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8 Simple Rules: Cate's Dates Part 3 - Double Date With Bridget (Fb,fb,anal)
by Neenah

It was Sunday lunchtime and Cate Hennessy was in the Mall having lunch with her daughter Bridget. She did it every Sunday and what had started as a way for Bridget to get her recently widowed Mom out of the house and to do some retail therapy had become a tradition between the two of them. Sometimes Kerry came as well, though she hated clothes shopping and came very, very rarely. So normally it was just Cate and her eldest daughter. Today they were sitting in their favorite cafe, sipping their coffees and nibbling at their salads as they talked about the date Cate had the night before, with their paperboy Josh.

"I could hear you going at it when I got in," smiled Bridget, "You seemed to be enjoying Josh."

"I was," Cate leaned forward confidentially even though no-one else was listening and even if they had been she wouldn't have cared. "He's so well hung and knows exactly what to do. He's a natural."

"Young boys are," her daughter smiled, "Why do you think so many older women are dating them."

"It's certainly popular," agreed Cate. Several of her divorced friends were seeing boys who'd not yet reached eighteen and all seemed to be enjoying it as much as Cate was.

"So, when I got in, I heard you crying out," Bridget smiled, "Something about your butt. So did you let him in there?"

"Was I that loud?" Cate smiled and raised the cup to her lips.

"Yes and you haven't answered the question," Bridget smiled back.

"I did," her Mom tittered. "He was so big and my hole was so tight, it was a real squeeze, but worth it. I'm still tingling."

"Good for you," said Bridget a touch of jealousy in her voice, which she quickly suppressed, "So are you going to see him next week?"

Cate shook her head, "I'd want to, but he's out from Thursday at his Dad's and he's not free on Wednesday and I thought Monday and Tuesday were too soon as we've not been seeing each other that long."

"That's a shame," said Bridget. Then she smiled and gently inclined her head to the side. "Though there's a couple of cutesicles checking us out."

"They're not," Cate blushed, gently turning her head to look without being obvious.

Sitting at a table near them were a couple of boy aged about ten or eleven, both nudging each other and looking at the Hennessys as their Moms ignored them and chatted between themselves. They were cute and sexy thought Cate, one with red hair and freckles, the other with a sexy grin and dark hair. She turned back to her daughter, "They are hot."

"We should invite them over to sit with us," Bridget said.

"We shouldn't, I'm dating Josh."

"Second date, doesn't count as going steady, you can see other boys," Bridget grinned naughtily.

"I'm not sure," her Mom said.

"Look how hot they are, I bet they've massive schlongs underneath those shorts," her daughter giggled.

Cate turned her head gently and glanced down. From what she could see both boys looked equipped, their pants rising in the space between their legs. She blushed and turned back to her daughter, "It is tempting," she admitted. She flicked her eyes over to the two boys, "It wouldn't be cheating really."

"That's agreed then," said her daughter and raised her foot to lightly push a chair away from the table at the same time as she beckoned the two boys over.

They paused long enough to interrupt their Moms and point over to the Hennessys. One of the Moms nodded and the boys sped over to the Cate and Bridget. "Want to join us?" Bridget smiled naughtily.

The boys nodded as Bridget pushed the chair out further for one and Cate pulled back the chair next to her. The red haired boy sat next to her as his friend took a seat next to Bridget, "I'm Noah and this is my buddy, Don."

"Cool to meet you," replied Noah gazing lustfully as Bridget's chest.

"I'm Bridget Hennessy this is my Mom, Cate."

"Hello," Cate looked at Noah, he was even cuter close up, lips made for kissing and a slender boyish look which made her lust race. She fought down the desire to rip down his pants there and asked, "Would either of you like a soda?"

They replied in the affirmative and Cate ordered a couple of soft drinks for them and another couple of coffees for her and Bridget. Introductions out of the way they began to quickly probe each other Cate and Bridget making clear they were single women and the boys saying they had both just turned eleven, that the women they were with were there Moms and the conversation making clear they were as flirtatious as the Hennessys were. After a about ten minutes the boys Moms got up, picking up their bags and coats before coming over to the Hennessy table. They introduced themselves and Cate said, "We were just talking to your delightful sons." She paused and said, "They don't need to go home yet do they." She casually slipped a hand onto Noah's thigh as she asked and squeezed it so that his Mom couldn't have any misunderstanding and think it was an innocent conversation.

His Mom smiled, "No, as long as they're with sensible adults and you look sensible enough. Could you get Noah home by eight?"

"And the same time for Don," his Mom said.

The two Moms leaned down and kissed their sons on the foreheads, "Bye-bye," they said and walked away.

"Shall we go and have a look at the comic store and see if the latest Batboy comic is in?" Cate suggested, thinking of what Rory enjoyed when he came to the Mall. Luckily the two boys thought the same and neither complained as the Hennessy Mom and daughter slipped their hands into theirs.

The Batboy comic was in and so Cate bought them both a copy and they then spent an enjoyable thirty minutes with the boys looking at models and other comics and giggling as the two cuties flirted (it was the latter that was the most fun). Afterwards they got some Cotton Candy (from the same vendor Cate had taken Josh to on their first date, for a moment she felt a little guilty and then she looked at Noah and her guilt vanished). As they finished eating it, Bridget used the excuse of she and her Mom needed to clean their sticky fingers and mouths to take her into the restroom.

"So what do you think?" her blonde daughter asked, beaming broadly, "Are they hot?"

"Oh yes," Cate couldn't deny how bangable they were.

"So are we going to invite them home for some pussy pounding?" Bridget asked, her smile so wide it seemed she was sure the answer would be yes.

Her Mom shook her head and Bridget's face fell. Then Cate spoke and it lit up again, "I've a better idea. By the time we get to the car, get across town we'll have lost nearly an hour and then we have to take them back to this side of town again. Let's book a room in the motel next to here... that's if you don't mind being nailed with your Mom in the room."

Bridget beamed, "I'm OK with that that and I bet the boys won't mind, they look like they're two horny cutesy pies."

"Shall we go and see?" Cate asked.

They went outside where the two boys were sitting waiting at a table, they both grinned at their dates as Cate came over and smiled. "Hi, I was just talking to Bridget and we were thinking we could get a Motel Room next door and you could ball our brains out. What do you think?"

"Yeah," both boys nodded and punched into the air.

A few minutes later Cate was opening the door to a Motel room and ushering her daughter and the two boys inside. There wasn't much to it, a TV on a wall, a wardrobe, a bathroom and a small seat next to an even smaller table and a double bed, which was all they needed.

Cate turned towards Noah and leaned down. He knew what was coming and his mouth opened to receive hers. The two of them began to kiss, their slurps of passion competing with Don and Bridget as they blonde moved her mouth lustfully against the dark haired boy. The Hennessy hands moved to the boy's chests, rubbing them through the tops and lifting them up as they circled their hands, leaving the young boy's stomachs bare for the two women to rub. They broke the kissing long enough to remove the tops before moving back again, their lips pressing steamily at the boys.

Noah's hands reached out and he began to undo the buttons of Cate's jeans. She kissed him more enthusiastically to encourage him and he pulled them down a little way. He reached for her panties and slipped them down to the top of her thighs, with a confidence with said she wasn't his first older woman. He began to stroke her funhole, rubbing at the shaven flesh around the hole. Cate groaned and tittered, her hands moving to his ass to stroke it as he played with her. Bridget giggled and groaned as well, her skirt already down round her ankles and Don pushing aside her thong with a couple of fingers to play with her teen cunt, stroking up and down the crack and finding her willing.

The two Hennessys kicked off their shoes and the boys did the same, before they walked backwards so they were both sitting on the bed. The two boys stood between their legs, still kissing them hotly and skillfully, their mouths molding to the teen and her Mom. Their fingers continued to excite the women's pussies, rubbing up and down and dipping between the lips and into the wet flesh. Cate reached out her hands to Noah's front waist and Bridget followed, the two of them undoing the boys belts and then their buttons and zips. It was the moment of truth as they went round to the side, holding the pants waist and slipping their fingers in and under the elastic of their boy briefs. Cate and Bridget broke the kisses and looked downwards as they yanked the pants and briefs down.

"Shit," they both gasped at once as two large schlongs shot upwards, freed of their constraints. They had certainly lucked out with the two boys, their meat probably twice the average length of a boy their age, at least and something a full grown man would have been proud off. But not only were they long, they were thick as well, not lanky poles but tree trunks of dick.

"Let me kiss that," tittered Cate and slipped of the bed onto her knees. She and Bridget then demonstrated their love of huge schlongs, their lips pursing as they kissed the dicks up and down and then their mouths opening so their tongues could come out and slather the meat. The two Hennessys soaked the large dongs, their tongues sliding round and round the thick poles and up and down the staves of sexmeat. Only when they were sure they had licked every inch of the gland did they open their mouths wider and slide their lips down the prongs.

Noah and Don shuddered excitedly as the two women's mouths went down their engorged penises. The two Hennessys continued down as far as they could, swallowing the large members into their wet mouths, the cock filling them completely and pushing at their wet cheeks and pinning their tongues. Grabbing the boy's firm butts for support, their fingers squeezing into the cheeks, the two Hennessys went up and down, pushing their throats down the cocks and swallowing them as far as they dared.

"Oooohh, yes," moaned Noah, his face a picture of bliss.

"Yes, oooohhh," agreed his friend as Bridget's mouth brought him to heights of pleasure.

The two women couldn't say anything, but both Mom and teen agreed with the new lover's sentiments. They bobbed and slurped, sucking greedily at the dicks and taking as much of the hot rods as they were able, slipping their lips along the soaked muscles to near the shaft.

There was a pop as Cate pulled her mouth free from Noah's dick. She looked up at him with a smile, "I don't want to waste that lovely cum."

She stood up and finished wiggling out of her jeans. Bridget did the same, dropping her skirt to the floor and then lifting her vest up and pulling it over her head, her bra following it onto the floor. Cate followed her daughter's lead in taking off first her sweater and then the bra underneath. For a moment both Hennessy stood still in their underwear (half down her thighs in Cate's case) and they they peeled them off as well, so they were totally nude and ready for schlong. The two boys looked at them lustfully and pulled off the remains of their clothes as the cougar and her daughter got onto the bed, crawling a few feet forwards before rolling onto their backs.

"We're yours," cooed Bridget with a dirty expression.

"Shall we eat them first?" Don asked and Noah agreed with enthusiasm.

The two boys joined the Hennessys on the bed, Noah resting his head between Cate's thighs as his friend moved to her daughter. They opened their mouths and brought the tongues against the pussy. Their licks were deep and hard, swishing at pace. The two Hennessys trembled in excitement as the lithe muscles flicked up and down their hot holes, scraping the slit and teasing out its wonderful liquid. They went harder and further, bringing fingers up to join the tongues and to spread the funholes open so their skilled tongues could dig deep at the wet treasure within.

"Ooohhh," groaned Cate as her pussy throbbed with bliss. Her daughter gasped equally loud, her body shaking as the cunt was plundered and lapped. The two Hennessys were in heaven, groaning and gasping as the boys ate deep at their pussies, the juice staining their faces as they dived in. It was dripping from both boys as they lifted their heads, grinning with excitement and grabbing hold of their huge prongs.

"Oooohhh, yes," Cate groaned again as she was rammed. The thick meat slammed into her wet cunt, propelled by Noah deep within her. He gripped her thighs as he drew himself back and thrust in again, the rod going even further into her love tunnel and sending warm waves through her. "Ooooohhh, ooooohhh," she groaned again.

"Oooohhh, yes, me as well, give me that massive schlong," Bridget moaned and gasped as Don slammed his meat down her funhole. Her hands clenched and unclenched, accidentally stroking at her Mom beside her as they both took the prongs deep into their pussies.

"Yes, yes, yes," grunted Noah and Don as they began to move faster and harder. Soon they were all the way in, their balls cracking against the Hennessys slits. The two women squealed in bliss, their pussies alive with pleasure. Their bodies rocked and shuddered as the two boys smacked into them powerfully. The air was alive with their sounds, the boy's pants of exertion, the Hennessys cries of bliss, the slurping squish of big dicks ploughing into wet pussy and the thud of bed as it rocked with fucking. Cunt juice filled the women's holes, trickling out with every hard thrust. The boys gripped the Hennesys harder for extra leverage and pounded away, grunting and panting their pleasure.

"Ooooohhh, oooohhhh," Cate cried and gasped.

"Fuck, oooohh fuck, fuck," her daughter squealed beside her, her legs shooting up into the air.

Their hands brushed at each other and they turned their heads to smile warmly at each other, both noting the trickles of sweat rolling down their faces and the boobs bouncing as they were fucked to eternity.

"I'm going to cum," gasped Don.

"Me too," grunted Noah.

Cate was sure her daughter was using contraception properly, but there was no need to take the risk. "Cum over our tits," she grunted, "Squirt that jizz all over our melons."

The two boys did as they were asked, pulling out their massive rods and shuffling over the women, still jacking their cocks. Cate looked up greedily, the huge dong filling her gaze as Noah gripped and jerked it speedily, urging it to explode out its load. She didn't have long to wait as both Noah and Don gave grunts of triumph and shot their dick's load all out over the Hennessys tits, covering the two pairs of boobs with their white sticky goo. The glop slid down the hills, like a slow moving avalanche, nestling in the valley and sliding gently down their stomachs as Cate and Bridget breathed heavily, catching their breath after the superb fuckings. The two boys dropped down on either side of them exhausted.

For a few minutes they all lay, if not sated, at least too drained to do anything else. But Cate quickly found her energy returning. She looked at her daughter, "I could go again."

"So could I," tittered Bridget, her smile naughty as she remembered what the feel of the cock in her had been like.

"Shall we give them some encouragement with our mouths and get them nice and stiff again?" Cate licked her lips hungrily.

"Oh yes," tittered Bridget.

"Shall we swap as well, let me try Don and you can try Noah?" Cate said.

Her daughter nodded, "OK," she said and they rolled over each other to swap places.

Cate slipped down Don's body, her tongue slithering over his smooth flesh down his tummy and down to his nether regions. The cock was soft, but still massive, like a thick coiled rope. Her tongue slid over it, the penis was salty with his cum still caking it, mixed with Bridget's juice. The Mom slid her tongue round, teasing the huge python into wakefulness. From the corner of her eye she could see Don's smirk, as he relaxed and let her tongue do its work. She swiveled and twisted, swinging her tongue under the huge dong and slurping at his balls. Suddenly his cock was up and hard, sticking in the air like a rocket. Cate didn't think her job was yet done, she continued to lick at it, moving upwards until she was at the top. Then she opened her mouth and slid down, lubricating and cleaning the schlong of its previous banging. The bed rocked and Noah grunted with joy as her daughter did the same to his oversized fuck-machine. The two Hennessys jerked their heads up and down, sucking and slurping the dicks until they were polished clean and the two boys were champing at the bit.

Then they rolled over so they were on their hands and knees. "Do us doggy style," said Cate.

"Bang us good," her daughter ordered.

"Our pleasure," said Noah.

The two Hennessys squealed with pleasure as two rock hard schlongs entered their pussies, sliding down the moist holes like they were oiled. The two boys grabbed the Mom's and teen's waists and hammered in and out, slamming their full length into the wet funholes. Cate and Bridget squeaked and gasped, rocking back and forth on the bed as they were hammered, their tits swinging underneath them and their cunts dripping with excitement. "Oooohhh, ooooohh, yes," Mom and daughter gasped in pleasure.

The boys moved their hands from the women's waist to their butts, grasping the buttocks and squeezing them, slowly pulling them apart and exposing their sphincters. The boy's thumbs began to rub at the ring and both Cate and Bridget, squeaked louder as their excitement grew.

"Stick your thumb in my butt," Cate called out. She gave a pleasured shriek as Don did as she asked, his thumb pushing apart the muscles of her sphincter and driving in. Seconds later Bridget gave an equally happy squeak as her ass was thumbed as well. The two boys continued to pound the pussy even as they worked their thumbs up and down the ass. But whilst having a thumb in her ass was fun, it was nothing compared to the real thing, so Cate gasped out, "Fuck it properly. Ram your big member into my pooper."

"Me too," gasped Bridget, "I want that ten-incher in my back hole."

No sooner had they said it than the thumbs were out and the boys were introducing their meaty schlongs to the Hennessys backdoor. They knocked once at the rosebud and then they were in, pushing past the entrance and into the tight tunnels. Cate and Bridget gasped and squealed in excitement as their back holes were filled up, the passages slowly expanding to fit the huge dongs that were filling them. The boys hammered them. Soon the dicks were all the way in, their thick girth stretching the tunnels and sending waves of orgasmic joy through Cate and Bridget.

"Oooohhh, my ass, fuck my ass," gasped Bridget.

"Yes, yes, fill my backhole with dick," Cate cried out beside her.

The two Hennessys rocked and shuddered with excitement, every part of them seemed to be awash with bliss, making them feel like they were in heaven. Their back doors squeaked and slurped as the two dicks hammered down. Sweat poured from them, as they rocked. It was heaven. "Aaaahhh, aahhhh, aaaahhhh," they both cried out as they came. "Aaaahhh, aaaahhh, aaaahhh," they cried even louder as they came again, the bed rocking under them.

"Yes, yes," grunted Don. He pulled out his dick almost in unison with his friend and jerked it frenetically, until it unload. The spunk shot out in an arc to land all over Cate butt cheeks and lower back, glazing the skin with white goo, the lumps slowly sliding down as she fell forward. Bridget dropped beside her, cum rolling from her round rump and onto the bed.

"That was great fun," said Cate.

"We enjoyed it," said Don.

"Much better than shopping with our Moms," added Noah.

"It was a fun way to spend a Sunday," Bridget agreed.

"If you get dressed we can drop you off home. We wouldn't want you to be late," Cate smiled.

The boys nodded and they all began to get dressed, no-one suggested swapping phone numbers or arranging another date - they all knew it was one of those one-time fun-days and they wouldn't be seeing each other again.


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