and out, so well," Cate moaned and rubbed her wet cunt.

Josh hammered into her, his young body crashing into hers. He let go off her butt and shifted his hand to her pussy, their fingers interlocking as they rubbed at it together. They moved together as he shoved his large dong in and out of her shitter, slamming the booty passage open and diving deeper than Paul had ever managed. The ecstasy that thrashed through her was more than her ex-husband had managed either, the pleasure seemed to be non-stop, a wall of joy and bliss. Cate shuddered, her body bending as Josh hit her from behind. "Oooohh, yes, oooohhh Josh, yes."

She was dimly aware in the background that doors were opening and closing downstairs as her children returned. She ignored them and just concentrated on the orgasms that were streaming through her. "Ohhhh, yes Josh, fuck my ass," she cried out, not caring how loud, "Fuck my ass harder."

He grunted and panted, jerking back as fast as he could, gripping her for extra speed and leverage, his large schlong slamming the shitter. His young body hit her back as he drove his oversized penis all the way down her tight booty. She could feel the sweat of him on her, his hand slipping on her shoulder no matter how tightly he gripped and perspiration dripping from his hair and onto her as he pounded so fast he was shaking. "Uh, uh, uh," he grunted, the sounds of passion loud in her ear.

Cate came again, her body buckling with pleasure as the orgasm hit her. "Ooohhh, aaahhh, aahhhhh. Ram my butt, Josh, fuck my ass, oooohhh, aaaaahhh fuck it."

"Uh, uh, uh. I'm going to cum."

"Oooohh, ooohhh, yes, yes, yes, in my butt," squealed Cate.

Barely had the words come out that Josh unleashed. His cock exploding its cum into her back passage, flooding the whole with wet, goo. There was a pop as he pulled out and more of the sperm came out, rolling down her ass crack. She rolled over to face him. Josh lay on his back and beatific smile on his face. He turned his head as she rolled over, "That was fab," he said, "I loved that so much."

"I did as well," Cate grinned with a smile.

They leant together and kissed, slowly, but passionately, letting their silent lips do the talking. Reluctantly Cate removed her mouth from his and looked at the clock. "You better get dressed, your Mom will be here to pick you up soon."

"Awww," he gave a long sigh of disappointment.

Cate knew how he felt, his cock was starting to stiffen again in her hand and she'd have loved another long bout of butt banging. But it was important that she showed she could be trusted with him and that meant not having his Mom waiting whilst he finished fucking her. "We can have another date soon," she said.

"I'd like that," he replied.


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